Chapter 177 – “Violet Evergarden” Ending and the Ascetics

In the midst of much anticipation, “Violet Evergarden” has finally reached its grand finale.

Violet and her companions teamed up to stop a terrorist attack by imperial hawks who wanted to destroy the peace – Hill completely magically changed the last episode, which involved the forces of two civil wars, including the humans, hybrids, but also added the demons. The background is considered a war of the three kingdoms.

This last episode then became humans, hybrids, and demons fighting for peace together.

“The three countries formally signed a concordat and began to restart fair trade… To this point, the two races took an oath to sign a peace agreement…”

Everyone on the pier showed a happy smile, but that smile may be closer to the aftermath of the disaster.

“It’s over,” Violet said, looking at all this, her expression was melancholy.

“Yes.” said Benedict Blue, Violet’s colleague, the blond postman, and then he noticed that the other party’s expression was wrong, “What’s wrong?”

Violet’s blue eyes were filled with sadness like water, “It’s over…” She didn’t say the second half of the sentence.

“It’s over, obviously the war is over, but my son still hasn’t come back. My wife advised me to give up, but…” The father held the clothes left by the child, his lips trembling.

“The war is over, everyone is laughing, when will Daddy come back?” the little girl asked her mother with wide eyes.

“Why hasn’t he come back…” The woman leaned against the door frame, staring blankly at the carnival crowd outside.

“…It’s been so long, I always think he’ll come back suddenly. He’s a naughty little brat, he always likes to hide and scare me.” The elderly mother said this with a slight smile, “Obviously the war is over.”

— So, why hasn’t the Major come back?

All of them didn’t shed any tears, but many of the audience outside the play were already sobbing.

The more you know, the more you have experienced, the more you have to carry.

This passage is really too realistic for a lot of people.

The death of an individual may be trivial for a nation, for a race, but a truly devastating blow for a family and their loved ones. When everyone is happy to celebrate peace, when everyone smiles and cheers, those hidden pains, those wounds, just reside in their hearts, tormenting them all the time…

But fortunately, Hill did not continue the pain, and he transitioned into a feeling of warm sunshine at the end, just like the original TV. This is also a major feature of “Violet Evergarden”. This is a warm and sad work. It will not have the kind of desperate heart-piercing pain, but the feeling of poetic melancholy pressing down on the heart. When it erupts, it can make people cry naturally, crying will also feel very comfortable and warm.

At the Air Show, Violet’s friends all wrote letters to those who they wanted to convey their feelings to, and then the imperial mage directly used magic to let the letters ride the wind. In the end, the letters fell from the sky, and everyone’s thoughts also fell from the blue sky. This scene is beautiful and full of sunshine.

Cattleya wrote to the soldiers she knew when she was a dancer, most of whom are now dead.

Cannary wrote to her future self that she would definitely become the best auto memory doll in the country.

The letter written by Lieutenant Colonel Hodgins to his future daughter expressed the wishes of most people:

“…I hope you can live a happy life, that you can fall in love with others and be loved by others. I also hope that the future you and your children will live in will be a world full of happiness without disputes.”

The audience’s tears have not stopped since the beginning of this episode.

“You have the blood of two races, and it stands to reason that both races should be kind to you, but those foolish people actually reject you because of that.” The little succubus friend said this to Violet: “But know this, your birth is meaningful, your living is meaningful, and your understanding of the meaning of love is even more meaningful. You are not carrying hope on your back; right now, you are hope itself.”

Hill’s original plot can be regarded as a political rise for the heroine.

In the end, Violet finally wrote a letter to Major, the first time she had written a letter for herself.

There is no gorgeous language in the letter, but a simple statement of what he wants to convey:

“Dear Major, how are you? Are you well?

Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, the four seasons rotate, but the season of the Major is late. I didn’t understand it at first, but in the new life that Major has given me, I can feel it a little bit. I believe that the Major must still be alive somewhere, so I want to continue to live. Even if I don’t know what I’ll encounter in the future, I’ll keep on living. When I see you again, I want to tell you that I now have an understanding of love.”

When Violet was reading this letter, the background was constantly changing, the places she had traveled, the lives of others she had experienced, to finally returning to her life. Or rather, back to everyone’s life.

First, live well.

Then, just like the letter that Hodgins wrote to his future daughter. But if you simply pray, you might as well participate in it yourself, and jointly turn this world into a beautiful world without disputes.

—Hill didn’t even have to write a leading review this time, the audience pitched in. For “love”, for “anti-war”, for “what we can do in order to build such a happy world” such thinking.

This is the second day after the announcement of the engagement of Ice Emperor Claude and Olivia and the announcement of the Ice Empire promotional video.

Hill and Claude timed the timing very well.

During this period, if you ask what is the symbol of peace between the two countries, everyone’s first reaction is probably marriage. This is the current international practice.

Even viewers who were not traumatized by the war were infected by the anime and the people around them. Everyone began to express their support for this marriage. Everyone sincerely sent their blessings to Claude and Olivia.

So, the upsurge of support for this marriage rose. It was unprecedented and shook in all directions.

The Dijon tribe and the Oitin Empire both felt a deep sense of crisis. Teresa truthfully explained the relationship between Olivia and the demon race in his letter to the church – this cannot be hidden, so just take the initiative to report to gain trust. The church also felt a sense of crisis after receiving Teresa’s letter.

Soon, the Pope and Teresa used magic to make a long-distance call.

The Pope said first: “Since you have become Bishop of Winter City, Mulheim has become more restless.”

“The former bishop turned a blind eye to many things here. Many things have been brewing for too long. I just exposed the contradictions.” Teresa Shelley was well prepared and replied directly. , “In fact, I have my own opinion about this marriage.”

Pope: “Say.”

“Assassinate Olivia Jackson, and then marry the princess of the Oitin Empire to Ice Emperor Claude,” Teresa Shelley’s voice was cold-blooded.

The Pope pondered for a moment, this is very much in line with Teresa’s unique style, but isn’t he going too far? Or rather, where is his bottom line? These are the questions before the Pope, and Teresa is very important, so these must be clarified. With such a purpose in mind, the Pope asked: “…Do you think the gods will like it if you do this?”

“Olivia Jackson has been bewitched by the demons now,” Teresa said decisively. “Death is not a pity. God loves the world, and letting her die is also a relief for her.”

Teresa is still the same Teresa. This sentence flowed through the heart of the Pope, “Then, this matter is left to you.”

“Yes, Your Holiness,” Teresa said, “but now that Miss Jackson is so well protected, I need the help of ascetics.”

The ascetics are the secret power of the church. Every ascetic is cultivated since childhood. They are death soldiers of the church. At the same time, they are also the effective carriers of angels, without the possibility of betraying the God of Light. The ascetics are directly under the orders of the Pope and are the foundation power of the Church. The ascetics played an important role when they attacked the lower realm.

The Pope considered for a moment, “Alright.” He decided to send a group of three ascetics over.

“Thank you for your trust, Your Holiness,” Teresa said, “but I need to confess to you that I lied to you about a previous incident.”

“What’s up?”

“I kept that woman alive,” Teresa said.

“Who?” The Pope forgot which woman it was.

“Gina,” Teresa said. Gina is Alice’s mother.

The Pope was silent for a moment, then said, “Explain to me why.”

Teresa said solemnly: “She is an innocent woman, I understand that the child must die, but the teachings of God make it impossible for me to kill her. And I think, with all due respect, Your Holiness, this is also your fault.”

The Pope didn’t know what to say for a moment, he hadn’t heard backbiting for decades, but he knew this was Teresa, and he wasn’t foolish enough to burst into a rage over it, so he suppressed his heart’s displeasure and said, “I understand, and I have repented before God.”

“You are the spokesperson of the Lord on earth, Your Holiness the Pope.”

“I will exercise my authority and responsibility well, Bishop Shelley.”

“Thank you for your indulgence, Your Holiness the Pope,” Teresa said.

After ending the communication, Hill, who was listening to the whole thing, smiled and said, “You’ve secretly communicated with Monroe again without my knowledge.”

“You saw it, Lord Demon King,” Teresa said.

“Yes, Monroe looks calm and steady, but he actually has a beast in his chest.” Hill said with emotion, “This look is from his hand.”

Under the joint planning of Monroe and Teresa, Teresa became a very useful and very controllable person for the Church, and then by bailing out the matter of Alice’s mother, Teresa again showed his weakness in character to the Pope – the Pope will think that he is loyal to the God of Light, loyal to the Church, take this goodness in hand, the Pope is completely unafraid of how high Teresa climbed.

Yes, Teresa is secretly attacking the Pope.

At the same time, Hill also began to prepare for the war – in the Magnolia Empire and the Ice Empire.

Soon after, the ascetics of the church came to Winter City.

Teresa threw them a few projection stones and said solemnly: “This is the latest compulsion thing from the demon race. I hope you can study it carefully, you will be able to deal with the demon race if you study it thoroughly.”

“Magical Girl Madoka”, “Fairy Tale Hotel”, “Violet Evergarden”, etc.

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These ascetics remind me of Yan Jing Ze’s shadow guards. If you haven’t read Beloved Husband yet, read it now~ I also translated it and it’s finished~

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