Chapter 157 – The Pope’s Illegitimate Daughter

The illegitimate daughter of the Pope.

Hill was really taken aback when he heard the news.

Unexpectedly, the present-day pope who looks holy and high actually made this kind of thing, but this thing seems to be no exception, whether it is in another world or on Earth, there are many.

For example, the famous Alexander VI publicly admitted that he had children with his lover, and allowed his illegitimate children to control political power under the condition of his own religious power. Then he married many times using his daughter as a link with the nobles. A family of three unified politics and religion, became the three powerful people in the center of power, and also formed the original Mafia.

This incident was reported to Hill by Teresa Shelley. As for how Teresa knew, it was because people who opposed the Pope had secretly investigated the matter and told Teresa about the incident.

Teresa’s external image is a fanatical believer of the God of Light, upright and selfless. The whistleblower expected that Teresa would not forgive this kind of thing, but he did not expect Teresa to actually… hehehe.

The illegitimate child of the Pope is generally kept secret, but there are also certain insiders. In fact, many of the current church executives have mistresses and children, so this kind of thing is fine as long as they don’t spread the word. Everyone can just live their lives without mindfully.

Teresa avoided this as much as possible, mainly because he would never tolerate such things according to his personal settings in the church, but in fact, he was just playing a hawk (warmonger)…so for convenience, he will try to avoid those things. Fortunately, those people also know how “lawful and upright” he is, and those people will hide from him, so both sides are in peace.

But Teresa also deliberately left some evidence, maybe it will be used in the future.

Hill was very interested in the illegitimate daughter of the Pope. Hill asked Lich Aligeli, one of the Five Elders, to conduct further investigations with Teresa’s men. Then, Hill discovered that the Pope in his private life does have some problems, but compared to the previous pope, it has been more disciplined…but, also a lot more vicious.

He would not allow a woman to give birth to a child for himself, and if that was done, what awaited for them was death. He didn’t like disobedient women.

It’s scary how the higher-ups can determine the life and death of others at their own whim.

But since he himself accepts the idea that the strongest is the most powerful, he hopes that one day, he will be able to accept it comfortably when he is trampled under the feet of a stronger person.

“If it was Bishop Shelley, what would he have done if he had found this?” Hill asked.

“Help the Pope to cut off the grass, then report it to the Pope, and then warn the Pope,” Theresa Shelley replied.

“Would you not mind killing that innocent little girl?” Hill asked.

“Don’t mind.” Theresa didn’t bat an eyelid, “Of course, if there was a better way, I would do it, but at the moment, I haven’t thought of it.”

“I do have some ideas…” Hill said, “except I’ll have to let you keep playing the ‘bad guy’.”

Two days later, on a rainy night, in some small town in the Oitin Empire.

The sudden intrusion of the paladins terrified all the residents of the town, and the thunderous sound of horses’ hooves rang through the streets. The paladin at the head of the group held up a torch and looked at a wooden house, “This is it.”

The door was kicked open roughly, something paladins do with ease, especially the Knights of the Holy Light, who specialize in cleaning the continent of demons.

Women’s cries and children’s screams rang out.

The little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes cowered in fear in the corner, and eventually, she was roughly dragged out by a knight.

“That’s her, isn’t it?”

“With this fairy-like appearance, she really is the demon’s child.”

“To be killed? But Bishop Moss seems to like this kind of little girl…”

“Wait for Bishop Shelley, do you want to disobey Bishop Shelley’s order?”

The little girl listened to these words, the whole person trembled: “I, I am not a child of the demon, my mother told me that I am the child of the most honored person under the sky…”

She was naturally greeted with sneers.

A man said wistfully, “Exquisite as if a doll, I wonder if breaking a leg will make you cry.”

The words were followed by a crunching sound and the girl’s painful screams.

“What are doing? Get out of here, all of you!”

The cold male voice stopped the next atrocities. The little girl fell to the ground and wept. Her body is now dirty, and red blood seeps from her white socks.

The little girl raised her head. This was the first time she saw Teresa Shelley.

It was a deep dark night, and the bishop looked like a ghost under the light of the surrounding torches.

He lowered his head and looked at her indifferently, “The seed of the demon… this is her.”

The little girl just cried, her body convulsed, the terrible pain had made her lose the function of speech.

Then a woman was thrown by her side, and the little girl finally recovered some energy: “No, don’t do this to mother…”

Theresa looked at them and commanded indifferently, “Take the woman away, and kill the child.”

“Yes, Lord Shelley.” The subordinates responded in unison.

Teresa took a step outside, and then seemed to think of something, “Forget it, you take the woman away, and I will judge this bastard myself.”

Others naturally have no objections.

After everyone had exited, Teresa looked down at the little girl, and then drew out the sword.

The girl closed her eyes in despair.

The hot liquid splashed on her face, and the little girl opened her eyes in bewilderment to see Teresa slit his own wrist. It was his blood that had just splashed on her face. He looked at her, turned away, and closed the door before leaving.

The paladins were a little shocked to see the blood-spattered Teresa walk out, and they mentally speculated how the perverted bishop had abused the little girl, and how he had gotten so much blood.

“Set a fire and burn it all,” Teresa spoke in a low voice. He raised his head and looked at the rain falling from the sky. The rain is not heavy now, but it is very cold. It’s autumn, and the cold rain is hitting him. My wrist hurts. He thought. No matter how many times, this kind of pain is unbearable. He is not talking about the wrist.

In a moment, the fire started.

The bishop stared at the blazing fire and once again made a promise in his heart.

One day, he must change all this.

Then Teresa flung his cloak and turned to leave.

The men under his hand followed him, and the sound of horses’ hooves went away, and the people in the town talked.

“It’s really the demon.”

“These lords haven’t killed much this time.”

“Bah. I’ve long looked at that woman and her child with displeasure, really is the seed of the demon.”

People are not surprised by this, they are used to it, and even harbor some kind of malice. Gloating.

The light rain did not extinguish the flames, the whole house was plunged into a sea of ​​fire, and the little girl curled up on the ground and coughed, her face covered with tears.

“Blessed be the God of Light…” she coughed.

A figure appeared in front of her, and she tilted her face up to get a better look at the visitor.

Scarlet horns, white hair, red pupils.

His figure seemed to light up in every child’s nightmare.

Cold. Powerful. Fierce.

Even the flames were forced by his aura, making it difficult to get close to him.

Is it a demon… Is she going to die… Is she really involved in an affair with a demon? Does she deserve to experience this… the little girl thought blankly.

“Blessed be the God of Light…” she subconsciously recited once again.

The man looked at her condescendingly and said, “It looks like your god is not here today.”


One day later.

It was raining heavily, crashing straight down.

The little girl sat on the wall covered in blood, the rain washed over her tiny body, and her lips were already white from the cold. But she looked unconcerned.

The man in the luxurious black robe stood next to her holding an umbrella, but he had no thoughts of sharing it with the little girl. She also did not care.

“There is information from the church, the Pope has ordered your mother to be strangled.” The man said, “I am helping you to see if she can be rescued, but you can’t take the initiative to ask.”

The little girl moved her lips.

“He had a relationship with your mother when he came through here seven years ago,” he said, “and he got your mother to take the abortion pill, but it didn’t quite work, and you were born with one deformed leg, presumably because of that, your mother raised you in secret, but neither you nor she escaped that.”

The little girl doesn’t know who he is, he is a demon, he should be the most terrifying demon recorded in the church scriptures. But she didn’t feel scared at this time. No matter how cruel the demon is, can he be more cruel than those humans… She slowly asked: “Why would he do this to us?”

“Don’t think too much, he did this to everyone, you are not an exception, except that you were saved by me,” the demon said.

Such cold words, really is a demon. The little girl looked down at her hands, “My mother died because of me, my father tried to kill me, the villagers spit on me, and the children threw stones at me… Am I better off dead?”

“The decision is yours,” he said.

“Is there any other way for me to go?” The little girl tilted her head up to look at the demon. She wasn’t sure how she felt about him right now, but she knew that she seemed to have no choice but to go and rely on him now.

“There is,” said the demon, “come with me.”

One leg of the little girl was almost broken by a paladin the day before, and the other leg was deformed, so it was very difficult to walk. The demon didn’t hold her up, just let her go, he said: ” There are some paths you need to walk on your own.” The little girl nodded, “I know.” Then she tried harder to keep up with him, and occasionally she would stumble, but she would immediately get up and continue to follow.

Soon, they arrived in front of a cave, she followed in, and then was stunned.

The one who was tied up in the cave was the paladin who tortured her at the time.

The paladin broke down and cried out when he saw them, chattering incessantly about curses. Surprisingly, there was no shortage of complaints about his bad luck, such as how he really met a demon. It seems he also knows that the person he went to treat with impunity before is not a demon, right?

“That’s the other option.” The demon placed a dagger in her palm and then said in her ear, “Kill her, child.”

Kill him. Kill him. The words were much like a demon’s murmur… That’s not what the other person meant by being a demon; the real demon lived in her heart.

Kill him. The mother is dead. Kill him. Her leg was broken. Kill him. Was it hatred that overflowed in her chest?

The girl looked down at the dagger for a while, then gripped it tightly and walked slowly toward the paladin, who was tied up. She walked really slowly, which was like a delay for the paladin.

The paladin was so scared that he screamed, and all kinds of begging for mercy came out.

“Your god will not bless you if you are so ungodly,” the girl said, and then stabbed the dagger at the paladin.

It was quenched with poison and had the effect of sealing the throat with blood.

The girl watched the paladin die slowly, and said softly, “Of course, even if we are pious enough, God will still not bless us.” She couldn’t have been more clear on that point.

Hill stood outside the cave and watched the rain fall, splashing on the rocks.

Behind him came the sound of slow movement, and it took longer than expected for the sound to stop at his side.

Hill turned his head and looked at the little girl with blood, rain, and mud looking up at himself. Her blue eyes were as beautiful as inorganic sapphires.

“What’s your name?” Hill asked, only then did he ask this question, this very symbolic question.

“Alice,” the girl said.

“A cute name.” Hill said, “Six years old?”

“Yes, sir,” Alice replied.

“You killed a paladin, you should go to hell,” Hill said.

Alice nodded slowly.

“But you have already seen the real hell.” Hill wiped the dirt off her face with his fingers, and then said: “My name is Hill, I am the king of the demon race, you can call me Lord Demon King, or you can call me by my first name. From now on, you will follow me.”

Alice nodded meekly. She looks very well-behaved and cute.

But her eyes seemed to be dead.

Hill turned his gaze to the outside of the cave again, sighing.

The rain is so heavy.

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