Chapter 189 – The Incredible Hulk premiere is over

“The Incredible Hulk” premiere day.

Magnolia City.

“One movie after another, we are crazy about one movie, and after a while, we are obsessed with the next one, and then we quickly forget what we were obsessed with before. It always feels a little sad.”

“Come on, it’s good to have movies to watch, you’re not a sad bard, you’re an aristocrat, you’re an aristocrat who can make a bard sad.”

“It would be nice if every movie had several parts like Pirates of the Caribbean, but I also want to see new movies… ugh, what a contradiction.”

“That’s true…”

“What are you two selling here, if you don’t want to watch it, please give me the movie tickets. Oh damn, I didn’t get the tickets for the premiere!”

“Hahaha do you need me to give you spoilers after watching it, Tom?”

“F*ck you, Jerry!”

Josh Kenny.

“Hey, did you hear it? The Gold has publicly joined the Dark Church!”

“Wow really? What good did the Dark Church give them? Those bunches are all money fans.”

“Gives them the benefit of not killing them.”

“Cough, cough, cough…”

“The Deathbird is now pushing almost all the way through, and any large pirate groups are being forced by them to believe in the Dark God.”

“Forced, my ass! I heard they get free cans every month!”

“Holy shit, holy shit, come force me, why don’t the Deathbird come to force me, I also want to join!”

“Pence, didn’t you say last time that no one can change your belief in the Sea God?”

“That’s canned food! Canned food!”

The Demon Mall has changed the habits of Josh Kenny pirates. Every time the movie goes live, major pirate groups will come to Josh Kenny, and over time, everyone has formed a habit. During the movie, Josh Kenny was off-limits to war, and marginalized people like pirates would gather in Josh Kenny during this period to exchange information, trade goods, and other things, just like going to the market. Oh yes, part of the city basically follows the movie.

Plague Islands.

“Ah! Lord Demon King’s new movie is out! A hundred movie tickets per person is not too much!”

“I’m not an adult yet, but it’s not too much to buy dozens of them!”

“It’s a mission! You have to buy them all! It’s not negotiable!”

“Stingy is stingy, don’t make excuses, you usually have a lot of gold coins for afternoon tea or something. I, an unbelieving noble passerby, buy more than you, a dark believer. Haha!”

“You’re so stupid, the movie tickets were already robbed by the pirates while you were dancing around here.”

“Ah! The premiere!”

Hmmm…the Plague Islands have weird stuff mixed in.

Winter City.

“I heard that Earl Black will play an important role in it!”

“Wow, amazing! It looks like we and the demons have completely started to cooperate.”

“I hope the food in the Demon Mall Restaurant will be cheaper in the future, it’s really too expensive…”

“Isn’t that true? I heard that the Demon Mall Restaurant in the Magnolia Empire is much cheaper than ours.”

“Stop talking about restaurants! Watch the movie! Watch the movie!”

There were a lot of people in the Demon Mall, and even the restaurant was full of people. Many of them didn’t buy tickets for the premiere, but just came to see people. There will be many nobles before and after the movie, which has become a good opportunity to socialize.

Soon, the announcement of the attendant sounded.

“Hall One, “The Incredible Hulk” is about to start, please check your tickets in.”

“Hall Two…”

“Hall Three…”

Almost at the same time, all the people who attended the premiere of the Demon Mall stood up and lined up to enter. Of course, some humility is inevitable in the middle, and the person with the highest title walks in front of the people. In fact, this one or two latecomers waste more time like this, but there is no effective way to solve it, and of course, these people do not want to solve it.

Soon, the movie officially begins.

The first thing that appeared was the cute version of the skeleton logo of Demon King Studios, neat and crisp, and then the main film began.

In Hill’s setting, Bruce Banner is a mage, but he is better at academics. Although he himself can also fight, but in front of the overpowered Avengers, he simply cannot compare. In the later stage, Hill had this idea. Others in the Avengers asked him to quickly become the Hulk. Banner didn’t want to change, so he shouted: “I’m a mage, I have terrible power in front of ordinary people!”

Then when he turned his head, he saw Thor holding the Demon King’s Hammer, Iron Man’s shining steel armor, and next to him was Captain Magnolia’s well-developed chest muscles and buttocks (…). Master Banner took a step back, well, this one is stronger than the other, he really can’t compare, “Okay, I’ll transform, I’ll transform,” he said helplessly.

“The Incredible Hulk” is built very similar to that of traditional Hollywood. After it was released on Earth, it was mixed with praise and criticism. However, in general, there were more positive reviews than negative reviews, and most of the negative reviews focused on the old-fashioned and unattractive plot. Also, the relationship between the male and female protagonists is too thin, and people are quite dumbfounded: Oh, this is the female protagonist, oh, they were together, and then no more.

But there is no such problem in another world. First of all, people in another world have not experienced Hollywood blockbusters much, and secondly, Hill has rearranged the weak emotional line in the new script.

So, the movie’s rating is certainly not low.

The military of the Magnolia Empire has long held a point of view. They believe that the two races, humans and demons, have their own advantages and disadvantages. Humans have a higher upper limit of talent, while demons are inherently powerful. If the two can be combined, it will create more powerful individuals.

Mage Banner is one of the researchers of this project. He collected the blood of various demons and mixed them in proportion. This is very risky, and he decided to be the first experimenter. Therefore, when the injection was finished, the Hulk was born.

In the setting, the Hulk has the power to surpass the dragon, and Hill intends to shoot the scene of the Hulk dragging the dragon’s tail and flicking it back and forth.

Mage Banner will turn into a Hulk as long as his emotional pulse reaches a peak. In this way, he was directly pursued by the military and the church, so he fled all the way to the border town of the Magnolia Empire for refuge. Later, he was discovered, and then there was a battle and an escape scene, and all kinds of cool special effects were piled up, which made the audience hooked. On the way, a battle occurred in a certain Demon Realm Shopping Mall. Everyone watched the Hulk destroy the Demon Mall Restaurant, and everyone sucked in a cold breath and felt so distressed.

Because the interior decoration of the Demon Malls in various places is almost the same, the audience is quite immersed in watching this period.

Later, a paladin also used the blood of the demons to become a huge monster named ‘Abomination’. The Hulk had the following dialogue with him:

Banner: “I don’t understand why you use this kind of failed product, you obviously have a better way.”

Abomination: “Are you saying that we could use Angel’s Descent to kill you?”

“You dare not use Angel’s Descent, right? Angels killed a lot of demons in the war with the Demon Realm in the past, but there were also many demons who tore up angels. After all, angels are just another powerful creature. It just happens to represent your faith, and if an angel comes and doesn’t kill me, your faith will be shattered, right?” Banner asked.

Abomination roared at him: “Do not stain my faith, mage!”

“You’re a hypocrite to say ‘faith’ with such a body,” Banner said.

“You’re no better than me!” Abomination continued to growl.

“One, I don’t believe in the God of Light; two, even if I transform, I still look better than you.” Banner took off his monocle and placed it on the stone over there. He walked forward step by step, his body swelled up, his muscles burst, this is the first time he took the initiative to transform into the Hulk.

The audience below screamed and shouted “So cool!!!”

There is no profound truth to this movie, and the overall situation basically revolves around the word “cool”.

Of course, the discussion about angels just now was deliberately made by Hill. At present, the audience accepts this line well, and even agrees with it.

In the final battle, after defeating the enemy, Hulk’s girlfriend tries to awaken the Hulk’s sanity.

She cried to him and said, “No more enemies, you are safe, no one will hurt you, wake up…”

The Hulk caught her tears with his fingers and called her name.

At this time, everyone was looking forward to it, wow, Master Banner was about to get himself under control, a happy ending!

However, the Church of Light’s priest over there took this opportunity to conduct a sneak attack, and they jointly launched a slash, and the Hulk immediately lost control and fell into a rage.

The audience also fell into a frenzy.

Obviously, the big reunion is just around the corner! What are they doing?!

Hulk’s lover angrily asked for the audience: “What are you doing?!”

The leading paladin said seriously: “You have to be more cunning than the demon to deal with the demon.”

Seeing a melee is about to begin, a sudden explosion sent everyone present flying over, and then in the light effect of the magic crystal gun, Tony Stark in a steel battle suit descended from the sky and appeared gracefully: “Seriously, Mage Banner, I’ve long seen the church not pleasing to the eye, but you making trouble in my Magnolia City is also not good. Everyone, let’s all calm down, okay?”

This line is very much in accordance with his personal style.

The audience’s eyes widened.

Iron Man! It’s Iron Man! Iron Man! How did he appear?! So, this happened in one world!

The surprise came unexpectedly.

Tom of the Magnolia City Demon Realm Shopping Mall widened his eyes. Before the movie started, he sighed with emotion one after another, saying that after watching the last one, he forgot the previous one, and it wasn’t a sequel to the series, so it felt a little pity, and now… it’s actually connected together?! What’s next? How will it be? Wow – looking forward to it!

Everyone was excited.

Then after the battle is the sensational part. Banner’s lover said to Banner: “I love you whether you are human or demon.”

“But I’m not a human now, and I’m not a demon,” said Mage Banner.

“Then I love you too.” She said affectionately: “I don’t love you because of who you are, I love you just because you are you.”

What followed was a kiss, the moonlight shone on them, and Mage Banner’s shadow was drawn so long that the outline of the Hulk was vaguely revealed.

Surrounded by the ruins of battle, broken walls, a broken patch, there is thriving grass between the stone cracks. Hill intends to let Mage Banner revisit the old place in the next movie featuring the Hulk. At that time, the grass had already bloomed, and Mage Banner subconsciously stretched out his hand to pick up the flower, but withdrew his hand, let the flowers continue to sway in the wind and stretch out. Then the flower would appear in several Marvel movies, and was eventually trampled to death by Thanos who appeared later.

The movie ends here perfectly.

Then an Easter Egg pops out.

Tony Stark was having a conversation with the general played by Duke Black.

“Although there have been successful cases of human and demon hybrids, I still don’t support this kind of research. I think it’s better to engage in technology.

The other thing is for that green friend, I would like to say that we are organizing an alliance of superpowered people who can solve this trouble for you.”

General: “You want to kill him with the alliance?”

Tony Stark: “I want him to join this alliance.”

General: “But he has done a lot of bad things…”

“Oh, believe me, General, there are more people in this league who are worse off than he is, and he’s considered a great guy in this alliance,” Tony Stark showed a bright smile.

The movie officially ends here!

The whole movie has a tight plot, tense rhythm, and flying special effects. It is full of some old-fashioned stalks in Hollywood commercial movies, but people from the other world watch it with relish.

What is that last? Alliance! What an alliance! So looking forward to it! The members in it seem to be amazing!

Wait, there have been successful cases of human and demon hybrids before? Is the experimenter still alive?

Wow, a lot of foreshadowing in the last minute!

Everyone = the audience is scratching their heads.

For the first time, people outside the cinema saw such a scene: the audience’s face after the movie was over did not carry much excitement, but was full of doubts.

The people outside were puzzled, what happened? Was the movie not good?

Then they learned from those people that it was because the foreshadowing at the end of the movie was too ticklish.

So this made the people waiting outside also start to scratch their hearts.

Ahhh! I really want to watch this movie right now! I really want to!

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