Chapter 182.1 – So, try to make yourself a little more useful, gentlemen.

When Hill arrived at the Central Academy, the rain changed from light to heavy. The temperature in this area was much lower compared with the Black Dwarves’ territory. If the black dwarves lived in the mountains, it would be comparable to Winter City, with snow covering the whole mountain.

Although it is called Central Academy, only a few small wooden houses have been built, which is a bit like the traditional British wizard village described in ancient poems. Hill thinks this is not bad. The demons and humans who come to study here need to sharpen themselves, rather than enjoy good material treatment. As far as these architectural styles are concerned, the exterior is somewhat similar to Tudor and French country styles – but the two styles are very similar. The exterior walls of the buildings are mostly half-timbered, with the exception of wood, which is made of turning stones. The high and steep roof, the extended windows, and the arc-shaped decoration of the top floor, although the exterior is gray, it has its own romantic atmosphere.

Hill plans to gradually expand here and build an academy city. Of course, the architectural style is unified.

The entire academy city looked like a scene from a movie in the lead-grey rain curtain. Hill walked into it with a black umbrella, feeling as if he had entered a world that only exists in dreams.

It feels so good to transform the demon realm into various shapes step by step in this way.

It is now after-school time, and the generals of the Demon Realm are sitting in the lounge, drinking hot coffee while discussing and envisioning about the war.

“Guys, I hope I’m not interrupting anything,” Hill said with a smile as he pushed open the door.

Everyone immediately stopped what was in their hands, got up, and knelt down almost simultaneously, “My King.”

All are a group of demons who have fought in wars, with countless lives under their hands, they are already bloody intimidating just standing there, and now, these demons have fallen to their knees to show submission, no matter how many times, Hill also feel a little cool.

“Well, good afternoon, my generals,” Hill said.

“Good afternoon, My King.” They bowed and got up.

“You continue to discuss, I’m just here to inspect, don’t mind me,” Hill said.

One of the ghosts there had the good sense to go and pour a cup of coffee for Hill too, which was piping hot, fragrant, and steaming. Outside, the rain was beating the glass and you could see the multifloral ice grass on the moor swaying in the wind, a fine pasture grass that generally grows in drier places like here.

“It is necessary for us to reorganize the former army, and reorganize the whole into the form of small combat squads, as My King mentioned before.”

“That’s not what you said just now.”

“After seeing the splendid face of My King, I suddenly figured out this matter. I think it is very feasible to fight in groups.”

“I think group combat is important, but what is more important is to reorganize the army according to its role, such as the need to continue to keep the death squads…”

“That also has to be realistic to be successful. A hundred-slime death squad is not as effective as a dragon.”

“Please pay attention to your words! It’s ‘a demon dragon’, not ‘a dragon’!”

“My apologies, Lord Demon Dragon.”

“But assuming that a hundred succubi burn their blood at the same time to unleash their clan’s soul-capturing technique, then a whole army of human paladins would probably not be able to stop it.”

“It’s best not to let the succubus die, My King likes the succubus.”

“My King clearly prefers paladins.”

Hill: “…”

You guys can continue to talk, but can you leave me out of it?

Hill suddenly realized the feeling of “don’t drag my big brother into this, let my big brother be beautiful alone” in the fandom. Cough.

Burn their own power to do a desperate attack, bite the tip of the tongue to do a blood sacrifice, these are often the plot in the novel. If a paladin does this then it is holy and heroic, if the villain does this then it is vicious and paranoid, scheming and cunning. Speaking of which, this technique is really difficult, biting the tip of the tongue, hey, biting the tip of the tongue at every turn, will you still have a tongue in the future? Hill was lost in thought. And biting his fingers and drawing the blood marks with his hands, Hill always thought this was incredible. Human teeth are not knives, and the difficulty of biting a finger is almost as difficult as biting a piece of meat from the body.

Outside, it was turning into a downpour, with rain dripping down from the glass. There was a warm fire in the fireplace in the room, and there was steaming coffee. The arguments of the subordinates gradually faded away in the background, and Hill became sleepy.

A vampire asked, “My King, do you have any guidance?”

Hill yawned: “Squad cooperation is a very good idea…” He wanted to say a few more words but found that his mind was a little blank, and he didn’t want to use his brain: “I will organize a written material for you. Tomorrow, one of you will have breakfast with me.” Hill plans to copy a bunch of military theories after going back tonight and give it to them tomorrow.

He didn’t want to use his brain at first, but after saying this, his brain started to turn automatically. Hill thought to himself that he was really a hard worker, and then he continued to work hard: “You study hard, but you must know that theory is dead (rigid) and people are alive…”

“You mean we use your theories against the living and not the dead?” the ghost asked.

Hill was stuck for a second and tried to explain: “What I mean is, to be flexible, the theory can only be used as a reference, and you can’t just copy it.”

“Okay, My King.” Everyone nodded seriously.

Hill took it as if they understood: “Oh yes, and also pay attention to air dominance. I haven’t told you about this aspect before. When attacking, it must be carried out from the ground, the air, and the underground, from three directions together.”

“You mean the demon dragons?” The Demon Dragon general asked proactively.

“And the ghost-faced birds we’ve raised,” Hill said.

“But the lethality of the ghost-faced bird…”

“Other demons can sit on it and become air cavalry,” Hill thought about it and said, “For example, the black dwarves, let the black dwarves carry magic crystal guns, magic crystal explosives, and other things – I’m currently communicating with the black dwarves on combat weapons. You can come up with ideas… No, you all have to come up with ideas for weapons, um… pull those paladins in the Demon Realm to hear their opinions,” He said while perfecting his idea, at this moment, Hill has completely no sleepiness.

Ghost General: “Uh, My King, although those paladins have made great contributions to the demon realm, I think if it comes to war, they probably won’t get involved, after all, they are still human beings.”

“Then let me brainwash them first… oh no, pull over to listen to my speech first,” Hill said. “I’ll go and tell them that war is the means and peace is the end.”

“My King, you are truly omnipotent,” the Ghost General said sincerely.

Outside, the overcast clouds thickened, darkening the entire sky. The rain reflected brightly on the glass, and the light from the fireplace shone on Hill’s side face, which seemed to be smiling: “You can compliment me like that, but you must not take that seriously.” He got up and walked slowly toward the door, “After all, you are my subordinates, if I am really omnipotent…”

He didn’t finish his mind, and the faces of several demons present turned pale and alarm bells were ringing in their hearts. This is Lord Demon King. He will talk to them about the art of war and military affairs, but this is still Lord Demon King, the Lord Demon King who changed the color of heaven and earth in a fit of anger.

If the leader is really omnipotent, then what else is the use of his subordinates?

The ghost knelt immediately, fearfully and uneasily out, “My King, I…”

“So, try to make yourself a little more useful, gentlemen,” Hill said and left the room. The moment he stepped outside, the rain outside became heavier, heavy rain clattered on the wooden roof, and the windows crackled. The demons looked outside to see the king, but could only see the lead-colored rain curtain blurring everything.

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