Chapter 187 – Hometown Revisit

This is a village that has been shrouded in fog all the year round. Because there are no living people in it, there is a dead silence everywhere. The wooden houses are decayed, when the wind blows, the wooden doors sway and make unpleasant creaking sounds. The ground was bare, polluted by astonishing resentment of the land, and even the very tenacious weeds were dead.

In the village, you can see the snow-capped mountains in the distance, which are also shrouded in a mist.

At the back of the village, there are many graves with crooked crosses on them. At the end of the graves, there was a small church made of stone. The bell on the top of the church was still working. When the wind blew, it made a continuous sound. The sound of the bell was really creepy in such an environment.

The black lizard leather boots stepped on a piece of rotten wood and made a dull sound, and the cloak with the flame pattern outlined by silver swept past the stone well that was covered with moss.

“It’s really like a demon-infested village,” the visitor said.

“But the truth is just the opposite.” Another said, unlike his companions, he did not wear any fancy clothes. He wore a mask, and the whole person exuded a very strange feeling, as if to merge with the fog. “This place was harmed by the Church of Light.”

They are Hill and Monroe, and this village is where Monroe was born.

Hill looked around at the environment here. It was very similar to the CG scenery in horror games. “There is a feeling that all kinds of monsters will pop up at any time.”

“It’s possible,” Monroe said. “The atmosphere here is too dark and decadent.”

“Do the dead turn into living corpses?” Hill asked.

Monroe shook his head, “No.”


“Because they were killed by the most orthodox power of light,” Monroe said this with a steady voice, as if he was talking about other people’s affairs, “so even if there is a monstrous resentment, there will be no corpse transformation.”

“What a travesty.” Hill walked to the chapel and pushed the door, but the door fell off, and fell to the ground with a dull sound.

“A travesty indeed.” Monroe stepped into the chapel first, and he bumped into Hill’s shoulder, who was knocked out of the way for a moment. Hill was stunned, and then raised his hands with a smile to show his innocence, and made way for Monroe.

The scene of the church unfolded before the two of them.

All the utensils in the church are made of high-quality wood, so the signs of decay are not obvious. The walls and gravel have fallen off a lot, and there are all kinds of garbage on the ground… But the church itself is also garbage.

Monroe walked in front of the statue of the God of Light and looked up at it. A piece of the face of the God of Light was missing, and now it looks abominable.

Hill patted the pew in the church, and then he found that there was too much dust on it to make it clean, so he sat down directly.

The light was dim, and on the stained glass over there was the scene of the Demon King being tied to the stake and being burned.

Hill looked at Monroe’s back and said, “Should I comfort you?”

“Not at all,” Monroe said.

“Then you have to let me talk, otherwise it’s hard for me to keep it bottled up,” Hill said.

“You can say what you want,” Monroe said.

So Hill said, “I want to comfort you.”

…That came back around in a circle.

The corners of Monroe’s mouth seemed to droop for a moment, “Whatever you want, then.”

“All this is behind us,” Hill said.

“I know,” Monroe responded.

“Er… well, I thought about it and it does feel like there’s no need to comfort you because you know everything.” Hill said, “Actually, to put it mildly, you basically always knew everything, except that before, you had expectations of humanity and the world.”

“Now I still have expectations of humanity and the world.” Monroe raised his hand, a black mist appeared in his palm, and rushed towards the statue of the God of Light, “It’s just that my expectations won’t cloud my mind.”

“That’s a handsome statement from you.” Hill said sincerely, “How tasteful.”

“I’m just telling the truth.” Monroe loosened his fingers, the black mist dissipated, and the face of the statue of the God of Light had been transformed by him into the appearance of the current pope.

“It’s because it’s the truth that it seems moving.” Hill said heartily, “But speaking of which, what are you doing? Are you thinking of someone else?”

Monroe turned his head and glanced at Hill slowly, only to see Hill leaning on the bench of the church with his legs crossed, his arms stretched out on the back of the chair, almost as comfortable as at home. This glance made Monroe speechless, “Be careful what you say.”

“I don’t want to,” Hill said with a smile.

“Well, you are my Lord, and you have the final say,” Monroe said.

“So, it’s quite a sense of accomplishment to see such a tasteful person being acquired by me,” Hill said.

“There is still a big difference between ‘This sentence is tasteful’ and ‘This person is tasteful’. I have to declare that although some people in the church do not take a bath, thinking that it is a symbol of holiness not to take a bath, but the church scriptures has no such thing, so I’m still very hygienic,” Monroe said.

This is different from the Middle Ages, where, although the expression is circulated, there is no absolute clause saying that this is so. Many times, in the Middle Ages, people believed that a dirty body was closer to God, and people would even canonize people who had enough use of gas not to bathe as saints. Saint Simon let the worms crawl over his festering wounds but he never woke up… Ah, it was suffocating, on all levels.

“It’s kind of cute that you would explain such a thing,” Hill said with a smile on his face.

“I don’t care about what others think, but because I care about you, I want to be better in your eyes,” Monroe said as if nothing had happened. Can say love words so calmly, ah. “The other thing is to turn His face into the current pope’s because I just wanted to do something as soon as I entered the church, and it might be a little more enjoyable to do after turning this into a pope’s face…” He stretched out his hand again, a destructive breath appeared, and the statue of the God of Light began to collapse inch by inch.

The handsome face of the former paladin was full of murderous intent at the moment.

Hill knew that his gaze at Monroe had grown greedy a little bit.

“Let’s go.” Monroe turned around, and the black mist poured out from the gaps in his armor, spreading out in all directions, and anything he touched instantly turned into ashes, the candlesticks, sculptures, tables, and benches.

As the bench on which Hill was sitting began to turn to ashes, Monroe came up to him and held out his hand.

Hill reached out, held it, and was pulled up by Monroe, and the bench just turned to ashes as he stood up straight.

After the two walked out of the chapel, Hill turned around and saw that the entire church was entangled in tentacles condensed by black mist, the tentacles tightened, and the church collapsed.

Then the black mist rushed towards Monroe like a hurricane, and re-drilled through the gap in his armor. The black fog rolled in Monroe’s eyes, and the whole person’s aura was very ferocious and tyrannical.

Hill looked at Monroe like this, walked over and drew out the knight’s sword from his waist. Then he inserted the sword into the ground half-kneeling, and began to whisper the magical incantations he had seen in ancient books:

“Freshmenhocfiatterra, etherbagerminareatergo…”

The long spell continued to draw out his power, the surrounding fog gradually dissipated, and the black on the ground dimmed a lot, gradually turning into an ordinary color. The general appearance of the village remained the same after a few minutes, but something seemed to be completely different—the original sense of death disappeared.

Hill stood up, pulled the sword up, and handed it to Monroe. Monroe took the sword and reinserted it into its scabbard.

“You didn’t say thank you to me.” Hill curled his lips, “I rescued this land.”

“Well…thank you, if you want to hear it,” Monroe said.

“Really cold and forced,” Hill complained and walked out of the village with his hands behind his back.

Monroe followed, “Because I’ve always preferred to show by direct action rather than words.”

“I think you’re connoting me, thinking I talk too much,” Hill said.

“You’re too sensitive. Everywhere,” Monroe said.


“Hmm, what?”

“…Uh nothing, I was overthinking it.”

“You didn’t think too much.”


Hill kicked Monroe directly.

After that, Monroe found the remains of his parents through bloodline magic and reburied them.

Hill looked at Monroe from the side and said, “When our big event is over, this land is estimated to have come back to life after I dispelled the resentment, we can live here in seclusion.”

Monroe thought about it and answered honestly: “Actually, I would prefer to live in seclusion somewhere in the demon realm.”

Your sister, I’m proposing this for you,” Hill kicked him again.

Monroe thought for a while, and continued to answer honestly: “I will be nostalgic, but not so nostalgic.”

“I see…” Hill said. “That’s good.”

“Well, that’s fine,” Monroe said, filling in the soil.

“No need for a cross?” Hill asked.

Monroe was stunned, “Cross?”

“Well… after all, your parents are believers of the Church of Light, so let’s set up one for them,” Hill said.

Monroe watched Hill for a few seconds, and finally nodded, “Okay.”

“Oh, I think you know it. I have no ill feelings towards God itself. I don’t judge what I don’t know or understand. What I hate is only human beings who do whatever they want in the name of God,” Hill said.

“I know. You have always been wise.” Monroe curved his lips. He cut a cross from a branch and inserted it on his parents’ grave, and then injected a little magic power to prevent the wooden cross from decaying quickly.

After doing all this, the sky has darkened, the broken stars are like fluorescent powder sprinkled on the night sky, and the crescent moon is like a sequin attached to it.

Night has come.

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Your sister! – is a kind of substitute for swear words

“Freshmenhocfiatterra, etherbagerminareatergo…” – the author wrote it like this

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