Chapter 155.1 “Iron Man’s Game of Thrones”

Recently, “Demon Realm Magazine” began to serialize a new novel, this serialized novel is somewhat special, it belongs to the fanfic category. The title of the novel is “Iron Man’s Game of Thrones”, oh yes, it is Tony Stark crossing into the world of “A Song of Ice and Fire”.

The author is, of course, Hill.

The beginning was like this, Tony Stark landed in a village in the north. He found that he had become younger because of an unknown power, but the steel armor was still there. He asked the villagers to take him to the big city, “I am the famous Tony Stark, and someone will pay you when you send me to the destination.”

The villagers were shocked: “Are you a Stark?”

Tony nodded: “I am the most famous Stark in the world.”

The villagers were even more shocked: “How did you get here?”

Tony said he didn’t know either.

Then three days later, Ed Stark looked at Tony in front of him: “So, you are the bastard son of mine in the rumors that have been circulating outside this time?”

Many people laughed after seeing this.

This plot is also too interesting, and this is completely consistent with the character of Iron Man, ah. The villagers heard Stark, and subconsciously thought of the King of the North, Stark. Their thoughts are completely different, but the dialogue can actually be directly connected.

Hill wrote this initially out of boredom, he wrote a random plot and threw it away after. Theodore saw it and asked him if it could be published in the magazine, Hill thought he was the Demon King and no one will dare to rush him to write the next chapter, so it was published.

The result, it seems to be a hit.

Hill did not think about the next plot at all, he just got the inspiration after seeing the two Starks and wrote something casually, but he didn’t expect to arouse a strong response. Many people are crying and begging Hill to write again, after all, the original Stark family is really too miserable, let Tony come to save them, Tony can definitely do it.

Everyone’s voice was too strong, so Hill had to continue writing, write that Tony became like Stark, and grew up with the children of Stark, write that he and Ed had a certain amount of friction, but gradually both sides came to mutual understanding and also walked in each other’s heart. Then, there is the original plot. Tony advises them and makes reasonable spoilers. Although he avoided Bran’s affairs in advance, but because Bran’s fall is not a simple bumping into cheaters, there is still the play of divine power, Bran still fell. Tony Stark stood on a high ground overlooking Winterfell, realizing for the first time that the will of the gods could not be violated.

“So what?” Tony Stark looked at Winterfell in the snow and muttered to himself: “I am Tony Stark, I am a person who can create miracles.”

Then, his eyes released their brilliance again.

This chapter is over here. Hill put down the pen and walked to the window to look at the scenery outside for a while.

The next plot will follow the original, there are many details that need to be carefully refined. The background of “A Song of Ice and Fire” is too complicated. It is not easy to protect the Stark family in such a world. Just like the sentence “I am willing to be the enemy of the whole world for you” in the Domineering President novels, in many cases, it is so brutal as if the world is driving someone to death.

From the window, he can see that the trees and shrubs in the small woods next to the frozen lake are beginning to turn red, autumn is coming. At first, they were slowly turning red, but overnight the temperature plummeted, and early this morning, he found them burning like a blaze, and suddenly they were dazzlingly red, a large swath, deep and shallow, brilliant and beautiful.

Hill quite like this kind of brilliant hot things.

Just as complicated people in anime novels always have obsessions with brilliant people—Orihara Izaya with Heiwajima Shizuo, Fushimi Saruhiko with Yata Misaki, in reality, they are the same.

Hill was a little helpless after realizing this, ah, really, how come he has become this kind of person unknowingly, it’s quite normal that he has just crossed over. Then he thought, he wants too much, wants to protect too much, the world is too complicated, so he has to make himself more complicated.

“My King,” behind him came the voice of the fire elemental spirit.

“Didn’t I tell you not to disturb me while I’m writing?” Hill said.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that the feeling you just had in you made me feel like I had to say something.” Irvine burst out of the flames, took on the form of a teenager, got down on one knee, and said.

“Nothing is necessary.” Hill withdrew his gaze, “If I had to say what was necessary, the answer would be, my orders.”

“I understand, My King,” Irvine said, hanging his head.

“But I don’t hate this kind of behavior of yours.” Hill walked outside the door, and Irvine immediately opened the door for him. “I don’t know if you have realized, whether you or Gold, you guys seem to be getting closer to human… Did you do this on purpose? Knowing that I like humans, so you do this? Or did you guys not realize that either?”

Irvine followed Hill’s footsteps, their footsteps echoing in the empty stone corridor.

“More like humans… what does it mean?” Irvine asked.

“Probably doing some superfluous things.” Hill said, “If you were in the past, it probably wouldn’t be the case.”

Irvine was a little lost: “I don’t know… My King, have we added to your troubles?”

“I just said about this.” They had reached the bottom of the tower, Hill opened the door, and the bright autumn sun shone on them. He turned his head to look at Irvine, “This kind of behavior, I don’t hate it.”

“Then My King…”

“Do you remember the Land of Black Flames we went to last year?” Hill asked.

“Remember,” Irvine replied.

The Land of Black Flames was not originally called by that name, it was still a very rich place and one of the places where the dark elves lived. Then, a battle broke out here, the village was destroyed, and the dark elves moved away.

Hill found this place when he was sneaking around at the time, and the first thing he saw was the village burning in flames. Irvine told him that the land here was once quite fertile.

But now it is a scorched earth.

Moreover, the flames here have been burning for decades. Because those buildings have been nourished by the magic of the dark elves, it’s hard to be burned out, but because these black flames are unusual flames themselves, this, well, has been burning for decades.

And no one cares? Hill asked this at the time, but then he dismissed the idea. Of course, no one cares, because the Demon King and the upper echelons of the demon race do not pay attention to these.

After that, Hill walked around the village, he saw a vine estate, surrounded by tall trees even the bark was smoked black. The sky was a dreamy blue-green with gauzy clouds and stars twinkling vaguely behind. Below the stars was the barren land. A stark contrast.

And then after that, of course, Hill extinguished the flames.

Now that the matter was suddenly brought up, Irvine asked, “My King, what do you want to say?”

“The land that was destroyed is a substantial loss rationally, because it could have been seeded and could have been used for so much more.” Hill said, “Emotionally, it’s a shame to see what a once rich and beautiful place has become. The former demons could neither do the former nor possess the latter.”

Irvine seemed to understand what Hill was talking about, “My King, you mean…”

“Maybe it’s an illusion, after all, I’m only a demon king and not a deity.” Hill looked up at the clear turquoise sky and said, “But I seem to feel that you gradually have real feelings.”

Hill is emotional at this point, Irvine, of course, will not be as emotional as Hill, he raised a very straightforward question: “Then My King, do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing?”

“There is a saying, there is no right choice in this world, we just have to work hard to make the original choice correct,” Hill said.

Irvine thought for a long time, but couldn’t think of a reason. Once, Irvine did something quite stupid and Hill complained casually: “Is your brain full of water?”

Irvine replied innocently: “No, My King, water in my body will evaporate instantly. If it is an organ like the ‘brain’, if I have to say, it is probably magma. If you don’t believe me…” Then he opened his head and showed it to Hill.

Seeing this, Hill’s head started to hurt.

…No matter how long he has been here, he is often shocked by some behaviors of other races.

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