Chapter 154 – Ice Emperor’s Court Meeting and Squirrel Fish

On the shores of the frozen lake, the birds that were scared away by their fight started chirping again.

The summer has come to an end.

A lot of things happened this summer, but in the end, they all directed their impact in a positive direction.

He has done a lot of things this summer, and he has gotten a lot of results, not outcomes, there is a difference between outcomes and results.

He met some people, forgot some people, and got closer to some people this summer.

It was the social month in Mulheim, the Empire of Ice, and the Demon Mall and their cultural products spread to all of Mulheim through this good opportunity. Now, all the major lords often come to Winter City to wholesale all kinds of canned snacks. Originally, it was a hard job to live in Winter City for a long time, and the noble sons who were assigned here all cried out bad luck, but now, coming to Winter City as hostages actually became a good thing in their eyes.

There are good movies, there is food, there are all kinds of novelties… this simply fundamentally changed the life ah.

In this regard, Ice Emperor Claude didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Because of the special nature of the Mulheim system of the Empire of Ice, one of the main jobs of each generation of the Ice Emperor is to balance the power of the king and the lords.

These noble lords are high in their respective territories and are used to being domineering. In this way, although it does not really give rise to second thoughts, but secretly making some small moves are also common things.

The first Ice Emperor used one of the main ways to control the lords, force their children to live in Winter City, but of course, the reason is to help them raise their children, but in fact, they are hostages. The hostages originally had to be the heirs, but because of the Emperor’s later weakness, so over time, it also became possible for other children. When it came to Claude’s grandfather, the lords even sent illegitimate children.

So, the system existed in name only.

Until the previous Ice Emperor – the father of the current Ice Emperor Claude, he has a strong hand, he is the famous iron-blooded emperor. He directly denied the illegitimate children and finally saved the system. But even he could not let the lords willingly send their children over, most of the noble boys and girls do not want to leave home and go to Winter City, a place where they are not familiar with, and without many privileges.

Of course, there are some noble boys and girls who will consider it an honor to be close to His Majesty. But after all, they are few.

As a result, after a social month, many of them stayed in Winter City and did not want to leave. Some also said that their brothers/sisters had lived in Winter City for too long, and they had been separated from their families for too long, and they were willing to replace them. What a touching sisterhood/brotherhood… bullshit.

Those lords are also very troubled by this.

In fact, there is another way, which is to open a Demon Realm Shopping Mall in their fief.

This is not so easy for Hill. The cost of each Demon Mall is quite high, and the Fire Elemental Spirit Chef is also limited. In addition, the Demon Mall is opened in the town next to Lord Mülheim’s castle. The ordinary people inside have no spending power, and only the Lord’s family has the purchasing power, which is like becoming the Lord’s private property.

What’s more, Hill also has other ideas in this regard.

For these, Ice Emperor Claude didn’t know whether he should be happy or bitter. These noble children took the initiative to stay in Winter City. It would be nothing if it was really his own credit, but now… In general, if this kind of thing happened, he should be able to be recorded in the annals of history. Claude thought.

In fact, the historian had already praised the Ice Emperor to the sky.

“The God listened to the prayers of the people, and He bestowed wisdom and bravery on the great Ice Emperor. His glory rose on the Winter City, day and night alternately, dispelling darkness and wind and snow. His very existence is the practice of the will of God, who makes men offer their strength and maidens their youth, who makes lords send their children, who makes the flame of faith rise in the north…”

Oh yes, this historian is from the Magnolia Empire.

The historian of the Magnolia Empire is the highest quality historian in the whole continent, and also the most able to praise up to the sky – of course in general, the ability to praise up to the sky is equal to high quality.

The Ice Emperor talked about the lords’ children in the imperial court meeting, and the ministers all reacted differently.

The first to come forward was Grand Chancellor Lennon – of course, he was.

Then he opened his mouth and started ranting – of course, he was ranting.

“This is objectively good though! But one must also consider that the influence of the demons on this is too liao… bah… too big!”

This time, for the first time, his rant caused soft chuckles after great restraint from the surrounding ministers.

The Minister of Finance said without fear of death: “But, Grand Chancellor, it seems that you are the one among us who is most influenced by the demon culture.”

After Teresa Shelley became the bishop of Winter City, the church stopped giving money to the Minister of Finance’s treasury, which made the position of the Minister of Finance currently wavering, so he unprecedentedly began to consider things for the King (……).

That “Liao” or something is a word that has been popular in “Demon Realm Magazine” recently.

In the beginning, when Hill wrote the introductory remarks, in order to eliminate the public’s fear of the demons and make the public feel friendly, he deliberately used some cute vocabulary made by himself, similar to Narcissa’s nickname Cissy. In Chinese, it is probably the difference between “了” and “惹” and “辽”.

The popularity of “Demon Realm Magazine” is conceivable, so those words first became popular among young people—at first, it was the noble girls who said it, and then the noble boys also said it and was even more cute than the noble girls… …Don’t know why, this is very similar to the situation on Earth. When the girls chat, there are piles of crazy looking emoticons or “hahahaha LMAO”, but the boys tend to send cats and other cute emojis…

This is similar to the popularity of online words on the earth.

Now that the Grand Chancellor suddenly yelled such a word, it was natural that people couldn’t help but laugh.

In fact, the Grand Chancellor is also the one who is careless. It’s like being accustomed to using curse words outside, and after going home, accidentally blurting out curse words, you can imagine the tragic consequences or something… It’s the same, it’s the same.

But the Grand Chancellor is worthy of being the Grand Chancellor. After the slip-up, he is not ashamed of it. On the contrary, he said: “Your Majesty, even I have been affected, so just imagine other people.” This sentence directly uses himself as a negative example, which is also great.

The Ice Emperor felt some toothache, yesterday, he had just explored with Olivia about his cameo in the movie, today, he was attacked by the Grand Chancellor’s rant. If the Grand Chancellor knew he wanted to act in the movie, the Grand Chancellor would probably have to scold him out of his soul. But toothache is toothache, the Ice Emperor also has his own ideas: “That’s not what you said when you watched ‘Fairy Tale Hotel’ last time.”

The Grand Chancellor’s expression seemed to drift for a moment, “That’s why in the end, it was banned.”

Mentioning this, the Minister of Justice said with dissatisfaction, “It wasn’t banned by us.”

He had always been dissatisfied with the Church, and this time, the Church’s act of banning the movie directly over the royal family was even more displeasing to the Minister of Justice, it wasn’t that he liked the movie, he watched the beginning and then slipped away (……), he was addressing this act.

The Minister of Finance gave him an unexpected look: “Old chap, what you said made me think that I gave you money to buy you off last night. You know, didn’t you always advocate restraining the Demon Mall?”

The Minister of Finance used to be close to the Church, the reason for this was also explained to the Minister of Justice’s face: the Church gave a lot of money to the Minister of Finance.

“What I advocate is the preservation of His Majesty’s majesty, and by the way, I’m not some old chap of yours.” The Minister of Justice’s expression became more discontented.

“Oh well, my old friend, but you are much nicer to the Church now than you used to be,” the Minister of Finance said.

“His Grace, the current Bishop, Theresa Shelley is still tidying up within the Church and not dictating much to His Majesty.” The judicial inspector said, “Also, I am not your old friend.”

“Oh, well then, old lover, perhaps we can finally agree,” the Minister of Finance said.

The Judicial Inspector opened his mouth to curse, “F*ck your old lover.”

“You are so rude.” The Minister of Finance said, “It’s sad that the Empire has people like you in charge of the law.”

“It is also sad that the Imperial Minister of Finance is as fat as you are. How many people have you eaten to get so fat?” The judicial governor sneered back.

“That’s enough.” The Ice Emperor grabbed a cup next to him and threw it at them, “If you keep talking, you’ll be convicted of treason.” It’s enough to spew at each other, no need to drag the empire.

The two men then got down on one knee, “Sorry, Your Majesty, we were too out of line.”

Then the Minister of Finance added, “But he was more out of line than I was.”

Seeing that the Minister of Justice was about to talk back again, the Imperial Chief Steward opened his mouth and said, “You two, please watch your words, I happen to be short of a deputy steward here.”

These two people immediately shut their mouths firmly. This threat was too scary.

Seeing everyone quiet down, Ice Emperor Claude cleared his throat and said, “About the movie, I had an idea when I watched the first movie.”

“Your Majesty, please speak,” Old White said.

“Demon movies can have an effect on the human mind, which we all know. Currently, the people are showing an affinity for the demons, which is not good for the church, but not bad for us either,” Ice Emperor Claude got to the point in one word.

“But after all, it’s the demons,” the Chief Steward said.

“I am the Emperor of Mulheim,” the Ice Emperor said, tapping on the table, “I am the ruler of all living things in the land of Mulheim, humans of all colors, animals and plants of all kinds, and if there are demons settled here, I am their ruler as well.”

He said this without the passionate posing of King Magnolia, he simply stated his thoughts plainly, his icy silver pupils under his lashes sweeping over the ministers below, “Do you have an opinion?”

Anthony Black and Timothée White were the first to get down on one knee, “At your service, Your Majesty.”

The other ministers also hurriedly knelt down and said in unison, “We’re at your service, Your Majesty.”

With a slight nod, Claude continued, “I have an idea to ask His Highness Grindelwald to make a movie for the Empire and release it in the cinema, which would be very significant for our Empire, I think.”


Hill didn’t know what Ice Emperor Claude thought at the moment, and he wouldn’t be surprised if he knew it. This was what Hill expected. It is impossible for all the high-ranking people to be as short-sighted as King Magnolia, and someone will definitely think of how to seek benefits through this matter. Just as the previous movie “Top Gun” inspired American youth to join the Air Force, Hill naturally understood the political significance of the movie.

Directly make a movie or something for them, Hill currently does not have that plan, but shooting short films is also possible. The next thing Hill should be thinking about is how to make more profit from it.

At this time, Hill is sitting in Old Jackson’s home for dinner, most of this meal is Chinese food.

The dishes introduced in the Demon Mall Restaurant, the Chinese food and Western food, are all there. At first, everyone enjoyed eating everything, but then preferences were divided. Old Jackson belongs to the type that loves to eat Chinese food.

The main dish is squirrel fish, which is rated as one of the top ten famous dishes in Jiangsu Province. Squirrel fish existed in ancient times, and it is said that Qianlong ate this dish in Suzhou when he went to the south of the Yangtze River and praised its deliciousness. This mandarin fish is from the Dark Forest, it is a kind of carnivorous fish to other small fish and shrimp. The meat is very tender, and also has no fine thorns, the taste is quite fresh, smooth, and fragrant, and it is also rich in nutrients. Hill thought it was better than any of the fish he had eaten on Earth.

The cooking method of squirrel fish is more complicated and requires high knife skills, such as cutting the fish skin into diamond-shaped knife patterns, but this is, of course, a breeze for the fire element spirits. After coating the starch, pour the hot oil on the pan, fry it until golden brown, and remove it. The fire element spirits have perfect control over heat. Then use various sauces, salt, sugar, balsamic vinegar, and starch to form a sauce. Stir fragrant green onions in the wok, add diced bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms, peas, shrimps, etc. until it’s fragrant, add the sauce and pour sesame oil on top of the fried fish, and the mouth-watering aroma spreads immediately.

The squirrel fish is a very interesting dish, named because of its squirrel-like appearance. The squirrel fish is orange in color, bright and attractive, and the sauce poured on the fish is very tantalizing to the eyes. Because it is fried, so it is fresh and crispy, crispy outside and tender inside, the taste is sweet and sour, both adults and children love to eat it.

Old Jackson ran around all day and did not eat much, after eating a small piece, his hunger and appetite instantly exploded. He did not say anything and just ate, Jefferson over there blurted out, “Damn, so delicious!”

Old Jackson glanced at Jefferson, Jefferson immediately said, “Sorry, I was rude.”

Hill took out a pair of chopsticks to pick up a piece of squirrel fish and put it in his mouth. The first thing he felt was the crispness and freshness. When he mixed it into the rice, the rich sauce soaked the rice, making the whole rice also present an attractive golden color. One bite and you can feel the burnt and crispy skin, it is fresh inside, the beautiful and fragrant taste will mobilize the taste buds, and make the spirit happy.

Ah, sure enough, good food is unbeatable.

In addition to squirrel fish, there are also some other fish. It is the time of fish production recently, so the Demon Mall Restaurant has recently launched a lot of new fish delicacies.

“What is this called?” Old Jackson asked.

“Squirrel fish,” Hill replied.

Old Jackson nodded, “Is it squirrel meat and fish meat?”

“Huh?” Hill froze for a moment before realizing that the recipes here were indeed strange. Medieval Europeans ate swans, thrushes, herons, wild geese… In short, there were a lot of strange things in their recipes. “There is no squirrel meat,” he replied. “Because the appearance is more like a squirrel, that’s how it got its name.”

“Is that so.” Old Jackson said, “I didn’t notice it just now.”

“Then let the chef bring another one.” Hill said casually, “I think you look unhappy today.”

“There’s some conflict with that old thing, Tuttle.” Old Jackson said, “Keeps holding on to his little interest, I’d really like to pry his mouth open.”

“Er, with what?” Hill asked.

Old Jackson gave Hill a stunned look, “Are you thinking of something crooked?”

“Sorry.” Hill reflected that he had spent too much time with Monroe in the last few days, which had caused him to “wear colored glasses” in everything he saw lately.

“What is it?” Jefferson asked with interest.

“Talking about something very demonic, you’d better not know,” Hill said.

“All right,” Jefferson said.

“But Old Jackson, you actually intended… old ginger is really more spicy,” Hill said.

Old Jackson gave him a look, “I have every reason to believe that your word is inappropriate here.”

“What? So, you’re not old and strong?” Hill asked.

“…You’re so good at talking, why don’t you come up with a book?” Old Jackson said sincerely.

Hill almost died laughing.

Old Jackson has learned the Internet words on Earth without a teacher ah.

“Is the book called ‘How to Speak Eloquently’?” Hill asked.

“The Art of Sophistry, chapter one is ‘How to steal my concept to piss off your opponent’,” Old Jackson replied.

Hill laughed out loud for a while, then said, “Let’s get down to business…”

“So you also know that what you just said was not serious?” Old Jackson asked rhetorically.

“Of course, I know,” said Hill, “people can be immodest, and can be immodest from time to time, but in the big picture and the main line, we always have to be serious – well, back to business. If you have doubts about Tuttle and the others, just give a complaint to King Magnolia, just say it’s my intention and he will listen to you.”

“Speaking of which, I have never asked, how did you solve the matter of Theodore?” Old Jackson looked at Hill with some suspicion.

“Would you believe me when I say I analed King Magnolia?” Hill said casually.

Jefferson almost hit headlong into that plate of squirrel fish.

Old Jackson certainly wasn’t as shocked as his son, he muttered, “Earlier, I was thinking you said and did something to completely freak him out, but now it seems like you analing him fits the situation better.”

This time it was Hill’s turn to almost crash on the squirrelfish.

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