Sacrifice to the Devil 46

Chapter 46 – “The mark is printed here, right?”

Ying Chen was angry, looking down at him with a look of unprecedented gloom and cold anger like never before. The pale complexion, the ferocious eyes, and the hostility of the whole body seemed particularly desolate in the darkness. The arms holding Wen Yu were also stiff as iron because of too much force.

But Wen Yu was not afraid, at this moment, he finally felt relieved.

His action of jumping off the cliff to induce Ying Chen is indeed dangerous, but only this method can make Ying Chen stop fighting against Rong Di. Even though he knew that his death in the previous life was caused by Rong Di, he couldn’t hate Rong Di.

More than anything, he didn’t want Ying Chen to kill his only good friend with his own hands. Because, in the end, it will become a wound on Ying Chen’s heart forever.

He also understands how angry Ying Chen is at this moment. So, he took the initiative to stretch his arms around Ying Chen’s neck, trying to coax him: “Ying Chen, you finally came back to me.”

Ying Chen didn’t say a word, and turned his head slightly to Uncle Zhao behind him, looking at him with a dark cloud in his eyes, wanting to kill.

Uncle Zhao moved quickly down the valley the moment Wen Yu fell, waiting to rescue Wen Yu at the last moment. Sure enough, he didn’t need to do anything, Ying Chen went to catch Wen Yu who was about to fall.

The duty Ying Chen gave him was to protect Wen Yu, but he kept Wen Yu so close to death.

Living in the cracks, he even imagined what was waiting for him, and shouted in horror: “Sir.”

Wen Yu hurriedly kissed Ying Chen on the face and said, “It doesn’t have anything to do with Uncle Zhao, it’s my idea. Just to get you back.”

Ying Chen steadied his rapid breathing, and said the first sentence: “If you have something, you can send me a message. Why do you want to do this?”

The voice was hoarse and low, with a strong sense of fear and anger.

“I sent it, you didn’t reply to me!”

Wen Yu knew his mood, so he preemptively said: “The bracelet you gave me changed color, I was worried that something happened to you, but I couldn’t find you, so I thought of such a solution. You disappeared inexplicably, do you know how worried I was?”

After speaking, he deliberately turned his head away from Ying Chen, biting his lower lip angrily and aggrieved.

Ying Chen’s stiff arms slackened a little, and his hoarse voice still had strong lingering fears: “If I hadn’t rushed over just now…”

“You will.”

Wen Yu whispered: “And with Uncle Zhao, I know I’ll be fine.”

“Next time.”

“There will be no next time!”

Wen Yu’s tone was firm.

He knew that his emotional changes could divert Ying Chen’s fear and anger, so he pretended to be weak and said, “Falling down feels bad, my whole body hurts, and I almost fainted just now.”

“Ying Chen, I want to go home.”

His voice was low, like he wanted to cry.

Ying Chen exhaled the breath from his hanging heart, but his expression was still gloomy: “When you get home, you can explain this to me.”

Wen Yu: It seems that this test is not easy to pass.

What else did he want to say, Ying Chen’s arms suddenly tightened, and the surrounding environment changed rapidly in a trance. He was carried by Ying Chen and flew out of the valley, and returned to the viewing platform where he jumped off just now.

Looking at Xia Mu at the foot of the cliff at a loss, he was taken aback by the sudden appearance of several people behind him, and his body slumped on the fence: “Wen Yu! You scared me to death. You are so foolish, Are you okay?”

Ying Chen glanced at him, and then lowered his eyes to Wen Yu who was in his arms suddenly understood something, and suddenly gritted his teeth and said, “Did you do this for Rong Di?”

Wen Yu wasn’t completely sure that Ying Chen was going to fight with Rong Di, so he tentatively said, “I can’t find you, I wondered if you were with Rong Di, so I came to Mr. Xia to ask. By the way, where’s Rong Di? Do you know where he is?”

As he spoke, he kept looking at Ying Chen’s expression changes. Under the light, the man’s face was pale and gloomy. But no injuries were seen.

As for Ying Chen, after seeing Xia Mu also present, he already knew Wen Yu’s purpose of calling him regardless of the danger, and his eyes were dark: “You know and you still ask me? Why did you hide it from me? Rong Di has harmed you, why do you want to stop me in such a way?”

The truth is revealed.

Wen Yu no longer pretended to be stupid: “I just don’t want you and Rong Di to fight so I didn’t tell you.”

He raised his hand and looked at the bracelet on his wrist. The bracelet was still dim under the dim light: “How are you? Are you injured? What about Rong Di?”

Ying Chen had a dark face and refused to answer, he hugged Wen Yu and walked forward: “Don’t worry about him, come home with me.”

“Don’t go yet.”

Wen Yu stopped him: “Mr. Xia is very worried about Rong Di, can you tell him where Mr. Rong is?”

Ying Chen gritted his teeth, and his voice was so gloomy to the point of dripping blood: “You know this, but you still want to save him?”

He was indeed fighting Rong Di to the death for dozens of days, during which Rong Di confessed to him and begged for mercy. But he couldn’t control the infinite hatred in his heart.

When he thought of Wen Yu’s body torn apart after he fell off the cliff in the previous life, the pain of his search for thousands of years, and the hardships that Wen Yu had had in the reincarnation, he could not wait to tear Rong Di to pieces.

Wen Yu tugged at the front of his shirt and said softly, “Ying Chen, the last life is over, isn’t it? We are now enjoying the remaining decades, and I don’t want to see you hurt.”

Ying Chen: “I won’t be hurt.”

Only Rong Di will die.

Even if Wen Yu stops him this time, he will look for another chance. No matter where Rong Di escaped, he would find him and tear him apart.

“Ying Chen.”

Wen Yu knew what he was thinking, so he stopped him with a little pleading: “You are so impulsive now because you are angry. Rong Di is your friend for thousands of years, everything he did was for you. If you really kill him, what will you do when you calm down and think about him?”

Ying Chen sneered, “He deserves to die.”

“But I’ll be upset!”

Wen Yu said seriously: “I don’t want your closest friend to die because of me, and also if he really dies, how can I face Teacher Xia?”

Xia Mu didn’t understand what was happening between them, only that Rong Di was now in danger, and Wen Yu was begging Ying Chen to let him go.

It turns out that this is the reason why the petals in the crystal ball withered.

Where is Rong Di now, will he be killed?

He once resented that Rong Di deceived his feelings as a human being, making him think that he could be with him for the rest of his life. He left him decisively after knowing that he was not human and would be ageless and immortal.

But now that he knew that Rong Di would die, Xia Mu began to feel heartache.

He looked at Wen Yu as if asking for help.

Wen Yu understood and nodded to him. Then he wrapped his arms around Ying Chen’s neck, approached the man’s tightly pursed lips and kissed, “Ying Chen, why don’t you slow down this matter first. Can you release Rong Di to Teacher Xia first? Otherwise, Teacher Xia, after hearing our words, will be more worried about him.”

When Ying Chen’s name is called, the end is long and coquettish.

Wen Yu’s personality has changed a lot in this life, he is tough and cold.

After the two met for so long, it was the first time that Ying Chen saw Wen Yu speak to him with such a soft attitude, exactly like the young man in the previous life when he always begged him.

No matter how strong Ying Chen’s anger was, he couldn’t stand such coquettish behavior. He looked down at Wen Yu, and after a long time, a low “um” came out of his voice.

The long arm gently waved, and a white light flashed. In the empty and dark night, there was a gap that seemed to lead to a different space, and a huge unknown object rolled out and fell heavily in front of them.

It was a huge beast. It looks like a dragon with horns, but the long tail dragging on the ground doesn’t look like a dragon’s. He crouched on the ground, whimpering and struggling.

But he didn’t even have the strength to restore his human form, and the scales on his body glowed with blood under the street lamp. Wen Yu glanced at it and knew that he was seriously injured.

“Is it Rong Di?” Wen Yu asked.

Xia Mu’s reaction gave him the answer.

Xia Mu ran to the giant beast desperately, squatted on the ground and hugged the head of the giant beast that was dripping with blood on the ground, and kept shouting: “Rong Di. It’s me, I’m Xia Mu. How are you?”

The panting giant beast suddenly stopped all movements when he heard the sound, and then the huge body suddenly shrank and quickly transformed into a human shape.

It’s Rong Di. He was badly wounded and covered in blood. He lay dying on Xia Mu’s lap.

“Rong Di, Rong Di!”

Xia Mu’s voice was shaking, “How are you? Why are you like this?”

Rong Di opened his eyes with great effort, and the anxious Xia Mu was reflected in the sullen and dull eyes, before closing them again. He struggled to even breathe, let alone answer Xia Mu’s question.

Wen Yu was surprised that Rong Di could be injured so badly by Ying Chen, and was even more worried that he would die like this. He asked nervously, “Ying Chen, what should we do? Can we call the doctor to save him?”

“The doctor can’t save him.”

Ying Chen glanced coldly at Rong Di on the ground, hugged Wen Yu, turned around, and left: “Go home.”

Wen Yu hugged Ying Chen’s neck and shouted to Uncle Zhao behind him, “Uncle Zhao, send Xia Mu and the others home and help take care of Mr. Rong.”

Uncle Zhao, who survived in the crack, carefully glanced at Ying Chen’s back: “Yes.”

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There are more than 500 kilometers from home to Xia Mu, and when Uncle Zhao brought him here, the speed of movement made Wen Yu uncomfortable.

And when he went back with Ying Chen, he arrived home in a blink of an eye without feeling anything.

He wanted to break Ying Chen’s silence and laughed, “When Uncle Zhao went to Mr. Xia’s house, my body was very uncomfortable, but I didn’t expect to be so comfortable coming back with you. It turns out that the carriers are different and the physical sensation can vary so much.”

Ying Chen remained silent. Carrying him all the way into the bedroom, gently placing him on the bed, and asking in a low voice, “Are you still uncomfortable?”

He cares about him, feels sorry for him, but still coldly show this face.

Obviously, he didn’t let go of the fact that he jumped off the cliff just now.

So, Wen Yu came to him softly: “I’m still very uncomfortable.”

Ying Chen sighed silently and sat down beside him: “Where is it uncomfortable?”

Some parts of Wen Yu’s body: “Here, here, and here are uncomfortable.”

It’s all places where Ying Chen likes to touch him.

Ying Chen closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then he pulled up the quilt and covered him: “It’s uncomfortable, just rest well.”

After speaking, he stood up and prepared to leave.

Wen Yu hurriedly called him: “Where are you going?”

Ying Chen: “Don’t worry, I won’t go to Rong Di.”

“Don’t go.”

Wen Yu threw away the quilt: “Let’s talk about it, this matter needs to be resolved.”

Ying Chen paused and looked at the young man on the bed gloomily: “How to solve it? Let me accept that you jumped off a cliff and committed su*cide in order to save a man?”

Wen Yu: “I said I just wanted you to come back, and Uncle Zhao will save me. I won’t die.”

“What if.” Ying Chen’s voice was restrained to the extreme: “What if he can’t reach you, what if I can’t make it there?”

Wen Yu whispered: “Didn’t you pick me up, and you also saw that Uncle Zhao was below.”

Ying Chen looked at him for a moment and said, “You rest first, I’ll go out for a while.”

“Come back!”

Wen Yu saw that the soft did not work, and he was also angry. He took the pillow and smashed it at Ying Chen: “Don’t you know that I miss you, and you still go! I didn’t save Rong Di just now, I just wanted to see you and see that you are safe!

“Do you know how worried I was about you when I saw the bracelet? You left without a word for so many days. Have you ever thought about how I felt!”

Ying Chen hugged the smashed pillow and did not leave.

And the more Wen Yu thought about it, the more aggrieved, he leaned on the bed and didn’t look at Ying Chen: “You made me sore that night, and I almost fainted on the ground during training the next day, but as for you, there was no news.

“The day military training ended, I was expecting you to pick me up.”

Ying Chen’s gloomy expression loosened, and the coldness in his eyes began to feel distressed. He walked to the bed and squatted down: “Does it still hurt?”


Wen Yu was annoyed, “I was already tired from training. I was transferred to Teacher Xia’s house with Uncle Zhao just now. It hurts so much that I don’t want to live anymore.”

Ying Chen: “Don’t say such things.”

“I know that you are angry with me now because you are worried about me. But I am also worried about you! I have no ability to find you, so I can only use this method. If you are still angry with me, who am I going to be angry with?” Wen Yu originally saw that the soft doesn’t work, so he started using the hard. As a result, the more he talked, the more uncomfortable he felt, and finally his eyes began to turn red.

Ying Chen panicked, and quickly picked up Wen Yu’s face, which he deliberately turned aside, and said, “I’m not angry anymore, I’m not angry anymore, be good, don’t cry.”

The result, it was fine when he didn’t say this, but Wen Yu’s tears suddenly flowed out as soon as he said it.

Ying Chen was so distressed that he almost pulled up, wiped his tears gently with his fingertips, and kissed the corner of his eyes: “Baby, don’t cry. I’m sorry, it’s my fault. I apologize to you. And I’ll make amends to you and stay with you in the future, okay?

“I wasn’t angry with you just now, I was angry at myself for not protecting you. I made you fall from such a high place, but you just jumped off a cliff on purpose, just what if…”

What if he couldn’t protect this boy in this life, Ying Chen felt so desperate that he fell into an endless abyss just thinking about it.

Well, this matter is considered to be over.

Wen Yu was completely relieved. He pointed to the bracelet and asked, “Then explain to me, what’s going on? Are you also seriously injured?”

“Rong Di can’t hurt me.” Ying Chen shook his head: “It’s just too much mana consumption, I’ll be fine with a rest. Don’t worry about me. What about you? Was it really painful that night?”

Wen Yu snorted: “I’m just an ordinary person. You came without a word to get a night, what do you think will happen to me? I couldn’t find you afterwards.” He pushed Ying Chen angrily: “Okay, I’m done talking, leave if you want!”

At this moment, how could Ying Chen leave?

He clung to Wen Yu’s side and kissed his forehead lightly: “I’m not leaving, let me stay here with you, okay?”

Wen Yu took this opportunity to talk about the conditions: “Then explain to me, why do you say you can grow old with me? Did you do anything to hurt yourself again?”

Ying Chen took him into his arms and said softly, “Your lifespan is limited. If you leave me, I will never be able to live. I will choose a way for myself to sleep forever. I’ll also change my body’s age, in less than a year, I will be as old as a normal human being. That’s all.”

Ying Chen wanted to choose to leave with him after he left this world.

Wen Yu’s mood just calmed down, but a different kind of sadness surged up at this moment.

He lay in Ying Chen’s arms and thought for a while, then suddenly asked: “If I have your mark on me, then when I die, will my soul be able to follow you forever like Uncle Zhao.”

Ying Chen smiled bitterly: “Didn’t you not want my seal?”

“I want it now.”

Wen Yu sat up, opened his shirt buttons one by one facing Ying Chen, pointed to his chest, and said, “The mark is printed here, right?”

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