Chapter 175 – Engagement

During this time, in addition to filming a promotional video for the Ice Emperor, Hill also took a good look at Winter City.

Winter City is completely different from the extravagant and gorgeous style of Magnolia City. The buildings of Winter City are basically black and built with a local granite, which has a gloomy and somber feeling. Even in the market, it will never be as lively as Magnolia City. The people here are generally taciturn and do not like to make loud noises.

In fact, the loudest place Hill has been to is Josh Kenny. This is as it should be.

In terms of hygiene, Magnolia City and Winter City are doing well, but other places are a nightmare. The demons are actually much better in this respect, the direct reason is, um… a lot of demons don’t shit (…).

Hill remembered that the neighbor’s dog was pooping everywhere. At first, the neighbor’s education method was wrong, which caused the dog to think that it was wrong to poop, so it… er… ate it after it was done. In addition, Hill also saw a question “What is the most touching thing your dog has ever done?”, and the answer was: “He gave me… my cat’s poop.”

That’s quite a colorful start. It’s awful.

To cut to the chase, the sanitary conditions on many folk towns are even worse than the above. Civilians defecate in the open, then the excrement is quickly turned to dust by the wind and the sun, and then inhaled by the residents, which breeds disease and death. Oh, of course, no one dares to use water down the river.

Thank God for him to be dressed as a demon instead of a human commoner.

Hill thought.

In fact, there is one thing to say. When he was a child, he wanted to travel to the ancient times and travel to the West. When he grew up and learned a little about these things, each of them had their own riot… Forget it, modern is better. Some things are fantasies, but don’t take them seriously.


It has been snowing in Winter City since mid-autumn, and the temperature has miraculously risen a bit since it cleared up a few days ago, but this is just a lingering moment before the onset of winter. The snow melted so quickly that the historian had already written on the parchment the words, “The green leaves are growing again in the favor of the gods of the nations. It is a winter full of signs, the gods tell the Winter City with warm revelations that we are favored…”

Ice Emperor Claude felt that the historian was really too good at boasting, worthy of being from the historian family of the Magnolia Empire. The historian was always able to see the king’s mind, and he began to gradually replace the phrase “favored by the God of Light” with “favored by the gods”, which Claude noticed and had to say that he was indeed poked, so he let the historian do so.

The day after the historian wrote those sentences, it snowed heavily, a proper slap in the face. Ice Emperor Claude gloated to see what the historian had to say, but he saw the historian wrote:

“But the Ice Emperor announced the arrival of the cold winter to the world with supreme majesty. He guided the snow to cover the entire Winter City with the supreme spirit, so that the Winter City returned to its original appearance and regularity.”

Claude: “…”

Good, very strong, he actually managed to come back round.

Olivia’s house.

Yesterday, the courtyard was still full of greenery, and the heavy snow overnight changed its color. Snow covered the green trees, the ground is a thick layer of snow, fluffy, looking immaculate and lovely. The tree branches were outlined by the fog, because of the sudden low temperature, the cold fog droplets froze directly on the branches, the milky white ice crystal precipitates looked beautiful like the product of a fairy tale world. White always evokes a kind of clean dream.

Olivia was standing on the terrace drinking black tea and reading the newspaper. She saw the maids wearing black cloaks walking through the courtyard together, chasing, fighting, chatting, and laughing. Her mood also improved. This scene is the best start of the day.

Olivia’s letter to Old Jackson was sent ten days ago, and it stands to reason that he should have received a reply in the past few days, but there is really no news. But she is not particularly anxious. Now she has done a lot of things, and she has begun to take charge of herself in Winter City, so her bearing and spirit are naturally much larger than before, and calmness is one of the foundations.

Last night, she solemnly explained to Hill about the proposal of Ice Emperor Claude.

Hill was a little surprised at the time, “Should I say congratulations or should I say “You damn Emperor, let go of that girl”?”

The serious atmosphere was broken up, and Olivia was amused, “I’m talking about serious things, Your Highness.”

“Actually, I’m talking about serious things,” Hill said, “but it seems that I have so many previous records that even you don’t believe me.” After spitting out a tirade, Hill squared up, “If it is the unilateral intention of Ice Emperor Claude and you have no intention you can refuse, and I’ll take care of the Old Jackson’s side.”

“However,” Olivia hesitated to express her thoughts, “My marriage with His Majesty Claude is of great significance to the relationship between the Magnolia Empire and Mülheim, Mülheim and the Demon Realm. Because now, everyone knows that I am His Highness’ person.”

Hill coughed: “Don’t say that, Old Jackson will hunt me down.”

Olivia stuck out her tongue: “Sorry, sorry.”

“So, what do you mean?” Hill asked.

“I’m going to agree to Claude’s proposal.” Olivia said, “Actually, he’s right, it’s too difficult to find a suitable and loving person, it’s better to pursue a friendship-style marriage.”

“Not going after your Captain Jack, Miss Elizabeth?” Hill asked.

“Miss Elizabeth said she was going to be the Pirate King, screw her man,” Olivia made a vicious expression.

The two laughed at the same time.

At dusk, Ice Emperor Claude sent a servant to invite Olivia to have dinner, and then the two of them walked on the roof of the palace. The Winter City in the sunset looked wider than before. Not far from the palace, a merchant’s carriage was being loaded in the evening, and the driver next to it was saddling the horse.

Ice Emperor Claude looked at Olivia: “I didn’t mean to destroy the atmosphere, my lady, but I wonder if I can get a response now?”

“If you mean getting along with me in a different way, I think it’s okay,” Olivia replied from the side.

“Did the Duke agree?” Ice Emperor asked.

“No, Dad hasn’t replied yet,” Olivia said. “That’s what I meant.”

“This…” Claude said.

Olivia understood Claude’s concern, so she added one more sentence: “I can make my own decisions, which I have earned through my own constant efforts, provided of course that my father loves me. So you can rest assured on that point, Your Majesty.”

“Then, do I have the honor to call you Olivia?” The sunset made Claude’s handsome and indifferent eyebrows look a little warmer.

“Of course.” Olivia reached out to Claude and smiled, “Claude.”

Calling a king’s name directly without permission formed an echo of his earlier remark, and also had a faintly domineering air.

The dusk light enveloped her body, making her whole person look beautiful and gentle. The jewelry on her body and the pattern on her dress shone in the sunset, as if the fragments of the sunset had fallen all over her.

Claude bent down and kissed the back of her hand.

The gentle afterglow of the setting sun gradually dissipated, and the night seemed to have emerged from hell, crawling over from the edge of the wilderness, surrounded the city on all sides, and engulfed Winter City and them.


Shortly after the promotional film was filmed, Joan Baker was invited to Winter City.

At present, Theodore is in charge of the overall situation of the Magnolia Empire. Because of Princess Delia’s support, Theodore has made rapid progress after serving as the assistant of the Grand Chancellor. ‘It’s really good that the pair complement each other,’ Hill thought. In addition, Old Jackson looked after him, so Hill asked Joan Baker to come to Winter City.

Although Olivia is excellent, due to age and experience, many things are absolutely unable to do.

Joan Baker came here mainly to preside over the large-scale trade between the Demons and Mulheim. Hill asked him to be the deputy of Death Knight Goldnia who is in charge of this work – in fact, everyone knows that Joan Baker is the main force.

Goldnia had no problem with this. He knew that Joan Baker was one of the first humans to submit to the Demon King. Over the past year or so, he had fully demonstrated his personal abilities—including, of course, his ability to mock people.

This move makes the evil merchant, Jacob, surge with jealousy again.

Back then, Joan Baker first got together with the demons, and gradually became a famous big merchant in the entire Magnolia Empire, and made a lot of money. After thinking about it, Jacob also went to the demons. He used his ability to open up wasteland in the Plague Islands, and then made “Iron Man”. His reputation can finally be comparable to or even surpass that of Joan Baker. After a few days, he learned that Joan Baker was actually sent by His Royal Highness Grindelwald to preside over such a big event!

This is not about economics and business! This is about the political level! Eyes red with jealousy, eyes green with envy.

Damn! That guy always seems to be like this, always one step ahead of himself, one step faster, damn.

…Oh, but then, Jacob learned that he was much faster than Joan Baker in other ways.

Yes, you guessed it right, this is about that.

However, being faster than him in that respect must be a difficult topic to talk about.

…it’s still pretty nasty.

After Joan Baker arrived in Winter City, he first inspected the Demon Mall in Winter City, and then put forward some suggestions for rectification. Olivia and Hill listened carefully. Joan Baker is an expert in this regard.

Later, at Hill’s request, Joan Baker gave him and Olivia a lesson directly.

“What do you think the principles of being a businessman should be?” Joan Baker asked.

Hill pondered for a moment and replied, “You can’t make money without making a bastard.”

Joan Baker squinted his eyes at him: “Can’t you be a little more virtuous?”

Hill nodded, “Then, if you want to buy it, buy it, if you don’t buy it, get out.”

“…you’re too ethical.” Joan Baker’s mouth twitched, “I’m surprised you haven’t gone bankrupt yet.”

Olivia next to her finally couldn’t help laughing.

“Because we’re in seller’s market right now,” Hill said.

Joan Baker understood Hill’s meaning after a little thought, and he rolled his eyes, “You’re emboldened.”

“Because I’m not afraid of shadows,” said Hill, “I won’t listen, tell Olivia, I’m the King, I can just continue the way of manipulating people.”

“I think you are simply lazy,” Joan Baker saw blood for a while.

“Just let my brain rest for a while. I’m going, goodbye,” Hill ran away.

For the next period of time, Olivia followed Joan Baker to catch up on all kinds of knowledge.

Three days later, an uninvited guest came to Winter City.

Elijah Jackson. —Old Jackson himself.

This is a real surprise.

Olivia was shocked. Well, she finally knew why she didn’t get a reply. It turned out that her father came directly.

“Dad…” Olivia greeted her.

Old Jackson glanced at her and said to Hill next to him: “I have something to tell you, Your Highness Grindelwald.” His voice was a bit hard, and Hill felt that he had guessed what he was thinking.

After entering the room, Old Jackson said fiercely: “I took the airship to Winterburg, and then rode all the way to Winter City. I didn’t go to the toilet during this period. Do you understand what this means?”

Hill had an idea: “It means your kidneys are good?”

Old Jackson: …???

Well, no matter how big the anger was, it was dissipated by this sentence.

Old Jackson pulled the corners of his mouth weakly: “I think I need an explanation, Your Majesty the Demon King.”

After using the title “Your Majesty the Demon King”, it seemed that he was still in a bad mood. Well, it should not be bad either.

“I’m not the one who should explain.” Hill replied, “I know you probably think that I let Olivia and the Ice Emperor marry, so that it can bring more benefits.”

“Didn’t you?” Old Jackson asked.

“It wasn’t long before I learned of it.” Hill spread her hands, “It was Olivia’s own idea.”

Old Jackson frowned: “She…” He remembered that his daughter had said that if she were Elizabeth, she would marry Norrington, and that her daughter could indeed do such a thing: “Ice Emperor doesn’t know what this means?”

“Of course, he knows, do you think every emperor is as stupid as your good brother?” Hill rolled his eyes, “Don’t underestimate the power of the demons today, Old Jackson.”

Old Jackson’s face was gloomy and uncertain.

He really is a good father who cares about his daughter. Hill thought.

“How could he agree… Does he think this is a political marriage? Then he should choose Princess Delia, Olivia is still a child,” Old Jackson finally said.

Hill: “…”

The two came out of the room and saw that Olivia was talking to the noble boy in Winter City in the hall. She was holding a feather fan and looked forward to the infinite amorous feelings. Those boys were obviously fascinated.

Hill shrugged: “Yeah, still a child.” He said with a weird tone.

Old Jackson: “…”

“I think you may have misunderstood your daughter,” Hill said.

Old Jackson tried his best to take his eyes away from the two little brats who dared to stare at his daughter, and reluctantly replied, “Well, maybe you’re right.”

It’s really nice to have a father like Old Jackson Hill thought.

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Old Jackson’s trip just directly contributed to the marriage of Olivia and Claude.

The wedding was scheduled for three months later, on the Winter Solstice.

At the same time, Hill began to build a large-scale Demon Realm Amusement Park in Winter City. According to the agreement between the two parties, the wedding of the Ice Emperor and Olivia will be held here – which is the equivalent to a fairy tale wedding in Disneyland.

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