Chapter 155.2 – Immersive Theater

Now Irvine asked obediently: “My King, what do you mean by this sentence?”

“Ah, I mean,” Hill looked sideways at Irvine, “I know you have changed mostly because of me, whether you really have ‘love’ in the future or just the desire to mimic ‘love’, it does not matter, I accept it all. People live a short life, people die, souls die, times change, it all goes by very quickly, as if you are the only one eternal. So, just go ahead and change into whatever you want to be, I will carefully keep it under control, remove the negative effects of what you have done and draw it into the positive side. I will prop up a new sky for you.”

Irvine listened in a daze, and after a while, he said, “My King, is this… emotion of yours also belongs to human beings?”

“Yes,” Hill said, the wind blew, and the blood-colored cloak behind him spread out, his expression was still faint, but there was an inexplicable feeling, “but more like… the spirit of the demon king.”

All kinds of feelings rose in Irvine’s heart… What was that feeling? Not only the simple respect and loyalty of the past, but also more… Is this human emotion? What is that overflowing feeling inside his chest? In the end, he could only kneel on one knee and say, “I am willing to die for you, My King.”

Hill’s first integration into this world was at the signing of the unequal treaty over a year ago, and that grief and shame brought him right into the role of the Demon King. In the year since then, he has put a lot of effort into this, in fact at first, he talked and teased with these subordinates, but he didn’t really take them much to heart.

This is evident from the fact that Hill used a lot of MLM quotes on them (……), but that one did work just fine.

But in the following year or so of spending time together, people are not grass, how can they not have feelings, so naturally, Hill began to care about them from the heart. But Hill is not so remorseful for the treatment of yesteryear, he advocates the natural, approach the thing he likes, ask for more if not satisfied, stretch out his hand if he wants something… In the end, he seems to have caught someone, cough. He was like this with Monroe, and also with others. He also does not like being roundabout and vague.

This is the second time Hill has integrated into this world.

In the past, he wanted to be a good demon king, he wanted to lead the rise of the demon race, and besides this, the world was very big and strange, he wanted to wander around to see — these feelings.

Now, a feeling has been added: I want to protect the people here.

When he wrote “Iron Man’s Game of Thrones”, he combed the feelings between Tony Stark and the Stark family. On the one hand, he also thought of himself and sorted out his feelings, then he found his own mental state today.

So, Hill replied, “But the me right now wants you guys to live more.”

The autumn breeze blew, the sky in autumn has always had a feeling of high sky and light clouds. Golden autumn seems to be able to associate with the fluffy and soft beautiful clouds, and it is also the case today.


Hill compiled the outline of “Iron Man’s Game of Thrones,” and then found someone in the magazine who was willing to continue writing. Readers expressed regret over the author’s substitution. Hill explained that he was too busy on most days, so he was helpless to continue serializing the novel. The readers also expressed their understanding, after all, this is His Royal Highness Grindelwald.

Hill chose the relatively best one among the submissions, which was a little nobleman from the Ice Empire Mulheim. He gave him the task of continuation, and the author’s name of the subsequent manuscripts was changed to that of the other party: Carl Richard. Richard’s second son from Mountain Fort, currently lives in Winter City.

Then Hill began to complete the immersive theater.

Immersive experience can be regarded as a relatively new thing on Earth. The key to this model is whether it can create an atmosphere that matches the theme, so that players can feel substituting and truly integrate into this virtual world. In the immersive experience, the player can act as another image, not the kind of watching through the screen and interpreting his own story.

For people who are constrained by a lot of identity pressure, in addition to their own fun, this can also play a very powerful role in releasing pressure.

Therefore, first, the facilities should be good. No player can feel “I am in the magical world” and “this is the world of doomsday” against a bunch of crude plastic products. Hill must do a good job in this regard, because this was originally a pirate ship transformation. The second is that the performance of the actors must be in place. This Hill also does not have to worry. Those actors are originally pirates, and Hill only needs to worry that they will overplay them.

The players of immersive theater have different identities. They play their own roles and interact with NPCs. They even become each other’s NPCs. They walk into the fantasy world, appreciate the story up close, or become part of the story.

The first thing to be done is immersive script design.

Hill designed two major identities for the players, one is a pirate and the other is a captive.

The pirate team is here to experience the pirate life – of course, the pirate life that has been glorified. Players can wear beautiful and handsome pirate costumes on board, then drink, eat meat and fish, spend a few days at sea, and meet a certain pirate beauty/handsome guy. Hill also plans to hire a merchant ship to let them experience the feeling of robbery. …Oh, this can introduce the captive group. The captive group will be on the merchant ship from the beginning, and then let the players of the pirate group rob them together with the NPC, so that they will become captives.

Tickets for the game are divided into four levels, the price of each level is different, dividing the player’s identity in the game according to the price. Of course, the more expensive the identity, the better.

The first-class identities of the pirate team are the ‘Deputy Captain’ and the ‘Captain’s Lover’. The captain is naturally the NPC played by the staff, but he does not appear on most days and leaves most of the things to the ‘Deputy Captain’ player. As for how the player will do it, of course, there will be other NPC staff to give tips, he only needs to enjoy the privileges of the ‘Deputy Captain’. In addition, the “Deputy Captain” player’s script is to usurp the throne to become the captain. He can gradually pull other crew members to his position under various prompts, and finally, launch troops to become the captain.

Of course, if the player does not want to play this way, he can also enjoy the privileges of the deputy captain only.

This type of immersive game is just like that, you can choose to play it the way you like.

The female player of the “Captain’s Lover” will also enjoy many privileges. She can expose the conspiracy of the “Deputy Captain” according to clues, and can also seize power together with the “Deputy Captain” player, she can even stand on the side of the captives, in short, she can do whatever she likes.

Other pirate groups have high and low status, the cheapest is the odd jobs – of course, they will not really let the player do odd jobs.

Next is the arrangement of the captive group. The main line of the ‘male protagonist’ in the captive group is of course to escape from prison. If he does not escape from prison, there will be female pirates who will approach him to trigger other interesting plots, and even the captain NPC will take the initiative to appear, saying that he appreciates him and invites him to become another captain, in short, the player’s money will not be spent in vain.

The arrangement of the “heroine” in the captive group is in line with Mary Sue’s law. Hill intends to make several pirate NPCs tempted by her… Er, the script forces them to help her escape, or invite her to become a female pirate, etc…

Others in the captive group have similar treatments, but they certainly can’t keep up with the hero and the heroine. There will also be some pirates who come to talk to each other, and they will also have various clues to escape from prison.

That’s it for the general program, and there are still many details that need to be supplemented and improved.

In addition, the food on board is definitely top-notch, ensuring that players can enjoy it instead of suffering.

As for the final ending… If the captive team works hard, a warship can be arranged to rescue them, if they don’t work hard, the ‘Deputy Captain’ can order all the captives to be ‘killed’. They need to be tied and jump down from the deck, and then be caught by the mage to complete the ending of the game.

As for the time of the entire game… it seems to be two days at most on Earth, but it can be extended in another world. Everyone in another world is not inseparable from electronic products like people on Earth. They can completely immerse themselves in this way.

Well, let’s initially set it as five days.

As for the actors, the NPC actors who have emotional scenes with the players must be handsome and beautiful. Ordinary pirates are also okay, so that there is a greater sense of immersion.

Hill wrote densely on the paper, closed his eyes and thought for a moment, only to realize that the sun was already setting by now. The day has been shortened a lot, Hill thought. The midsummer days are very long, which is good for him to concentrate on doing one thing. But the feeling of autumn is also good. He put down the pen and stretched out, “Prepare dinner, Irvine.” After he finished speaking, he dismissed the idea, “Forget it, let’s go to Black Dwarf for dinner tonight.”

“Okay, My King.” Irvine immediately emerged from the flames, “How do we get there? Ride the train, the bird, or me?”

“There seems to be something wrong with your last sentence,” Hill said.

“I’m sorry, My King, I just blurted it out. So, should you teleport through me?” Irvine asked.

“Take the train.” Hill thought for a while. “We can enjoy the scenery along the way…. By the way, inform Captain Rod to come to the Demon Realm tomorrow.”

Many things about the immersive theater of “Pirates of the Caribbean” need to be discussed with him.

Moreover, the requirements for ships are also very high, not to mention, at least they should be very clean. Hill suddenly remembered a news about hotel hygiene that he had read a few years ago. In order to prove that they cleaned well, the cleaners scooped a glass of water from the toilet directly in front of the camera and drank it.

Hill: ???

In fact, this is not necessary.

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