Chapter 176 – Fishing and Ice emperor

Hill is reading a web novel.

The big story of “Love and Demons” has come to an end, and the first batch of players have already cleared the level, so the next game will be launched quickly. Hill plans to officially launch “Red Moon” after returning to the demon realm next time. He reviewed the recent situation and found that there are a lot less things about women in magazines or movies.

Oh, get someone to write a romance novel, or a story related to “Love and Demons”.

Hill decided to first outline the entire romance novel by himself, and then let someone write it.

During this time, Hill took out his mobile phone and looked at the popular romance novels. I have to say that the entire romance novels have improved a lot compared to the domineering president, um… “This is a beautiful girl, her face full of collagen.”

Hill: Emmmmm…

This description made him think directly of the big pig’s feet, which are said to be full of collagen…

Oh, this may be the sequelae of too much food. However, following this line of thinking, can describing the collagen on a woman’s face also confirm the word “beautiful and delicious”?

After scanning a bunch of popular novels, Hill wrote a few titles with a stroke of his pen.

The first, “The Regent’s Daughter is Three and a Half Years Old”.

The second, “I became the white moonlight of seven big bosses”.

The third, “I was favored by the paranoid emperor”.

What pressed against the wall to kiss, what gnashing of teeth, knitted brows, and a low growl, what tender and weak, wet eyes… Okay, you can do this in another world.

After this wave of popularity passes, make another wave about women upgrade face-slapping cool theme, and then do some romantic romance, and then go back the domineering president, let the fashion trend one after another, and keep the readers enthusiastic. But of course, Hill still encourages the creation of free themes, as long as it is acceptable, he will basically encourage it.

The second part of “The Godfather” is about to end, and Hill plans to publish a single book after the beginning of the third part is serialized in “Demon Realm Magazine”.

At the end of the first part of “The Godfather”, the fans were eagerly looking forward to the second-generation godfather, but as the plot progressed, the fans fell silent.

The second-generation godfather ruined his family and love, and his life made people see the powerlessness of a person against fate. He is really good, very good. “The higher I went, the darker it got,” he said. He made few mistakes in his life, but in the end, all he was left with was a lonely death.

A book review said: If the life of a generation of godfathers is a life from nothing to something, then Mike’s life is a life from something to nothing. It’s a story of power and struggle, but it’s more than that. It has a power that has been damaged by despair and grief, which makes me very unwilling. I closed the book and looked at the world outside the book, and found that I was not reconciled. I felt that I could do something. Godfather Corleone started from scratch, and I started a lot higher than him. I swear that I will not live a mediocre life, even if I die in despair in the end, but I will also leave my own traces.

Hill investigated the sender and found that it was written by Aiden Cecil, the son of the general of the Magnolia Empire, whose sister, Melissa Cecil, had participated in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” immersive theater as a pirate lady.

Hill is ready to go back and give Princess Delia a reminder to pay more attention to this young master Cecil, maybe he can become a good general of the Magnolia Empire in the future.

Hill has already begun to prepare for the battle.


The day before Old Jackson left the Ice Empire, Claude invited a few people to go fishing in Winter Harbor.

Although Winter Harbor is called Winter Harbor, the temperature in this city is much higher than the surrounding area – because there is a warm current passing through it, it will not freeze all year round. Winter Harbor is the most prosperous city in the region, and unlike Josh Kenny, the chaotic and free-trade city, this port and commercial city is under the tight control of the Empire – run by the White family.

Sitting on a boat and fishing at a leisurely pace is a test of patience. The fish in the human world are not like the fish in the demon realm. In the demon realm, Hill smeared the hook with some magic and the fish quickly took the bait, but this is useless in the human world. Seeing the bait kept getting bitten, but the fish just didn’t take the bait, Hill began to get impatient.

“Fishing can’t be rushed.” Ice Emperor looked at Hill and wanted to laugh.

Hill took the hook up and hung a piece of fish meat on it again. The previous meat was almost eaten by the fish.

“I don’t think you’re here to fish, you’re here to feed the fish.” Old Jackson said slowly, “In such a hurry, you are indeed a young man.”

“What’s wrong with rushing for success,” Hill curled his lips, “Young people should look like young people, rushing for success is fast and courageous, young and energetic. I have always believed in the saying that it is better to choose and regret than to miss and regret.” As Hill said, he grabbed a handful of fish bait from the basket and sprinkled it directly into the sea, and the fishes immediately swam over excitedly to fight for it.

Ice Emperor laughed when he saw this scene, and Alice on the other side laughed too. Children always like this kind of scene.

“You’re so greedy,” Old Jackson said.

“I’ve always believed that greed is a virtue and a driving force.” Hill said with a smile, “I also believe in a saying that a twisted melon is not sweet, but at least I eat it, and I feel good.”

Ice Emperor Claude thought thoughtfully: “It makes sense.”

Old Jackson almost threw the fishing rod, “Calm down, Your Majesty Claude.”

Ice Emperor Claude immediately understood what Old Jackson was referring to, and he smiled apologetically, “It’s not what the Duke thought, I won’t be rude to Miss Olivia.”

Old Jackson rolled his eyes in his heart, this guy, Grindelwald, really knows how to bring people into the dark side.

At this time, Hill took another bait and threw it on the sea, “Then Alice, what would you do if it were you?”

Alice next to her thought for a while and said, “Dragon, bring the fish up to me, it doesn’t matter if it’s alive or dead.”

The demon dragon guard behind her immediately got the order, directly opened his mouth and spat out a breath, the seawater rushed into the air with the sea fish, and then crashed to the shore, causing a rain of fish.

The demon dragon guard stretched out an arm and turned it into a wing to protect several people from the falling sea water. Hill looked at the sea fish jumping on the shore, and laughed, “How is it? My child can be raised well.”

“Breaking the rules directly to get results?” asked Old Jackson.

Alice squatted down and poked the live fish with her hands. The fish bit her finger, and the dragon killed the fish quickly, but her finger was still bleeding. She licked her fingers and said, “Sir told me that in the face of absolute power, I am the rule.”

“But that would be a lot less fun,” Old Jackson sighed.

“Climbing to the summit itself is not for fun,” said the Ice Emperor.

Old Jackson lifted the fishing rod, and there was a small fish hanging on it. He took off the small fish and said cheerfully, “Then I’d better enjoy my little fun.”

Hill said with a half-smile, “You’re very interesting, Old Jackson.”

“I’ve always been a man of interest, Your Highness,” said Old Jackson.

Today’s lunch is these sea fish.

The first is the pan-fried fish, which Hill cooks himself. The fish here is actually not as delicious as the one in the Demon Realm, but because of the good cooking techniques, it is not a big problem. The fish is fried to golden brown on both sides, giving off a unique allure. The heat is just right, the surface is made of special oil and sauce, and the browned surface is torn open with a bite, but the meat inside is snow-white and tender, which looks pleasing to the eye.

Second is boiled fish, a dish with many condiments. The book records that “oily but not greasy, spicy but not dry, flax but not bitter, and the meat is smooth and tender” is the biggest feature of boiled fish. Oily, spicy, flax, and crispy, coupled with the smooth and tender taste of the boiled fish itself, it is really refreshing to eat.

The Winter Harbor itself is by the sea, the humidity is heavy, and the weather is cold, so it is really refreshing to eat such a spicy meal, which can effectively expel the cold in the body, making the stomach warm and comfortable.

Then there was a yellow mushroom, which Hill did not recognize, and which the Ice Emperor said was a traditional food in Mülheim. Grilled on the grill and sprinkled with barbecue ingredients, the oil in it was quickly baked, and the fragrance of the mushrooms was quickly released with the high temperature. The golden and oily grilled mushrooms looked mouth-watering.

Ice Emperor Claude was serious: “This is the first time I know that the yellow mushroom can smell so good. I will try it for you first.”

Hill also stretched out his claws: “Generally, the chef starts first.”

Old Jackson also stretched out his claws: “I am the lowest among you, I will see if it’s poisonous.”

Alice blinked, and whispered to the dragon, “It turns out that adults will also grab food like children.”

Demon Dragon: “Er…”

Hearing that, the three men looked at each other for a second, Ice Emperor Claude and Old Jackson felt a little embarrassed, so they hesitated, but Hill immediately grabbed the biggest bunch and stuffed it in his mouth, and at the same time, gave Alice a thumbs up: “Great assist, Alice.”

“Thank you, sir,” Alice said happily.

Old Jackson: “…Tsk.” This little brat is still so treacherous as a parent.

Ice Emperor Claude: So that’s how it is.

Hill took a bite of the yellow mushroom, and the fragrant oil came out immediately. The taste of the yellow mushroom was fat and tender, and the fragrance exploded in the mouth, making people more appetite.

Soon, all the grilled mushrooms were divided.

On the way, a priest sent winter snow sweet peach, saying that it was a gift from Bishop Shelley to His Majesty the Ice Emperor. Claude was a little confused, but Hill couldn’t help laughing. This Teresa, he really brought winter snow sweet peach here.

The taste of this winter snow sweet peach is really good. It’s big and full, like a peach on TV. When you bite into it, the pulp is very sweet and tender, and the juice flows into the throat, refreshing and pleasant.

Eat a mouthful of boiled fish, slap a bunch of grilled mushrooms, and then take a bite of the fragrant and sweet winter snow sweet peach, swallow the peach-flavored, rich and juicy pulp into the stomach, plus the moist sea breeze blowing over, it is really enjoyable.

After dinner, Old Jackson was solving a riddle for Alice, and Hill took a walk on the beach with the Ice Emperor beside him.

“Duke Jackson is a very interesting man,” said Ice Emperor.

“Good feelings about your future father-in-law?” Hill teased.

“It would be great if the Jacksons could move to Mulheim,” Ice Emperor said quite bluntly.

“The forces here are too chaotic, you should let him stay in Magnolia City.” Hill shook his head.

“Hmm… what did your conversation mean when you were fishing?” the Ice Emperor asked.

“Duke Jackson has been working with me for a long time,” Hill said.

The Ice Emperor nodded, “And then?”

“I said when I was fishing that I would enjoy the big fun of reaching the top, and then he caught a small fish himself and said he’d better enjoy his little fun, he took a step back,” Hill said.

Ice Emperor Claude nodded, “That’s true… I had guesses earlier.”

“Yes.” Hill said, “Now in the Magnolia Empire, the Borel family has lost its power, the Jackson family has almost dominated the court, plus Olivia is married to you, his power has reached an extreme point, if he doesn’t back down, sooner or later, there will be problems. Besides, now he can see that my collaborators are changing, and they have reached your level, Your Majesty, so he naturally stepped back knowingly.”

Ice Emperor Claude stared at Hill for a while, and suddenly asked a terrifying question: “Is King Magnolia still alive?”

Hill laughed, “Of course, he is alive.”

“I thought I overestimated you, but it turned out that I still underestimated you,” Ice Emperor Claude said.

“You’re a wise man,” Hill said. “You are waiting for a flight.”

Ice Emperor Claude was silent for a few seconds, and then asked again, “Did that Prince Borel really tried to assassinate you?”

“If he did, it means he is the pillar of the country; if he didn’t, it means he is an unlucky villain… There are a lot of bad people in this world, and if he hits my hand, he is unlucky.” Hill spread his hands, “So whether it is true, it does not matter, essentially, I mean essentially I am still a good person. Though I’ll do whatever it takes.” He took a step back, the sea breeze blew on his face, and the sun fell in his blood-colored pupils. He smiled slightly at him, “Wake up, Ice Emperor who sleeps in the far north.” Then he stretched out his hand and said, “The Demon King from the abyss sincerely invites you to break all the shackles and to stand on the top of this world.”

The silver eyes under the silver eyelashes of Ice Emperor Claude looked as if they were inlaid with pieces of winter.

– Looking at each other.

He reached out his hand and shook it with Hill.

The background is the setting sun and the sea.

As the sun sets in the west, the sea turns from gray-blue to crimson, spreading from the sky to the shore, with the raspy chirping of birds in the distance. Soon, the red and the hot gold were mixed together, and the setting sun released the last sharp rays of light, splitting the hazy sea mist, as bright as golden sand. The golden sand under his feet is like the sun shining on the ground.

The lights and shadows are intertwined, and they seem to be standing on the grand stage where the whole world has been brewing for a whole day.


“The commonly used keys are the brightest, this is a…” After half of what Jackson said, he was attracted by the scene over there.

Alice looked at Old Jackson, then looked at Hill and Claude, “What’s the matter, Lord Duke?”

“Suddenly, my role seems to be getting smaller and smaller,” Old Jackson muttered to himself.

Alice thought for a while and replied, “The Duke can still tell me riddles.”

Old Jackson smiled. “Yes, I’m still useful after all.”

The setting sun also fell on them, and the old and the young began to laugh again.


The next day, the marriage contract between Ice Emperor Claude and Olivia Jackson, daughter of Duke Jackson of the Magnolia Empire, was officially announced.

The news spread all over the entire Magnolia Continent at once.

But there is a very interesting phenomenon: In the past, when the king married the daughter of a certain noble, everyone would think that the girl was really lucky, but this time, many people thought the Ice Emperor was lucky because Olivia was the one who played Elizabeth~!

As the sequels of “Pirates of the Caribbean” continue to air, the popularity of the Duke’s daughter, Elizabeth, has grown. She is getting more and more handsome, her personality seems to be too “Mary Sue”, and there are too many people who like her, but looking at her appearance, her ability, and her demeanor, everyone will feel that this is a matter of course.

The pirates of the Plague Islands asked Captain Barbosa: “You cover her?”

Elizabeth pointed her sword at the other side and said coldly: “What makes you think I need to be covered?”

When this episode appeared on the big screen, almost everyone cried out in their hearts.

Well… By the way… Hill really made a lot of money off Pirates of the Caribbean stuff. The second immersive theater is currently being signed up. Hill plans to replace the captains of the third batch of immersive theater with female captains, and the succubus will still play the role. This time, the captain’s lover is a male character, presumably, this will make some noble teenagers go crazy…

Immediately afterward, Mulheim’s promo was played on the magic phone.

This promotional video naturally shocked a lot of people. King Magnolia really wanted to make this kind of promotional video for his Magnolia Empire, but he did not dare to tell Hill.

Ice Emperor Claude did not want to be roundabout and euphemistic. He did not make excuses for the promotional video, but directly announced: This promotional video is one of the wedding gifts presented by His Royal Highness Grindelwald.

Hill laughed suddenly, “Claude, you’re going to drive the church crazy.”

“You were the one who extended the invitation to me first.” Claude leaned on the throne with a faint smile on his lips.

“You know full well that I have ulterior motives.” Hill shook his head gently.

“Youth should be impulsive, no? Mülheim has never been afraid of war.” Claude straightened his clothes and said slowly, “Good cooperation, Your Majesty, I have the land and farm workers ready, so you should start preparing a second wedding gift for Olivia and me.”

Hill smiled, then couldn’t help laughing.

Claude watched him laugh quietly, and he also had a cruel smile at the corner of his lips at the moment.

After so long, finally, the hot blood and ferocity of Ice Emperor Claude was drawn out.

The next day, outside the Winter City, the Demon Realm Amusement Park officially started construction.

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