Chapter 188 – Filming Ends

The Endless Sea in winter is not silent, the waves push the big ship to sail deeper into the ocean, the sea breeze blows with a salty breath, rubbing against the skin like a cold knife. The masts on the ship seem to be shivering in the cold wind.

“Navy…” Hill looked back at the several large ships behind him and fell into thought.

The Oitin Empire is based on the east coast of the Magnolia Continent, and the surrounding cities are very prosperous. At present, the human beings on the entire continent do not pay much attention to the navy. This is undoubtedly a good opportunity.

There are many sea monsters living in the depths of the Endless Sea, including giant octopuses, which can easily crush the opponent’s navy if they are used. Then put the black dwarf and the ghost-faced bird on the ship, and let them attack suddenly along the coast.

Can this kind of all-round attack defeat the angels? Hill did not know. But he knew he had to do everything he could. From the inside to the outside.

The ship had not been built long ago, but it soon showed signs of vicissitudes in the sun and rain. The decks were strewn with patches of light as if crushed, and several of Hill’s generals stood behind him, all looking at Hill with solemn expressions, waiting for instructions.

“Spirit of the Army,” Hill said, “A long time ago, there was a Holy Army of Thebes, they were composed of 150 pairs of homosexuals, and the criteria for joining the army were: homosexual relationships and strong fighting power. You guys, what do you think?”

Demon Dragon Gormund thought for a moment and said first: “They would fight to protect their lovers, kill their enemies, they would never surrender, partly because of the glory, partly because they did not want to lose face in front of their lovers.”

Gormund was the most receptive to human thought and culture among the great generals, so he was able to analyze this.

“Yes.” Hill nodded, “The commander said that a legion should weave together warriors who love each other so that they can form an unbreakable and indestructible force.”

The Ghost General said: “This also eliminates the phenomenon of speculative attempts to survive, and they will also sacrifice their lives for their lover, sharing life and death. This is an army no less than the demons.”

“Yes. They defeated the famous… er… Demon Army at the time.” Well, they actually defeated the Spartans. At that time, the Spartans were about the same level of madness as the Demons, so it was also directly equivalent to this.

“If it is such an army, it is indeed possible to defeat the demon army,” said the Fallen Angel General.

“And what happened to them later?” Gormund asked.

“Dead,” Hill said. “They were crushed to death by more troops. After all, there were only 300 soldiers in total. Every soldier was wounded in the chest and died with their lover. In fact, it’s also cruel because it takes advantage of love. But from the perspective of commanders and superiors, it’s understandable.”

The sunlight at this time is also a bit cold, Hill feels he also has some coldness inside of him. The fact that he has gone too far down the road of the demon king, it’s hard to go back to the old days, right? But it’s hard to say whether the world has turned himself into this, or whether it’s just tapped into something else deep inside his heart… Forget it, it’s all like this anyway, so let’s continue. But there are some bottom lines that cannot be lost.

“Go and inject more things into our army.” Hill looked at the distant sea and said, “Tell them that they are fighting for the honor of their own race, and tell them that they are also fighting for the honor of the Demon Race, the honor of the Demon Realm, and the honor of the Demon King, let them have more faith.” He turned around, and behind him was the gray sky and rolling waves: “I hope you understand what I mean. Now then, kneel down and bow to me, and tell me you can do it.”

All the generals half-kneeled at the same time and saluted, “We follow My King’s order.”

“Very well.” Hill nodded, the waves behind him leaped even more, and black clouds rolled above the sky, as if a storm was brewing.

His expression was calm, showing no satisfaction or anything, as if this was a commonplace thing.


“My King, I changed some lines here, I think it is more in line with the feeling of Master Banner.

Let me remind you, I’m a mage, and not only a mage, so you better not mess with me.

I don’t do anything to you guys because you are ordinary people who don’t know anything. I have power, so I should exercise more self-restraint, otherwise, I’m no different from you rubbish. I said, you bunch of rubbish – ow!

Uh, please do not look at me with that kind of eyes, My King, this ‘ow’ is not cute ‘ow’, I mean this is the Hulk’s roar.”

The plot here takes place when Mage Banner went to learn how to control his emotions in the border town of Magnolia City. In order to make ends meet, Mage Banner went to work in a local textile factory. He saved a woman who was harassed. Offending a few ruffian workers, he didn’t attack those ordinary people because he was kind.

When the imperial soldiers came to arrest Master Banner, he happened to meet these ruffian workers when he was fleeing, and the other side retaliated by stopping him, and then the above dialogue happened.

“I think this can be done here. There are good people and bad people in this world. Tolerance to bad people is cruelty to oneself,” said Lich Aligeli, “Next, Mage Banner escaped the first wave of attacks and met a noble baron on the back road. When he asked him if he could take a ride, the baron agreed. I think Master Banner’s first reaction was that the baron must have ulterior intentions for him, because he had just seen the evil side of human nature. The result, the baron was just really nice to him, and that created a contrast and the kind of thinking I was just talking about.”

Hill listened and nodded again and again, “Well, it’s a good idea. Let’s discuss and change this script together.”

“Okay, My King,” said Lich Aligeli briskly. He had now become Hill’s biggest assistant in film and television, and Hill felt that soon he could try to let him make movies as well – now, Aligeli already had experience in making music videos. “Hell’s Frontline” rock band’s music videos are all from his hand.

While filming and making changes to the script, the character settings and relationships were discussed while sitting together at night, Hill spoke the idea of the Marvel Universe to the main characters as well, and everyone expressed their anticipation. Time flies so quickly, Hill talked about “The Incredible Hulk” in “Demon Realm Magazine”, and published a promotional photo of the film at the same time.

The design concept of the promotional photo is to directly use the “Invincible Hulk” poster on Earth, Mage Banner and the Hulk standing back to back. Their figures, temperaments, and heights are in sharp contrast. Hill made a special detail: their shadows intertwined, implying that they are the same person. The background is very imposing, with the Magnolia City under the thunder and lightning, and the silhouette of the army, as well as the waving Magnolia flag of the Lewis family and other elements.

After the poster was released, it naturally attracted a lot of attention. In particular, this rather enchanting and handsome Mage Banner attracted the attention of many women and some men at once. “Demon Realm Magazine” received letters such as “In ten minutes, I want all his information!”, “This Master Banner is so handsome! Where is he from?! Can we meet by chance?!”

Hill wanted to laugh a little after watching it. If it was announced now that Mage Banner was played by Theodore’s Grandfather Ali in “The Evil Monarch”, would it surprise many people?

Later, after “Hulk” was released, Hill really announced this matter. What surprised him was that “The Evil Monarch”, which had been basically silent, was talked about again because of this popularity, and everyone sent a lot of BL fanfictions. The story of Ali X Theodore, who turned out to be the Mage Banner version. Theodore immediately sprayed water when he found out at the time. Later, when he flipped through these BL fanfictions, and then looked at the stills of Master Banner, he suddenly felt… um… This seems to make a lot of sense too?

Princess Delia is staring…


“The Incredible Hulk” was officially completed, and then it was followed by a lively finale banquet as usual.

This movie was not filmed in the Demon Realm, so the finale banquet was held in the Demon Mall in Magnolia City, and Hill used his position to have a reserved venue.

The main course of the finale banquet did not have many innovations and characteristics, mainly because it was not in the Demon Realm, so some materials could not be obtained. But despite this, the cast and crew were very happy to eat, especially the sweet and tender barbecued meat. The meat was marinated in honey and barbecue sauce for several hours, then roasted with the right heat, and then rolled in fresh leaf lettuce. The exterior of the meat was charred and crispy. Hill took a bite, the original oily aroma of the meat, combined with the aroma of the honey sauce and barbecue sauce mixed together, and the fresh aroma of the lettuce used to relieve greasiness mixed together to form a great sense of happiness that enveloped him.

Every bite can feel the unique rich aroma of barbecue, ah, he likes barbecue so much _(:з」∠)

In addition to the big fish and meat and the usual snacks, this time, there is also a brown sugar ice glutinous rice ball, which is an ice-cold dessert. The glutinous rice balls are soft and delicious, not particularly sweet and greasy. It tastes very delicious and very comfortable.

Everyone had a smile on their faces, right now, humans and demons seem to have no grievances at all. Hmm…that’s right, Hill has taken out a lot of wine today.

Hill himself drank a cup of black tea and thought slowly, plus the post-production time, “The Incredible Hulk” will be released in fifteen days.

Next, it’s time to go all out to fix the Demon Realm Amusement Park. After all, at least the fairy tale area has to be completed before the winter solstice, the wedding of the Ice Emperor and Olivia will be held there. There’s a lot to do, and he’s very motivated at the moment.

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