Chapter 191 – A storm is coming

“This is a very enjoyable movie! The fighting! Violence! The feeling of fist to fist! The Hulk fight scene is so cool! I screamed! Well, I actually did, and then my face almost slammed to the back of the chair in front of me, oh yeah, there was a big pirate sitting next to me.”

Hill couldn’t help but laugh. Okay, this audience must be from Josh Kenny.

“The movie is very good, I used to think that the movie has a kind of magical power, which can attract people firmly, which is the case with all movies, but after I watched the movie made by a few mage friends using projection stones, I almost died. Okay. Actually, I fell asleep while watching it, and was almost beaten to death by them. Then I realized that only His Royal Highness’ movies can be so exciting, with a loose plot, just like Fred’s ass last night. Wait, what did I say? I didn’t say anything. A lot of the scenes are classic, the main plot is pretty clear, it’s great!”

Hmm… this audience, your analogy is very spiritual and very characteristic just like mine. Hill thought.

“I watched this movie with George last night, and I was attracted by the cool clip at the beginning. General Ross was so cool when he smoked tobacco, I wanted to try it. I have an active mind and I always think of all kinds of things when I watch a movie, and then when it’s over, I put this together for a pitch, and I thought that was the case today… but the sudden appearance of Iron Man at the end made me jump right up from my seat! Yes! I jumped up and down! If it was any other time, I would have been scolded, but no one scolded me then because two-thirds of the people in the cinema jumped up with me.

What does the end mean? Are they in one world? What is an alliance? Are they going to form an alliance? I’m begging you, Your Highness, please film the rest of the movie! I want to see the alliance! Ahhh!”

Hill also wanted to shoot quickly.

“The Incredible Hulk” has a lot of highlights, of course, in each of His Highness’s films, there are many, many highlights. This subverted a previous setting: as a demon (although it is inappropriate to say so, but let’s call him a demon first) the Hulk is very much in line with our perception of the demon race, the Hulk is brainless, rampant, fierce, destructive, and extremely strong, while attempts to restrain the transformed Mage Banner is a typical representative of the human race.

After watching the movie, I have a doubt. On the surface, it seems that the human nature has defeated the demonic nature of the demons. In the end, Mage Banner can basically control the Hulk, but the thoughts of His Royal Highness Grindelwald have always been deep, so I don’t think it’s that simple. I re-watched the movie twice and suddenly had an epiphany. Previously I was too shallow, I thought this was a simple conflict between humans and demons, but I now figured out that this work of His Highness Grindelwald has gone beyond race! Up to a whole new realm!

Everyone has a monster named Hulk in their hearts, which represents the repressed, dark side of each of us. The metaphor of the powerful Hulk tearing everything apart with violence and venting his emotions made me shudder.

His Royal Highness Grindelwald really buried this metaphor deeply, and he only made one line suggestion in the whole play, that is, Betty Ross said to Mage Banner: “I don’t love you because of who you are, I love you just because you are you.” This sentence directly woke me up, oh, so it was like that.

It is really exquisite, His Royal Highness Grindelwald is really amazing.

When I wrote this, I suddenly thought of “Fairy Tale Hotel”. Beautiful fairy tales have such a bloody and ugly side… To be honest, I couldn’t look directly at those fairy tales after watching that movie. Today, I followed the epiphany, it turns out that His Royal Highness Grindelwald really played a big game of chess! Beauty and ugliness are just a thought. Those boys and girls didn’t push the door into the fairy tale hotel, they entered their own hearts. And the proof is that they lived in different rooms at the beginning of the Fairy Tale Hotel, the weather outside was different at the same time.

I reviewed past films and found that there are other metaphors, I will list them all below, and I also invite everyone to discuss…”

This three-page review of the movie made the corners of Hill’s mouth twitch.

Ah, the Hulk in the creation of Marvel should indeed have these connotations, but Hill really did not think that much when he was shooting, ah! The heroine Betty’s sentence was a simple love word, he didn’t make any hints! And what other metaphors in “Fairy Tale Hotel”, aiya, he was really just shooting an ordinary and unremarkable horror movie! Why are these audiences so powerful?!

Hill remembered the reading comprehension of the previous college entrance examination. The Zhejiang college entrance examination selected the prose of Gong Gaofeng, the author of “Youth Digest”. Students went to Weibo to ask him, and he replied, “How do I know what I want to express? I How do I know the meaning of the ending?”, “The standard answer has not come out yet, how do I know what I want to express, how do I know the meaning of the ending?” Then everyone joked that in the future, reading comprehension questions must be written by deceased writers, so that they would not jump out and hit them in the face.

Looking at the overwhelming “metaphors” in “Fairy Tale Hotel”, Hill had the same feeling.

OK. Suit yourselves.

After this film review was posted on “Demon Realm Magazine”, there was an upsurge of looking for metaphors together. After that, various submissions about metaphors emerged one after another, causing Hill to sweat. Again, you, whatever makes you happy. I’ll leave first.


The last movie planned at the end of this year is “Pirates of the Caribbean 4”. In the fourth film, Captain Jack will officially become the protagonist. Blackbeard will go online while the Flying Hench…cough…Flying Dutchman and Will will go offline. There will also be a pirate area in the Demon Realm Amusement Park, which is currently a major selling point. It is best to build a small immersive theater in it.

Hill was writing and drawing on the paper, while Alice over there was reading “A Song of Ice and Fire”. This book is a little too dark in terms of enlightenment, but Hill wants to teach the child to have her own set of ideas: let her touch all kinds of things, good and bad, dark and sunny. If you want to be immune to all poisons, you must first soak yourself in all the poisons. Then he emphasized to Alice more than once, you can remember their words, but you must distinguish yourself and have your own thinking ability. When you grow up, you can choose the path you want to take.

“Hill, can I ask a question?” Alice said.

“Go ahead,” Hill said, still writing on the paper.

“I’m a little confused about feelings and revenge.” Alice said, “Sometimes it feels silly to give up revenge for the sake of feelings, and sometimes it doesn’t feel good to give up feelings for the sake of revenge.”

This question… Hill put down the pen, he looked at Alice, he was dressed a bit like a paladin today, with a snow-white cape and white-blue armor, the carvings on the armor were simple and generous, and said: “This question is really too profound for you, after all, you are still young… but adults can’t solve this problem, it’s more like it depends on the situation.” He thought about it and said, “Let me tell you a story.”

“Okay.” Alice nodded vigorously.

“In the far east, a young man’s mother had an affair with a priest. In order to stay together, the two conspired to kill his father. Then they met every night. The priest lived on the other side of the river, and the river was blocked, so it was not convenient to meet each other. When the boy grew up, he built a bridge to help his mother cross the river. After his mother died, he went over to kill the priest. This is the so-called building a bridge to follow his mother’s wishes, killing the priest to avenge his father,” Hill said.

Alice thought for a while: “His filial piety is a little strange.”

“Well, the moral values of the East were different from ours in the early years. At that time, this was regarded as a very typical case of reasonable right and wrong, and reasonable filial piety, and it even became a legend,” Hill said.

Alice thought for a while, “Sounds a little gross, but after thinking about it carefully, I feel that this teenager has a very powerful way of thinking.”

“Yes. His ideas are very clear.” Hill said, “In my opinion, it comes down to going and following the results of your own thinking. But you have to know that everything presupposes that you yourself are strong enough, and the stronger a person is the more things they get for sure, and the more they can choose – of course, it’s up to you to choose or not to choose.”

Alice thought about it for a while and then nodded seriously, and then she smiled suddenly: “Hill, I find that every time I ask you a question, in the end, you will lead to ‘so become strong’.”

… How come it sounds so violent and brainless?

Hill’s eyes wandered for a second: “…because, this is the truth.”

“If you are strong enough, you can save a lot of thinking.” Alice said seriously: “Will the strong people become more and more stupid?”

Hill felt a little pain in his chest, “I actually have to think hard to solve the problem, Alice. Because for the time being, there seems to be no end to being strong.”

But what Alice said was true. If you have no opponents, you will indeed become stupid in a high position.

Alice nodded vigorously: “I know, Hill is really an excellent Demon King.” Her blond hair was light and beautiful like the sunlight falling from the branches, very beautiful.

The healing loli ah. Hill thought. It’s good to have a child.

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In the Middle Ages, there were still a lot of strange regulations. The ordinary monks in the monastery could not talk to the laborers. Internally, there were only specific times of the day when they can speak while being monitored. Because of these odd rules…these monks developed sign language, hehe.

Hill laughed when he saw this for the first time. However, there are quite a lot of weird laws in the modern world. It is illegal to hang men’s and women’s underwear on the same rope in Minnesota, USA, and it is illegal to have s*x with a porcupine in Florida.

Oh, the porcupine is because someone did it before, and everyone couldn’t accept it, so such a law was introduced.

…the cause and effect of this are quite terrifying.

Mulheim abolished quite a few of the regulations that the Church had added to democracy. In addition, Ice Emperor banned most cosmetics under Hill’s advocacy, and at the same time, the Demon Mall launched better and safer cosmetics. At that time, women were especially cruel for beauty, not to mention lead and mercury, some women would ask the barber to cut a knife on their arm, so that the blood would flow until the complexion was pale enough. Hill looked at all these and felt goosebumps!

Now that Mulheim has basically torn faces with the Church, there have been many incidents of friction between the Paladins and the Imperial Army. The Pope asked Teresa to stay in Winter City, an order that was far more terrifying than tearing the face off immediately. There is no other way to go now, so Teresa continues to put on a loyal attitude and take it one step at a time.

Seeing the church like this, the Ice Emperor Claude simply did not hide it. He directly trained troops across the country, reorganized the army, and his posture was so tough that it made Hill so frightened that he sent a team of dark elves to protect Claude.

At the same time, projection stones are quietly circulating among the ascetics…

A storm is coming. A hurricane is building.

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