Chapter 185 – Call me My King from now on

Professor Robert Bruce Banner, the protagonist of “Hulk”, is a famous physicist. He was changed here by Hill to be a first-class mage in magic theory. Lich Aligeli came out and said that this character is very suitable to himself.

Lich Aligeli is the most fearsome looking among the five elders. His body is a bit like a mummy, skin and bones, as if the skin and flesh have been air-dried. Hill looked at him and the corners of his mouth twitched, “The identity of the mage is fine, appearance… you can then adjust it to what you think the theoretical mage looks like.

Lich Aligeli pondered for a moment, and a cloud of cyan mist appeared on his body. The mist dissipated, and a young mage in a black dress appeared in front of Hill. His facial features were delicate but sharp, and his thin lips lightly pursed, looking unapproachable. He thought for a moment, and felt that something was missing, so he grabbed something in the void, took a monocle, and put it on himself.

Then Lich Aligeli asked: “What do you think of this, My King?”

Hill looked at Aligeli’s appearance, and immediately remembered the photos of Planck when he was young.

This Professor Banner is too handsome, right?

“Can you become a little thicker?” Hill asked.

Aligeli thought about it, his body became flatter, then his lips became thicker and his nose became larger. At this time, he looked like a mixed-race child of a human and a black dwarf.

The corner of Hill’s mouth twitched, “Forget it, just use the appearance before.”

Let’s revise the script according to the appearance of the actors, he thought.

Next, as usual, it was time to recruit human actors. This time, Hill recruited through layers of screening, so that the people under his command would first screen for those with decent acting skills, and then Hill himself would go for an interview. The number of people applying for actors is really increasing.


Since Hill started construction in the Demon Realm, the territory of all races has expanded, and the tauren territory has grown the most. This is mainly because Hill assigned them breeding tasks, and the breeding base expanded step by step, so the tauren’s territory also expanded.

Taurens are widely distributed in the Demon Realm, there are mainly three large tribes. One is the taurens living in the grasslands. They are very strong and the most aggressive among the taurens. They sharpen their sharp horns every day.

In addition, there is a group of taurens living in the jungle. They are mild-mannered and generally vegetarian. Only a few times will they eat meat and fish. Their tribe has a very high degree of affinity with nature, and has a lot of druids. Oh, and they’re still the main force against Hill drinking milk.

The last group of taurens lived on the snowy mountains, and they established a good relationship with the snowy mountain dwarves. The friendship between the two groups can be traced back to a long time ago. They are the tauren with the largest body, but they are not as fierce as the taurens from the grasslands.

There has always been a connection between the Tauren tribes. Before the fall of each year, they will hold a contest to select the strongest of the tribes and make them the chiefs of the Tauren. But in fact, the chief does not have much real power, and is more of a symbol. The real power is in the hands of the tauren elders. This is mainly because the general grassland tauren is relatively strong, and they are relatively brainless… These two years are an exception, because the position of the tauren chief in these two years was obtained by a forest tauren, who is wise, with a peaceful and noble character, so the elders gradually began to delegate power to him. He also succeeded in making some decisions, such as strengthening the ties between the tauren tribes, and the black dwarves to develop a material trade treaty.

After many communications with the tauren elders and chiefs, Hill decided to slightly rectify the original building of the tauren, and then build a tauren main city in the middle of the three race territories. The tauren named the city Garnas, which literally translates to Safari City, and Hill also filled in the name directly on the official document.

At present, the first main city of the demon race is under construction, and Hill has also arranged the plan for the construction of the Safari City. At present, the Skeleton Construction Team and the Tauren are making sketches and designs.

On this day, when Hill came out of the tent of the tauren chief, Irvine reported that the paladins were coming. Hill was startled for a while, and then he realized what he and the generals had promised yesterday, that he would give MLM speeches to the Paladins. Now, let them cooperate and participate in the construction of the Demon Realm Army.

Oh, I forgot too many things, and I didn’t make a draft. Forget it, let’s play it temporarily, Hill thought.

In the past few days, it has been raining heavily in this area. After each rain, the temperature will drop a lot, and it will definitely usher in winter. The torches were burning in the rain, and because of the use of fuel containing magical elements, the rain would not extinguish the flames.

The perimeter of the territory is an ancient wooden fence, the top of which is cut as sharp as a minotaur’s horn. From the doorway, you can see the totem pole standing in the center of the territory – no matter which territory, the tauren will set up a totem pole in the center of their tribe. The demons who are familiar with the tauren culture will know what kind of tauren this is at a glance from the nuances of the color and shape of the totem pole. Those who are not familiar with the tauren culture can also tell by looking directly at the appearance of the tauren. Cough, so what is the need for the former to exist?

The paladins stood at the gate of the tauren territory, and Hill went out to take a look, oh, unknowingly, there are so many paladins in the demon realm.

Hill and the paladins first exchanged their greetings, and asked them if they were used to living in the demon realm. In addition, he explained his latest plan to them. When talking with the paladins, Hill was also made a draft in his heart. Afterward, he said: “I have always believed that the world will achieve permanent peace in the following two ways. The first way, through the enlightenment of all human beings and demons, with the improvement of mind and material. There is no longer a need to use the means of war to obtain resources, and when the most basic contradictions disappear, then permanent peace will be achieved.”

This view is very Marxist and quite communist.

“The second way is through huge shocks and disasters. The consequences of the war have made us no longer able to make other choices. We cannot afford this price, so we can only choose peace,” Hill continued.

This method is actually more in line with the current Earth. There is a saying on the Internet that the current nuclear weapons are enough to destroy the earth dozens of times. This statement is a bit too false, rather, it is relatively close to destroying human beings dozens of times.

“What do you think?” Hill asked.

The paladins were whispering, and the paladin Everdeen from the scientific research department asked: “My King, which view do you hold?”

It should be noted that ‘Lord Demon King’ and ‘My King’ are two different titles. The former is just an honorific title, while the latter is a person who thinks he is one of Hill’s people, has a sense of belonging to the demons, and is loyal to him.

“I agree with the former,” Hill said.

“I’m a little surprised…” Everdeen said.

“Why? Because I’m the legendary ruthless Demon King?” Hill asked with a smile.

His words amused many of the paladins present.

“My King, you are too self-deprecating,” said Everdeen.

Hill continued with a smile and said: “Actually, I’m not joking, I have killed a lot of humans directly or indirectly. Monroe, you all know him, right? He told me that no great catastrophe or killing can crush human beings.”

“Is that what great humanity means?” Everdeen asked.

“I asked that at the time,” Hill said, “but Monroe said that this is what makes humans great, and at the same time reflects their inferiority.”

The meaning behind these words made the Paladins a little creeped out.

The rain was falling, and the cold feeling penetrated through the Paladin’s armor.

“He has always held a pessimistic attitude. Of course, this pessimism is derived from reason, but we should know that to do a big thing, we cannot base the premise of success on human nature, because human nature is the most unreliable thing. And I think you can also understand what Monroe was trying to say. Human beings are very magical creatures. Heroes die for religion and saints live for religion, but most people just live in mediocrity. If I were to squeeze their living spaces, squeeze all the time, squeeze to the point of being like pets, many humans can still live.”

The sky behind Hill was gray, and when he got serious, his red eyes seemed to be burning, and they complemented the torches beside him, but his eyes looked warmer and more attractive, like the only bright color between heaven and earth.

“But the first option has a long way to go, so the best option before me is to go both ways together. Take the first route as the ultimate goal, and use the second route as a means to obtain temporary peace. Peace is a gift to the weak, and a charity to the strong.”

The rain was falling, and the scenery behind was misty. The colorful colors of the totem poles spread out in the rain, blurring out in circles.

“I say all these from the heart, which is considered an admiration for the strong. This kind of psychology mainly comes from the distrust of moral quality and social rules. When social rules and moral quality cannot protect the weak, then you might as well let your thinking return to the most Primitive ‘strong eat the weak’. Climb to the top by any means, become strong, and then rely on your own moral character to solve the problem, not someone else’s.”

The wind blew over, and the rain on the entire grassland was blown up, and the entire sky seemed to be tilted for a while. Although people stood, they felt like they were staggering.

The blood-colored cloak behind Hill was blown up. He looked up at the crowd and said:

“Call me My King from now on.”

After he finished speaking, he turned and left, and the cloak behind him was raised, and all the Paladins followed, and they couldn’t calm down for a long time.

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A photo of Max Planck when he was young. This is Bruce Banner now. XD

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