Chapter 153 – My Lord. Hill.

After the release of “Iron Man”, there are really some merchants who are thinking of hiring some black dwarves, and more people are interested in that Iron Man battlesuit, and some people even guess that the Demon Mall will sell a cut-down version of the Iron Man battlesuit.

There are too many questions of this kind, so Hill responded in the “Demon Realm Magazine”, saying that most of the magic weapons in it are fantasy and do not exist in reality, of course, the battlesuit is also one of them. One of Hill’s reasons for doing this is to prevent humans from being on guard against the demons. If the demons really have those powerful magic weapons, many people will feel uneasy.

Hill really hoped that after watching this movie, the church would study the weapons in it, and then it would be a waste of money.

Hill is actually really studying magic weapons in the demon realm.

In fact, some conventional weapons combined with magic crystals are not very useful for the improvement of the demons, because many demons alone are strong enough to fight. Let’s say a werewolf with magic gloves on his paws, he can rip through humans, but without gloves, he can still rip through most humans…

So, Hill just continued to research and manufacture those magical equipment symbolically. In addition, he did some unconventional things, such as equipping each banshee in the Wailing Banshee Legion with a magic megaphone, which is a bit ruthless.

Hill also hated the situation where everyone rushed to cut each other when there was a war, and the general’s role was to slash more people than soldiers…what is this? So, he began to popularize long-range and short-range command methods to the commanders under his hands – humans are much better than demons in this regard.

Some time later, a fallen angel commander submitted his plan:

Before the enemy army approaches, let the Lich Legion cast spells collectively, carry out long-range attacks, and then freeze the ground, delaying their speed, and when they are almost near them, the Succubus Legion will directly lift up their clothes and expose their thighs to them, give them further debuffs. After the survivors come over, the Succubus Legion will retreat, and the Wailing Banshee Legion will pick up the megaphone and yell at them.

The rest, presumably the strongest of the human race, can be divided into small groups for strangulation, or ace to ace.

Hill stared at the “the Succubus Legion will directly lift up the clothes to reveal their thighs” for a long time, and finally nodded: “You have a good plan, others should learn from him, design your own plan, and pay attention to the combination of different legions.”

So, the next scenario is dazzling.

Oh, there is another great god who wrote the tactics of making the high demons turn into popes and striptease in front of the opposing army.

This made Hill suck in a cold breath.

There are quite a few… talents in the demon race.

However, he likes it!

In addition to magic equipment, Hill also asked the Scientific Research Department to study gunpowder weapons. Although the demon realm is not poor now, Hill is still reluctant to use the magic crystal. There are all kinds of gunpowder formulas on the Internet, but the raw materials are very difficult to find. Hill became the shopkeeper, and after setting up the task, he went to do other things by himself.

Speaking of it, gunpowder is a by-product of ancient Chinese alchemy, and another by-product of alchemy is tofu.

“Huainan’s elixir was accidentally turned into tofu. The fragrance is different from orchid musk, the color is white like cow’s milk…” Yes, the tofu was accidentally made by the king of Huainan when he was refining alchemy. Hill almost sprayed water after hearing this for the first time.

This is a bit powerful.


Hill opened a fan letter under the light.

“It’s a wonderful movie! I’m not a great movie critic like Mrs. Helen and the others, so I can’t analyze the big picture, but I just thought it was fantastic! I sat down, started watching the movie, and then it was over in a flash. I felt like the movie was really short, but an hour and a half had passed when I asked the time, which was really amazing. I love that feeling inside, I also want peace between the demons and humans. If we both work together, it can be done, can’t it? Also, I want to ask, is there a sequel to Iron Man?”

This letter is very typical and represents the thoughts of a large group of ordinary viewers nowadays.

It looks like it’s going to rain, there are dense black cumulonimbus clouds and gloomy sky.

The night sky is darker than before.

The wind blew in and the candlelight flickered.

The quill rustled on the paper.

“Iron Man has a sequel, and it’s not just a sequel…

As Iron Man said, it’s an imperfect world, but it’s the only one we got.

This world needs heroes, someone needs to come out to do something, and someone needs to guide everyone in the direction.

So next, there will be a series of superhero movies. There are humans, there are demons, and more importantly, they will be in the same world. This means that in addition to the “Iron Man” sequel, you can also see him in other superhero movies~

What I can guarantee is that every single movie is fantastic. Of course, I don’t need to guarantee that anymore, you’ve all seen it, haven’t you?”

Pirates of the Caribbean Part II and Part III have already been filmed, and Hill intends to release them sequentially next month and the following month, followed by the Marvel movies in turn.

That said, if Thor is set to become the son of the Demon King, then Loki is set to become the son of the Pope (……)?

Hill fell into contemplation, should he let Teresa ask His Holiness the Pope?

Cough, this idea should be temporarily on hold, thinking about it, it is impossible.

But the thought got deeper and deeper, and Hill couldn’t help but let out a giggle.

How about… making him the son of the previous pope. Then take a good circumvention in the plot, so as not to cause a backlash from the church.

There was a knock on the door, and after Hill said “enter”, Spike Elektra came in with a large bouquet of flowers. He knelt on one knee first, “Lord Demon King.”

“I’m baffled by the flowers you’re giving me. It doesn’t fit the style of the demons,” Hill said casually.

Spike replied: “It was delivered by the His Holiness the Dark Pope. He said that Famagusta’s violets were just blooming, so he picked a lot of them.”

Hill immediately changed his words, “Well… the room is full of the fragrance of flower corpses, which is very consistent with the style of the demons.”

The corners of Spike’s mouth twitched, and he said without conscience: “Ah, yes.”

“Oh, in fact, it can be said that the whole room is full of pollen, which is the smell of flower genitals… It would be too explicit if Monroe gave me this,” Hill continued.

The corners of Spike’s mouth twitched a second time. …Lord Demon King, you’re too playful, right? He said in his heart.

“Leave the flowers, where is Monroe?” Hill asked.

“Lord Pope went to Lord Goldnia,” Spike said.

“It’s rare to go back to the Demon Realm to find another man,” Hill waved his hand, “I see, you go.”

“Yes.” Spike bowed, then left.

Hill’s gaze fell on the bunch of violets, and his gaze moved.

Violet. “Violet Evergarden.”

In addition to the love expressed by itself, this is an anime with a clear anti-war meaning.

Compared with a simple animation, “Violet Evergarden” is more like a work of art. It takes a very common subject matter to a new height, details, feelings, shots, and pictures, just like exquisite and warm prose. Poems are the same. This animation is actually more suitable for older people to watch. If you calm your mind, you can really harvest an unprecedented tranquility and…depression.

Well, this is actually a series of Depression + Healing.

The first time Hill watched this series, he felt that the plot was not that interesting, as if it was bland. Later, when he watched it again, he found that every story, every character, every line was just right.

Hill has always felt that there are generally two forms of work. The first is that everyone takes things for granted and does things for granted; the second is that people say unexpected things and do unexpected things.

The former is more difficult than the latter, the latter itself can conceal a lot of things by relying on the ‘unexpected’. Violet Evergarden’ belongs to the former.

In anime circles that are flooded with subversion, bloodlust, twists, battles… various themes, “Violet Evergarden” stands quietly like that, with a unique gentle rationality.

This is a work that has stood the test of time.

Okay, Hill made the decision to go with the whole thing.


In the early morning of the next day, Hill felt like he was so sleepy that his soul was almost gone.

Because last night he tried to make the light and shadow effect of “Violet Evergarden”, he spent a lot of energy. Hill really felt the feeling of “Ah, this light. Ah, this water”.

Waking up the next day, there was a feeling of splitting headache caused by mental exhaustion. It is estimated that this animation will take a while.

Hill thought, if replaced in the traditional male fiction, if they do animation and do film special effects then it is equivalent to cultivation…which is also true. His current mental power is much better than when he has just crossed over. Hill has no actual combat, yes, but he has an estimate of how good he is.

His spiritual power is much stronger, but his physical power has not progressed much.

Although Hill also went to exercise, the Demon King’s physical body itself is strong enough, so he did not make much progress in this area.

He opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling for a while and thought of some kind of possibility, so he got up and went for his morning exercise.

There was a light mist in the morning, and Hill walked along the shore of the icy lake and saw that it was indeed Monroe standing there.

“Looks like I didn’t get up early today for nothing.” Hill smiled, drew his sword, pulled a sword flip.

“You say this as if you are telling me the fact that you are lazy on most days.” Monroe’s hand was held in the air, and black mist condensed into his long sword.

“What, you want to punish me if it’s true?” Hill was ready to move.

“What it means is up to you,” Monroe said.

“Then that’s what it means.” Hill said while lifting his sword and rushed over, without any order: “Hah! Eat my sword!”

“This swordplay of yours, if I were your teacher, I would have cut myself off already,” Monroe said while blocking his attack.

“Teachers are supposed to tempt their students to learn by all means, aren’t they?” Hill still attacked without any order, but the speed was getting faster and faster.

Monroe picked up his sword, searched for a flaw, and knocked him on the back with the back of his sword, “How about a physical punishment?”

The pain came from the back, if it is an ordinary person, Monroe will be able to knock the other’s spine off… While in pain, Hill continued to attack, he finally began to get serious: “Although I know what you said does not refer to that, but I still cannot help but get excited.” He raised the sword in his hand send a slash of bright blue stream of energy.

“I always feel as if you are no longer excited in front of me all the time.”

The death knight’s long sword dragged the black mist across the air, splitting the bright blue energy stream, turning it into hundreds of floating spots of light. The black mist on his sword also dissipated, showing the appearance of a Paladin’s custom-made long sword. Bowing to the glory of the Holy Spirit, the sacred engraving shone in the blue shimmering aura, as if scattering a bitter moonlight.

“Ha. I would be shy if you said it so bluntly.”

Hill said so, but there was a dark tide in his eyes, thousands of brilliant blue light prisms dappled out, with a morbid sharpness. His red pupils are cold.

“Then should I say that I would be shy after being entertained so warmly by you?”

The dark blade of the sword suddenly appeared in the sunlight, and the pure darkness pierced through the sunlight. The dark fire on the sword surface stretched upwards and spiraled all the way up. Monroe’s eyes seemed to be lit, and a blazing golden glow appeared on his other hand, like a sacred fire, burned to form a circular shield in an instant.

Hill said, “This is not a shy look for you.”

When the bright blue prism collided with the holy light shield, there were bursts of rapid and sharp explosions like a rainstorm.

“You can actually use the Holy Light Shield of the Paladin. Is God blind, or are you still pious?” Amid the endless explosions, Hill put the sword in its sheath, and said casually.

The last prism of light struck the shield of holy light, and Monroe took a step forward, as if the whole dark night had taken a step forward toward Hill. His proud spine had reared up, straight and sharp as his knight’s sword. The raging wind blew his black hair up, and his brow had a sharp, cold look. “Probably because my Lord has been overly favorable to me,” Monroe said.

“So?” Hill asked.

“I should give everything to serve him.” Monroe dissipated all his strength, walked to Hill, knelt on one knee, and kissed the back of his hand, “My Lord. Hill.”

There was a scorching heat in his cold tone.

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My Lord – Monroe is calling Hill his God.

Anyway, guys, Merry Christmas!!!

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