Sacrifice to the Devil 47

Chapter 47 – Bless you to grow old together!

“What did you say?” Ying Chen didn’t understand what Wen Yu meant at first, after a dazed moment, he immediately grabbed his hand and said in surprise, “Are you serious?”

Wen Yu nodded.

The surprise came so suddenly that Ying Chen couldn’t believe it, and hesitantly asked, “Are you really willing?”

Wen Yu asked indifferently: “You don’t want to? You won’t have a chance if you don’t mark me this time.”

Ying Chen held Wen Yu’s hand tightly, hesitating to say anything. Putting his own mark on Wen Yu was something he had long dreamed of. But now, he just wants to make sure that Wen Yu is not doing this on a whim. He held on to his last-minute reason and said, “I’m afraid you will regret it.”

Humans all want to live longer, but the long and boring years after truly having eternal life become a kind of torture. Although Wen Yu’s decades of life are very short for him, he will give him enough conditions and love to let him live a carefree and happy life.

Wen Yu was amused when he saw his cautious look, and deliberately said with a cold face: “I count to three, if you don’t mark, I will sleep. One, two…”

“Wen Yu!”

Ying Chen stopped him urgently. In his extremely serious eyes, it could be seen that he wanted to mark him very much, but he was afraid that Wen Yu would regret, this contradiction.


Wen Yu’s voice fell mercilessly.

Ying Chen let go of his hand and leaned against the bed in despair as if he had lost everything, with melancholy in his eyes.

“Give you a chance and you don’t want it, but now you’re not happy.”

Wen Yu grabbed his hand and pressed it hard on his chest: “Okay, I’ll give you another chance.”

Ying Chen’s dim eyes suddenly widened, and he looked at Wen Yu in disbelief.

Wen Yu stopped playing with him, and said sincerely: “Do you know why I didn’t want your mark in my previous life? Because if I wear your mark, I can’t enter that place, and can’t get you medicine. So I lied to you and said I was afraid of pain.

“Actually, I want to. I would love to be together forever with you, no matter how long the years are.”

The young man looked at him with a smile, with a bright soft light in his clear eyes: “Ying Chen, give it to me.”

“Wen Yu.” Ying Chen’s voice was choked, and the hand on the boy’s chest trembled slightly.

The process is surprisingly simple.

Ying Chen hugged him tightly in his arms, the hand on his chest was as gentle as if he was afraid of hurting him. Wen Yu only saw a dazzling light emanating from Ying Chen’s palm, so dazzling that he closed his eyes tightly.

When the blinding light dissipated, Wen Yu opened his eyes to see his body was covered with a layer of light that did not dissipate for a long time. But the body felt the same as before, nothing out of the ordinary.

Ying Chen hugged him and lay down, leaning on the place where he left his mark and kissing constantly. Wen Yu saw that his eyelids were red, and the end of his eyes was moist.

“Is that it?” he asked.

Ying Chen whispered: “Does it hurt?”

“I don’t feel anything.” Wen Yu doubted: “That’s it? In the future, can I really not grow old like you and live for hundreds of years?”

Ying Chen: “As long as you want, it can take thousands of years.”


Wen Yu pushed Ying Chen away from his body in surprise, jumped out of bed excitedly, and looked at himself from head to toe: “In a thousand years, can I see the future world? Maybe I can live on the moon and Mars in the future? “

Ying Chen smiled: “If you want to go to the moon, you can do it now.”

Wen Yu: “You can take me to fly to the moon?”

Ying Chen said: “If you take the spaceship, you can.”

Wen Yu: …

Just immersed in excitement and joy, he didn’t think his question was stupid at all.

Suddenly, he thought of an important question: “By the way, how much money do you have? Is it enough for us to spend a few lifetimes?”

After asking, he thought about it and said, “Well, it doesn’t matter, I can also earn money to support the family in the future. We should be able to live well.”

After hearing this, Ying Chen immediately found a bunch of documents in their bedroom bookcase to show Wen Yu: “These are the real estate and minerals under my name, many of which are abroad. These are some proofs of equity, these are some proofs of collection.”

Finally, he took the computer to open several of his accounts: “This is the balance of deposits in several foreign banks, if you think it is not enough, I will think of a way.”

Wen Yu: …

He was embarassed that he was worried about money.

“Right!” He thought of another question: “Is your mark in my soul equal to a subordinate contract relationship. Will I be like Uncle Zhao, unable to refuse any of your orders?”

If that’s the case, with Ying Chen’s perverted level, he will definitely gain an inch in something, and he can’t refuse. Wen Yu was startled and scared, and had some secret expectations.

Ying Chen held back his smile: “Do you want to try it?”

Wen Yu looked solemn and nodded: “Give me your next order.”

Ying Chen pointed to the bathroom: “Wen Yu, I order you to go inside and lie down in front of the mirror.”

Sure enough!

Wen Yu blushed and kicked over: “Roll!”

Ying Chen laughed and rolled twice on the bed, then came back and hugged him tightly.


For the next few days, Ying Chen drove Wen Yu to and from school every day.

When he went in the morning, he would ask Ying Chen to stop a block away from the school and walk to the school by himself.

And when school was over, no matter how many times he instructed, Ying Chen still drove his eye-catching luxury car in a dignified manner and parked it in front of the school waiting for him.

Within a few days, many people in the school knew that their freshman school heartthrob, Wen Yu, was picked up by a more handsome man in a luxury car every day.

As a result, many people in the campus forum posted speculations: what is the relationship between the two?

This day, Wen Yu sat in the classroom and saw the post about him. The post also came with a picture of him: the location was in front of the school, when Ying Chen picked him up, and he himself was sulking a bit. Standing in front of the car talking to Ying Chen about something.

Ying Chen looked down at him with a smile, and was opening the car door for him.

In the photo, Ying Chen is just a side face, and the pixels are blurred. But the figure, facial features, and temperament still caught the attention of most students in the crowded campus gate. It’s no wonder that in just a few days, they have been making such a fuss.

Wen Yu felt so arrogant in his heart, and secretly replied to the post anonymously, wanting to calm down the discussion and whitewash himself: [Everyone, stop guessing, that person is his brother.]

Hot posts are hot posts, and soon, someone responded to him one after another:

Floor 180: [Is it really his brother? I see the two of them looking at each other’s eyes quite not right.]

Floor 181: [Optometrist?]

Floor 185: [Hey, are you guessing and making rumors? I don’t know how much trouble this will bring to the parties! Admins are advised to delete the post.]

189th floor: [It’s not that we are guessing, but the two of them are so handsome. If it is really a brother, I can rest assured to chase Wen Yu, this little brother.]

Floor 190: [As long as you are not afraid of becoming the public enemy of the girls in the school.]

198th floor: [Hehe, this post is full of girls, all of them want to chase after the little brother.]

Wen Yu: …

In the building (post) that was gradually getting taller, suddenly another person sent a comment with a picture.

[It was taken at the gate of the school now!! There’s evidence! Sisters, give up!]

Wen Yu: ??? What evidence?

With a bad premonition, he opened the picture and saw that it was Ying Chen’s car, parked at the school gate.

It’s just that in this photo, there is a big bouquet of red roses on the driver’s seat through the window.

The comments in that post also exploded:

[Ah, ah, really is two handsome guys falling in love, is this the rhythm of confession?]

[Go to the gate to watch. Ahhhhhh!]

[Wu wu wu, I still have next class, kindly make a video for us, thank you.]

In the large classroom where Wen Yu was, there were also classmates who were secretly watching the forum, quietly turning their heads to look at Wen Yu.

Wen Yu: …

Still don’t know why Ying Chen put a large handful of red roses in the car, he has become the focus of attention online and in reality.

He immediately packed his bag, found a corner in the school where there were few people, and picked up his phone to call Ying Chen: “Where are you?”

Ying Chen: “At the gate of your school. Is school over yet?”

Wen Yu: “Did you put a bouquet of flowers on the seat?”

Ying Chen: “Did you see me? Where are you?”

Wen Yu: “Why are you buying flowers! Now some classmates have photographed you and posted it on the campus forum. Many of them think you want to propose, leave quickly, I’ll take a taxi home!”

Ying Chen didn’t have any sense of being guilty at all, and smiled: “Didn’t you say that you will invite Uncle Liu and your friends for a banquet tonight? There must be something to decorate at home.”

Wen Yu: “Then there’s no need for roses!”

Still red roses!

Tonight, he invited Uncle Liu, Xu Cheng, Zhao Xiaoliang, and the others to have dinner at home, and take this opportunity to tell them about his relationship with Ying Chen.

He was already feeling embarrassed, but now, Ying Chen still bought red roses in such a high-profile way, making him feel even more embarrassed.

He fiercely warned again: “Don’t take out the roses, and leave quickly so that my classmates don’t take pictures of you. I’ll call a taxi home myself!”

After hanging up the phone, Wen Yu deliberately waited for a long time to leave the school for insurance, and he went through the back door.

During this period, he received another call from Xia Mu, and he picked it up as he walked: “Mr. Xia, how is Mr. Rong?”

These days, he has been keeping in touch with Xia Mu, asking about Rong Di’s situation every day. Uncle Zhao, who stayed there, also used various methods to prevent Rong Di’s state from continuing to deteriorate.

Xia Mu: “Uncle Zhao said that Rong Di is out of danger, but he is still in a comatose state.”

When he spoke, he hesitated, as if there was something he wanted to say but it was difficult to say.

Wen Yu asked, “Is there something you need me to do?”


Xia Mu had some difficulty in saying: “Uncle Zhao said that if he could get the help of Mr. Ying’s spiritual power, Rong Di might be able to wake up faster.”

He knew about Wen Yu and the others in their last life from Uncle Zhao, so he knew how much Ying Chen hated Rong Di. He didn’t dare to force Ying Chen to help save Rong Di, but he still wanted to find Wen Yu with the last glimmer of hope.

Wen Yu frowned: “I’ll try it.”

After all, that night he spent all sorts of efforts, soft and hard, to get Ying Chen to stop killing Rong Di. Wen Yu felt that it would be a little difficult to persuade him to save him.

Xia Mu sighed and laughed: “It’s okay, we’re already grateful that Rong Di survived. He also deserved what he got, he deserves to be in a coma now.”

Wen Yu: “Don’t worry too much. They both seem to have big lives. Don’t be sad, Teacher Xia. I believe that as long as you are here, Mr. Rong will definitely wake up for you.”

He only comforted Xia Mu in a low voice, not paying attention to the surrounding situation.

When he heard a burst of cheers, he found that he was already standing in the sight of many people. Everyone outside the gate was looking at him, smiling and cheering.

Wen Yu was surprised and looked up.

At a glance, he saw the familiar figure in the middle of the crowd. Ying Chen was wearing black clothes and black pants, holding a handful of fiery red roses, looking at him and smiling.

The voices of the people around became louder and louder, and Wen Yu heard some of them shouting: Bless you to grow old together!

Wen Yu was suddenly nervous, and his heart beat rapidly.

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