Chapter 173.2 – Ice Empire Propaganda Video

Meanwhile, Teresa Shelley was writing to the Pope of the Church of Light.

To the effect, he recently discovered that the church in a town has become corrupt, but the head of the church there has a close relationship with His Excellency Nidham Joyce. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts and to avoid affecting the unity of the church, he did not directly kill as before, but chose to let his subordinates act as demons to kill.

Then Teresa also took credit and said that I have improved a lot, and I have become a lot more slick~

The corner of the Pope’s mouth twitched after receiving this letter, what slick… Well, you are indeed a little more “slick” than before, but it’s really only a little bit! Your growth rate in this area is too slow!

However, in desperation, the Pope has a feeling of reassurance. Growth is a good thing. After all, as a Bishop, it is not good for church governance if it is too extreme, but growing too fast is not good… Honestly, Teresa can have today’s position half of it is because is he looks easy to control. If he really grows rapidly, the Pope will feel a little crisis. Although he is more than one hundred years old, he is still strong and wants to sit in the position of Pope for another hundred years. So now that Teresa is growing, but growing so slowly, it fits the Pope’s mind.

Those people pretending to be demons to kill… Okay, very Bishop Shelley style.

It’s really no longer pitting the demons all the time.

However, he had to help him clean up the stall left behind… It’s just right, take this opportunity to beat Bishop Joyce.

The other side.

The demon dragon breathed out, and those paladins almost lost their combat ability. Hill walked up to the priest, just faintly gazed at him: “You said the God of Light prophesied all this, you said that a drought will occur next year, so all these lands have to be handed over to the Church. That’s quite a prophecy from your God.”

“You, who are you…” The priest shuddered, already frightened by the fighting power of the demon dragon.

“It doesn’t matter whether I am a demon or a human. I want to ask you a question, Your Excellency.” Hill asked kindly, “Has your god predicted your death?”

The priest once again wore a pained expression – an expression he had worn a few days ago: “Please spare me, Your Excellency, please spare me.”

“Oh, it looks like your god has no prophecy.” Hill’s expression became cold: “Then I will reluctantly act on behalf of your God to help you predict, you will die today. Kill him for me.” His voice at this time sounded very cold.

The priest wailed, “His Eminence Joyce will not spare you! I, I am his son!”

“Congratulations on bringing misfortune to your Lord Joyce.” Hill raised the corner of his lips, then waved his hand.

The demon dragon behind Alice stretched out his fist and directly beat the opponent into a small meat cake.

Alice stared at the gruesome corpse for a while, then asked, “Sir, those villagers still beat you, why are you helping them?”

“If I were an ordinary person, and I left after I taught the priest here a lesson, the church people would turn their anger on the villagers. The villagers could still barely survive, but because of my intervention, they couldn’t survive anymore. Do you think they should hate me?” Hill asked.

Alice thought hard for a while, “But they should hate the church more.”

“I’ve killed all the church people here, and the rest of the church people will definitely pursue this matter. It is very likely that they will accuse the villagers of colluding with the demons, and the villagers will all be killed. Do you think they should hate me?” Hill continued to ask.

“But… what should be resented more is the church,” Alice said a little uncertainly.

“You don’t need to be uncertain, I’ll answer for you, yes, it’s the church that they should resent more,” Hill said, “Helping others, if you don’t have a brain, will only do you a disservice, and that’s true from the standpoint of those who help. They don’t resent the church because they’re used to it, because they’re numb. Would you resent a flood and an earthquake? You wouldn’t, you would only resent the person who took your loaf of bread at that time.”

Alice slowly nodded her head, she seemed to understand something.

The church was a natural disaster for these people, not a man-made one.

“It’s a deeply ingrained mindset and hierarchy, and that’s what I’m trying to break. It’s not all their fault that they did this to me – although they did seem pretty stupid. But I also understand that I’m not doing it because I want their gratitude, and of course it’s better if they’re grateful for that, but it’s okay if they’re not, it’s more that I just want to do it,” Hill said.

Alice thought hard about these things, which were too advance for her.

After doing all this, Hill looked at the sky with an indifferent expression, “The snowstorm is coming.” He said, “Let’s grab a house for the night.”

“Okay.” Alice nodded obediently, “Sir, I want the biggest one.”

“Okay,” Hill said.

#We are villains#

#But we are villains with style#


Shortly afterwards Bishop Nidham Joyce of the Holy City received the news that his illegitimate son had been killed by the demons, he went to the Pope in great anger, while the Pope told him, “There is something else going on in this matter, I advise you not to pursue it.”

Joyce was indignant: “I have done so much for the Church, and I cannot pursue or even take revenge?”

The Pope glanced at him, “I still know about you excluding Monroe. I also know where your credit came from. Lord Joyce, should you examine yourself? God is merciful, but God is also just.” He said this in his usual unhurried tone, with solemnity and judgment.

God is merciful when you are useful, and just when you are useless. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Nidham Joyce choked and left indignantly with a frown.

The Pope looked at his back for a while, then hummed, raised his hand and drew a symbol on his chest, “May the God of Light bless you, son.” His words seemed to have been fished out of the icy water.


Returning to Winter City again, he confirmed all aspects of the Empire propaganda film with the Ice Emperor Claude. Claude finally chose the more middle-class version. Hill made an outline that night. Claude made some proposals. The final outline was confirmed, and the length was set by Hill to eight minutes. Claude’s original twenty minutes were gone.

There are a lot of big scenes in the promotional film, and the whole country began to prepare with the order of the Ice Emperor. The main filming locations are outside Winter City, Winter City Palace, and the fleet in Winter Harbor.

The Black family and the White family, they are the two most loyal dogs of the imperial family. In addition to their own fiefs, the previous generation of White family ruled the bustling city of Winter Harbor for the Ice Emperor, while Black family managed an army. The White family is usually in Limburg, or in Winter City. Of course, Black and White are the only two families whose two heads are often in Winter City. People from other families used to think that they were too unlucky and couldn’t enjoy the happiness in their own territory, and were forced to enjoy the “imperial grace” in Winter City all day long. And now, of course, everyone’s eyes are green with envy.

Winter Harbor is far away and cold for people in the south of the Magnolia Continent, and pirates are reluctant to come there. The navy in Mülheim is very powerful. Therefore, the merchant ships of Winter Harbor traveled freely to and from the ports laden with goods, and then gave more than half of their earnings to the Empire.

Hill plans to use “1492 Conquest of Paradise” as the soundtrack of the promotional film. This is not light music, but all fallen angels are good at rhythm, so they quickly pulled up a huge symphony orchestra. They also had previous experience of playing symphony, such as the theme song of “The Godfather”.

“1492 Conquest of Paradise” is a very shocking piece of music, it has an epic style, and it is the kind of classic that is loaded into textbooks, brilliant and magnificent. Naturally, it couldn’t be better to use it for this kind of imperial soundtrack. In the middle, Hill also specially arranged such a scene, Ice Emperor Claude shook hands with King Magnolia, took a group photo, shook hands and took a group photo with the Demon King himself. At that time, Ice Emperor Claude stared at these lines of words, but in the end, he didn’t say anything.

What this means can be imagined.

King Magnolia naturally had no objections. Now he is like the heroine who was thrown onto the bed by the domineering president, like a “tattered doll at the mercy of others”.

It took a week to shoot this film, and Hill made a trip back to the Demon Realm halfway through. He brought a lot of guinea pigs with him the last time he returned to the Demon Realm. One of the food sources of the local indigenous people in the Plague Islands is raising guinea pigs, which is similar to South America on Earth. In addition to being edible, guinea pig fur is also a good material for making clothes, soft and lightweight, so Hill plans to carry out a large-scale breeding.

He wonders how well the tauren clan will raise it.

Before that, Hill found some ways to raise guinea pigs on the Internet, but most people on Earth raise them as pets, so Hill can only provide very little information, and other things have to be explored by the taurens… Speaking of which, Hill remembers an incident on a farm in the United Kingdom. A male guinea pig sneaked out of the cage and got into the female guinea pig’s cage. He mated with 24 female guinea pigs in turn and gave birth to more than 40 baby guinea pigs. When the farmer found it later, the male guinea pig was so exhausted that it was sent back to its cage, where it was in a coma for two days before waking up. It doesn’t look like this thing needs the help of a succubus. Hill’s mouth twitched in thought.

After a trip back to the demon realm, he did some tasks, and sent Alice back by the way. Hill cut the promotional video quickly and handed it to the Ice Emperor Claude.

On this day, Hill and Olivia were also invited to the palace, and the Ice Emperor Claude released this promotional video in public.

The music sounded, and the first thing that appeared was the golden characters of the Ice Empire of Mülheim, which emitted a dazzling bright light, and turned into the sun in the sky as a transition. Then came Mülheim’s fleet, majestic and magnificent, but the tone of the whole picture is relatively somber, and the music is also moving forward slowly, which is heavy and imposing. As soon as the camera turned, it was a parchment map of the entire Magnolia Continent, and Mülheim’s mark radiated light on the parchment.

The music gradually became louder, and then showed the Ice Emperor Claude sitting on the throne. He lowered his eyes slightly, and the King’s Sword was in his hand. The picture is equally heavy. Then a few silhouettes passed quickly, war and blood, dead people—these shots were gray. After the silhouette, Claude got up from the throne, and his silver eyes became firm. The next second, the camera quickly pulled away from the palace, crossed the steps and through the strewn Mulheim banners. The magnificent blue sky, the mountains, the splendid Ice Emperor Palace, and the flying flag. – The music has completely reached its climax.

The previous gloom was swept away, and the entire empire looked radiant.

Next is the very naked display of national strength, Hill tried to make it as artistic as possible.

War, flames, the sea, the soldier’s long sword, the light reflected on the armor, the resolute expression. The mages united to stop the avalanche, and the Winter City who stood in the blizzard.

In the middle is the appearance of Emperor Magnolia and the demon king form of Hill shaking hands with Claude, the Ice Emperor.

It’s actually quite a symbolic image.

In the last shot, the Ice Emperor stands on the wall of Winter City, and the people below kneel at the same time:

“Long live Mülheim!”

“Long live the Ice Emperor!”

Behind him, the flag of Mülheim was flying.

Then the Ice Emperor drew out the King’s Sword and held it high:

“For the glory of the Empire!”

All of them shouted in unison: “For the glory of the empire!”

The voice surrounded the Winter City, dispersing the snow clouds.

The End.

By the end of the promo, the Imperial Council was silent.

The Grand Chancellor was going to object to the scene where the Ice Emperor shook hands with the Demon King and King Magnolia, but at the moment, he forgot all about it.

Everyone was touched by the magnificent atmosphere.

And Hill, also officially tied the Empire of Ice to the ship of the Demon Race.

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