Chapter 182.2 – Officially entered the second stage


Hill’s attitude towards war has always been to avoid it as much as possible, but avoiding it is not the same as running away from it, and he will actively respond to it when necessary.

Some time ago when he left Mulheim, Hill went to Famagusta, he and Monroe walked in the forest at the edge of Famagusta, a primitive, old, and wild woods, who knows how old it is. On the paths covered with fallen leaves can often see fallen ancient trees, those ancient trees are covered with mold and mushrooms, everywhere reeking of damp and rot. Deep and silent, the strange trees were jagged, their branches and roots twisted together, and their tops quite dense, making it difficult for moonlight to penetrate.

In fact, when they are together, they rarely talk about love, usually, they are task matching, reporting work, and discussing major issues. The time we spent together was so consumed by these things, in fact, it was enough to know that they had someone by their side. Sometimes when they were in the same room, each doing his own thing, Hill would look up from the pile of paper to see Monroe, who was surrounded by more obscure light. Hill liked his seeing cold gray eyes, and he would look away when he caught Monroe’s own attention.

Sometimes, Hill would casually say nonsense such as “Do you like me”, “Do you love me”, “How much do you like me”, and every time, Monroe would reply seriously, “You are my everything”, “I am willing to be imprisoned by you forever”. Hill understood that these were not love words, but an oath made by various identities mixed together, which was serious enough to make Hill feel embarrassed.

“Are you being so serious out of a paladin’s instinct?” Hill asked.

“The paladin’s instinct is to keep me away from you,” Monroe replied.

Hill felt very satisfied at that moment.

They were walking in the forest that day, and the two exchanged views on the current political situation.

Monroe said, “It may turn out to be the worst possible situation.”

“What’s the worst situation?” Hill asked, his voice tinged with cynicism.

“It’s really nothing more than war and death,” Monroe said.

“That’s right. It’s nothing more than that. After you have this awareness, try to avoid it. If you can’t avoid it, you should actively deal with it… It’s just death, and even if you and I die now, we’ve done enough, haven’t we?” Hill said, the content of his words at the moment is still cynical, but the tone is not at all playful.

“You’re right.” Monroe said, “But there will always be resentment.”

“Resentment is normal for humans, not to mention lust-ridden demons.” Hill said, “But before that, I believe you have done enough to realize that.”

“I understand, but I want to hear you say it again, my Lord.”

The forest was silent, the light was dim, and only his tall figure and white hair could be seen. After a while, his voice was low, like a demon gushing out of the crevices of hell, whispering: “If you win, I will enjoy the glory alone, and if you lose, if so, please accompany me to death… a very unfair ending, my only believer, do you have any objection?”

When Monroe responded, there was silence in his cold gray eyes, and the shadows passing by were like those cast by a church spire. It’s just that behind the silence woven by the leaves, the stars are like a fire, bursting with small sparks, drifting like dandelions along the endless darkness.

“—I am always happy to oblige.”


After returning from Central Academy, Hill put together a booklet of modern warfare theories that night.

The next morning, accompanying him for breakfast was actually the Demon Dragon Gormund.

“I thought it was one of the generals,” Hill said.

“I’m also a Demon General,” Gormund said.

“Oh, I see, you squeezed them out using your position as one of the five elders, and replaced them with yourself,” Hill said.

“As expected of My King, insightful and discerning,” Gormund said.

Okay, let’s get down to business. “It is also rare to see you these days, you’ve worked hard,” he said dryly.

“It’s part of the job.” Demon Dragon Gormund explained, “Actually, there are two more banquets to attend on the human side, but I heard that you, My King, have started preparing for the war, so I decided to come back first and have a look. Please also ask My King for punishment.”

“All right, then I’ll think about what punishment is better,” Hill said.

Gormund’s violation of Hill’s orders, while not a particularly important plan, is theoretically punishable. Like the former Central Academy’s combination of grace and power, and now the clear rewards and punishments, Hill is very organized in this regard, and has put an end to his temper.

Gormund is a tough guy who feels he can afford any punishment.

Then he heard Hill say, “Let’s make another photobook.”

Gormund: “…” His body trembled suspiciously.

Gormund opened his mouth: “My King, why don’t I just go back and continue to attend the banquet, I will not participate in the reorganization of the army.”

Hill’s mouth twitched, aha, Gormund ah, you have today too. “Now that you’re back, it’s settled,” he said. “Protest is futile.”

Gormund’s full spirits was like a deflated ball at once.

After that, Hill and Gormund discussed the Air Force for a while.

Gormund: “In terms of combat, in addition to the flesh and flames of the demon dragons, our roar actually has the effect of shocking the soul.”

Hill: “Because of the loud sound?”

“Of course not, but the sound has its own magic,” Gormund said. “It’s similar to a siren, but we do not have the effect of confusion. Generally, we will add some words and sentences to increase the intensity.”

“Oh,” Hill said, “I see, it’s fashion value. Like, ‘You’re looking for death! or ‘Come and meet your demise!’ or something like that, scare the other party to death on the spot.”

“Yes, there are humans who got so scared they died on the spot,” Gormund said.

“…Well, I’m just using a meme, in fact, you don’t have to agree to it so honestly,” said Hill, sweating.

“Okay, My King,” Gormund was a little confused, but agreed, “but if the sentence is too long, it won’t have much effect, so we usually use single word. For example, die, annihilate, and so on. If we use magic to amplify the roar, some enemies will be so shocked, their whole body will lose combat power.” In fact, it is a bit similar to Kotodama (power of words).

Hill touched his chin and put forward his own opinion: “You can also yell ‘birds’.”

Demon Dragon Gormund slowly appeared a question mark.

Hill continued to touch his jaw: “At least the shocking effect is achieved, isn’t it? I guess if you roar, you can stun a considerable part of the enemy without magic.”

Gormund: “…”

Gormund said with difficulty: “Your idea is very powerful, really powerful.”


Internally, he has done countless things during this time. Externally, Hill’s next big move is to shoot a promotional video for the Fallen Angels. —This is the idea he got when he made a promotional video for Mülheim.

This time, Hill introduced a siren singer and asked her to sing the background music of the promotional video of the Fallen Angels – “Scarborough Fair”.

It’s quite a beautiful piece of music.

The first version of “Scarborough Fair” Hill heard was Sarah Brightman’s version, and it really shocked him. That was the first time he experienced the meaning of the heavenly voice. What ‘a voice kissed by God’ was, what ‘vocal cords swept by angel wings’ was—the last one seems a little ticklish, anyway, such adjectives are right to add to this song.

To put it simply, the beautiful singing seems to come from above the clouds, washing away the impetuousness of the listener’s world.

Hill thinks this is a good fit for the fallen angels.

The Fallen Angel’s promotional video is very beautiful and artistic.

The white candles burning in the church, the black wings crossing in the candle shadows.

The plucked strings, the cross placed on top of a dark bible on the table.

The sun shone through the broken glass, casting the shadow of a fallen angel.

In the first minute, the fallen angel did not appear directly, just side appearances.

In the second minute, the camera finally gave the fallen angel a frontal view, but it was the silhouette of the fallen angel sitting alone on the top of the church and playing the harp, with a blood-colored full moon behind him. This scene was incredibly beautiful. This also set off a dark gothic style. When Hill released the Blood clan’s promotional video, the dark gothic style ushered in a major explosion.

This is really aesthetically blasphemous.

—Of course, this is something for later.

Next is the Floating Island. Hill recorded the first rise of the Floating Island with a projection stone. This time, it was just reorganized and put in the Fallen Angel’s promotional video.

The splendid and magnificent Floating Island, the realm of angels, the waterfalls cascading straight down from the island, coupled with the ethereal singing, are enough to keep the audience spellbound.

There are also some very symbolic scenes in it. The white-winged angel walks in the dark, and there are many withered hands on the ground trying to grab him. Finally, he stopped and reached out to those hands. There were tears of compassion in his eyes. The tears fell on the ground and released light. The withered hands turned to ashes little by little, and the desolate ground grew green grass and flowers. The angel walked into the mist again, but this time, his wing feathers had been dyed black, and he voluntarily fell.

The symbolism here is well understood. Hill was a little ill-intentioned when he filmed this, just a little bit.

This kind of slow and graceful promotional film is much simpler to shoot than the intense rhythm, and the editing is not very laborious, so Hill finished and released it in three days. This kind of efficiency will make people on Earth jealous.

As for why the first shot is the Fallen Angels, the first reason is that the Fallen Angel race is currently quite popular among humans.

Another reason…

The Fallen Angels’ promotional video naturally attracted a lot of attention. The screenings every night for three consecutive days made the audience fascinated, but before everyone could react, the Church announced: The God of Light has sent down a miracle, mankind has a miracle, the Floating Island! Next weekend, all the churches in the main cities will hold a large festival, and the Lord Bishop will show the greatness of the floating island to the believers through magical influence!

So, the people from the Magnolia Empire and Mülheim looked at each other.

What? This, a miracle clash?

Oh yes, Hill’s Otherworld Demon King Farming has officially entered the second stage – tit for tat.

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