Chapter 180.1 – Air Show


Hill is not unfamiliar with this term, there are many descriptions of it on Earth.

“Lord Demon King, do you have time to meet the ascetics? I’ve finished the pre-processing,” Teresa said to Hill.

This “pre-processing” is a bit interesting, it sounds like cooking.

“Actually, I don’t have much time.” These days, Hill’s schedule is indeed quite full, to see the ascetics are theoretically a big deal, Hill thought for a moment, “Forget it, bring them to the Air Show together, and then I’ll think of something to say to them.”

“Lord Demon King, you can say anything you want, just like the old days,” Teresa said.

What a joke. Hill thought to himself. He used to say things seemingly at random, but they were carefully planned and then pretended to be “random”, and then he could enjoy others’ admiration and respect and fear. He was reading the MLM, corporate culture, college entrance exam guidelines, and other inspiring things every day before going to bed, so he could open and close his mouth to come up with those lines. “You can say anything you want”, oh, if you really let him feel free to say anything he wants, he will only say dirty jokes to those ascetics and scare them to death.

Hill said outwardly, after a moment of sarcasm, “I see.”

Teresa bowed and then left.

The oil lamp burned quietly in the darkness, and Hill gazed at it for a moment, then closed his eyes.

“My King?” Irvine’s voice came from in front of him.

“Jasmine, orange peel, gray tree bark,” Hill said, “Then go out, I’m going to rest.”

“Yes, My King,” Irvine got down on one knee, then quickly added what Hill said to the incense burner. A light, bitter fragrance immediately emanated from the incense burner and spread throughout the bedroom, calming the nerves, relieving stress, and relaxing the mind and body.

There is nothing to worry about. I’m a demon king.

Hill said in his heart and then closed his eyes.


Shortly after the end of Violet Evergarden, from top to bottom and bottom to top, the call for an Air Show rang out, and ministers signed a joint petition, to which both the Ice Emperor and King Magnolia agreed.

In order to show support for the Air Show, the Demon Malls supply free paper and provide free ghostwriting services – the ghostwriters are demons. Hill was just able to take this opportunity for humans and demons to spend more time together, and he really made use of every opportunity.

“A mosquito is still meat,” Joan Baker commented.

Hill suddenly began to bar: “Then you eat a mosquito for me to see.”

Joan Baker: …you just want to be amused.

The Air Show was very grand, with volunteer help from the common mages, imperial mages, and a few liches from the demon race, who together were responsible for making masses’ letters fly away with magic. Nowadays, with the passage of time and the deepening of concepts, humans are more curious to see the demons and there is not much hatred and discrimination anymore – of course, this is limited to the humans of Mulheim, Magnolia Empire, and Plague Islands.

The day was very lively, Hill, the Ice Emperor, and Olivia all showed up, Olivia wrote to Elizabeth – the heroine she played in “Pirates of the Caribbean”. In the letter, she regarded Elizabeth as a friend, and talked to her about her recent situation, telling her that she brought her a lot of positive influence.

“I’m really very lucky to be able to play you, your bravery, perseverance, and wisdom have given me great inspiration, I want to become a good person like you. You succeeded, you became a Pirate King, and I will succeed too. Wish me luck.”

Olivia wrote this.

The Ice Emperor, for his part, wrote to the Ice Emperor I of Mülheim, saying that he founded the Ice Empire, that he was the object of worship of all the succeeding Ice Emperors, and that now, Claude, had such ambitions to become an emperor no less than Ice Emperor I. If Hill and his plans go well, the glorious future of Ice Emperor Claude is just around the corner.

In Magnolia City, King Magnolia, Princess Delia, Old Jackson, Theodore, and all these people also appeared in the Air Show. In addition, Hill also let the demon realm’s today stars to participate in the Air Show in all major cities.

Oh, this kind of festival, of course, can’t avoid the live show of Bard Grant and Black Dwarf Copper Tooth. The two of them are now well known, and their humorous and funny hosting style is a big hit to the audience.

Before the Air Show began, Teresa sent the ascetics to Hill, Hill did not say anything at that time, only asked them to follow him, so the whole time, the three ascetics followed Hill, watching his every move and observing the whole Air Show.

They were a little surprised at first to see the demons and humans mixed together, but those humans/demons had smiles on their faces, which confused them greatly.

They knew that this festival originated from the demon race, but now, there are actually so many humans celebrating this festival, why is this? What is happening in front of them is confusing, but in connection with what Bishop Teresa Shelley said last night, they seem to have some clarity.

True Faith…?

Ice Emperor Claude did not know these three ascetics, he thought they were Hill’s three bodyguards. These three bodyguards looked quite human – Claude thought so in his mind at that time. As a result, Hill said to him, “These are the ascetics of the Church!” At that time, Claude was so shocked that he almost fell off the city tower.

Hey! Lord Demon King! Can’t you have a sense of crisis? These are ascetics, ascetics! Who can stop these three from turning into angels here? Wait, it seems that you can stop… problem is, this is too dangerous, right?

The Ice Emperor really showed a face like seeing a ghost kind of expression.

“Your reaction is a little big, ah,” Hill touched his jaw.

“It is you who has no sense of crisis, right?” Ice Emperor Claude gripped the bar tightly, he really had to grit his teeth.

Hill flashed a carefree smile at Ice Emperor Claude, then turned his head to look at the ascetics over there, “What do you think of the human emperor being so hostile to you?”

“I didn’t say anything…” spat Ice Emperor Claude over there.

“Some things just can’t be put into words,” Hill said.

“I said it for your own good,” Ice Emperor Claude said.

“You sound like my mother,” Hill said.

Ice Emperor Claude understood: “I’d be a fool if I talk to you again.”

Hill returned victorious, laughed a few times, and looked at the three ascetics: “You haven’t answered my question.”

The leader of the ascetics shook his head and did not say anything.

“I’m sure Teresa has already said what needs to be said.” Hill cast his gaze to the blue sky filled with flying envelopes. “He asked you to come to see me, I think it is to let you further determine your inner thoughts.”

The third ascetic spoke: “Are you really a demon king?”

Today, Hill is wearing a black linen coat, gray wool cloak with a gray-green gem brooch pinned to the left shoulder. He seems to be a low-key human, old-school aristocrat, the kind of temperament that can make people feel comfortable.

“That’s a good question.” Hill smiled and said, “Are you really a believer? I have a feeling that believers don’t say such things.”

That ascetic opened his mouth and actually couldn’t say anything.

It seems that the power of movies and anime is really quite big, watching this scene, Hill had some clarity, “But I personally think you guys are right to have thoughts, your god gave you brains just to make you understand right and wrong. Let me ask you, you have just participated in a festival advocated by the demons, do you think this festival has meaning?”

Another ascetic spoke up, “If it is written to a dead person, the person is already dead, so it has no meaning.”

“How can one say that a letter written to a dead person is meaningless when it comforts the living?” Hill asked rhetorically.

The ascetic opened his mouth and continued, “Those who are thus consoled are not pious enough…”

“But the masses are like that, and the masses are so insufficiently pious… Is this the fault of the Church?” Hill continued to ask.

Ice Emperor Claude, at first, listened with interest, but his face was getting worse and worse, Hill at this time also displayed a terrible look. Not the kind of scary murderer and grim face, but a kind of horror in another sense.

As expected, the ascetics cannot answer the question, their faces are as dead as the wood.

“I have another question, the God of Light is like the sun hanging high in the sky, whether we recognize the sun is objective existence, the insult and contempt of others cannot have the slightest impact on this, then why do you still want to spread faith? Why then do you sanction blasphemy? According to this, it is not the gods that are blasphemed, but their own intelligence. So, it doesn’t make sense, does it?” Hill said lightly, “This is according to your theory, but of course, you can withdraw that theory.”

One of the ascetics over there got up with unsteady breath, he started panting heavily, and holy light came out from inside his whole eyes and nose. Ice Emperor Claude subconsciously shielded Olivia, Hill thought for a moment, he reached out his paw, and patted him on the shoulder, “I suggest you calm down, man, all of you.”

The holy light was forcibly squeezed back, the ascetic took another moment to catch his breath and returned to normal, “Thank you, thank you…”

He actually said “thank you”.

Hill immediately knew what he should say next.

“You guys go back and think about it, just don’t explode, remember, you are valuable, remember, there are only four true believers in this world now, one is Bishop Shelley, the other is you three, the other believers are blinded, only you see the truth, so you can’t die,” Hill bullshitted while showing a charming smile, “Next, I have something I would like to ask for your help, and I think you will not refuse. Oh, it’s also Bishop Shelley’s intention.”

At a time like this, when faith is basically shattered, new systems have not yet been established, and their brains are in chaos, Hill giving them orders is even a salvation for them.

After the ascetics went back, Hill looked at Ice Emperor Claude, “Claude, my brother…”

“Don’t you talk to me,” Claude said.

“What’s wrong?” Hill asked.

“I feel like you’re a little heinous and I don’t want to talk to you today,” Claude said.

Hill didn’t know whether to cry or laugh: “Okay, okay.”

He and the Ice Emperor are really getting more and more familiar, which is good.

The scattered envelopes were flying in the blue sky. Today was supposed to be cloudy, Hill let the liches dispel the clouds and give the Air Show a splendid weather.

It was the sunniest day of this winter in memory.

At the same time, it was also the beginning of a storm for the entire continent.

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