Chapter 181 – Anything can be made up for.

No one thought the ascetic would betray the Church of Light.

Ascetics are the most devout believers of the God of Light in the church, and successive popes can only use them, but cannot control them.

In fact, a hidden truth is that a number of popes feared their power, fearing that they might one day discover their disloyalty to the gods.

– This is the relationship between the pope and the ascetics.

The failure of the ascetic’s assassination was indeed beyond the Pope’s expectations, but it would not be absolutely incredible. There have been times when the ascetics have failed in their missions, but of course, they are rare.

What made him feel sweaty was that the spies reported that Teresa Shelley had lost his temper at home after hearing the news of the failed mission, and had broken a number of things. Teresa’s anger was understandable to the Pope, who believed that Teresa felt that the assassination should have been a sure thing if he was still in Winter City. He originally returned to the Holy City for the Church, but did not expect the failure to harm the Church. If it were him, he would be angry too. But it’s really not Teresa’s fault. The Pope is ready to comfort Teresa.

After the mission failed, the ascetics immediately returned to the Holy City. According to the church’s long-standing rules, the Pope has no right to deal with the ascetics, and the ascetics themselves will deal with the failed ascetics. Their punishment methods have always been extremely severe, so the Pope did not care.

What the Pope is currently worried about is the relationship between the Church and the Ice Empire, Mülheim, after this incident.

The relationship between the Church and Mülheim was already strained, and there was a period of peace after Teresa’s replacement. This assassination should have touched the inverse scale of the Ice Emperor Claude. It was good if the assassination was successful, but it failed, and it was well known to everyone.

The Pope understood that there would be a stalemate, he was prepared, but what happened next was still a shock to him.

Before the Ice Emperor could say anything, angry people stormed into the church in Mülheim, some even smashed the statues of the gods in the church! Punish, punish who? All the people are rioting! Isn’t this crazy?!

The Pope realized that this time, it seemed that the divine power had completely lost to the royal power. It was unexpected that the people would support the Ice Emperor so much. He was obviously just a kid… The Pope thought in his heart. He had met the Ice Emperor when the Ice Emperor was young, and he spread his influence to the Ice Emperor and his ministers, so for so many years, Winter City has almost always been in a situation where officials are strong and the king is weak. In recent years, Ice Emperor is gradually struggling to get out of the influence – Hill was also considered an accident at that time, he took the Ice Emperor out of the influence completely. But even without Hill, the Ice Emperor breaking through the shackles is just a matter of a few years.

Soon after, the Pope heard that claim – that the person who tries to sabotage the wedding between the Ice Emperor and Olivia is the public enemy of all mankind.

This made the Pope nearly vomit blood.

This, this, how did the Ice Emperor let the people come to this conclusion?

This is a big mess. The rest of the issues don’t matter – the Pope knows that to a certain extent, he can do whatever he wants, but that doesn’t include confrontation with humans. Not everyone is an ascetic, and when it comes to faith and life confrontation, those who choose to stand on the side of faith are still in the minority. Of course, if you use faith to stab others, then this is the majority (…).

So now it seems that this is the only trick.

On the same day, the Pope announced that the ascetic was a traitor to the church, and deliberately used this to smear the church. Just take the church out of this matter, and then issue a wanted notice for that ascetic. The Pope is very good at pushing the blame to someone else.

As for why the Pope could hear this information about the “enemy of all mankind”? That’s because Teresa isn’t in Winter City.

The Church of Light has a clear hierarchy, and there are things that are reported layer by layer. The priests who had been in Winter City before felt that the demons had too much advantage in public opinion. They felt inappropriate, so they reported it to Bishop Teresa, and then, hey, of course, they were directly intercepted by the bishop who was eating inside and out.

The next day, at the meeting of the Church of Light in the Holy City, Teresa said directly: “I’m going back to Winter City.”

Most people in the church now know what’s going on in Mülheim, and they think it’s better to stay out of the limelight. Anyway, no matter how big the problem is, there will be someone more powerful to solve it, the Pope will eventually solve the problem in the end. When Teresa said this, many people were surprised, thinking that this young man is so sincere.

There are priests who have good intentions for him: “I think, Bishop Shelley, you should wait until things over there are generally over before going back.”

“Because Mulheim is in chaos now, I should go back to preside over the overall situation.” Teresa Shelley rejected the other party’s good intentions: “I also ask His Holiness the Pope to punish those ascetics severely.”

The Pope frowned, he was not convenient to speak directly, naturally there were others who conveyed his meaning.

“This…” a priest said, “Do you need me to teach you a lesson on the most basic rules, Bishop Shelley?” He said this with a full provocative attitude.

“I can also teach you the meaning of life and death, sir.” Teresa opened his mouth coldly and said threatening words, then as the others’ faces turned pale, he looked at the Pope, his cold eyes seemed to have bits of cold rain, “My Lord is supreme, my Lord is merciful and forgiving, but we are human after all, and I think we should have more control.” His words made a lot of people in the room open their mouths. He sounded like a lapdog, sleazy minister who was holding up the Pope, but it was Teresa who said it, and he seriously believed that the Pope should have more secular power.

This has always been a topic of eternal struggle.

So, no one dared to interrupt.

After Teresa said this, he stood up straight, “Forgive me for leaving first, Your Holiness the Pope, I am in a hurry to return to Winter City.”

“Well.” The Pope pondered for a moment, and then said: “You choose two teams of ascetics. Now, Mulheim is in chaos, protect yourself.”

Cough. This is to raise Teresa’s status again.

“Thank you, Your Holiness the Pope,” Teresa nodded and left without salute.

Others couldn’t help thinking that the Pope really favored Teresa, but this Teresa looked too confident.

What they didn’t know was that the more Teresa was like this, the more at ease the Pope was with him.

The black sheepskin boots stepped on the street full of fallen leaves, with the soft sound of the decayed leaves crumbling under his feet, accompanied by the wind that raised the corners of his red cloak, inadvertently exposing the knight’s sword beside his waist. Teresa stood still after leaving the Holy Church area, and whispered: “I won’t let you wait too long, the hatred of the captain, the desire of the Lord Demon King… everything will be accomplished. I promise.”


When the church was in chaos and busy refuting rumors, Hill returned to the Demon Realm and started daily construction.

Some time ago, he assigned most of his work projects to his subordinates, Hill knew that it was a little too rushed, and those people were definitely not as good as him. But Hill himself was really lacking skills. Well. The demon’s body still has some skills, not that… Wait, what is he thinking… How come he suddenly became the object of his own crooked thoughts…

Hill cut off a piece of steak with force and put it into his mouth with a fork.

“My king, the human immigrants… You say they are called ‘immigrants’. There have been a lot of new problems recently, humans and goblins are not friendly to each other.”

It was a gray morning, and even at breakfast time the fog outside still hadn’t lifted. The raven could be heard screaming hoarsely on the windowsill, and Hill impatiently threw his fork over it. The raven was startled and immediately fluttered its wings and flew away, its black body fluttering through the fog and soon gone, but the sound of feathers fluttering hovered in the background.

“Er, My King?” the goblin elder asked in a little panic.

“You continue,” Hill said. “Ignore me.”

“Er… ok.” The goblin elder had no choice but to continue: “On the human side, because some humans always deliberately receive more than one portion of food. At first, it was only a few people, but gradually, it became like that for almost everyone. The humans look so much alike that the goblins have trouble telling them apart.”

“Use currency.” Hill continued to cut the steak with a knife. When he was on Earth, his strength could not support the relaxed and elegant style of cutting steak. At that time, he was frowning. When there was beef tendon, he couldn’t wait to stand up with the knife and fight wildly. Now that he has enough strength, the feeling of elegantly cutting the steak is simply too awesome. After cutting this piece, he looked at Alice next to him and said kindly, “Alice, if you can’t cut it, let me help you?”

“No, sir, I’ll work on it myself!” Alice said with a bit of a pout.

It’s not a good thing for a child to be too self-reliant… This sentence floated in Hill’s mind.

“But with currency…” said the goblin elder next to him.

“Give them daily wages for each day,” Hill said succinctly.


Hill directly interrupted the elder goblin: “There is no but, think of a way.”

“Okay, My King,” said the goblin elder.

This refreshing feeling is also quite good.

After breakfast, Hill called the death knight, Goldnia. He hadn’t inspected the territory for a long time. He planned to take him, the dark elf, and Irvine out for inspection.

Goldnia still looks like a typical death knight, with thick armor on the outside. Hill opened Goldnia’s mask and saw that there was no head inside, but a black mist. He reached in and grabbed a handful, then asked, “How do you feel?”

“Your hand just touched my brain, and my brain says it’s honored,” Goldnia said.

“Okay.” Hill smiled and shook his head, “Let’s go in a human form.”

“Yes, My King.” Death knights generally do not take human form. One is that they don’t have that habit, and the other is that they consume energy. Monroe turned into a human form mainly because Hill liked it.

Hill glanced at Goldnia’s face and found that he seemed a little worried, “Are you in trouble, Gol?” Hill asked.

“My King, this is what happened…”

“Forget it, I don’t want to know.” Hill said immediately, “Come on, let’s continue to talk about what just happened. This trip, we’ll go to the goblins on horseback first, then take the train to the school, and get off in the forest on the way…”

“Okay, My King,” Goldnia had no choice but to say.

They are indeed too dependent on the Lord Demon King nowadays, it’s time to deal with the problem properly on their own.


Although it has been more than a year since he traversed, Hill has not ridden a horse yet. Arranging such an itinerary today is also a whim. He has ridden horses on Earth not many times. The price of the horse riding field is as thrilling as the feeling of riding a horse. Now he can count it as an addiction?

It started to rain lightly in the morning, riding on horseback, the horse ran very fast, the red cloak behind him rolled like waves. The rain is blowing, and it feels very refreshing. This experience is really good. Hill wanted to howl with a song “Let us live in a dashing and unrestrained life as a companion in the world / Riding a horse and galloping to share the prosperity of the world”.

At present, a large number of humans live on the edge of the goblin territory, and Hill has built many wooden houses in advance. Those wooden houses are similar in appearance, with different house numbers on them. The main job of human beings in the demon realm is mining minerals, building railways with dwarves, give skeleton construction teams a hand, etc… Hill originally fantasized about allowing educated people among them to enter the Central Academy, but he found that it was really just a fantasy, few of the first humans who came to the demon realm were literate.

But take it slow, there will always be a way.

In addition, some of the second sons of the nobles among the human beings were arranged by Hill into administrative positions, assisting the five elders and their small staff—of course, they were in marginal positions and would not have access to core secrets.

After leaving the goblin territory, Hill examined a piece of land where the encyclopedia department said a town could be built.

This is a plain with beautiful scenery and abundant products. There are beautiful forests here with few large predators. There are also various large and small charming lakes with sweet fruits. In the distance, a waterfall stream can be seen falling from the mountain, in stark contrast to the dark rocks.

It’s really a nice place. Hill nodded secretly. This place is not far from the Blackrock Tower, and it can be used to build the first city in the Demon Realm. The Demon Realm had only villages and no cities before. Hill’s brain has already produced game CG pictures of various demon cities. Finally, he stood in the open space and thought for a moment, and decided that the entire cyberpunk-style demon city would be made. Today’s technical level of the demon realm would force the scientific research department and the black dwarves to take a step towards semi-industrialization.

Afterwards, he walked into the forest to take a look. The forest was endless. At first, the trees were not dense, and it could even be said to be sparse. But soon, the trees flourished, the rain snapped on the leaves and brought up a muddy rumble when stepping on the wet, leaf-covered ground. The forest was mostly occupied by herbivores, but Hill saw a very large tree with purple flowers hanging from it, gorgeous and beautiful, and had a musky scent.

“The Angel’s Trumpet,” said Dark Elf Albrecht.

“I don’t like the name,” Goldnia said succinctly.

“The original name was Mandala,” said Albrecht.

“Then why don’t you just say the original name?” Goldnia asked. “Is it because it’s better known by another name?”

“No.” Albrecht replied honestly: “My King likes Paladins. I said the alias to attract his attention and make him happy.”

Goldnia: “…”

Goldnia: “…Okay.”

Albrecht immediately wagged his tail and looked at Hill: “My King, My King?”

Hill was just thinking about something: “What?”

“Did you not hear, My King?” Albrecht asked.

“Well, I just thought of something…” Mandala is poisonous, and he remembers that it has anesthesia effect. After this trip, it’s time to deal with the problem of anesthesia. Hill was thinking about this, “What is it?”

“Nothing, My King.” Albrecht gave a big smile, “I’m going to go prepare lunch with Gol.”

“Go ahead,” Hill said.

On the way to prepare lunch, Goldnia asked, “Why don’t you say it to His Majesty again?”

“There is no need to waste His Majesty’s time to make him listen a second time if he didn’t hear me when I said it the first time.” Albrecht said easily: “My feelings for His Majesty has nothing to do with how he treats me. I know that a lot of times, my pleasing to him doesn’t improve his mood much, I just want to do it, even if it only makes him smile once, I’m satisfied… but to waste His Majesty’s time, that would be an outrageous thing.”

“Is that so…” Goldnia nodded, with some emotion.

All the demons know how much the Demon King has done for the demons, and the demons are also respecting and loving such a Demon King in their own way.

The whole atmosphere of the Demon Realm is really good.


It’s time for lunch!

The lunch in the forest is naturally mainly barbecued meat. Irvine also brought some sausages. With the freshly picked fruits and the directly scooped sweet spring water, this lunch is quite rich.

The grilled sausages sizzled over and over on the fire, tickling down with grease and looking plump and delicious.

The barbecue on the other side is poured with honey and various spices. This is Irvine’s own improved honey barbecue, which is very popular in the Demon Mall. The surface of the meat gradually turned an attractive burnt yellow, the skin began to crisp up, and the rich aroma came out. Irvine then cut the roasted meat into strips, wrapped them in a lettuce leaf, and handed it to Hill respectfully.

Hill took a bite after taking it. The spicy and pleasant barbecue was charred on the outside and tender on the inside, and the meat juice came out when he took a bite. It was greasy and delicious. The vegetable leaves wrapped around the outside effectively neutralize the greasy taste, making it unique and delicious.

Then Irvine conjured up a bunch of jelly again, Hill picked a piece of coffee jelly, the coffee was bitter and mellow, of course, with a milky aroma, as well as the jelly’s unique flavorful taste, which was just right to eat with barbecue. All this gives this little dessert the ability to easily captivate people.

There is also a kind of barbecue that is not wrapped in lettuce leaves. That kind of barbecue needs to be roasted for a longer time. When the fat is roasted, the barbecue sauce seeps through the burnt skin. Irvine’s control of the heat is excellent, and the finished roast is crispy and chewy on the outside, but the meat is tender enough to overflow with juice, the delicious sauce and meat itself mixed together, it is so delicious to the point of crying.

Feeling the blowing wind in the forest, listening to the chirping of the birds, eating barbecue, and drinking a sip of cold spring water.

It feels great.

After eating and drinking, Hill lay on the rocks over there to bask in the sun, “There are buffaloes in the place where I just came.”

“Have not eaten,” Irvine said.

“You can also try,” Hill said.

“Is there any difference between a buffalo and an ordinary scalper, My King?” Irvine asked.

“The buffalo is mooing, the scalper is bellowing: Do you want a ticket, brother?” Hill said.

“Ah? What are you talking about?” Irvine was at a loss.

“Just some nonsense.” After Hill finished speaking, he giggled and laughed alone for a while, and whenever this happened, he would feel a kind of lonely amusement.

No one knows these memes, and every time he talks nonsense, it makes him realize that he is a different being.

But it doesn’t matter, anyway, there are enough people who care about him, respect him, and love him now. Anything can be made up for. He thought.

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