Chapter 172 – Alice and Olivia and Violet Original Story

Hill’s main purpose for going to Winter City this time was to discuss with the Ice Emperor about filming the Ice Empire promotional film. He had a brief thought on the way there, two ways, either to be more orthodox, or to be like the game CG in the middle, and then all together at the end shouting “for the tribe”… Well, a slip of the tongue, it is “for Mulheim”.

He went through the two sets of plans in his mind, and was too lazy to write them down and make them into a plan. Yes, he planned to dictate it directly to the Ice Emperor and let the Ice Emperor choose by himself.

Party B like him seems to be a little too much. Hill thought. But this is a seller’s market, even if the other party is the emperor. He quickly found another reason for himself.

Some time ago, Hill began to vigorously develop business in the Demon Realm. In the past, the Demon Realm’s commercial trade was basically equal to zero, even barter exchange. Hill has adopted the planned economy since last year, encouraging various races to use currency to communicate, and also releasing a large number of goblin merchants to run around. Now that the business of the demon realm finally has a certain foundation, Hill intends to try to engage in market economy.

The black dwarves are very happy about this, they have researched all kinds of strange things for various races, such as polishers for skeletons, making you the brightest cub in the crowd. The corner of Hill’s mouth twitched. But these things were very popular among the skeletons. During that time, the skeletons all wore a head that was bright enough to reflect… Forget it, they were happy.

But later, because their heads were too bright, they caught the eyes of other skeletons during construction, causing several accidents on the construction site. Later, the members of the skeleton construction team wore helmets uniformly.

Hill’s mouth twitched. Humans wear helmets for safety, and your skeleton construction team wears helmets to prevent bare heads from shaking people… This is really bizarre and unusual.

After arriving in Winter City, Hill and his party first went to Olivia to settle down. Now Olivia has become one of the most popular women in Winter City, and she is completely different from when she was in Magnolia City.

When “Violet Evergarden” is over, Hill will release the “Pirates of the Caribbean II” movie directly, presumably at that time, Olivia’s popularity will rise some more.

The maid boiled the bath water with mugwort leaves, mallow leaves, and orange peels, and Hill soaked in it comfortably, washing away all the dust.

On the other hand, Alice is very curious about Olivia Jackson.

Alice’s mother wants Alice to grow into a qualified lady, but Alice has never met a real noble lady – Olivia is the first. Olivia and the maid brought her pastries and snacks. Alice had no interest in these for the time being. She looked up at Olivia, who was dressed stylishly and gorgeously, with a string of multi-layered pearl necklace, the latest style in the Demon Mall. On top of her head is a delicate and lovely hat decorated with violet velvet flowers.

Olivia satisfies Alice’s imagination of everything about the noble lady.

“What are you looking at, child?” Olivia asked with a smile.

“I’m not a child. My name is Alice,” Alice said, her voice was sweeter, after all, she was a child of this age, but her tone was very calm, which was not suitable for her age.

Olivia realized that the girl in front of her was not a child to be treated casually, and after a moment of thought she gave Alice the etiquette of a noble lady, “Hello, Miss Alice, pleased to meet you.” She treated Alice directly as a woman who is equal to each other.

This has something to do with Olivia’s previous experience. Olivia’s mother died young, and her thoughts have always been much more than ordinary girls. When she was very young, she was eager to speak up and to attract the attention of others, but at that time, adults always regarded her as a child and always ignored her, and did not take her words seriously, and Olivia remembered it very well. So, after she also became an “adult”, when she heard Alice’s words, she immediately understood that this little girl has a strong self-esteem.

Alice also returned a curtsy: “Pleased to meet you, Miss Jackson.”

Olivia didn’t know Alice’s identity. She was actually a little curious about the little girl brought by His Royal Highness Grindelwald. “If you have any needs, just tell me.” Then she asked: “Are you a human?”

“Yes,” said Alice. “By the way, I have met your father, Miss Jackson. He is a distinguished gentleman.”

“Thank you for your compliment.” Olivia understood after a moment’s thought: “You and His Highness were in the Demon Realm before, right?”

“Yes.” Alice was a little curious: “How did you know?”

“Because my father has always been in Magnolia City, and your appearance is not from the Magnolia Empire. He only went to the Demon Realm some time ago. This is something everyone knows. So, to sum up, you should have met in the Demon Realm,” Olivia explained.

“You’re amazing…” Alice finally showed the expression of a little girl.

“No.” Olivia smiled a little embarrassedly, “I am far worse than His Highness. I have been imitating His Highness’s way of thinking.”

Alice thought that when she praised Miss Jackson’s father as a distinguished gentleman, Miss Jackson said thank you for the compliment. Now that Miss Jackson praises Hill, should she also respond? So, she opened her mouth and said solemnly in a childish voice, “Thank you for your compliment, Miss Jackson.”

Olivia froze for a moment, then smiled.

Really a lovely girl.

Outside the house.

The sky outside and the dark buildings of Winter City were mixed up in the white snow and fog. The cold whirlwind blew snowflakes across every street, and the entire Winter City was shrouded in suffocating snow.

Inside the house.

The wood in the fireplace is crackling, the warm orange flames brighten a third of the house, and the air is filled with the fragrance of orange blossom and geranium, which is very calming and soothing.

Olivia was laughing. Her laughter was different from the restrained, shy, reserved laugh of ordinary noble ladies, but it wasn’t to the point of “laughing out loud.” It was generally just right.

Alice didn’t know why she was laughing, but it felt so good that she laughed too.

This relaxed feeling is good.

The maid pulled open the door, and Hill also walked in with a smile, “Am I interrupting the two ladies? Speaking of which, is it surprising that interesting things are not told to me?”

Alice called out, “Sir.”

Olivia, in turn, smiled, “We were just talking about Alice and just mentioned that she’s not from the Magnolia Empire.”

“Well, I was born in the Oitin Empire,” Alice replied generously.

“The country of the Holy Church.” Olivia sighed subconsciously.

“Yes.” Alice said, then she looked at Olivia: “Are you a believer of the God of Light?”

“No,” Olivia replied.

“Neither am I,” Alice said. “Or rather, I’m not anymore.”

“Looks like you guys are having a good chat.” Hill said, “Alice is entrusted to you Olivia, for the time being, I will stay in Winter City for about half a month, I hope you can spare time to teach her some things you think she should be taught. But it’s best not to ask her who she is, it’s not good for you. Please, Olivia.”

Olivia lifted her skirt and curtsied, “As you wish, Your Royal Highness Greenwald.”

Hill’s purpose for bringing Alice on this trip is to let her take a look at the scenery to relax, and the second is to let her meet Olivia.

Alice is a human girl after all. There are some things Hill can teach, and some things he can’t teach. If he lets the succubus teach her, don’t know what the hell it will be like… So, he thought of Olivia. In fact, Mrs. Helen and Ms. Eri Dale can also teach her, but Hill can’t trust them.

Have to say, Hill really cares about Alice.

And Alice’s words for Hill… “Thank you for your compliment, Miss Jackson” already said it all.

“I’ll go out first and I won’t be coming back for dinner tonight. Nice hat, Olivia, by the way,” Hill said.

“Thank you.” Olivia smiled.

Olivia’s hat is decorated with velvet flowers in the shape of violets, she’s also watching the anime.

In the past, she liked to bring magnolia velvet flowers. After all, magnolias are the favorite flowers of magnolia people, and they are usually planted in the flower beds of noble families. Later, after the hit “Violet Evergarden”, someone plucked out their own magnolias and planted violets (…), which was a bit too much.


The cover of this issue of “Demon Realm Magazine” is Violet, the heroine of “Violet Evergarden”.

The anime has now aired five episodes, the ratings are climbing, and discussions about it can be heard everywhere. This is an anime that has a threshold for experience. Statistics have been done on Earth. The age ratio of the audience under 19 is less than 20%, while the age ratio of “want to watch” is only 3%, and those over 40 can actually reach 14.6% and 11%. This is undoubtedly surprising for an anime.

After Hill saw this statistic, he subconsciously thought of a word: the old two-dimensional.

This word is really appropriate here. Cough, hahaha…

“Violet Evergarden” doesn’t have a lot of actions and twists. It’s a mature and stable story. It doesn’t add too much to please the audience, such as selling meat, selling BL, etc. Here is a real criticism of the poor Seri Awashima in the second season of “K” next door. In addition, it has been a chicken soup-style unit drama from childhood to adulthood. There are many fine and classic details in the seemingly ordinary shell. This establishes a non-young age threshold and also removes the animation itself. The threshold – almost beyond the dimension, there is no problem in adapting it in three dimensions.

Because of the trauma of the war, there are simply too many people in the other world who are deeply in love with this anime.

Of course, it also has some fantasy colors in the middle, such as Violet’s arms created by the black dwarves. In the anime, demons and humans can basically get along in harmony, but there are still some mutual hostility and animosity. Because of her succubus bloodline and her strong fighting power, Violet herself has also received a lot of indifference in the army. The anime on Earth did not show these scenes, but there are many descriptions in the original novel. Hill adapted a part of the original novel, and most of the original works are restored, such as a number of humans who wanted to do things to her and was killed by her.

That said, there is a line in the original book, and Hill changed it to something more extreme: It’s his fault for wanting to force you, but you shouldn’t have killed your comrades just for this.

Hill: ……

Looks like someone owing a beating.

Okay, this line is also added.

Then Hill added an original character to his memories of military life, a male soldier who was also a half-demon, a fighting madman. Hill gave him two scenes. The first scene was taking the initiative to approach Violet and flirting, and then being chased away by the Major, Violet heard someone tauntingly say, “You two bastards are a good match”, directly indicating the bloodline of the other party. The second scene was on the eve of the war. The half-demon stood in the smoke and said to Violet with a smile, “It looks like you have someone who cherishes you. You are very lucky. Live well.”

Then the half-demon died in that war, and he left a su*cide note to Violet, who could not read at the time, and showed it to the Major.

“Perhaps it’s a bad thing to write to you, after all, I have little friendship with you, and you probably have a bad impression of me. But I didn’t have anyone else to write to, so I took the liberty of doing so, don’t mind if I do, because I’m already dead~

I’ve always been desperate when I fight, they say it’s the demon blood in me that’s causing the sins, in fact it’s my blood as a human being clamoring for it. My purpose is to die. I know that one day I will achieve it.

I’m so tired. Why do we have to keep fighting. Why do humans have to slaughter humans? Why do humans and demons have to slaughter each other. Why do we have to kill each other when we can talk, we can communicate, we can hug, we can die in love like my mother.

Bless me if you read this letter, because I can finally rest.”

After the Major finished reading the letter, his emerald eyes were trembling, and he told Violet that the half-demon’s father was a human, and his mother was a demon. His father was the former boss of the Major. He died in battle, and his mother committed suicide. The half-demon lost his father’s protection and began to have a hard life.

No one loves him anymore, and no one cherishes him.

So, he doesn’t love anyone, and he doesn’t value anyone.

Everyone in the army hated him, he fought and brawled, and he would just snap when people said something bad about him. Not forgiving at all. But no one knew he wanted to die.

Until now.

Hill’s original story is a bit more bare than the original story. The emotions expressed in the original story are more subtle and hidden. Hill understands this, so he interspersed his original stories in the anime, and tried not to influence the rhythm of the anime.

It is worth mentioning that Old Jackson became a loyal fan of it, so some people were surprised to find that in this issue of the magazine, the once “Song of Ice and Fire” spoiler is back, and Old Jackson wrote a lot. In a long article, he commented on “Violet Evergarden” from many perspectives such as story plot, narrative method, and characterization. At the end, of course, there are piles of reasonable spoilers.

Well, Hill looked at those spoilers and thought, he really guessed a lot of things.

One of them, Old Jackson believed that the Major should be dead and would not come back. From an artistic point of view, this is just right. If he came back, it would destroy a lot of things.

In fact, this is true in theory, but from a personal emotional point of view… it’s really sour.

Okay, now that the spoiler madman Old Jackson is back, Hill has to start his misleading spree too!

“I have a different opinion on this,” Hill began to write. “It is a unique story of melancholy and warmth, and there is a sense of lost beauty in the whole story. But as far as life is concerned, there is no such thing as an absolute and rational arrangement. If Violet finally learns to love gradually, and then the Major comes back, this explanation can also work – a male protagonist who only exists in memory, and finally walks out of memory, which is also a symbolic event…”

These discussions made the readers of “Demon Realm Magazine” hooked, so many people immediately joined the discussion. Unfortunately, the next issue of “Demon Realm Magazine” will be out in fifteen days, and “Violet Evergarden” broadcast will be completed by then.

Hill reviewed the audience’s articles and began to wonder whether to expand the scale of Weibo.

There are pros and cons to the current situation by gradually building Weibo into what it looks like on Earth. Not to mention the benefits, of course, the more information exchange, the easier it is to hype the heat. But the disadvantages are also obvious. The biggest one is that the role of “Demon Realm Magazine” will drop a lot.

After weighing the pros and cons, Hill finally decided not to expand the scale of Weibo, and let it be as it is now. Let’s wait a bit more, and then talk about it later.

Now that the demon realm has developed almost, it is time to make some big changes in policy.

A monitoring team has to be set up to monitor the implementation of the policy.

Hmm… Hill suddenly remembered the news he had seen before, saying that the captain of the Russian fire brigade was caught 5 times for setting fires in order to test the efficiency of the team members.

Cough, what a fighting nation.

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