Chapter 171.2 – He loves her

After arriving at the house of the family who planned to adopt Violet, they had the following conversation.

Lady: “Think of me as your real mother.”

Violet: “I don’t have parents, so I don’t need any replacements.”

Lady: “Don’t say that, I had a son but he was killed in the war.”

Violet: “I can’t become a replacement for your lost child.”

That seemed a bit overly cold, but then again, considering Violet’s setting, she felt justified in saying it.

There was light in the old woman’s eyes, a sadness mixed with astonishment in her eyes.

In front of the magic phone, many people had tears in their eyes.

At this time, the war has ended for more than a year, and the war has really killed many, many people. Wives lost their husbands, children lost their fathers, parents lost their sons… But people always have to move forward, life always has to go on, as long as you don’t die, you have to live, either fall or live well. Many of them choose to divert their attention and choose to dedicate their feelings to others.

This line is put here, it is really too poignant and too sad.

It’s true, but who wants to admit it?

This girl really has no “heart”.

Afterwards, Lieutenant Colonel Hodgins said with a bit of numbness, as if reciting lines: “Violet, Gilbert’s wish is for you to happily live here.”

This sentence makes the melancholy deeper.

Magnolia City. Demon Realm Magazine.

Theodore was lying on the table half-dead watching the anime, what is this, Your Highness Grindelwald, you lied to me, you said that she took off her clothes in public, I thought it was that kind of anime, why is it so painful…

After that, Violet’s emotions finally broke out and asked the Lieutenant Colonel why the Major left her here. The feelings that the audience had been repressed in the first half of the episode also burst out, and some kind and sensitive people have shed tears along with them.

Instead, Theodore let out a sigh of relief. He experienced too many traumas in his youth, so he has a strong ability to accept this aspect. “It finally broke out, that’s good.”

The second half of the first episode became more relaxed, because Violet questioned whether she was abandoned because her hands were useless, because her hands were injured. Lieutenant Colonel Hodgins took her to the postal company he opened and made her a member of the company. Told her that she can still work and that she is useful.

“This department writes letters at the requests of our clients. There are still many people who don’t know how to write,” Lieutenant Colonel Hodgins said.

“I didn’t know how to write either until the major taught me how,” Violet said. She looks so cute here.

It really is the feeling of not leaving the Major in three sentences. …this makes the audience smile, but when thinking of the Major’s death, which is implied in the show, it brings another layer of shadow to the heart of the viewers.

It’s really healing and depressing.

Then the Lieutenant Colonel entrusted Violet to the postman Benedict and asked him to take her with him. After the Lieutenant Colonel left, Benedict gave a brief introduction to the work, and then handed the uniform to Violet, “This is the uniform, put it on.”

“Yes.” Violet said in a tone of following orders, and then directly held the hem of the clothes with her hands and undressed in public…

Benedict, the postman on the show, and the audience outside the show were shocked at the same time.

Theodore poof-ed directly.

This, is this what His Highness Grindelwald said…

This… Cough… Well, it really fits Violet’s character.

Many viewers sprayed water, and some attentive viewers found that Violet’s exposed body had large and small scars. This picture is really detailed.

After this rather light-hearted episode, Benedict, the postman, saw Violet wearing gloves and asked her to take them off. She bit the edges of the gloves with her teeth and took off the gloves, revealing her metal hands.

Now, he must be surprised. Many viewers thought so. He called her just now a kid, implying that she couldn’t finish her job.

What the audience didn’t expect was that the postman Benedict just opened his eyes slightly, the animation was very delicate, his expression didn’t change much, but his voice was a little bit softer – just a little bit, “Will it be difficult to sort mail?”

“No, it’s not a big problem,” Violet replied.

Then the postman Benedict began to explain the work to her. He acted as if nothing had happened.

Winter City. Tavern.

“Why is this person so cold?” a noble lady complained.

A man over there said with emotion, “Maybe he has seen it a lot.”

“Ah…” The noble lady just now was startled.

“After all, the war has just ended. After reading too many sad words, I won’t feel much about the sadness in front of me.” The man’s voice was a little low, “But seeing such a young girl suffer from such an inner trauma, I still feel a little uncomfortable in my heart…. This postman should also have his own story.”

“Then… did the postman think so…” The noble lady’s voice was a little sad.

There are so many things behind every line of dialogue and every look in it, which are worth thinking about, pondering, and weeping.

“There are many letters, no need to be in too much of a hurry.” It’s not an illusion, Benedict’s voice is really soft, although not to the point of “gentle”, but this feeling is heartwarming, “The break room is on the second floor. “

Violet gave a military salute, “Understood.”

Benedict closed his eyes and walked right past her, “See you later.”

If you just look at his actions, you will subconsciously feel that he has no curiosity or sympathy at all. He didn’t ask ‘why are your hands like this?’, didn’t directly say ‘you should rest more’, and didn’t care about the military salute… But in the tavern, the noble lady’s heart is full of sadness now, that simple closing his eyes and leaving has already explained everything.

This anime is really melancholy.

Different from the tearing pain and despair in “Magical Girl Madoka” later, “Violet Evergarden” gives people the feeling of melancholy, melancholy like water that slowly pours into your heart. The former makes you unable to breathe, the latter makes your breathing slow and sad.

Next, she started to work continuously without rest—she treated this as a task for the army, and was finally stopped by the Lieutenant Colonel who found her. He sent her home, and the two had a conversation under the street light.

“What is the final order Gilbert gave you?”

“He said run away, live and be free. And, I…”

“You’ve been in the army since you were a child, and you’ve spent your life fulfilling duties. You’re going to learn a lot of things in the future. But it might be easier to keep living if you didn’t learn them, if you didn’t know them. You don’t realize that your body is on fire and burning up because of the things you did.”

She looked at herself and said, “I’m not burning.” There was something cute about the way she looked.

“Yes, you are. You are burning.” The Lieutenant Colonel’s voice was a little heavy. “You will understand what I’m saying one day, and then you will realize for the first time that you have many burns.”

This heavy words also pressed on the perception of the audience.

Night, street lights, stars, flames.

The night passed like that.

The next morning, while Violet was cleaning the office, a client came in and wanted to write a letter.

“I heard that my childhood friend in the countryside received a marriage offer from another man. So… I hope you can tell her.”

The auto memory doll began to help him write the letter, and the next is the content of the letter. The narration at the beginning is the voice of the client:

“The first person who was so kind to me was you.”

Major Gilbert took the young, raggedly dressed girl in his arms.

Then it became the voice of Violet and the client overlapping.

“You were everything to me.”

In the army, when she was young, she followed Gilbert firmly in a military uniform, watching his back with turquoise blue eyes.

In the end, it became Violet’s sole voice.

“For you, I can do anything.”

During the artillery fire and the war, following the command of the Major to “charge”, she charged at the enemy with a giant tomahawk.

“I want to know your feelings, I want to understand what’s in your heart.”

In the terrible fight in the war, her eyes are always clear.

“Even though we’re apart now, I still love you.”

The envelope was sealed with a red wax, and the letter was completed.

I love you.

At the end of the episode, Violet tells the Lieutenant Colonel that she wants to be an auto memory doll that writes letters for people, and Lieutenant Colonel asks her why she wants this job.

Violet replied:

“I want to know what “I love you” means.

The Major said those words to me after he gave me my las orders.

That was the first time I heard those words from the Major, I can’t understand what that means.”

For the many memories of that dark corridor. The ending is here一

“No way! There’s no way I’m going to let the Major die!” Violet’s arms were already broken, her eyes were full of tears, her voice uncontrollably raised, she went up and bit the Major’s clothes with her teeth in an attempt to take him away.

“Stop already! Violet, you have to live, live and be free.”

Major’s emotions were also out of control at this time, and then he choked with tears, smiled, and said:

“From the bottom of my heart… I love you.”

Those sadness, those confusion, those depression. The result is here.

He loves her.

The first episode ends here.

It snowed in Winter City, and when it snowed, the wind stopped, which caused the snowflakes to fall like mist.

It was quiet in the pub.

The noble lady put her hand on her heart.

What kind of feeling is this, there is melancholy, there is sadness, but in the end, there is a kind of sour warmth in my heart.

Strange, everyone thought it was a great animation, but most people didn’t particularly want to see the next episode right now. One episode a day, just watch it when the time comes. This kind of peaceful feeling has never been experienced before.

But what is certain is that after today, Violet’s name has been deeply reflected in their hearts.

And, of course, her Major.

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I can relate to these otherworlders, I want to watch it but I feel like one episode a day is already enough. The last time I cried this hard was when Menma (anohana) was found, and also when Gin (hotarubi) disappeared.

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