Chapter 173.1 – The battle is about to begin.

When Teresa came in, there was a gust of cold wind, and Hill shivered, wrapping the fleece-trimmed cloak tightly around his body, and then let Irvine make the fire in the brazier a little more vigorous.

Not physically cold, but mentally cold.

There are still a lot of chestnuts in the brazier, and at this moment there is a good smell.

Teresa was wearing a dark gray wool coat with silver buttons, which made him look a lot younger, and Hill realized that Teresa was really young. Aha, young and promising.

After the two of them exchanged a few words, the maid brought up tea and pastries.

“After I took over as the bishop of Winter City and cleaned up the matter of Winter City, I discovered that Mulheim was full of cults,” Teresa said.

“Does this include you?” Hill asked with a smile.

“Of course, our Church of Light is the biggest cult,” Teresa replied.

Hill laughed even harder, “You’re complacent when you say this.”

“Yes, if the Church of Light is really as fair and brilliant as the rumors say, I won’t have many chances to be promoted.” Teresa replied very truthfully: “I’m not as strong as Captain Monroe, but now, this messy situation just provides an opportunity for a junior like me.”

“Hahaha you don’t have to be too modest,” Hill said.

“I’ve always been precise about my positioning.” Teresa shook his head, and then said: “About the cult, I just dealt with one some time ago. Their leader has two pupils, he said that he was actually the reincarnation of the Holy Son, Son of the God of Light.”

“And got a subtitle out of your church,” Hill commented.

“That heavy pupil is indeed quite scary, after all, those civilians have not been exposed to magic.” Theresa said, “So soon after being bewitched and gathered together, that ‘holy son’ likes female sex, and later leaked out, and then we found out.”

“Oh, heavy pupils, it should be an early phenomenon of cataract,” Hill said casually.

The term confused Teresa: “Cataract?”

This is not easy to explain, so Hill had to say: “It’s a disease.” The first time he saw from Baidu Encyclopedia that heavy pupils were an early phenomenon of cataracts, his first reaction was “this world is full of lies.” They said having heavy pupils is a saint? Cang Jie Xiang Yu… Well, there is a feeling that his childhood dreams have been destroyed. Oh, by the way, his first childhood dream was broken when he saw “GG Bond” plagiarizing “Tom and Jerry”, and his second childhood dream was broken when he saw Ultraman p*rn.

“I see.” Teresa nodded, and then he said, “About the corruption of the Church of Light in the town that you told me earlier, I found that it was not easy for me to solve it directly, the other party and Nidham Joyce has a deep connection, and I suspect it is his illegitimate son.”

“The man’s name sounds familiar,” Hill said.

“It’s the bishop of the Holy City,” Teresa said. “He was Captain Monroe’s boss. He took a lot of credit for Captain Monroe.”

“Oh,” Hill said, “I’m more interested when I hear it.”

“Er. Well.” Teresa hesitated a bit, “It’s fine if I follow the character I’ve shown before, but recently I’m being more tactful to the outside world, so it’s not easy to deal with this juncture directly.”

“Ah this.” Hill nodded, “Then, what do you think?”

“If you can’t deal with it directly, kill it from behind,” Teresa said.

“Cough. Okay.” Hill was actually quite interested, “Then I’ll go there in person.”

“Er, okay, but you really have a lot of time on your hands.”

“Teach the child by the way,” Hill said.

“Child…” Teresa was stunned for a moment, “You mean…”

“I think you guessed right,” Hill said.

Teresa was a little nervous, “Are you going to…”

“Nurture her,” Hill replied.

Teresa hesitated for a moment, “Am I asking too much if I keep asking?”

“It’s okay, it depends on my mood,” Hill said.

Teresa smiled, and he didn’t continue to ask, “Then I won’t ask, no matter what you do, I will follow.”

Teresa was sincere when he said this.

It is rare that there is no snow today. In fact, the sky is very clear today, as if by magic. The stars outside are very bright, as if immersed in cold water, releasing a misty cold light.

The temperature inside the house is pleasantly high, very comfortable. The chestnuts were already roasted, and Irvine skillfully burned off the skins, and then served the chestnut meat after a simple treatment.

Hill took one and ate it. It was soft and sweet, and tasted good, “I know you will follow, but what I care about is that you have your own ideas now. Don’t deny it, I understand everything.” The last sentence is pure bullshit, he feels that it’s more handsome to say it like this.

“I do have my own ideas,” Teresa admitted frankly, “but you and Captain Monroe are the most important.”

“You go with your own ideas. I know a little about your ideas. In fact, I’m paving the way for you now,” Hill said, which he revealed in a previous conversation with Old Jackson.

Teresa, Bishop of Winter City.

What will be further up?

—it goes without saying.

Teresa was silent for a long time, his eyes lowered.

“You show such a bitter expression in front of such delicious chestnuts, you’re a waste of food.” Hill was unhappy when he saw the paladin’s expression, “Irvine, open his mouth for me, I’m going to force feed him.”

Teresa let out a series of coughs, “I’ll do it myself, Lord Demon King… I want to ask, do you trust me?”

“Actually, to put it bluntly, I have not known you and gotten along with you for a long time.” Hill said bluntly and coldly: “At the beginning, I intended to approach the paladins and abduct you, but now you have jumped out of the original circle, you are able to see it, right?”

Teresa hesitated for a moment and replied, “I had a feeling about it, but wasn’t very sure, so I didn’t want to think about it, and now that you have told me directly like this, I must have guessed it.”

“Yeah. I’m a very honest person. I don’t actually like telling lies, I’m just basically misleading.” Hill said casually, “Honest and reputable, if I said I’d kill his entire family then I’d definitely kill his entire family.”

Teresa almost choked on chestnuts: “Cough, your example is very vivid.”

“I think it’s vivid too.” Hill smiled slightly, “With such a premise in place, I know you have the talent, plus the assistance from my side, so you do have the opportunity to reach a higher position. As for trust,” Hill said dryly, “I know you can’t betray Monroe, I’m one with Monroe, he trusts you, and I trust you.” He joked at that, “I don’t think you’d be asking me for anything personal and emotional, would you?”

“Of course not, I’m afraid the captain will cut me,” Teresa said, then he smiled, “No matter how many times I hear it, I feel that your way of thinking and expression is really cool.”


In fact, I feel a little embarrassed to be praised so bluntly.

When Teresa left the house, he saw the stars twinkling like mercury lamps in the dark night sky.

His Majesty the Demon King said that he would support me in doing what I want to do.

I am a Paladin. I will do anything. But I am a Paladin.

I want to do some things, some good things, and if someone doesn’t want to accept it, I’ll press his head and let him accept my kindness.

But first, in order to achieve the goal, I have to stand a little taller, a little higher.

Thank you, all rubbish and scum of the earth, for giving me the opportunity.

My knight’s sword thirsts for more blood and glory.

After taking a few steps, Teresa suddenly laughed. He turned around and put his hands on either side of his mouth like a loudspeaker. He shouted at the window, “Your Highness!”

Soon, the figure of His Royal Highness Grindelwald appeared in front of the window: “What’s the matter?” There was obviously a distance, but the voice seemed to sound close to his ear.

“Winter is almost here, so you can eat winter snow sweet peaches, I will send them to you then!”

Teresa shouted.

Hill burst into laughter at the window.

Teresa, what a lovely side.

He called him through the window for something like this without any image.

At this moment, Teresa seemed to have become the young man who had just become Monroe’s adjutant. At that time, he was very excited because he was close to the person he admired and thought he could achieve greatness.

Youthful feeling. Hot blood. Hopeful.

Unprecedented feeling – living is so meaningful. So much to look forward to.


The autumn in Mulheim, the Ice Empire, is terrifyingly cold. The sky changed color early in the morning, with dark clouds that are thick and gloomy, blowing a gale and making the temperature plummet. People wrapped themselves tightly and hurriedly walked down the street, not wanting to stay outside. The rain didn’t start to tick until noon, without the romance of summer, but only reminds people of cold and even death. For the poor, it’s true.

After Hill’s carriage left the city gate, the guards rotated the winch and slowly lowered the gate of Winter City accompanied by a toothsome creaking sound.

Alice just sat in the carriage. She didn’t have a good rest last night, so she was still a little sleepy. In order to dispel her sleepiness, she asked, “Sir, where are we going?”

“Take you to kill someone,” Hill said.

“Kill bad guys?” Alice said.

Hill was amused. “I’m the bad guy, in the traditional sense.”

“No, for me, the enemy of Hill is the bad guy,” Alice said.

“Well… this idea is good, I like it very much.” Hill said, “But plus one more, the person who is your enemy, Alice, is also a bad guy.”

“Yeah.” Alice showed a big smile.

Oh, my heart is melting.

Then Hill briefly explained the matter of the fallen church in that town, saying that the person in charge of that church was the illegitimate child of the bishop of the Holy City, so it was inconvenient for the church in Winter City to deal with them.

“Illegitimate son… I thought that all the illegitimate children of the church would be killed,” Alice tilted her face up and said.

She already knew that she had many brothers and sisters, but they were all killed.

“Depends on personal habits, I guess,” Hill said.

“What about you? Will you kill your illegitimate child in the future?” Alice asked.

“Er, I won’t have an illegitimate child. Anyway, since the church can’t do anything, I’ll just go over there and deal with it.”

He said that “deal with it” lightly, but the meaning contained in it is quite terrifying.

“There is a backstage…so the lives of civilians have no weight,” Alice concluded.

“People are small, so they have to become stronger.” Hill also made a conclusion. Every day, he instills in Alice the idea of becoming stronger.

When they went to the town again, they saw chaos in the town. Many civilians were running around in tattered clothes, and many people were crying.

When Hill got off the wagon, many villagers recognized him, some cursed in a low voice, some cursed in a loud voice, and some actually threw stones directly at him.

“It’s because of you that the church is charging us more taxes!”

“We won’t be able to survive!”

“We’ll starve to death this winter!”

“It’s all your fault!”

The other day they were hailing him as a hero.

Hill briefly thought about it, it was probably like this. After Hill and the others left, these depraved priests in the church all survived because of their backstage. After being humiliated by this, they were very angry, they came back and targeted the civilians, and then the civilians in turn blamed Hill.

This kind of thing is actually quite common, oh, it’s normal for people, and it’s normal for a person.

Generally speaking, “good people who can do good things” like Hill are theoretically kind and can be bullied, and will not do anything to these unarmed civilians. Therefore, people are more willing to scold the good guys rather than messing with the bad guys who can kill. The so-called venting of emotions, that’s what happened.

Hill casually explained these things to the frightened Alice, and then waved his hand and those stones near him automatically shattered. The villagers were a little scared after seeing it, so they dared not speak directly.

But whispering still exists.

Hill did not care about them, he went directly to the church, and the demon dragon pushed Alice’s wheelchair to follow. The guards at the gate let him in directly after seeing Hill, and then a group of paladins poured out of the courtyard and surrounded Hill. It seems that they have already prepared, the paladins should have been mobilized from elsewhere.

The battle is about to begin.

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