Chapter 186 – Jefferson’s Birthday Party & Hulk Filming

When Hill entered Jackson House, the servants were walking around with fruit plates, candles, wine, and other things needed for the party, which was held tonight for Jefferson Jackson’s birthday. Jefferson was born in winter, Old Jackson once mocked his son and said that he thought he could be as strong and brave as a man born in winter, but it seems that he was frozen when he was born and left after-effects, so the whole person is soft and chirpy.

That’s a common complaint from a father to his son. Jefferson is not quite up to Old Jackson’s standards, but he’s already much better than his peers. –Although that excellence seems to be comparing misery. Cough.

After Jefferson started working with Hill, he matured at a visible rate, and Old Jackson was happy with that. This time, Old Jackson made the birthday party a big deal. Frankly, with Jefferson’s age, he should have been married long ago. Seeing that his younger sister had a marriage contract with the Ice Emperor, and yet he didn’t even have a lover. The last time Old Jackson discussed it with him, Jefferson said he liked Violet the most.

Old Jackson lost his words on the spot.

Old Jackson is actually a very open-minded father. He can accept the different sexual orientations of his son, whether he likes men or women. Anyway, now that magic is developed, men can have children, but he did not expect that his son no longer likes three-dimensional humans, he likes paper people, this, this…

Old Jackson didn’t know for a while whether he should blame Grindelwald for moving the anime to the human world, or his own son… In the end, he sighed, forget it, out of sight, out of mind, love what.

Hill was wearing a beautiful red coat embroidered with the fire symbol of the Demon Realm today, and a black velvet cloak covered with silver threads and pearls. The gloves and cloak were a complete set, which looked elegant and beautiful, but not too extravagant. Some snowflakes fell on top of the cloak, so Hill shivered on the porch like a big furry dog, and the servants who knew him immediately led him to the other side of the house so that he wouldn’t be pestered by the other guests, after all, Hill’s popularity now is really too high.

He had just sat down in the other room and a servant led him to another room, and Hill followed casually to Old Jackson’s bedroom. After walking through a hallway covered with golden carpets, Hill remembered something, and said to the servant, “Get Theodore.”

“My Lord also ordered this, but now, Lord Theodore is in the palace… er, I mean, with Princess Delia,” said the servant. Now, the relationship between Theodore and Princess Delia is no longer a secret, and King Magnolia has acquiesced.

Hill put on an overbearing demon king appearance: “Then find him for me, even if he’s on the bed, drag him to me, just say I’m looking for him.”

The servant bowed in awe and went immediately.

Old Jackson was reading “A Song of Ice and Fire” when Hill himself walked into Old Jackson’s bedroom alone. The fire in the fireplace was so lush, the room was soaked in a warm orange-red light, and the temperature was high and steaming.

Hill opened his mouth and said, “Shock! A certain duke actually asked the Demon King to come to his bedroom to do this kind of thing…”

Old Jackson didn’t react for a while: “What?”

Hill continued: “Shock! The Demon King who was invited into the bedroom by the Duke actually called a third person!”

Old Jackson reacted this time: “…you are bullshitting.”

“Hahahaha…” Hill was happy for a while, then said, “It’s so hot here.” Then he said, “Shock! The famous Duke’s bedroom is actually so…”

“Stop, stop,” Old Jackson made a common surrender gesture on the Magnolia continent: “Don’t say it, I was wrong, I admit that I was wrong, although I don’t know where I was wrong.”

Hill laughed even happier, which was really fun to entertain himself. Well… it’s more interesting to base your own happiness on the pain of others. Cough.

“You’re not the first person to say that the bedroom is hot.” Old Jackson closed the book and tried to make his face serious. “Welcome, Your Highness Grindelwald.”

“Wow, thanks. Then, then I must not be the last person to say that, either,” Hill said.

“Yes, when the third person told me my bedroom was too hot this winter, I finally realized that I was getting old,” Old Jackson said with emotion, “I used to ride with Henry and McPherson back then. I have traveled halfway across the empire, with high spirits and great power, and now, I can’t even resist the cold of winter.”

Hill was unmoved, he walked over and closed the “Song of Ice and Fire” directly in front of old Jackson: “However, your Henry the Great has now become a scrapped puppet, and your General MacPherson’s power has already disappeared. You are the only one who is in the sky, what are you selling miserable for, Old Jackson, you are definitely more powerful than you were back then.”

King Magnolia Henry Lewis, Great General MacPherson Cecil, and Elijah Jackson grew up together.

“Just a little emotional.” Old Jackson looked down at the cover of the hardcover edition of “A Song of Ice and Fire”, which read a sentence: When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die, there is no middle ground. Hill’s fingers rubbed against the parchment on the cover, and his fingertips drew Old Jackson’s eyes, and he traced the sentence. Old Jackson seemed to be talking to himself, and said softly: “I just found out, I didn’t do it right before.”

“Yeah.” Hill flicked the cover of the book with his fingers, then turned around and leaned directly on the table, his attitude sly but comfortable, “If I were you, I would have gone to swallow other forces regardless of my old feelings, I would not give King Magnolia another chance to hold power. I would become a sycophant to control the political power, and keep King Magnolia in the dark. I would make King Magnolia inseparable from me, from body to mind – of course not that meaning, that meaning, you know?”

Old Jackson’s mouth twitched: “You don’t need to explain, I’m not you, I won’t get it wrong.”

“Oh, I can hear you taunting me,” Hill said. “You’re saying I’m crooked, right?”

“…Your Highness, let’s get down to business,” Old Jackson said with difficulty.

“Okay, then let’s get down to business.” Hill actually put on a disappointing look, and then he pulled the corner of his lower lip, with a bit of sarcasm: “You’re too concerned about old feelings, Old Jackson, so you did a substandard job at that time. You’re a bit like Ed Stark, he had many chances, you had many chances, but you both failed to take advantage of them.”

“I was so nostalgic at the time because he was nostalgic too.” Old Jackson sighed, “If other people talked back like me in public, they would have been dragged down long ago.”

“That’s too many principles for you.” Hill said faintly: “He has feelings for you, you have feelings for him, it does not solve anything. It’s a very silly act to let your feelings cloud your sanity, let alone the fact that you’re in such a position. It’s the same as being in a relationship and getting married, he likes you, but he’s cheating on you like crazy and sleeping with other people, so what good is that kind of liking?” After saying this Hill took a moment, “Play some tricks, you can not only defy him in public, but also defy him behind his back.”

Old Jackson twitched the corners of his lips: “Although you said this, your example is still so vivid that I can’t agree.”

“So, you also think my statement is very vivid,” Hill said.

Old Jackson wondered if he should keep this conversation going…

At this moment, Theodore and the servants came in together. Theodore was wearing a black soft armor, with a dark sharp knife inserted at his waist, and the neckline was interlaced with black straps. the whole man looked clean and radiant: “Your Highness, Lord Duke, good day,” he said.

“You’re here, sit down.” Hill raised his hand and said, and then he teased: “I heard that you are with Her Royal Highness?”

“Yeah.” Theodore responded cheerfully, “I plan to come over to attend Jefferson’s birthday party in a while. I didn’t expect Your Highness to come here so early, so I quickly bid farewell to Princess Delia.”

“So honest and cheerful, causing me to have no words to say…” Hill murmured.

Old Jackson showed a terrible expression, he knew what Hill was going to say, but Theodore didn’t know. He was a little confused, so he started another topic: “Damn, it’s been snowing all the time recently.” He complained: “A lot of caravans don’t really want to go out.”

“I’ll go back and see if our caravan is equipped with a magic stove or something,” Hill said. When he took Alice to Mülheim, he gave her a stone full of fire elements to maintain the temperature, which can also be used to sell. Hill plans to pick up a pile of stones in the Dragon Crater and sell them.

“That would be perfect,” Theodore said happily. “Master Baker will be happy when he hears it.”

The servants brought hot black tea and snacks to Theodore. After Theodore took a sip of the black tea, his whole body shivered, and then he completely relaxed. At present, Magnolia City has also entered winter in full swing.

“How’s it going over there lately?” Hill asked.

“Mostly stable,” Theodore replied, “but,” his voice took on a haze, “the Church side wants to send an emissary to meet with His Majesty.”

“Oh, you guys can just take care of those.” Hill said, “It’s time for the Church to make a move on this side as well.”

“Uh, Your Royal Highness Grindelwald, I may have limited abilities…” Theodore tried to struggle.

“It’s come to this, and you still say you have limited abilities, then I’ll let you have limited life.” Hill showed a kind smile.

Theodore sweated: “Okay, okay. I’ll do it.”

Hill thought for a while and said, “There is a part of the church’s spies in the court. You and the princess should look for ways on how to clean them up, and also deal with the affairs of the Borel family, you can’t just leave it alone. Oh, there are also Mulheim spies among the bodyguards of King Magnolia, don’t touch them, just pack them up and send them back.”

Theodore was taken aback: “How did you know that?”

“I whispered something to King Magnolia, and the Ice Emperor heard it in a few days. Isn’t this obvious?” Hill remembered when Ice Emperor Claude directly pointed out that he was a Demon King instead of a prince, he suddenly felt somewhat upset.

Seeing that Theodore was about to say words of admiration, Hill interrupted quickly and turned to look at Old Jackson: “If there is any problem with the church, you can help solve it.”

The corners of Old Jackson’s mouth twitched, “Hey, Grindelwald, this is not something that can be solved easily.”

Hill waved his paw at will, “I believe you Old Jackson, Old Jackson, you are the best, I’ll go first~” While saying these messy words, Hill actually got up and slipped away.

Leaving Old Jackson and Theodore behind, they all showed twitchy expressions.

This, this unreliable Demon King!

After Hill walked out of the corridor, he saw that the guests in the hall were almost complete, and a desire stirred in his heart. He walked to the second floor stairway, then took a glass of wine from the servant.

By this time, many people had already seen him, and some had already screamed: “Your Highness Grindelwald!”

“It’s His Highness!”

Hill raised his hand to signal them to be quieter: “Everyone, I’ll leave first, I’m sorry I can’t attend Jefferson’s birthday party.”

At this time, Jefferson in the other room had hurried to the main hall, and he quickly said that it was okay, the matter of His Royal Highness Grindelwald was important.

“I would like to propose a toast together to wish Viscount Jefferson a happy birthday,” Hill raised his glass and said.

“Happy birthday, Viscount Jefferson,” said the crowd in unison.

“Then, as a birthday present,” Hill said. “A pair of dark elf bodyguards, a succubus butler, 1,000 magic crystals—or 10,000 gold coins, Jefferson’s choice.”

As soon as Hill’s words fell, there were shouts of surprise from below.

Jefferson Jackson himself was dumbfounded.

This, what kind of heavy gift…

In fact, aside from the demons, the seemingly crazy 1,000 magic crystals are just the income from one trip to the immersive theater. Now that the “Pirates of the Caribbean” immersive theater has been held three times, that money is really clattering into the pocket, ah.

As for the demons. Now that the church has been torn apart, for important people, Hill plans to send the demons to protect them just in case. This time, it was also given away in the name of a birthday gift.

In addition, Hill has a plan, that is, the demons no longer need to sell miserable, the direction of the demons is no longer “We are so pitiful, the Church of Light is really bullying us too much QAQ #askingforsympathy”. Use the prosperity and beauty of the demon realm to arouse the human’s yearning – of course, this transition should be done well, otherwise it will be too rigid.

Jefferson reacted after being stunned for a moment, and he said directly: “Thanks to His Highness for the gift, I decided to donate all 1,000 magic crystals to the ‘Bird of Dawn’ to help the civilians.”

Hill nodded, worthy of being the son of Old Jackson, he smiled and applauded, “What an excellent young man, I am happy that Old Jackson has a son like you.”

The other nobles in the hall also applauded.

Well, they increased each other’s reputation points, also pretended to be an X, which attracted a lot of attention. He was satisfied and retired.


Filming of The Incredible Hulk.

In another world of this period, tobacco has been gradually recognized by the public, but many people still regard it as a rare thing. During this period, tobacco was mainly used to cure diseases and to exaggerate the atmosphere of pretending to be a big shot.

Smoking does have a certain anti-virus effect. When the plague was rampant in England in the 15th century, smokers had a much higher chance of surviving than non-smokers. Later, London required all public schools regardless of gender and age, to enforce smoking against the plague, violators will be punished…is also a wonder.

This is the first time Hill showed a smoking scene in a movie. At the beginning of the movie, he directly explained in a few words that Mage Banner injected demon blood to experiment, and then mutated. Then he shot the out-of-control Hulk, hurting a lot of other people. General Ross of the Magnolia Empire was standing in the military hall, breathing clouds and mist. In the smog, there was a scene of Mage Banner fleeing all the way. The silhouette was broken. The army was washed away, and the famous mage was injured. Many people witnessed the huge green monster. …and finally, General Ross exhaled a puff of smoke into the camera, which formed the title of The Incredible Hulk.

For such a two-minute thing, it took a whole day to shoot.

In fact, most of the time is spent on the scene of Earl Anthony Black, who plays General Ross, smoking and choking, he can’t stand the smoke. That’s right, it’s too difficult for a person who has never smoked to show calmness and aura while smoking.

Oh yes, it is Olivia’s uncle, Anthony Black, who plays the male protagonist’s girlfriend’s father. Claude, the Ice Emperor, was the one who encouraged him to play.

After “The Incredible Hulk”, Hill estimated that tobacco is about to become popular.

Similar trend… After the promotional video of the Fallen Angel was released, Hill went to pick up some Fallen Angel feathers to sell at the Demon Mall, and the three-gold coin per feather was sold out in just one day, which surprised Hill very much. After he went back, he spoke to the fallen angel, and then stretched out his paw. The fallen angels all covered their wings in horror. However, some feathers were taken away by Hill later. When Hill returned to the human world, he found that many illegal traders used the black feathers of birds to pretend to be fallen angels’ feathers and sold them privately, and they actually sold them quite well. Hill could not help but twitch the corners of his mouth.

After that, the price of the Fallen Angel’s feathers turned into 30 gold coins, which was directly increased tenfold.

Because of this, the fallen angels found a good way to make a fortune. If there is no money, they will pluck a feather and sell it… It’s really a body worth a million gold…

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  1. “During this period, tobacco was mainly used to cure diseases and to exaggerate the atmosphere of pretending to be a big shot.

    Smoking does have a certain anti-virus effect. When the plague was rampant in England in the 15th century, smokers had a much higher chance of surviving than non-smokers.”

    Tobacco was introduced to Europe at the end of the 15th century around 1490s. There was also no major breakout of the black plague in the 15the century, rather, there were major breakouts in the 14th and 16th century. I have also found no evidence that smokers in the 15th century had a higher chance of surviving even if they somehow got the black plague.

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      That said….of course smoking DOES NOT protect you… can’t catch plague by smelling it. It was only thought you could. All the other little facts and tidbits have been correct so far. The strangeness of this one makes me wonder if it translates weirdly or….the author is a smoke addict in denial lmao

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