Chapter 183 – Victim +1

Macmillan Warren is a trainee magician who just graduated from the Royal Academy of Magic in Fussen. He came to Magnolia City from Fussen Empire for a study tour last week. After all, the Magnolia School of Magic is the best magic in the Magnolia Continent.

Before coming to the Magnolia Empire, he had a lot of imagination here.

Some people say that the Magnolia Empire is the most powerful empire, the city of Magnolia is splendid and full of magnolia flowers, and the royal palace of the Magnolia family is made of gold and glass.

Some people say that the Magnolia Empire has turned from prosperity to decline, and the current Magnolia Emperor is mediocre and incompetent, and sooner or later, the Oitin Empire will get the No. 1 position in the continent.

He had heard all sorts of talk, and when he arrived in Magnolia it was snowing lightly, the first snowfall of the winter in Magnolia. Macmillan saw female mages wearing navy blue robes embroidered with silver thread, they looked noble and elegant (in fact, they were wearing the demon realm cosplay costumes, but Macmillan did not know). He looked at himself again, the plain dark green hunting jacket is covered with a gray cloak, a moleskin cloak, which is worn out because it has been washed too many times. Macmillan subconsciously had a sense of inferiority.

In Macmillan’s place, having a moleskin cloak is actually a rather remarkable thing.

In addition to those gorgeously dressed people, the buildings of Magnolia City are also tall and magnificent, especially the artistic behemoth over there – the shell of that tall building is actually inlaid with bright metal! This is simply a genius design! As a native of the art-loving Fussen Empire, Macmillan immediately admired the architect of the building. It’s really beautiful, even on a gloomy snowy day like this, the whole building seems to be glowing.

He heard someone call it the “Demon Mall”.

Huh? Demon Mall? What is that? Is it a place where the demons and the lower realm split up?

The name is too unique. Macmillan couldn’t help scratching his head. He didn’t think too much about it at the time. While carrying his luggage, he admired the scenery of Magnolia City, and then found a hotel that did not seem to be particularly expensive and pushed the door in. Generally speaking, there are not too many people in such a small hotel, but to his surprise, there were a lot of people sitting on the first floor, and they were discussing something excitedly.

“I’m looking forward to it, how come it’s not seven o’clock yet?”

“I wonder if it’s a promotional video of our Magnolia Empire? The promotional video of Mülheim is really cool!”

“Maybe it’s Super Girl’s new song! Of course, ‘Hell’s Frontline’ is also possible.”

“It may also be the speech of His Royal Highness Grindelwald!”

“His Royal Highness Grindelwald, do you think he will be the future Demon King?”

“I don’t know if he has any other brothers. His Highness didn’t tell us about his family…”

“His Royal Highness, he must have endured a lot of pressure from the demons in order to get close to human beings. Last time, he directly objected to the demon king for us. I don’t know if the demon king will blame him for this.”

“I’m looking forward to him becoming the Demon King… I don’t know what we can do for him, maybe we can spend more money in the Demon Mall? Let him make more money? This way, Lord Demon King should treat him better.”

“Alas, His Highness Grindelwald must be very poor, after all, the demons still have to pay human beings… Last time, His Highness Grindelwald said in the editor-in-chief’s notes that he wanted crystal furniture more than glass furniture. What a pitiful person. So poor, as a prince, he actually can only use crystal, can’t even afford to use glass.”

Yes, this group of people gathered here to watch the Fallen Angels promo video that Hill was going to show.

At present, many people are addicted to “Red Moon”. After Hill posted a few pop-ups on the magic phone two days ago, almost all the magic phone holders know that there is a small video to watch tonight at seven o’clock.

Macmillan stood in the door at a loss, did he hear it wrong? Are they talking about the demon king? Ah? What’s going on here? Are they talking about a play? He walked to the bar in confusion, “I’d like—”

Before Macmillan could finish saying “a room, please”, he was startled by the people over there who suddenly yelled: “It’s starting, don’t make any noise!”

It has started? What started?

Macmillan turned his head in confusion, and then saw a man dressed as a noble holding a strange magic tool in his hand, and the magic tool radiated images on the blank wall over there.

Is it a tool made of projection stone? Macmillan was originally a trainee magician, so he immediately understood what it was.

But apparently… it’s more than that.

The first sound is a beautiful prelude. The lyrics of “Scarborough Fair” were adapted by Hill to better fit the context.

“Are you going to the Floating Island?

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme

Please give my regards to an angel who lives there


In fact, the original song “Are you going to Scarborough Fair? Parsley…” in modern words, it can be interpreted as “Are you going to the Eastern Market? Celery, Chinese cabbage, chili, and garlic”

Hmm… that’s a bit inelegant too. But this shows that the names of those spices in the past are really beautiful.

This song turned out to be an old English folk song, and its origins can even be traced back to the Middle Ages, so its entire style is very much in line with the public aesthetics of this period.

Macmillan, who listened to the demon realm’s music for the first time, was immediately attracted, his eyes widened, and his mouth also opened wide. What, what kind of music is this? It’s so clean, pure, and beautiful… Is this the Church’s sacred music? It must be it… His lack of imagination limited to the times and his own experience let him only think of this.

Then a magnificent church appeared on the projection, along with burning white candles.

Surely it is the sacred music of the church… Macmillan thought. Only the gods and the church can have such beautiful music.

However, the light in this church seems to be a little dim? This thought just appeared in his heart, and then, black wings crossed in the candle shadow. Macmillan was taken aback, what is this? what is it?

All the pictures that followed made Macmillan feel incredible, the black-colored holy book with the cross, the angel statue wrapped in black chains, the blood-colored moonlight through the stained glass… All of this, all of this is clearly blasphemous!

There was a storm in his heart, and he felt terrified that the people around him didn’t react at all? Instead, they look at it with gusto? Don’t they know what that means?

What made him even more terrified was that he himself thought these pictures were beautiful? And that song is beautiful too?

What’s this? What is the purpose of this projection stone? Macmillan felt restless.

Then the next picture appeared. The black-winged angel sat on the top of the church and played the harp. Behind him was a blood moon. The church under his feet was dark and dilapidated, gloomy and cold, but it had a magical sense of decadent beauty.

Macmillan couldn’t control himself, he blurted out: “Fallen Angel! This is a fallen angel!”

“So what?” a mercenary-like person over there glared at him.

“This is a fallen angel!” Macmillan exclaimed: “Don’t you know? This is a fallen angel!”

“We know, don’t shout,” a nobleman over there also spoke.

“Shut up or get out of here,” said another.

For the hostility of others, Macmillan was inexplicably horrified. Did he join a cult organization by mistake? Is this hotel a gathering place for cult organizations? Should he get out of here now? Why not leave first? His hand picked up the luggage he just put down, but he found that his feet couldn’t move…

The music is so good, the picture is so beautiful…

Otherwise, finish it before leaving?

An idea popped into Macmillan’s mind.

It’s okay to watch it for a while, it’s okay… He is not a believer of the Light, so the God of Light will not punish him for watching this thing. Uh, um, that’s it. I am a firm mage, and I will not be distorted by a projection stone.

Macmillan convinced himself so, and he began to watch in peace.

Then a floating island appeared on the screen, an island rising from the air, four waterfalls cascade straight down, and a rainbow appeared under the setting sun… Such a shocking and beautiful scenery made many people let out a “wow”, Macmillan also couldn’t help but say “wow”. He wanted to say something, but he noticed that the other guests here also seemed to want to talk, but they all restrained their urges, and everyone tried to enjoy the projection as quietly as possible.

The quality of the cult organization is actually so high… Macmillan muttered in his heart. Then he found that he missed watching a picture because he was distracted, which made him a little annoyed, so he quickly looked at the projection with his heart. You can’t be distracted, you can’t be distracted, it’s a waste to miss one side of such a beautiful picture.

In the end, it was the scene where the angel saved the land and then turned into a fallen angel. Macmillan continued to cry in his heart that this is blasphemy and this is a lie! Then another voice said: How do you know it’s a lie… The fallen angels are so beautiful, they don’t seem to be evil…

After the projection was over, the guests immediately began to chat, their eyebrows flying and excited.

“It’s beautiful.”

“I long for a fallen angel.”

“That floating island is really shocking! The demon realm is so beautiful! I really want to go there!”

“His Royal Highness Grindelwald said that there will be a demon realm tour group in the future… Ah, damn, I also want to go when the demon realm is recruiting people, but my dad won’t let me!”

“The next time the demon realm recruits people, I’ll sneak over there, maybe some succubus will take a fancy to me.”

These discussions left Macmillan’s mind blank. What the hell is going on here? It’s not a play, it’s what really happened…

“Are you people… bewitched by demons?” Macmillan couldn’t help asking.

His question made the people sitting in the hall quiet, everyone seemed to be stunned, and a man with a purple turban on his head asked in common language with a Josh Kenny accent: “You are not from the Magnolia Empire, are you?”

Seeing that the other party could communicate, Macmillan said quickly: “Well, I’m from the Fussen Empire, I can’t understand what you guys are saying…”

“Yeah, we were bewitched by demons!” The aristocratic man who started tinkering with the magic phone laughed: “Let me tell you, the entire Magnolia Empire has been bewitched by demons!”

Macmillan couldn’t help but take a step back, how is this possible?! He wouldn’t believe such absurd things! He rushed out of the hotel with his luggage directly, and when he vaguely heard their conversation behind him saying:

“Hey, don’t scare him! What if he really believes it?”

“In less than a day, he will realize that he is bewitched by the demon, so it’s okay.”

“That’s true.”

What is this happening? Are they playing with him? Are those people crazy?

Macmillan walked into a tavern blankly, and then heard the people in the tavern discussing:

“The song just now is really beautiful, isn’t it by the siren?”

“Fallen Angel… I want to see.”

“I wonder if it’s okay to become a believer of the fallen angels?”

Macmillan withdrew in horror and walked into the second hotel.

“Do you think there will be a succubus promotional video besides the fallen angel?”

“I’m looking forward to the demon dragon more!”

Macmillan stumbled to a third hotel.

“That style is so beautiful, I don’t know if the Demon Mall will sell some merch.”

“Yes, the fallen angel is so beautiful, I want to dress up as a fallen angel at the next masquerade ball.”

Macmillan… was completely dizzy.

He stood blankly on the street of Magnolia City, surrounded by brightly dressed people and the majestic building.

What’s wrong with this place? What happened to the people of the Magnolia Empire?

Could it be that what the person at the first hotel said was true? The entire Magnolia Empire has been bewitched by demons?

How is this possible?!

They all look normal, don’t they? The Magnolia Empire didn’t shed blood and corpses all over the floor, and everyone along the way was in normal spirits, right? Not crazy? Shouldn’t people who are bewitched by demons crazy and frantic?

Macmillan was in a state of confusion, and he stood there for a while, and then he smelled a rather enticing scent. He couldn’t help but swallow, don’t think about it for now, fill up the stomach first. This smell is really too good.

So he followed the taste and walked into the Demon Mall next to him.

How did this smell come out… This is what Hill came up with on a whim. He asked the black dwarf to make a magical device that spreads the smell, and it was activated every once in a while, so that half of the street was filled with the smell of the food from the Demon Mall restaurant, attracting people to come in to eat in the restaurant.

Later, Hill felt that this device can also be used in wars. When the two armies fought, they put the scent diffusion magic device under the armpits of black dwarves or the feet of goblins. Black dwarves’ body odor and goblin’s athlete’s foot are quite famous… …Hey, this is really killing people without shedding blood.

Let’s go back to Macmillan, the little magician who just came from the Fussen Empire.

Macmillan first saw the map after entering the Demon Mall. The map stated that the restaurant was on the second floor, so he went straight to the second floor. Then he found that the food was quite expensive. He thought to himself, is this the price of Magnolia City? However, there is a special single package today, and the price is barely acceptable.

Macmillan hesitated for a moment, then another scent wafted.

Okay, just buy it.

The waiter introduced where the ingredients came from, and so on. Macmillan has now become numb, it’s fine to eat meat… The rest doesn’t matter…

The main course of the single set meal is beef stick bone hot pot. The beef bones go through a series of processes and then cook for a full four hours. The milky white bone soup is unbelievably mellow. The beef and beef tendon in it are soft and delicious, and the waiter also sent a straw, which can be directly used to suck the marrow in the big stick bone. Macmillan took a sip of bone broth, and it felt unbelievably delicious.

This, what is this just called? A cow from the demon realm? Is the beef in the Demon Realm so delicious?

Not many people came to eat here. After the waiter brought a small plate of grilled sausage, he chatted with Macmillan, “Sir, you don’t seem to be local?”

Macmillan took a bite of the grilled sausage, then almost forgot to answer the other’s question, and only after a few seconds did he respond, “Oh yes, I’m from the Fussen Empire.”

“This is your first time at the Demon Mall Restaurant, right?” the waiter said.

“Yeah, it’s really…too, incredible,” Macmillan said.

This grilled sausage is really delicious, charred on the outside and tender on the inside, and when you chew it in your mouth, you can even feel the delicious grease and rich juice coming out of the inside.

“Most of the human beings who have eaten the food in the Demon Mall Restaurant for the first time have your expression,” the waiter said with a smile.

“Human beings… er…”

“This is food from the Demon Realm. Most of the goods in the Demon Mall are produced in the Demon Realm.” The waiter said, “In the war agreement a year ago, the Demon Race could open a store in the Human World, so this year, the demons have built Demon Malls in the Magnolia Empire and Mülheim.”

“I see.” This explanation made Macmillan more convinced. He tentatively mentioned what happened just now: “Someone told me that the entire Magnolia Empire was bewitched by the demons.”

“Bewitched by the demons?” The waiter laughed, “Actually, it can be said in a certain sense… In this way, ‘Iron Man’ is going to start in half an hour, you can go to the cinema on the third floor to watch it, I think you will understand a lot of things after.”

“What’s that?” Macmillan asked.

“Film, a wonderful, unprecedented form of art,” said the waiter.

Unprecedented art form – this description immediately captures this native from the Fussen Empire.

Half an hour later, Macmillan took the cheapest seat in the cinema.

At night, Macmillan returned to the first hotel in a trance.

The waiter at the bar still remembered him: “Sir, are you back?”

“I’m back.” Macmillan walked to the bar and said, “I want a room, and…”

“Is there anything I can do for you, sir?” asked the waiter.

“Also, I want to know more about the demons,” Macmillan said, his eyes sparkling with excitement.

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