Chapter 171.1 – “Violet Evergarden” premieres

As everyone who loves anime knows, at 8pm this evening, “Violet Evergarden” will premiere.

Before the official premiere, many anime fans have already begun to speculate about this anime. Listening to this name, it seems to be a very warm and romantic work? Will it be a love story? His Royal Highness Grindelwald seems to have a high evaluation of this anime…

Previously, the ratings of “Cardcaptor Sakura” dropped a lot compared to before, mainly because the anime shown by Hill before was too mature. At the beginning, “Cardcaptor Sakura” was watched by everyone, and everyone was infected by the tenderness and warmth inside, but as time went on, the length of “Cardcaptor Sakura” was much longer compared to the previous anime, and it was more suitable for younger children to watch compared to the previous ones. In addition, it was a bit “formulaic”, so it was normal for the ratings to decline under such circumstances.

Joan Baker once asked this question, and Hill replied: “Every movie/anime has its corresponding audience, and it is impossible to be ‘liked by everyone’. I’m a little surprised by what happened with ‘Cardcaptor Sakura’, but when you think about it, it’s normal, but I can tell you that the anime is definitely selling well on DVD.”

The previous anime did not make much waves among children. The picture of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” is too monotonous for children. There are no cool monsters and handsome clothes. At most, Natsume is screaming and fighting. One punch and it’s over; “Magical Girl Madoka” was appealing to little kids at first, until, until… you know.

Compared to this, “Cardcaptor Sakura” is different, beautiful clothes! Magic! There are so many cool looks! ——So, during the period when it was played, if there were children at home, the magic phone was occupied by the children.

In addition, the merchandise of “Cardcaptor Sakura” is over-selling.

However, the number of adults who actually watched it was much lower than before, and some people even wrote to complain about why it was still being shown, and whether it was possible to show some “fighting” and “mature” anime, because they couldn’t stand watching it.  – yes, most of the people who wrote to complain were men.

That’s why even Theodore became anxious. He regarded himself as someone from the Demon Realm, so he couldn’t allow others to say something bad.

Hill also understands their worries, but he also knows that sooner or later, he will shoot something for the children and bring the children to this camp. In addition, he originally planned to provide a one-stop service for magical girls, so he still endured some pressure to finish playing “Cardcaptor Sakura” in three months.

In fact, Hill understands that the best way to solve this problem is to increase the number of magic phone programs, which are available for all ages. But this is not easy. It is easy to move works, but it is not easy to develop talents from zero to some. However, it has to be done. Hill thought.

I really wish I could clone myself. One for anime, one for movies, one for internal affairs… Oh, I feel like Monroe will be drained as a result. Cough. Just kidding.

Shortly after the end of “Cardcaptor Sakura”, the DVD was released, and the sales volume was no less than that of the previous works. Then there were some submissions about this work. Surrounded by friendship and love, everyone inside is extremely kind and gentle.

So, after reading these movie reviews, other people were itching to watch, and then they bought DVDs.

In fact, this kind of work should be watched slowly by oneself, to experience the feeling in it.

Hill actually likes this kind of work full of sunshine and warmth.

In his opinion, what to convey to the audience and how to convey it is ultimately the author’s choice, just like a rather sensitive character, the “Holy Mother”. In fact, there is nothing wrong with the feature of the “Holy Mother”. The problem is that many authors associate it with stupidity – not only to their own “Holy Mother”, they also involve the people around them, they can’t distinguish between good and evil in others and have no brains… Stupidity is to be condemned, not the “Holy Mother” feature. Hill has always felt that if you want to promote truth, goodness, and beauty, you should advocate it. It is your choice how to convey it, and what you convey is also your choice.

Shortly after Cardcaptor Sakura ended, there were also some who questioned the upcoming Violet Evergarden.

Could this be a too casual and gentle anime too? Don’t like things that are too warm, ah…

But all in all, it’s a new anime, so people are still willing to take the time to watch the premiere.

At half past seven in the evening, Winter City.

Since the fall of autumn, fewer and fewer people are walking around Winter City at dusk, because the temperature is really too low. The cold wind was bleak, but it did not blow away the dark snow clouds shrouded in the Winter City. This low temperature makes the roadside taverns and restaurants not do business – under normal circumstances.

But today, those places are full.

Because everyone came to watch the anime, no matter what some people think about “Cardcaptor Sakura”, the overall evaluation is still very high. Hill had personally promoted “Violet Evergarden” with everyone in the live broadcast, so everyone kept in front of the magic phone with the idea of “watching an episode no matter what”.

A lot of people can’t afford a magic phone, but of course, they can pay for a glass of wine. Merchants use the psychological investment of customers to buy a magic phone, and they will be able to earn back the capital of the magic phone soon.

Joan Baker had mentioned to Hill that some potential customers of the magic phone would disappear, to which Hill responded: “Do you see me as a greedy person? These businesses are acting as I would expect them to, and they’re furthering the impact of the magic phone and my show.”

Joan Baker nodded, “This…”

“Actually, the first tavern that used a magic phone to attract customers was mine,” Hill raised the corner of his lips and told the truth.

At present, he actually has some properties in major cities, but after he bought them, he didn’t start to renovate them to keep them as they were, so basically few people know that the owners behind these stores have changed. Hill has done a lot of things like this quietly guiding the trend.

Joan Baker could not help but respect the Hill in front of him.

“Well, I still feel a little distressed. Why don’t you give me your house in Josh Kenny? You don’t use it much anyway,” Hill leaned over and said.

Joan Baker:  …

He silently took his solemn respect back.

Before “Violet Evergarden” aired, Theodore had asked Hill worriedly, would something like this anime be liked by adult men? He felt that if there were two consecutive animes that were unpopular in a group, it would have an impact on the next anime.

Theodore had a point.

Hill nodded, “The adult side is absolutely not a problem, the heroine will have to strip in public in the first episode.”

Theodore: “Poof” This, this, this what the hell.

All kinds of people have all kinds of ideas, time waits for no one, eight o’clock soon arrived, the first episode of “Violet Evergarden” broadcast in two countries at the same time.


The lively street, the warm lights, the light shining on the light blonde hair, the light shining in the jewel-like eyes, the blurred background.

Such an opening scene stunned the audience.

“This, this picture…”

“How can it be exquisite like a work of art?!”

“Ah! This light!”

Oh yes, the exquisite picture of “Violet Evergarden” is also a superior work among so many animes on Earth, not to mention the otherworlders who have not watched many animes.

A completely different style from the previous ones.

The girl in military uniform stopped in front of a booth, and the man in front also stopped: “What’s wrong?”

“Major’s eyes, it’s the same color as Major’s eyes. The way I felt when I saw this, this feeling, what is it called?”

The girl’s voice was very sweet, she was as beautiful as a doll, her eyelashes covered the turquoise blue pupils, and there was a brilliance that seemed to come from the bottom of the sea, beautiful and quiet.

Major’s emerald eyes, the emerald gem on the booth, melted into an intoxicating luster.

This is equivalent to a prologue.

After this delicate and beautiful transition, the girl opened her eyes in the hospital.

Then comes the interspersed background introduction.

The heroine is named Violet Evergarden, a demon and human hybrid. She is a simple weapon with a beautiful human appearance but no human heart. The war was over while she was wounded and hospitalized, and her superior, Major Gilbert, who appeared at the beginning, entrusted her to Lieutenant Colonel Hodgins. Somehow, the Major never showed up.

She lost her hands in the war, and now has arms made of titanium crafted by black dwarves. She only knows how to obey a person’s orders, she doesn’t seem to have human emotions, and her appearance is so beautiful… This setting is very novel for people in another world. Under such circumstances, the attachment she showed to Major Gilbert was very moving.

“Wow – this looks like a cool anime!” someone guessed.

That’s true if you look at the surface, that pretty girl is actually a weapon of war or something, how cool does that sound~

But soon, everyone was not excited.

The meaning revealed by those details, implying the death of the Major, those sad eyes, the delicate feelings of the characters… Wonderful, of course wonderful, but there is a sense of melancholy that weighs in the hearts of the audience.

The middle is also interspersed with Violet’s memories about the Major, and at the end, the two are covered in blood in the dark corridor. This is already a hint.

Lieutenant Hodgins asked Violet to choose one of the three dolls as her discharge gift. Violet chose the dog. Lieutenant Hodgins asked her why, and she replied: “The Major’s brother once said that I was Major Gilbert’s dog.” She said this with a very natural expression, as if she was saying something justified. That layer of melancholy was deepened when she associated it with the gentle way she had just rubbed her face against the dog doll.

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I watched VE ep1 for this (the moment it premiered) and I ended up crying so hard, I couldn’t breathe. XD It’s on Netflix btw.

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