Chapter 174.1 – He seemed to know something strange.

The premiere of the propaganda film to the Ice Empire of Mulheim was completed.

The first time he saw the expressions on the faces of the ministers, Hill knew he had achieved his goal.

Hill briefly explained the concept and some details of the film in the imperial meeting, and the people nodded their heads a lot.

Seeing that it was almost ready, Hill took Olivia and said goodbye, leaving the rest of the time to the Ice Emperor and his ministers.

When Hill was in Mulheim, he thought of giving every race a promotional film, and then use “The Dawn – Dreamtale”. Hahaha. The propaganda film tells the history of this race, telling some moving stories inside, showing the charm of the race, oh, put the handsome guy and beautiful.

Of course, before shooting the promotional film, you have to build these races’ territory.

Now that the main race territories in the demon realm have been completed, Hill plans to start implementing large-scale construction and renovation.

After Hill left, the ministers were immersed in the promotional film. As the core of power in the Ice Empire, they could naturally see how much good the propaganda film could bring, which could bring glory to the nobles, make the soldiers more loyal, make the commoners more attached to the Empire, and also greatly enhance the personal prestige of the Ice Emperor Claude.

In that case, it seems that it is also tolerable to let the Demon King himself appear on camera.

It was only after a night that the ministers reacted to the fact that, in such a level of propaganda film, the Ice Emperor and the Demon King shook hands – although they did not know exactly what the handshake represented, but generally understood that it should be a friendly gesture – this, isn’t this a slap in the face of the Church? The current Bishop of Winter City, Teresa Shelley, is a very crazy hawk (warmonger).

Oh, some time ago, Hill had Olivia bring a large pile of things to the Church as gifts, and then Teresa spilled that pile of things outside and burned it in the street. Many nobles were distressed, and then the king’s ministers in front of the king’s court became more aware of Bishop Shelley’s “hawkishness”. After all, as the saying goes, seeing for oneself is a hundred times better than hearing from others.

The next day at the royal council, the Minister of Finance, who had always been inclined toward the church, raised the issue of the church

In response to this, Hill and Ice Emperor Claude were prepared, and the Ice Emperor responded according to what they had talked about beforehand: “Because the matter of the prince of the Magnolia Empire caused a rift between the Magnolia Empire and the Demon Race, so now the relationship over there has dropped to a freezing point. That’s why the Demon King intends to establish a long-lasting trade cooperation with the Empire of Ice under His Highness Grindelwald for mutual material assistance: they buy coal in large quantities, and later give us low prices to sell various items of Black Dwarves craftsmanship, including military weapons in addition to the widely known parts of the Demon Realm Shopping Mall. Based on that, this handshake makes sense.”

Now that these movies and anime are shown, everyone has defaulted that ‘dwarven craft is equivalent to advanced’.

“Military weapons!” someone directly marveled out.

“Military weapons…” The Minister of Justice was a bit skeptical: “Would the demons be so kind?”

The Minister of Finance said with a bit of ridicule: “Then you must not have followed the anime and movies, the attitude shown by the demons in the anime has always been about wanting peace.”

The Minister of Finance said this with ridicule and sarcasm.

In fact, this is also the attitude of the general upper echelons of the Empire of Ice: those who are willing to believe that the demons are really pursuing peace are the nobles and commoners who are not in power. Other superiors, including the Minister of Justice who had been opposed to the Church, believed that their own interests were more important than the demons’ performance, and that they themselves should take more precautions against the demons. This is an act with a brain. You can’t just watch a few blockbuster American movies that preserve world peace and really believe that America wants to preserve world peace. Hehehe.

But what makes them feel unexpected is that Grand Chancellor Lennon is actually vaguely on the side of the demons.

The Grand Chancellor had two sons and a daughter, his daughter fell in love with a bard when she was young and eloped with him, then the bard sold her when he ran out of money, she went through a lot of trouble to get back to Winter City, by this time, her health was in shambles and she died after a month at home. His eldest son was not raised well when he was young and was an uneducated gangster who committed too many crimes, and the Grand Chancellor had a great headache about it, so he married a little wife and gave birth to his youngest son. The younger son was raised very well and was a very distinguished young man, and then died heroically in a war with the Dijon tribe. The couple was very sad. His eldest son also changed his ways after his brother’s death, but also went to the army against his parents’ advice. The Grand Chancellor used his connections to place his eldest son in a safe sector, but the eldest son’s superior was someone he had previously oppressed, and in a war, the other party placed his son in a dangerous unit, and then the Grand Chancellor’s eldest son died in battle that way.

Shortly afterwards, the Grand Chancellor’s wife committed su*cide.

He was forty-five years old.

And then he was alone for more than twenty years.

Now, the Grand Chancellor is about to turn seventy, he’s really tired, he hates war, he’s seen too much death. He had been catching up on “Violet Evergarden” and saw Violet’s despair when she finally learned of the Major’s death, “Why, why am I the only one who survived, this is strange…” She went to ask the Lieutenant Colonel, then went to the Major’s brother to inquire, and then took the train and went to the Major’s home, and when she finally arrived to the Major’s home, she was despondent and in a bad state.

The Grand Chancellor went to the front line to ask all those who knew his son.

Finally, Violet went to the place where the Major had died in battle and dug up the stones little by little.

When the Grand Chancellor arrived at the place where his son had died in battle, he knelt there for a long time and could not get up.

The sky was raining and the cold rain poured on Violet’s body.

The sky was bright, the war was over, the flowers were blooming, everything seemed beautiful, but the son could not come back, both sons could not come back, the lady was dead, the family was gone.

The lieutenant colonel found Violet and he said, “It’s time for you to go back.”

Violet asked, “Go back where? I can only go to the Major’s side.”

The lieutenant colonel said, “Back to the company, aren’t you our auto memory doll?”

The Grand Chancellor was on his knees in that field for a long time, and then he thought, ah, he has to go back to Winter City, he’s a Grand Chancellor, the Empire still needs him, the Ice Emperor still needs him.

This kind of thing, please don’t let this happen again. He is all like this and doesn’t want more people to go through this pain.

There were tears in the corners of his eyes after this episode was broadcast.


The imperial meeting continued.

The Minister of Justice said, “I’m leaning more towards the fact that the demons want to sell us military weapons in order to pit us against the Church.”

“You still hate the Church so much.” The Minister of Finance said softly, “Just as I hate you so much.”

“Then you can shut your fat stinky mouth and leave the Imperial Council. I don’t think His Majesty will have a problem with that,” the Minister of Justice said coldly.

“Actually, my mouth isn’t very fat nor stinky, I’ve been on a diet lately.” The Minister of Finance said, “Have you seen the new diet pills recently launched in the Demon Mall?”

“Sorry, I don’t need it.” The Minister of Justice grimaced in disgust, “And aren’t you worried that it’s poison?”

“The demons won’t be as brainless as you are.” The Minister of Finance revealed a smile: “They need to worry about too many things, both the Demon King and that Royal Highness are shrewd people who won’t lose a big thing for a small thing.”

“Huh. That could also be chronic poison.” The Minister of Justice actually didn’t feel that way, but it had become a habit for him to go against the Minister of Finance.

“That doesn’t matter, in exchange for a life full of joy. It did make me lose quite a bit of weight,” said the Minister of Finance, “to compromise a few years of my life expectancy for a high quality of life, I think that’s okay.”

“You can go on a diet yourself,” the Minister of Justice said.

“I’m lazy. My mind is used to think about matters of state, unlike you who have time to ride and shoot every day,” said the Minister of Finance.

“Have you gone from being moralistic to being full of nonsense, Minister of Finance?” The Minister of Justice raised a carefully trimmed eyebrow, “I am ashamed to be in the company of such a man as you.”

The Minister of Finance removed his hat and gave a comical salute, “Then you may leave the Imperial Council, Minister of Justice.”

Seeing that these two were arguing again, Ice Emperor Claude was wandering off, and so was the Grand Chancellor, and no one was stopping them, the Chief Steward looked at the two and had to speak up himself: “You two are too rude!” The eunuch roared in the manner of the Grand Chancellor: “This is a meeting of the royal court, do you two have His Majesty in your eyes?! Shut up!”

These two also stopped, which is the usual flow of the royal meeting.

The Ice Emperor was awakened back to his senses by the Chief Steward’s roar, and he casually said, “Oh, maybe they only have each other in their eyes, and there’s really no me.”

He just blurted it out.

Then he saw a flush actually appear on the chubby face of the Minister of Finance.

Ice Emperor: ????

The Minister of Justice coughed, “Your Majesty, please don’t make such jokes.”

His voice wasn’t particularly justified.

Ice Emperor: !!!

He seemed to know something strange.

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Ahahaha! Enemies to lovers. XD

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