Chapter 190 – The previous Pope

Recently, some winter roses have opened in Winter City, and some alleys are filled with a cold fragrance.

The unimpressive tavern in which people sit sporadically, many people thought that the pub would close sooner or later. It’s in a remote location, and the owner didn’t buy a magic phone or anything else, but had a gramophone, but rarely played music. The customers are getting fewer and fewer day by day, but miraculously day after day, the tavern is still there.

There is a low noise, but it is not noisy, it forms a background sound like white noise.

Hill walked in wearing a black wool tunic with buttons carved in the shape of magnolia flowers, a gift from Joan Baker the last time he was there. The barkeeper, who had been sitting lazily behind the bar, looked carelessly toward Hill, and then his expression froze.

Hill sat on the bar as if nothing had happened, and said naturally, “Get a glass of wine to warm up.”

The owner pursed his lips: “What would you like to drink?”

“Depends on what you give me.” The smile on the corner of Hill’s mouth seemed vague, and then he revealed the identity of the other party: “The previous Pope.”

The owner of this tavern is the previous Pope of the Dark Church, Richards Clairadin.

At first, Hill dismissed him and imprisoned him because he was restless. Later, when Monroe came to power, Hill sent projection stones and various books to Richards Clairadin in the dungeon every day. Three months ago, Richards Clairadin took the initiative to meet Monroe, and after they had a conversation, Monroe asked Hill for instructions, and then released him. Richards Clairadin said that he would travel around the continent and see for himself the impact of these projection stones and novels on human beings.

Later, when he saw more or less, he settled down at the tavern in Mülheim – this tavern has been the property of the Dark Church from the very beginning, so it was opened so remote and unobtrusive. This is not for the sake of profit.

Clairadin took a deep breath, then brought out the best red wine to serve Hill. Hill leaned lazily on the bar, swaying the red wine in the crystal goblet, watching the bright red liquid tumbling in the glass, he said, “It’s a bit like blood.”

“Human blood,” said Clairadin.

“Oh yes, after all, the blood of the demons is of various colors, and some of them are gas.” The blood of the death knights is gas. If you cut their skin, you will see black mist floating out, which is their blood. Hill held the glass firmly, and the figure of Clairadin was quickly reflected on the crystal glass. “With great power comes great responsibility, Clairadin, you know why I am looking for you.”

“You were the one who put me in the dungeon in the first place,” Clairadin said.

“I hope you’re just complaining, and don’t think so from the bottom of your heart.” Hill took a light sip of red wine, not very smooth, sweet, but more bitter, “because it was your own actions that sent you to the dungeon.”

Clairadin was silent.

“Are you sure you want to stay silent and then let me chatter away here?” Hill was still shaking his glass, his posture lazy, but Clairadin didn’t dare relax in the slightest.

“…His Holiness Monroe is very good.” Clairadin finally said, “He’s doing a good job.”

“I know you don’t want to go back. You’ve dedicated most of your life to the church, so you’re tired,” Hill said.

“And my abilities are limited,” Clairadin lowered his eyes and said.

“You are a previous pope, don’t make such jokes.” Hill was still smiling, but the smile was gone from his eyes: “I don’t like to joke with people I don’t know well.”

Clairadin’s face turned even paler.

“Since you’ve dedicated most of your life, you might as well dedicate a few more years. Maybe you can still get your long-cherished wish,” Hill said.

“My… long-cherished wish…”

“You have been the Dark Pope for so many years, and you have been suppressed by the Church of Light for so many years. There are always those who you want to press back, right? Whether you have this idea or not, I think you have it, you should have it, you better have it.” Hill’s voice became deep, his fingers were still playing with the glass, his eyes were half-open, and the shadows covered all the light in them, “The more I do the less patience I have, and I probably shouldn’t be, but I hope you don’t mind my impatience… hmm?”

At the end of the sentence, he seemed to dip into the shadows, and he gave Clairadin the same feeling as the bitterest winter in Mülheim. Clairadin looked up and saw the coldness in his eyes.

Clairadin’s heart suddenly jumped, then he lowered his head and said, “I am willing to serve you at any time, Lord Demon King.”

Hill simply nodded and said: “The only task assigned to you is to go to the Oitin Empire to find out the truth about the Angel’s Descent. You can find the rest of the relevant information in the Demon Realm, or you can ask the fallen angels, but the fallen angels mostly have no memory.”

Clairadin was stunned, “Yes, Lord Demon King.”

Hill drank the remaining red wine, then put the glass down, “I’m leaving, you know who you should look for.” He grabbed from the void, pulled out a winter snow rose and placed it on the bar, “Here’s the money for the wine.”

“…My Lord?” Claire Latin asked hesitantly.

Hill turned his back to him and waved his hand, “Do whatever you want. Others say I like Paladins, but in fact, my favorite is the Dark Pope.”

The door of the tavern was opened, and the cold wind blew snowflakes in. Clairadin closed his eyes subconsciously and when he opened them, the Demon King was nowhere to be seen. Everything seems to be a dream, except for the empty glass on the bar and a winter snow rose emitting a cold fragrance to show that everything just now really happened.


When Hill came out, it was just in time for the premiere of The Incredible Hulk. The street in front of the Demon Realm Shopping Mall was as lively as His Majesty’s dance party. Everyone was chatting excitedly, and from time to time, someone gave a shout of admiration.

“No way!”

“Iron Man actually came out?”

“An alliance? So cool~!”

“You guys, don’t say spoilers! Ahhh!”

“I will use magic to block my hearing next time. I swear.”

“Come on James, you said the same last time, but you can’t help but prick up your ears when someone spoils you.”

“Damn it, Lily, why do you always tear me down!”

Hill smiled and draped the cloak over his head to avoid being recognized by these people.

It seems that the response of “The Incredible Hulk” is also quite good. The Marvel Universe is gradually taking shape, and the main ideas and values can be further deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

What a perfect day.

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It was Tom and Jerry in the previous chap, now it’s James and Lily. Wow. Are we getting a Harry Potter next?

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