Chapter 184 – One arrow at a time

One of the things that victims of Demon Realm culture/food are very fond of is pulling other ‘innocents’ into the water. Watching them go from “what the hell”, “go away” to “fuck, this is good”, “oh my god it’s so delicious/beautiful”, then others will have a very sour feeling—Hahaha feel how I felt back then!

This behavior was particularly evident when “Fairy Tale Hotel” was released, and when the album “Song of Neuropathy” was sold.

So, at this time, after Macmillan Warren said that he wanted to know more about the demons, most of the guests sitting on the first floor of the hotel were excited, people were talking to him about all kinds of things, and he carefully wrote them down one by one.

All kinds of movies, anime, food, music, mobile games, immersive theater… Macmillan feels like he is in another world, as a native of the Fussen Empire, he loves all kinds of arts like the rest of the Fussen Empire, so he himself became very interested in these.

The Fussen Empire is famous for its love of art, and they are the cultural center of the entire continent – although they are the smallest and weakest of the major empires, they usually surrender at the speed of light after a war, so other empires don’t bother invading them, just like this, the Fussen Empire has survived for many, many years.

When Hill had just traversed and planned to engage in cultural aggression, there were two choices in front of him, one was the Fussen Empire, and the other was the Magnolia Empire. At that time, he felt that the Fussen Empire was a novice mode, and the Magnolia Empire was more difficult. After thinking about it later, he chose the Magnolia Empire as the start.

The various incidents that followed have indeed proved that the Magnolia Empire will be very difficult to start. Fortunately, Hill himself is good enough, and coupled with continuous learning and improving himself, he has resolved all those troubles one by one.

Macmillan was completely addicted to it at this time. Someone told him that the store next door rented projection stones of various animations, so Macmillan immediately went to rent it. Introduced by the owner of the store next door, he rented the projection stone for the first season of “Natsume’s Book of Friends”.

The rental of the projection stone was within Hill’s expectations, and he would not object to it, and certainly would not support it. It is also good to expand the influence of animation in this way. Objectively, it will lose a lot of money, but people always have to look at the long-term, not to mention that he is the demon king.

Macmillan mortgaged his ID in the store, and happily returned to the hotel with the projection stone in his hand. He was going to watch it for a while and then sleep, but, uh, didn’t sleep nearly all night.

By the end of the last episode of the first season, it was already dawn. Macmillan was immersed in the warm world of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” and couldn’t extricate himself from it. Only after a while did he pull himself out of that world and notice the light outside. He said ‘f*ck’ inwardly, then went under the covers to catch up on sleep.

This sleep continued till afternoon, Macmillan had all kinds of dreams. He dreamed that his magic book had become a book of friends, that every page was the name of the succubus, and those succubi were more beautiful than the other. He opened a page and read a name, and he summoned Tony Stark’s succubus assistant, then he was surprised when Iron Man fell from the sky and roared: “How dare you steal my woman!” Finally, he was knocked over with black dwarf technology.

Macmillan woke up in an instant. He recalled the dream for a while in the quilt, and then he couldn’t help but giggled a few times.

It was really crazy last night, he thought, he actually fell into it like this. No, no, I have to do my best today. While reflecting on himself, he finished washing up, and then he went downstairs to go to the store next door to return the projection stone, and then heard the people on the first floor talking about “Violet Evergarden”.

“The “Violet Evergarden” projection stone is on sale.”

“I really waited too long!”

“Violet is really beautiful, the whole picture is really beautiful and dreamy.”

“Ah, the light~ Ah, the water~”

Macmillan felt a little shaken in his heart. He heard them say that the heroine was a hybrid of human and succubus. He heard them say how good the story was. No, he said in his heart, he has other things today. …He returned to the store next door and returned the projection stone. The boss said with a smile, “You can watch it so fast, but many people are at your speed.”

“Because it’s so wonderful and warm,” MacMillan said.

“Well, speaking of warmth, “Violet Evergarden” has just been released, do you want it?” the boss asked.

Don’t want. Macmillan wanted to say so. But his hand has reached out to his wallet unconsciously.

This reach stretched to three days.

At noon on the fourth day, Macmillan found himself out of money.

He had been demented for a while, and he had the impression that he had brought a lot of money here, how could it be gone? This, this… oh, he seems to have come to study abroad, but he ended up spending four days in the hotel, and went to the Demon Mall Restaurant for lunch, and rented a lot of anime, it is normal to have no money.

However, at this time, he had lost the original annoyance. He thought about finding a job by himself. As a magician, a job is still easy to find. After earning enough money, watch all the other anime and movies. He thought.

Macmillan went to the Demon Mall, he was reluctant to leave everything here, and he couldn’t come here for a while. He likes to eat the food of the Demon Mall Restaurant, but he cares more about the cultural aspects – people in the Fussen Empire are like this. So, with the last remaining money, he planned to use it to watch movies and anime and buy books instead of eating. He ate his last lunch, a little sadly.

He had gotten to know the waiter well over the days, and when the waiter saw his face was not right, he asked, “Sir, you don’t seem to be in a good mood?”

Macmillan thought for a moment and told the truth about his situation.

“Is that so.” The waiter nodded, “I’ll report back to His Lordship and see if he has any suitable work for you.”

“Thank you.” Macmillan said, “But I’m a mage, it’s not hard to find a job.”

He didn’t know who the lord was in the waiter’s mouth. He subconsciously thought that the so-called work was doing errands and the like. He was a mage, and he was considered quite noble, so naturally looked down on those. Of course, if there’s a lot of money involved, then he can take a step back to talk (…).

Macmillan took his time to enjoy this delicious lunch, braised barracuda, rosemary steak, mushroom bacon soup, plus a small plate of fruit salad. Every time he eats the food in the Demon Mall Restaurant, he feels like he is going to ascend to heaven. He can’t help thinking, ah, it would be nice if he was a demon. When he returned to the hotel, he found that the guests were discussing about the miracle on the first floor.

Miracle of the Church of Light? This is a big news that shocked the whole continent.

Macmillan immediately began to listen in on the sidelines.

“The Pope said that the Church of Light has a floating island, which he declared the other day to be a gift from the God of Light.”

“A miracle? A floating island is a miracle? Then what does a floating island of fallen angels count as?”

“His Highness Grindelwald said in the magazine that the floating island of the fallen angels was floated up by magic, raised by our own power, and had nothing to do with the gods.”

“Could it be that the Church of Light is lying…”

Macmillan interjected, “If the Pope is not deceiving, and the Church’s floating island is indeed a miracle, it shows that the Church’s gods are no better…”

“Yeah, their god is about as powerful as the demons themselves!”

“I don’t know what those believers will think, I have a little sympathy for them.”

Macmillan forgot what he was thinking three days ago. At that time, he felt that it was okay to watch it for a while. He was a firm mage, so he just looked at it and would not be distorted. Now, he has become very adept at being on the same side as the natives of Magnolia City.

Macmillan readily joined the discussion. He skillfully praised the Fallen Angels Floating Island with the crowd, and talked shit about the miracles of the church together, and then began to ridicule the entire church. These people, despite not being believers originally, would have never imagined a year ago that they would openly criticize the church and the gods in this way. Now, this seems to have become a… trend?

This scene is just a small microcosm, and similar phenomena are currently happening all over the Magnolia Empire and Mülheim.

Macmillan went upstairs to rest after his mouth addiction. After the lunch break, the waiter at the hotel told him that someone was looking for him. Macmillan went downstairs unexpectedly and saw a man dressed as a servant. He respectfully said that his family had invited him to meet him.

“Your lord is?” Macmillan asked.

“Theodore Baker,” said the servant.

Many people present gasped, Theodore, this is the famous Theodore! Many people looked at Macmillan with respect. This was the person invited by Lord Theodore!

Macmillan was also shocked. He is not the little mage who just came to Magnolia City and doesn’t know anything. Of course, he knew about the legendary Theodore Baker. Theodore was the deputy editor of “Demon Realm Magazine”, and is still serving as the assistant to the Grand Chancellor of the Magnolia Empire, and it is said that he himself and His Highness Grindelwald have a great friendship. This is definitely one of the biggest figures in Magnolia City! He’s actually going to meet him!

Macmillan felt dizzy.

Macmillan followed the servant all the way to the Demon Realm Magazine, where he met Theodore himself after the layer briefing. Theodore wore a dark red silk turban, a double fleece vest, and breeches of the same material, and behind him was a sapphire blue lining and a white wool-trimmed cloak, which was fastened over his shoulders with a brooch of stars and swords. – This is the symbol of a Grand Chancellor’s assistant.

His dress was different from those of the richly dressed aristocrats outside, it looked simple but imposing. He let him sit down with a smile, and let the servant serve him tea. He was graceful and well-spoken. Although he was a commoner by birth, Macmillan felt that Theodore was more charming than the great nobles he had seen before.

Macmillan felt incredible, is everything related to the demons so powerful? He felt like he was on the verge of getting hooked on Theodore.

“I heard that you are from the Fussen Empire,” Theodore said.

“Yes, My Lord,” Macmillan replied, trying to make himself appear more dignified.

“I also heard that you ran out of money,” Theodore said with a smile.

Macmillan immediately felt very embarrassed: “Er, yes, My Lord.” Only then did he understand that the lord mentioned by the waiter at the Demon Mall Restaurant was Theodore! So, the work thing…

Sure enough, Theodore mentioned having a job, a job that not only had quite a lot of gold coins to take, but also had access to many of the employee benefits of the Demon Mall, such as three meals a day, such as watching anime and movies.

Macmillan immediately felt that even serving a plate was acceptable.

Then Theodore told him that he needed to bring some goods from the Demon Mall – including projection stones, canned goods, and other things to the Fussen Empire to sell, and there would be several graduates of the Magnolia School of Magic joining him.

This is a pie from the sky for Macmillan.

The study tour has been resolved, and there were graduates of the Magnolia School of Magic coming with him! The question of money was also settled, and Lord Theodore said that half of the money of the goods sold will be his. And he can watch those animes along the way… wow.

He was dizzy when he came out of the magazine.


At present, the Church of Light has already realized the threat of the Demon Mall, so they will not allow Hill to open a Demon Mall in the Fussen Empire and the Oitin Empire.

Hill had long anticipated this, so he also thought of countermeasures in advance. Since it can’t be done openly, then it’s better to do it secretly. He arranged for Olivia and the others, and let the people walk around to sell goods from the Demon Realm. Previously, most of the goods were exported to the Dijon tribe. This time, it was rare for people from the Fussen Empire to come to Magnolia City. Theodore heard about it and immediately went to find the other party.

Countless seeds were sown like this.

A single spark can start a prairie fire, Hill likes this saying very much.


His Holiness the Pope of the Church of Light preached the miracle of the floating island at this time, which is very appropriate in theory, and can even be said to be wise. After all, the church’s reputation has just dropped a little because of the “betrayal” of the ascetic, so propagating a miracle at this time will reinvigorate people’s hearts.

If it was in the past, this was indeed the right move.

When the church had a lot of power and strength, when people had an empty heart and needed faith, people basically believed whatever the church said. Just like in the Middle Ages on Earth, some people were considered demons because they wore striped clothes and burned to death. Some girls were convicted of being witches for feeding cats. People in the church said that people were born sinful, so they had to donate money to the church. When the money enters the box and clinks, it means the soul will ascend to heaven.

There were so many people on Earth who believed in these bullshit things, not to mention in the other world where the church already has great power.

But now, a lot has changed.

Their hearts are no longer empty, and they begin to think of racial equality.

What Hill conveyed in those anime, novels, and movies is not only those ideas, but also a core idea: people should pursue their own happiness. In fact, this is the weapon that truly defeats the church in essence, the ideological impact.

After the ascetic betrayed the world, Hill made a pre-judgment, he felt that if he was the Pope, he would choose this time to promote the miracle, the results were really predicted by him right. It led to the Pope making this play as if he was sticking his face in front of Hill for him to hit.

The most frightening thing about playing cards is that the enemy knows what cards you have in your hand.

Hill managed to turn the church’s first counterattack into a joke. Then came the greater news: Teresa wrote to the Pope explaining it, then said, “I think there are traitors in the church.”

There must be traitors, otherwise, how could there be such a coincidence?

If Teresa hadn’t written that, the Pope would have really suspected him, because it was Teresa who brought it up in the first place, but Teresa said so blatantly that he thinks there are traitors in the church, it invariably wipes him out of suspicion again. In addition, it let the Pope begin to doubt these people under his hands.

Killing more birds with one stone is Hill’s typical style.


When all kinds of things were happening outside, Hill had already started organizing the filming of The Incredible Hulk.

After the filming of “The Incredible Hulk”, an original “Iron Man 2” has to be made, and then the filming of “Thor” has to start. The script of “Thor” needs to be carefully thought out. After all, Hill intends to set Thor directly as the Demon King’s son. Then the whole “Captain Magnolia”, and then you can shoot the Avengers 1.

Looking forward to it, ah.

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