Chapter 156 – Ice Emperor Claude

Hill made a reform to the menu of the Demon Mall Restaurant. He divided the traditional Chinese food into a section, and then introduced that it was food from the mysterious East.

At present, the general public already has a certain understanding of the kingdom of the East – anime and novels have mentioned it a lot.

After the Chinese food was divided, many people became more interested in the East.

Previously, Hill saw the British newspaper “The Daily Telegraph” about what the British want in burial goods, a company that researched 500,000 funerals and 4,000 adults over five years found that the special burial goods the British want most include Wizard of Oz costumes, department store catalogs, flashlights and… Chinese takeaways.

This is some kind of mysterious power from the East, too powerful.

Some time ago, Olivia told Hill that Ice Emperor Claude wanted to cooperate with him. Ice Emperor Claude said something abstract, but Hill knew what he meant, which was to make a melodramatic movie.

When it comes to melodramatic movies, people’s first reaction may be boring, but in fact, melodramatic movies are also very good, for example, in recent years, that is, before Hill traversed, there are many very good melodramatic movies released in China, which moved the hearts of people and also became very popular. In foreign countries, “Forrest Gump”, “Saving Private Ryan”, and other films also belong to the melodramatic movies.

Hill currently has no intention of making such films for human countries, although it is much easier to make films in another world than on Earth, but its pre-mid and post-production period is also quite long, Hill is an impatient person, or more like this world does not allow him to have patience.

So, he intends to be as attentive as possible on the basis of perfunctory… this seems to be a contradiction in terms, as if walking a tightrope, but Hill feels that he also enjoys this feeling of grasping the proportion, which is quite interesting.

The pirate ship in the immersive theater was named Jackdaw by Hill,  Captain Rod was quite moved and said: “It’s the same name as the Deathbird. Is this a brother ship?”

Hill looked at Captain Rod and decided not to say that the name actually came from the game “Assassin’s Creed”. Well, this kind of misunderstanding can be a little bit more, he doesn’t mind.

After temporarily handling the work on the Demon Realm, Hill left for Winter City. He had a formal meeting with the Ice Emperor under the arrangement of Olivia.

Hill and Ice Emperor Claude also met before, but they were all informal meetings like friends. Hill’s understanding of Claude basically came from Olivia’s magic transmission. Olivia said that Ice Emperor Claude did not seem to be majestic, and of course, she had never seen him in court. He is a very thoughtful person, but he doesn’t reveal something easily.

After speaking, Olivia said embarrassedly: “I feel like I’m talking a lot of nonsense…”

“It’s not like, it’s really nonsense,” Hill said.

Olivia felt a shot in the chest. Having said that, Mr. Grindelwald and her can now make this kind of joke at will… She always feels a little relieved and a little disappointed.

Hill is also indeed like this, for people who are not familiar, manners and so are very much in place, but for acquaintances: when you think he has dropped his morals, you will be shocked to find that he has a new way of dropping his morals even more.

“Then let me get in touch with contact directly myself next,” Hill said.

Hill once said a theory to Demon Dragon Gormund, “To know someone, you have to start with the naked eye.”

Demon Dragon Gormund followed his instructions, “My King, do you mean observing his behavior through naked eyes?”

“Yes.” Hill said. “There is another good way to use the body after using the naked eyes.”

Demon Dragon Gormund slowly showed a question mark.

“You, this expression… I thought your first reaction was to get to know each other by fighting, the result, you have become like Albrecht?” The corners of Hill’s mouth twitched, Dark Elf Albrecht, you come out for me, I want to talk to you, why have you made all these guys like Gormund crooked too?

“Because My King said to Irvine only a few days ago that we can become whatever we want to become…” Gormund said.

Hill covered his face in a bit of despair, “…I can’t live this day.” He was decadent for a while, and then numbly explained: “Probably, you have to get to know a person through both observation and contact, which seems simple, but if you look into it, it’s actually a subject.”

Gormund nodded thoughtfully, “I find that in My King’s eyes, many small things are knowledge.”

“Because one flower, one world, one leaf, and one bodhi.” Hill said casually, “For example, talking dirty is also a subject and I am very good at it.”

“…Cough. Yes, My King.”

At the moment, Hill’s observation of Ice Emperor Claude is almost enough, and the next step is to get in-depth contact.

The temperature in Mülheim is already very low this season, Hill and Ice Emperor Claude are riding horses for a walk outside Winter City.

In Mülheim, this icy season is always humid and foggy, and the fog spreads over the fields like ghosts from the ground, making it look eerie. Everything is hazy, indistinct, and the black shadows of the distant mountains can be seen in the blur. The leaves have begun to turn yellow this season. Everything is bleak.

“Theoretically, you should not travel alone with me, a demon, with a body of ten thousand gold.” Hill was the first to launch a test.

“Theoretically, I can’t stop your power even if I lead many guards.” Ice Emperor Claude made a response.

“Then you can take people from the church,” Hill continued to test the waters.

“I believe you are a wise demon,” Ice Emperor Claude rode forward slowly and said.

“What do you mean by that?” Hill asked.

“At this stage, in the Magnolia Empire and Mulheim, the relationship between the demons and humans is advancing by leaps and bounds, but this is only after you hide your fangs and claws,” Ice Emperor Claude said.

Ohh. With these words alone, he could throw King Magnolia a few blocks away.

However, King Magnolia is too fat to be thrown away… Speaking of which, he is getting fatter recently. When Hill saw him last time, when he smiled flatteringly at him, he pushed the flesh on his face. It’s a little scary.

“Then, you mean, that’s the reason why I won’t make a move to hurt a king, which would immediately bring the relationship between the demons and humans to a freezing point, and the Church wouldn’t sit idly by. Is that what you mean?” Hill asked.

Ice Emperor Claude nodded, “Yes.”

“Then, have you ever considered that I would find a substitute for you after I killed you?” Hill asked.

Ice Emperor Claude was startled, “The church will not sit idly by, the church can see it.”

“What if there are our people in the church?” Hill continued to ask.

Ice Emperor Claude frowned slightly, “I think, Your Royal Highness Grindelwald, there is no need for you to alarm the snake at this stage.”

“Have you compared yourself to a snake? Have you heard the story of a farmer and a snake?” Hill asked.

“I would like to hear more,” Ice Emperor Claude said.

“A farmer picked up a snake that was about to freeze to death, then put it in the crotch to warm it, and then the snake came back to life…”

“Wait, in the crotch?”

“This is not the point, Your Majesty, please listen to me to continue,” Hill said.

Ice Emperor Claude whispered: “I think this is the point.”

Hill pretended not to hear: “The first thing the snake did after it came alive was to bite the farmer, and the farmer was poisoned to death. I forgot whether he died or not. Anyway, the most malicious thing is that he died, and we try our best to judge things based on the greatest malice.”

Ice Emperor Claude did not respond.

“What do you make of this?” Hill asked, “The Demons, the Empire of Ice, and the Church.”

“You are worried that I will strike the Church with the help of the demon’s power, and then bite the demon race back later,” Ice Emperor Claude said firmly.

Hill just smiled and said nothing.

“However, you use the power of the empire to settle down, and I don’t know if you will bite the empire.” Ice Emperor Claude continued: “After all, we have three parties, the initiative is not in anyone’s hands… Lord Demon King.”

Hill smiled, smiling brightly: “Oh, you know.”

Ice Emperor Claude’s expression is still calm: “Yes, I know.”

Hill looked at Claude for a while, then shook his head suddenly, “You don’t seem to fit the title of ‘Ice Emperor’ at all.”


“I feel that the ice emperor should be imposing, cold as a snow mountain, does not show human emotions.” Hill said, “You look quite in line with the aura of the ice emperor, but as far as the feeling shown now, you are very much like an ordinary person, ah.”

“I know you’re attempting to make me angry, but I won’t.” Ice Emperor Claude said indifferently, “I have big plans, so I don’t care about counting as an ordinary person.”

“Okay, it looks like we’ve had a pleasant spray of each other, so it seems like we’ll be able to get down to business next,” Hill said.

“If it is ‘like’, Your Excellency is even less like the Demon King,” Ice Emperor Claude said.

“Actually, I am not a demon king,” Hill said. “I was originally a human being. When I woke up, I found that I had taken the Demon King’s body, I was driven to the battlefield, but I have always thought of humans.”

“You can really joke,” Ice Emperor Claude said.

“I mean it,” Hill said.

Ice Emperor Claude smiled slightly and stopped talking.

Hill also smiled and said nothing more.

The two began a discussion about making a melodramatic movie, and since the other party was a smart person, Hill didn’t hide his thoughts much. The result of the discussion was that Hill would make a country-oriented propaganda film for Mulheim, the Empire of Ice, with a duration of twenty minutes.

“Then, what should I give in return?” Ice Emperor Claude asked.

“It’s free,” Hill said.

Ice Emperor Claude raised his eyebrows.

Hill said, “It’s reasonable to be happy with free things.”

“Free things are the most precious.” Ice Emperor Claude said, “I thought it was common sense.”

“For example, sunshine, air, or love?” Hill teased.

“For example, life and body,” Ice Emperor Claude answered.

“And my chattering mouth,” Hill said.

Ice Emperor Claude coughed lightly, “Lord Demon King need not to be this unduly humble.”

“And also, the metaphorical phrases to confound the eternal principles of rectitude.”

Ice Emperor Claude: ?

“It’s okay,” Hill said. “Sometimes it’s a force majeure…”

Ice Emperor Claude tried hard to adjust his thinking, trying to drag the conversation just now on a serious track: “Then Lord Demon King, you may state your request directly. I don’t believe it is free, and I also think you won’t believe that if you help me for free, I’ll be grateful—of course I’ll be grateful, but I won’t use my empire to pay back the gratitude.”

“I know what you mean, the state apparatus itself is the existence of mortal feelings.” Hill said, “I just hope I can say that I am shooting this film for the Ice Empire for free—I need this fact.”

Ice Emperor Claude raised his silver sword eyebrows again.

If this news got out, it will undoubtedly indicate that the relationship between the Ice Empire and the Demon Race seems to be too good… He knows a thing or two about the situation on the Magnolia Empire, so what the Demon Race wants…

“Although I want to say ‘Let me think about it again’, I understand that I’d better say ‘I disagree’ at this time,” Ice Emperor Claude said.

“After all, humans and demons have different paths.” Hill shook his head. “You can see everything I want to do, but of course, I know what you think. You have to understand that the enemies of mankind are never the foreign race, but mankind itself.”

“But I understand even better that when the nest is upset, no egg is left intact,” Ice Emperor Claude said.

“Why do you always think I’m so evil?” Hill shook his head and suddenly said, “Do you know why the snake bites the farmer?”

“Huh?” Claude didn’t react for a moment.

Hill continued: “Because the farmer put it in his crotch.”

Ice Emperor Claude: “…” His body was shaky for a long time, and finally, he said with difficulty: “I roughly understand what you mean. What you mean is that if the farmer didn’t do this… er… despicable act to the snake, it wouldn’t take the initiative to bite the farmer. But your way of expressing and laying the groundwork… is a little too extreme.”

“Sympathy tinged with contempt is rarely accepted.” Hill smiled, “Besides, snakes are just beasts, and demons also have emotions. I hope you’ll still give it some serious consideration, Lord Ice Emperor.”

“Okay, you have convinced me, I am willing to make further consideration,” Ice Emperor Claude said.

The two returned to the Winter City with their horses. Ice Emperor Claude suddenly said, “Did you win this conversation just now?”

“I don’t know if I won or not,” the corner of Hill’s lips raised, “but I haven’t lost so far… And Lord Ice Emperor, I am hard and tough, even if the snake bites me, it will break its teeth. But you are different, after all, in terms of individuals alone, humans are a weak race.” He stepped forward and whispered, words like a demon’s murmur: “Of course, faith makes you stronger.”

Claude suddenly narrowed his silver eyes, “I understand, Lord Demon King.”

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when the nest is upset, no egg is left intact – (idiom); fig., when one falls in disgrace, the whole family is doomed

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