Chapter 179 – Editor’s Notes and the Ascetics

Editor’s Notes:

“Winter is finally here. Before I got in touch with those human civilians on the continent, I simply felt that winter was a beautiful season. There are snowflakes and sweet peaches in winter snow. I like to sit in front of the window and read books on snowy nights, and I like to watch snowflakes quietly covering the wind lamps, that’s beautiful. But now, I know more about how many poor people die in the cold of winter, which disturbs me, they also have their own families, and they also have their own dreams, they died not because of war or because of some earth-shattering event, they died because of their poverty, and we can reach out to help them.

Yes, I’m advertising Bird of the Dawn, but I’m running this ad with a clear conscience.

There is no such phenomenon in the demon realm, because no demons in the demon realm will starve to death. The materials in the demon realm are relatively richer than that of human world, and they do not need to pay too much to the demons in the upper positions. So, I was shocked when I learned that human beings are facing so many difficulties. I like the human race, and I admire the human race that can defeat us with a strong, unending spirit, so I think it would be a pity that such people with infinite possibilities would die like this.

The marriage between the Ice Emperor and Miss Jackson is very important to the Magnolia Empire, Mülheim, and the Demon Realm, it is like the last three-way contract in “Violet Evergarden”. I can say directly that whoever breaks this marriage is not just an enemy of our three parties, but of the entire human race. But I think no one wants to break this marriage~ Haha~

“Violet Evergarden” has come to an end, and the next anime to be launched is “Girls’ Last Tour”. This is a story of two very cute girls traveling together, which will definitely make you very happy. In addition, I heard that some people advocate holding an Air Show in reality, just like the Air Show in “Violet Evergarden”, where you can write to anyone you want, your future self, your future lover, those who have left, and those around you, and then let the mage make the letters ride the wind, pretending that the letter was sent to the other party’s heart – no need to pretend, this heart will definitely be conveyed. I discussed it with King Magnolia and Ice Emperor, they both think it is feasible. Please wait for the announcement of the specific time.

I want to write to my future me to ask if my future me has achieved peace and built a truly beautiful, equal, and happy world. What about you?

Love, Greenwald. “


The continent is currently in turmoil.

However, the commoners and minor nobles did not feel much about this, they only felt that everything was going for the better.

During this time, the “Bird of Dawn” charity organization has become more and more popular.

“What do you think about this issue?” Ice Emperor Claude put down the magazine in his hand and asked Olivia next to him.

Olivia was dressed very homey today, with the family crest embroidered with pearls on her dress, and her golden hair tied in a delicate and lovely braid over her shoulders, making her look even more lovely than usual. She thought for a moment, put down her black tea, and said, “Actually, I think the prevalence of charitable organizations is a dereliction of duty on the part of the Empire.”

This is a very sharp and rebellious sentence, which will make most nobles furious after hearing it. But the Ice Emperor appreciates that in Olivia. He pondered for a while, and finally said: “Is the empire used to protect all the people or to protect the nobles, this is a big question, and this is also the choice faced by all kings.”

“The Magnolia Empire only protects nobles and kings.” Olivia looked seriously at the Ice Emperor, “But I think you should protect all your people, or rather, I hope my husband does.”

“I think so too, Olivia.” Ice Emperor Claude nodded seriously, he kissed the back of Olivia’s hand, “Thank God for letting me meet you.”

At this time the setting sun spilled its afterglow over the entire castle, and the glass of the narrow, tall windows were glowing.

An hour later, Hill will send a message that the Pope has decided to assassinate Olivia.


After establishing a formal partnership with the Magnolia Empire and the Ice Empire, Hill was ready to recruit humans into the Demon Realm. As far as charity is concerned, he implements a food-for-work strategy. The total number of demons—except for some special species like slimes, is far less than the human race, so attracting some human labor is beneficial to the construction of the Demon Realm.

Humans who come to the Demon Realm are provided with food and lodging, and they can bring their families along with them. With the guarantee from the King, some commoners who cannot survive in the human world just follow the demons. Hill intends to let these humans settle down in the Demon Realm.

It is worth mentioning that some nobles with a keen sense of smell asked their second sons to follow.

Hill built houses and villages for the humans who were about to immigrate to the demon realm, and then he began to build a seaside resort by the Endless Sea, according to the tourism infrastructure of Maldives, Semporna, and so on.

A really big construction.

At the same time, he also officially began to rectify the education system of the demon realm.

There is currently no need to change the way the demons educate their children. After the demons grow up and complete the basic education within the clan, they will come to the Central Academy for full-time training. The role of Ghost Binns in the Magnolia School of Magic finally came into play. Many of his students decided to go directly to the Demon Realm for educational support after graduation. In addition, there are already many paladins in the demon realm, so the school’s personnel framework has been established.

The next big thing is medical care. Most medical research in this day and age can scare people to death. In Josh Kenny, a skilled doctor can instantly sl!t a throat, cut off a tumor, and can saw off a leg in less than three minutes. That’s a leg, a leg with bones.

After listening, Dark Elf Albrecht said with emotion: “This doctor is really a killer material.”

As a natural killer, Albrecht’s words are very authoritative.

“You make me laugh to death,” Hill patted the table and said.

“I’m serious,” Albrecht said. “It’s incredible to be able to do this with human power.”

Hill thought for a moment and made the comment, “Cut the leg off without paying attention to blood.”

At that time, the standard for evaluating surgeons was whether they were able to do well. Mainly at that time, there were no anesthetics and antibiotics, so the most important thing was to do surgery quickly, which could greatly increase the survival rate of patients.

Previously, Hill didn’t go to the medical treatment because the demons didn’t have much demand for it, but now it’s time to start. He knows.

The first thing to develop is herbal medicine. Ordinary mages will know some herbal knowledge, but they will monopolize it to protect the authority of the mages. After all, if ordinary people can use herbal medicine, it will invariably lower the status of mages.

After working hard all night, Hill threw a lot of materials to the scientific research department for them to study, including microscopes and fungi. By the way, Hill was curious about what the magic element under the microscope looked like.

Later, a medical system was established, and a large part of the former doctors were unemployed. Hill gathered many of them and trained them to be… er, killers. The trainers are dark elves. These doctors are making rapid progress one by one…

When he left Winter City last time, Hill took a batch of seeds and seedlings of winter snow sweet peach from Ice Emperor Claude and returned to the Demon Realm. That thing was really delicious, he ate once and could not forget.

Hill personally wandered around the demon realm and divided the planting area for winter snow sweet peach.

On the periphery of a lush forest, there are many freshwater lakes in the forest, and the tree species are very rich, such as carambola, banyan, cotton tree… Hill likes cotton trees. The cotton tree’s fallen flowers don’t fade, making it the most beautiful gesture to say goodbye to the world, which is quite philosophical.

Each tree seemed to have an entire ecosystem attached to it, their bark covered with moss, vines clinging to branches, and tiny bugs crawling around. People with intensive phobia and fear of insects will probably leave this beautiful world peacefully at a glance.

Hill found turtles in a lake in the forest. Turtle, this is not only a delicacy on the table, but also a very nourishing Chinese medicine material. Oh, and also aphrodisiac (…). Oh, a new study a few years ago showed that turtles can excrete urea in their mouths. Cough. This thing is very fierce and aggressive, and can eat its own kind when there is a lack of food. Hill has always thought that eating the same kind of animal is a bit scary. Speaking of which, hamsters are also the same. Hill’s former college roommate bought 2 hamsters from Taobao and received 1.5 hamsters. At that time, the trauma he received when the express delivery was unpacked ah…

At present, “Red Moon” has been launched, and this game mode has been very popular as soon as it is released. People on Earth have already enjoyed various game modes, so real game fans scoff at this kind of game that does not require any operation and only requires krypton gold, but this is just right for people in the other world, just enough for them to be exposed to the online game model. In the online game mode, the gameplay alone can make them addicted for a period of time. Plan pass.

At the same time, then there is the male upgrade novel fast food literature. In addition to the kind of cultivating, upgrading, and fighting monsters, traditional male-upgrade novels also have the type of rebirth and cool, such as being a school boss and a school flower after restarting the school. As usual, Hill did not plan to spend too much energy on this, and still recruited authors to write after finishing the outline.

The serialization of “The Godfather” in “Demon Realm Magazine” ended, and Hill started serializing “Journey to the West” and “The Alchemist” directly in the magazine.

Now that there are enough foundations for Eastern mythology, “Journey to the West” can be released. After “Journey to the West” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, works such as “The Legend of Wukong” and “Nezha: Birth of the Demon Child” can be produced. Go resist, go and overthrow the mountain that is over your head, go and shout: my life is up to me, not the sky.

Hill has now begun to attack with all his strength.


Night. Teresa pushed open the basement door.

These ascetics have not slept for three days.

Teresa looked at the three ascetics in turn, and then said, “It’s time for you to rest.”

The leader of the ascetic team stared blankly at Teresa without speaking.

Teresa’s smile was soaked with a little evil intent: “As expected of the ascetics, each of you is not dead.”

“No,” Another ascetic said, his vocal cords seemed to be torn, his voice was hoarse, and his eyes were bloodshot. At this time, he looked very much like the male protagonist who pressed the heroine against the wall in a female upgrade novel, saying “don’t leave me, baby” over and over again, with red eyes and a hoarse voice. But the former is ugly, the latter is cheesy.

“Sleep if you don’t want to die,” Teresa’s voice deepened with malice, “If you choose to live, then live.”

“Bishop Shelley,” cried the captain of the ascetics.

“Well,” Teresa smiled, and he returned to his natural look, “Go to sleep, I will take you to see the Demon King tomorrow, and he will solve your confusion.” Looking at the condition of these few ascetics, there’s no problem to mention the Demon King in front of them.

An ascetic struggled and said, “I don’t understand, why…”

“Since you still have the strength to ask questions, it means that you are in good shape.” Teresa stretched out his hand, his palm was condensed with holy light, and then he smiled and said: “I have found true faith, look, My Lord has not yet deprived me of the Holy Light, which means that I am on the right path. His Holiness the current Pope is wrong, he is the heretic. I want to redefine God and the Church. Let’s rest first, and we’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

It is impossible for the ascetics to betray God, so don’t let them betray God, just let them betray the pope.

And Teresa will become the new Pope.

And, as fanatics of God, these ascetics will voluntarily take these projection stones back to the Church and give them to other ascetics to see.

Once again, the ascetics, are the foundation of the Church of Light.

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