Chapter 174.2 – Interesting people always meet interesting things and have an interesting world.

Oh yes, these two did have a relationship when they were young. Later, they parted ways because of disagreement in opinions. Later, they rose all the way and finally climbed to where they are today. There is a saying that the best ex should exist as if dead, but the two of them face each other every day, coupled with the original disagreement. In addition, the Minister of Finance, who used to be handsome and dashing in the past, has now increased a lot in diameter… Oh, talking about gaining weight, not the diameter of that, it’s the body gaining weight. So that leads to this consequence.

Now, because of the demon diet pills, the Minister of Finance has lost a lot of weight, showing a bit of the old appearance, this is… eh.

Let’s go back to the propaganda thing.

If the Ice Empire explained that the handshake was because of trade, it would make sense, or just tell the Church directly that the propaganda film was made by the demons, and the demons wanted to add the clip, and it had nothing to do with him, it’s none of his business. This can also pick themselves out basically.

However, for the public, this scene has far-reaching significance. Although the ministers have a lot of opinions, they also understand that the final decision is made by the Ice Emperor Claude himself. After all, sometimes the Ice Emperor doesn’t even consider their thoughts at all. Because of this, everyone was desperately trying to bullshit around before the Ice Emperor made a decision. Cough.

At present, most of the powerful nobles are in a wait-and-see trend. Their proposal to the Ice Emperor is to first trade with the Demon Race to see how much benefit the Demon Race can bring to them, and finally decide how to explain this “handshake” – meaning, not to release the propaganda film first.

But there are also nobles who have different opinions, and that is the issue of sincerity. They think that maybe there should be more sincerity in the interaction between humans and demons. As His Highness Grindelwald said, ‘you were victorious in the Demon Realm, but you are in trouble in your own land.’

This is the main reason for the cults that have sprung up in Mülheim. The trauma of the war, the physical and emotional wounds of people… Under such circumstances, “Violet Evergarden” became so popular that many, many people shed tears.

So, they have to admit that no matter what everyone says on the surface, in fact, they have been affected deep down.


Early morning.

Hill’s swordsmanship is very good now, and the paladins have nothing to teach him unless Monroe himself comes over. But Hill still maintained the behavior of exercising for a while in the morning, moving his muscles and bones, and cheering up his spirits.

A snake crawled through the grass, Hill thought about it and caught it. The snake fluttered and wanted to turn around and bite him. He thought about it and stretched out his hand to let the snake bite. Then the snake twitched twice and was poisoned by his blood.

Hill: …

Well, he didn’t mean to. Really not.

But hey, I have breakfast today.

In fact, snakes rarely take the initiative to attack people. If they take the initiative to bite you, there are generally three situations: 1. You scared him; 2. You entered his territory, and he warned you but you did not respond; 3. You are ugly .

Yes, you are ugly… ugly… ugly…

The third point is really heartbreaking.

Today’s breakfast includes beef soup in addition to snake soup, and a new dish: quail eggs with sweet and sour pork ribs.

The Demon Mall Restaurant has been launching a variety of new dishes, some are based on Hill’s recipes, some are improved original dishes, all dishes have to be tasted by Hill, oh yes, Hill himself is a taster.

Because the first batch of eggs of the quail raised by the Tauren hatched some time ago, there will be more delicacies about quail and quail eggs. Quail eggs themselves are a good tonic, known as “best in eggs” and “ginseng in animals”. Quail eggs in the demon realm are even more nutritious and delicious.

This sweet and sour pork ribs quail egg is very simple to make, fry the quail eggs first, then fry the ribs, pour water directly after finishing, add cooking wine, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, ginger, and garlic, then put the quail eggs, use a small fire to simmer slowly for the ribs to absorb flavor, and then sprinkle a little salt when you’re done. Remove from the pot, sprinkle the white sesame seeds, and the color and flavor are complete. Attractive red sauce, rich-tasting pork ribs, smelling oily and fragrant, tastes rich and delicious.

There is not much beef in the beef soup, the soup is clear and the oil is light. After taking a big sip, the first thing you can taste is the light spice flavor, pepper, basil, and white carrots. The other is the meat flavor. All kinds of flavors stimulate the flavor of the beef itself, and the taste of the whole soup is very refreshing, drinking this is very comfortable. Then taste the beef again, it’s soft, savory, and delicious.

Ah. This is life, ah. So relaxing.

Hill comfortably spread out in front of the black dwarf elder without any image, and the black dwarf elder thought to himself, is the Demon King implying something like this? Is he cosplaying a slime? Could it be that Lord Demon King hinted to me that we should pay more attention to the slime family?

Soon after, the slime family received a lot of material aid from the black dwarves, the slimes felt a little dazed, and then they also returned a lot of specialties from their territory.

No one knew that this actually originated from a food paralysis of Hill. Hahaha.

After breakfast, Hill first went to inspect the Tauren’s territory. The tauren didn’t like palaces, they preferred wooden buildings. The Skeleton Construction Team worked with them to reorganize the territory. Overall, the changes were not particularly big, but in terms of details, it’s much more comfortable.

There is a huge flagpole in front of the Great Chief’s residence. The main body of the flagpole is made of thick wood. The surface of the wood is naturally polished. There is a huge ferocious beast fangs that bends from both sides on the flagpole, and the blood-colored flag hangs on it. In the center of the beast fangs is the symbol of the Demon Race, which looks like an ancient totem, sacred and intimidating.

Hill opened up an underground palace for the succubus race, which looks like an ordinary castle on the top, but there is something special underneath. The whole palace is black and red, with a pitch-black lake in front, and the water is translucent black, which looks chilling, but it is actually the color that Hill dyed to make it look good. Cough.

The succubus family likes the underground palace very much. They used to live in the abyss, and Hill pulled them out of it.

The lakeside wetlands have always been rich in vegetation. There are bird eggs everywhere in the grass, the demon realm is rich in products, and the demons are not exploited by the upper echelons, so they rarely go hungry. Just like the surrounding demons, if you are really hungry, you will pick up two eggs to eat.

Overall, if there is no Hill, the level of human civilization is quite a bit higher than the demons, but humans may not live more comfortably than the demons. A very scary fact is that civilization is precisely one of the reasons for depriving humans.


The Fallen Angels are currently working on their next album, and at the same time have also started working on the Hell’s Frontline album.

Now, because of “Iron Man”, many people are also paying attention to the “Hell’s Frontline Rock Band”.

Hill directly sent the big move, and the title track of their album was “It’s My Life”. Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life” has probably been heard by everyone. This is a song that has achieved great commercial and word-of-mouth success. The lyrics of the song are popular and positive, and it’s a great song from any point of view.

Then the second song was Linkin Park’s “New Divide”, the theme song of Transformers 2. Linkin Park was Hill’s favorite rock band on Earth, and after lead singer Chester Bennington committed su*cide, Hill also had a Linkin Park logo tattooed on the inside of his wrist in their honor. Hill intends to carry over many of their songs as planned, with each song stating that the original artist was Linkin Park.

The s*xual abuse of Chester as a child became a lifelong nightmare for him and for his fans. May there be no p*dophiles in heaven. Hill is really disgusted with this kind of behavior, and hates it immensely.

Lich Aligeli has always been with Hill as a special effects artist. This time, Hill asked the Lich Aligeli to use the projection stone to shoot the album of ‘Hell’s Frontline Rock Band’. Hill’s request was to follow the lyrics, but also to highlight the feeling of ‘hell’.

Hill was struck by the gloomy and mysterious colors when he finally got the dailies, so he shot a few more sunny shots, and then went into post-production—but it was still mostly gloomy. It turned out that the effect was quite good. Hill planned to train Lich Aligeli to become the second director of the demon realm, otherwise, Hill would be exhausted if he was alone.

In addition, Hill also added Yang Kun’s “Herdsman” to the first album. This song is relaxed and free, warm and comfortable, very bright and pure, full of charm. Hill thinks the natives of the Plague Islands will like this song.

However, it seems a bit strange for the tauren to sing this song, especially the tauren who wants to remove the “cattle” in the first sentence “the wind blows the grass and the cattle and sheep are seen”, because the lead singer tauren thinks this lyric is indecent. All right, just let him be. Hill laughed with tears.

After the album was almost settled, Hill took a look at the progress of the Bard Grant’s novel. Grant is currently writing about alien arrival and the Civil War among humans.

One of them is a scene in the military life where two soldiers are fighting shirtless. A group of people are rooting and cheering around them, and many of them are saying vulgar words.

“You write a little too poetic,” Hill commented after seeing this: “Fiction is different from poetry. Sometimes you don’t have to be so beautiful, you have to be realistic.”

It is true that bards are prone to such mistakes when they change their careers to become novelists.

Grant accepted it humbly, he said, “Then I’d better write some vulgar words from bystanders here?”

“Yes.” Hill nodded.

So, Grant began to write: “f*ck your mother” and “I’ll toss your ashes for you.”

Hill: “…”

Is this bard from Zaun (League of Legends)?

“You’re not very rude,” Hill commented.

Grant humbly asked for advice.

Hill pointed, “Suppose you see two shirtless men fighting each other, what do you think is vulgar?”

Grant said, “Kiss him! Kiss him!”

Hill: “…you are too vulgar.”

Too funny. Overall, it was a rather pleasant day.

It would be nice if every day could be so pleasant… um… But given Hill’s level of amusement, if there are no special circumstances, every day is quite pleasant.

Interesting people always meet interesting things and have an interesting world.

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I’ll k!ll you within three days and toss your ashes for you – is the complete sentence, just some online trash talk

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