Chapter 180.2 – Remove Followers

Before the Air Show was held, Teresa returned from Mülheim to the Holy City of Oitin Empire, but he did not go to see the Pope first, but went home first.

Teresa is a second-generation official, his father’s status back then was a bishop. His father is a very qualified priest, did not do anything to harm God, nor did he do anything compassionate. These decades of serving the church, in front of corruption and embezzlement, his hands are always closed, and so are his eyes. He has a good heart, and occasionally do some good things, but he spends most of his time abiding by his duties. So, in Hill’s point of view, in essence, he is just an enabler.

Hill has always believed that if you only say kind words, it is useless, you have to do kind things. Hill actually leans toward the consequentialist. Hitler was a vegetarian, he advocated quitting drinking and smoking. He only had one partner from beginning to end, and he had a good temper with the people around him… So, what does this mean? It means nothing. He’s a devil who has killed so many people, he cannot be whitewashed.

Teresa’s home is a beautiful estate on the edge of the Holy City. The snow had just fallen, and the white manor was like a big gem set in the plain, and it was even more beautiful when the snow covered the whole land. The pillars in front of the porch are the same color as the white snow, and the snowflakes look fluffy on the trees in the courtyard. The scene in front of him is like a fairy tale. When Teresa walked in with a silver-handled cane and a red coat, the whole picture came alive.

The evil bishop walks into the snow-covered manor.

Like a sentence in a poem.

Now, he has a few moments of honor returning to his home, the servants and cooks are excitedly taking the initiative to prepare various things to welcome their young master. Teresa went through the process very much in accordance with the etiquette, and then when talking to Old Shelley alone, he told Old Shelley directly and generously that he planned to be the Pope.

“I hope you can cooperate, Dad,” Teresa said. He said it in the same way he begged his dad to play games with him when he was a kid.

Old Shelley stared at his son, who looked familiar but unfamiliar now. After a long time, he sighed, and finally said what was hidden in his heart: “What if I want you to stop?”

“I can’t stop now, Dad,” Teresa said lightly. “I’ve come to a point of no return.”

Stop? How? By pretending to gradually change from a Hawk to a neutral party? Then the Pope will be wary of him. Teresa’s actions over the years have not been impeccable. If the Pope really put a lot of effort into investigating Teresa, what awaits Teresa must be a tragic ending. The Pope is a ruthless man, although he looks a little confused now, it is completely based on the disparity of information. The Pope can stay in this position for nearly a hundred years, it is not by luck. And Teresa understands that one of the main reasons why he can get to where he is today is that he is lucky. Otherwise, he would not be the Pope’s opponent.

Continue to be a hawk? If he continues, he will have to do a fake show. In such a situation, can he stop the demons? The first unlucky person after the demons gain power is him.

Completely cut off contact with the demons? This is even more impossible. Assuming Teresa can do it himself, but the other side can do the same to screw him over. One of the reasons why Teresa admired Monroe and Hill was their sanity, knowing that if he really betrayed them, they would have absolutely no mercy on him. Teresa didn’t think that Hill would let him go if he wanted to quit. At most, Hill would not let him die, but he would deprive him of everything, making his life worse than death.

Old Shelley sighed slowly, he realized that his wish for his son to be safe and sound for the rest of his life was just an extravagant hope, “I’m sorry, I’m so incompetent.” There was sadness in Old Shelley’s voice, he was really old.

The snowflakes were falling quietly outside. This was the first snow in the Oitin Empire in winter.

“You just did what you were supposed to do within a certain range.” Teresa looked at the snow outside, his tone was a little ethereal, “I had a lot of complaints at the beginning, but now I find it’s not easy for you.”

Old Shelley also turned his eyes to the scenery outside, and he sighed again. “No one in this world has an easy life.”

“Since it’s not easy, it’s better to do something big.” Teresa looked back, his voice was still relaxed, he didn’t realize that he was deliberately imitating Hill’s temperament, “Anyway, it’s a long life, it’s better to do something big.”

Old Shelley stared at his son’s face without saying a word.

Teresa continued: “I brought a lot of demon specialties, and the canned food you said last time you thought tasted good. After I got used to the food of the demon realm, I found that most of the food of human beings is really hard to swallow. Just as I’m used to living awake and thinking that living with my eyes closed and drifting with the flow is a completely unacceptable nightmare.”

Old Shelley understood his son’s determination from this sentence. He felt sad, but there was relief in the sadness. This was his son, and his son would surpass him. “The Pope sent someone to see Ms. Gina,” he said. “Will there be a problem?”

Teresa replied: “Oh, this matter is controlled by me, don’t worry.”

Teresa gave Gina to Old Shelley, she was the mother of the Pope’s illegitimate daughter, which Old Shelley knew about.

However, Teresa did not tell Ms. Gina and Old Shelley that he had let Alice go, but Old Shelley should be able to guess. Ms. Gina really thought her daughter was dead, she cried at first and then tried commit su*cide, but was saved by Old Shelley.

Teresa is mainly out of prudence. Ms. Gina is just an ordinary human being. If she is exposed to the Pope, the Pope will definitely come over to interrogate her through various magical means, or hypnosis, in case the Pope knows that Alice is not dead, everyone will have to say goodbye. Teresa’s work is relatively thorough, he was Monroe’s deputy in the past.

“Everything is in your plan,” Old Shelley sighed.

“Everything is in the plan of me and Lord Monroe and Lord Demon King,” Teresa said lightly, and then he thought for a moment, leaned over and kissed Old Shelley’s face.

Old Shelley almost fell off the chair in shock: “What’s the matter with you?”

Pfft. Scared enough to use “you” (formal).

“Communicate feelings, your reaction is too big.” Teresa smiled, because of his actions, the atmosphere at this time was much more relaxed, “Okay, then I will go to see the Pope, Father.”

“Be careful,” said old Shelley.

“No need to be careful.” Teresa had changed into Bishop Teresa Shelley, and he said solemnly: “Everyone knows my loyalty to the church, and I am willing to dedicate my body and soul to the God of Light, His Holiness the Pope also knows this.”

Play in a second. The kind of wonderful that can double-click 666.


The official reason for Teresa’s return to the Holy City this time is as follows: “The assassination is about to begin, and I need to avoid it.”

The Pope laughed a little at Teresa’s caution, “The other side will not drop their suspicions because of this move of yours.”

“But a part of the people will give up their doubts. The Bishop of Winter City has already left, so it is not the church that assassinated Olivia. At that time, I will issue a statement of heavy condolences, saying that if I were in Winter City, I would never let something like this happen,” Teresa said.

“You have more ideas than before,” said the Pope.

Teresa’s heart skipped a beat, but he said casually, “Being alone in Winter City, I have learned a lot.”

The Pope nodded, “That’s very good.”

Yes, Teresa’s return this time is indeed to avoid and confuse some people, but the object is not the people, but the Pope himself – you see, I’m back from Winter City, so the assassination is none of my business, the assassination failure has nothing to do with me, it is the incompetence of the ascetics, it is not my business.

Treacherous, really treacherous.


There were countless things in front of Hill, and he tried to sort out his thinking as best he could, dealing with them one by one, and appointing others as he could. Fortunately, he has been taking Goldnia and the others with him from the beginning and has been instilling all sorts of things in them, raising soldiers for a thousand days, and finally, the time has come to use them.

The Demon Realm Amusement Park next to Winter City is divided into multiple areas. The area where the wedding is held is the fairy tale area. The fairy tale area is actually a small Disneyland. Hill made it according to the drawings of Disneyland. The rest are Dark Elf District, Fallen Angel District, Demon Dragon District… These areas are all built with the characteristics of the main races of the Demon Realm, each with its own characteristics.

Hill directly moved the skeleton construction team to the human world, and then hired many civilians to participate in the construction. The builder’s treatment is very good, including food and shelter, and this alone makes almost all the commoners excited. You must know that every winter, many commoners will freeze to death every year – this is a unique situation in Mülheim. Hill’s offer of a warm house plus food is enough to make the commoners crazy. At the same time, among the people of Mulheim, the prestige of the demons is getting higher and higher, and many people regard working for the demons as a kind of honor.

Because Hill has been living in Olivia’s house in Winter City, the Ice Emperor Claude directly gave Hill a manor (…).

The manor is built on the hot spring, even in such a bitter winter, the temperature at home is warm.

The house is surrounded by bischofia trees, which are better known by their other name: autumn maple trees.

The tree itself is lush and beautiful, suitable for decoration, and the wood has a fine structure and heavy mass, and is durable and resistant to rot and water and moisture. The fruit pulp can be made into wine, which is not very tasty if eaten directly, but the birds like it very much. And its seeds have high oil content, which can be practical and can also be used as a lubricant. If you use this lubricant and then contact the bird in front of you… Oh, this logical thinking is very smooth. Cough. Cough. In addition, its leaves and roots have the effect of expelling wind and swelling, and have medicinal value. Oh, plus the bark can be extracted red dye.

Hill is currently looking for all kinds of natural dyes. He is looking for cochineal insects all over the world. This insect is widely used on Earth. A large amount of carmine acid is extracted from the corpse of the insect, and many high-end lipsticks use this. Emmm, yes, the extracts of your fancy lipsticks are probably from insect carcasses.

After another piece of paper was pasted on the task wall, Hill felt that the task wall was simply horrible. He directly called the five elders and some of his subordinates and asked them to claim what they could do by themselves, and just ask him again when they really don’t know how.


The next day, an ascetic tried to assassinate Olivia in public at the end of the Air Show, and was stopped by the guards and the demons. He shouted “For the God of Light”, and this voice was heard clearly by the gathered nobles and commoners in front of the palace.

—Before that, Hill had already made a statement that the people who want to destroy the wedding of Olivia and the Ice Emperor would be the enemy of all mankind.

That night, the church announced that the ascetic was a traitor to the church, and that the church supported the wedding of Miss Jackson and the Ice Emperor.

At this point, the public opinion of the entire continent finally sided with Hill.

The ascetics who failed the mission returned to the Holy City with projection stones of anime and movies. They were ready to liberate the minds of other ascetics and let them realize what true faith should be like.

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