Chapter 192 – Demon Realm Amusement Park & Spy

Demon Realm Amusement Park.

The overall framework of the Demon Realm Amusement Park was designed by Hill a year ago, and he continued to enrich it in the following year. Enriched not only the framework but also many details, such as the specific style of the house here, what the building materials are here, and which flowers and plants to transplant here. Regarding flowers and plants, Hill plans to build a luminous forest, where many plants will emit light. The fluorescent mushrooms are also known as ant street lamps. Hill has always felt that the name “ant street lamp” is really very romantic.

This is also very similar to the Earth’s African luminous tree, it burns at night. In northern Africa, some local people plant it as a street lamp, and can even borrow light to read newspapers, which is wonderful.

In addition, there is a tulip called Night Queen, which is very precious on Earth, but there are many in the Dark Forest of the Demon Realm. It is bright in color, and its petals are as smooth as silk… this word reminds Hill of chocolate. At night, the flowers will appear with little stars like fireflies, which is very beautiful.

In addition, some of the flowers and plants that Hill feels are unique to the other world, look a bit similar to those in the world of Avatar, in short, the beauty is intoxicating, ah.

When the massive construction started, the Ice Emperor Claude said that he should pay attention to the temperature problem. He suggested that the arrangement should be re-planned. In the Ice Empire, no one would build a house in winter. Hill waved his hand at that time, it’s okay, we are not weak human beings, we are demons, I will complete the construction of the fairy tale area in the Demon Realm Amusement Park before the winter solstice.

As a result, there was a problem with the low temperature during construction, and many demons were frozen to death. Oh, in fact, the skeletons were frozen, other demons will not feel cold.

Hill was speechless at the time, “Are you skeletons actually afraid of freezing?”

The skeleton’s teeth kakaka: “My King, this, this is really too cold.”

Another skeleton said: “My King, in the human world, the thinner the human beings, the colder they are. We are too skinny, so we should be afraid of cold.”

Okay, this theory makes sense.

…that makes sense, what the hell?!

Hill almost flipped the table.

But it is useless to flip the table right now, and a solution has to be found.

Ice Emperor Claude laughed happily over there, and the whole person was gloating: “I said it long ago, Grindelwald.”

“You can be proud later, let’s think about the problem now, Claude,” Hill said.

The two of them were walking around the amusement park on horseback at this time, stepping on the thin snowflakes and ice shells on the ground along the way, and they could still hear the sound of snowflakes being flattened, crunching, very nice.

Hill was wearing a low-key outfit today, black chainmail over a warm wool sweater, a grey cape at the back, and a feather helmet hanging from the side of the horse, apparently Hill had no intention of wearing it. Ice Emperor Claude is still the traditional white and blue of the Ice family, and the white and blue metal armor looks cold in the winter sun.

“I usually leave these things to my ministers to think about,” Ice Emperor Claude said.

Hill remembered what Alice said yesterday, so he said maliciously: “Being in a high position for a long time will make you dumber and dumber if you don’t use your brain.”

“The art of controlling people and political struggle are also using brains.” Claude, who clearly disagreed with Hill, gave a very orthodox rebuttal.

“You’ve got to use your brains in every way to be able to touch all aspects,” Hill said, offering a sophistry retort.

Claude thought for a moment with some resignation, “Hey I said you, why do you always make sense?” Ice Emperor Claude was defeated by the limitations of the times.

“Because I say one thing and I mean another.” Hill said in a mess, no matter whether it was a positive or a negative meaning, he said it, “In short, think of a way to solve it, try not to use magic to solve it, I can’t bear the money.” He didn’t know if his last sentence should be classified as serious or not.

“My friend, you have to remember that your money comes from human beings,” Ice Emperor Claude said. He was not a fool like King Magnolia, he was aware of how much money flowed from the human world to the Demon Realm over the years. He probably had a number.

So, Hill said logically and naturally: “So I can’t afford to spend your human money, look how good I am to you humans.”

The cold wind blew, Ice Emperor Claude was stunned by Hill’s brazenness. After a while, he barely recovered his thinking: “I still know too little about you.”

“That will do, any more would be bad, you have a fiancée and I have my lover,” Hill said.

Ice Emperor Claude didn’t know what kind of expression he should put on, so he had to ask, “Your lover?”

“A paladin, so handsome,” Hill said in a showy tone.

Ice Emperor Claude felt that Hill was talking nonsense again, so he did not continue the topic, but began to think about the question just now: “If it is a non-magical method… the temperature… can draw the nearby hot springs over. “

Some high-ranking nobles in Mülheim will build their manor on the hot spring, and then hire a magician to design the water cycle, which is very comfortable. Mülheim’s development in this regard is still quite high.

“Good idea.” Hill nodded. “Summer doesn’t matter. Anyway, it’s always cold here, and summer is short.”

“Yes.” Ice Emperor Claude tried to think about more things, and then he found that he was blank about this… Well, he had to say: “I don’t know much about construction, you can go directly to Grand Chancellor Lannon, and then give me the results of the discussion.” He didn’t want to deal with the Grand Chancellor, the Grand Chancellor would definitely scold him.

“Okay, then I’ll just mess around.” Hill said, “You’re not allowed to veto me, Claude.”

The corners of Claude’s mouth twitched. How can national affairs be like child’s play, your attitude is too wrong… Hey, this Demon King is really a different person from the coquettish demon outside…


Hill has always been a master of doing what he says he will do, and Monroe understands this quite well.

Well, it means that Monroe understood when the two of them worked together as a partner, and it didn’t mean that.

…Well, it actually means something like that too.

After returning from the inspection of the amusement park, Hill immediately went to Grand Chancellor Lannon, and then quickly settled on a plan on how to draw the hot spring with the Grand Chancellor. The builders are a small number of humans and a large number of demons, including goblins who are good at digging and necromancers who summon a bunch of free labor without paying.

It is not enough to just draw the hot springs, so Hill knocked down half of the volcano head where a demon dragon lived, and buried the gravel containing the fire element of the demon dragon under the amusement park. These stones will automatically heat up. The demon dragon looked at his bare volcano head and cried, and then spent a long time bringing stones from elsewhere to build the volcano head up again.

The project took about a week in total. In the planning, a village has to be demolished. Where the people in the village will be transferred is Mülheim’s own business, but Hill has other attention. He told Claude that he intends to let all the people in this village directly move to the amusement park to live.

Hill intends to build a wizarding town that looks a lot like the old poetry, with ancient and mysterious buildings, walls covered with vines, and a little bit of old English country style. Just wait for Hill to turn it into a village in HP after finishing “Harry Potter”. Hill planned to make the villagers wear clothes that fit that style and teach them the basics, and these people were so lucky to be the first employees hired by the Demon Realm Amusement Park.

While Hill was eagerly planning the wizard town, something went wrong in the Glowing Forest. Hill brought fireflies from the Demon Realm, but soon after, these fireflies ate almost all the creatures in this area… This is too scary, this is a biological invasion ah. Hill couldn’t think of a solution for a while, so he could only solve it with magic. He quickly fiddled with the magic circle, surrounded the Glowing Forest with the magic circle, and made it an independent small ecological circle, followed by a period of observation, see if it can operate on its own.

Hill then opened his mind. If you look into it carefully from this step, in fact, the biggest problem when crossing is the modern bacteria and viruses carried by the traversers. The person from the modern world can put the ancient to extinction… It’s scary, fortunately, it didn’t happen to him…

On this day, Hill and Claude continued to walk + patrol in the Demon Realm Amusement Park. Hill rode a sturdy dark horse with shiny hair. It snowed heavily yesterday, so the horses’ hooves flipped the snowflake in the back. It’s quite a mood.

Two Mülheim soldiers came over there, “Your Majesty, Your Highness, we have just caught two spies from the Holy City.”

“Oh, sure enough.” Hill nodded, which was within his expectations. The Pope almost understood the threat of the demons now. Hill couldn’t guess why he still put Teresa in Winter City. But he can also grasp several specific directions. It’s no secret that Hill is building the Demon Realm Amusement Park. As long as the Pope is not stupid, he will definitely send someone to observe/undercover. Hill reined in the reins and asked Claude next to him: “Go and have a look? But it might be rather brutal.”

“Are you going to interrogate?” Ice Emperor Claude asked with great interest.

“Yes.” Hill said carelessly, looking at his current appearance, he couldn’t imagine how brutal he would be later.

“Okay, then I’ll see how vicious the demon is,” Ice Emperor Claude said.

Hill smiled at him: “I won’t let you down.”

There seems to be a wind in his eyes, a cold wind blowing out from the magnificent palace.


In the makeshift tent, a fiery coal fire burns in a stone stove.

These makeshift tents are sponsored by the White family, and because of the climate of Mülheim, their craftsmanship for making these luxury goods for nobles is quite developed. Some nobles will go out hunting, but they still have to enjoy, so this kind of temporary tent came into being. The White family is the largest producer.

The tent was gorgeous and warm, with two people tied to the middle pillar. Hill looked over and found that the person who was closer to him had a faint aura of holy light, but it was difficult for ordinary people to distinguish it, and it was rare to find it. “How did you find it?” Hill asked.

“Lady Olivia organizes the newly arrived staff to watch “Magical Girl Madoka” every day,” said the soldier who reported earlier.

“Oh, that’s too much,” Hill couldn’t help laughing.

“As expected of my fiancee,” Ice Emperor Claude said proudly.

Hill smiled and gave him a look, then kept that smiling attitude and walked over to the captive closer to him: “I want to ask you a few questions, this… should be a priest.”

“We don’t know anything!” exclaimed another captive.

Hill also glanced at him with a smile, and then a dagger appeared in his palm and stabbed him directly, “You have time to speak, don’t worry.” When he said this, his voice was cold, without a smile.

Blood spurted out from the captive’s wound at once, and also sprayed directly on Hill’s side face. There was a faint golden color in the blood, and it seemed that the other party was a high-level priest, otherwise, such a vision would not have occurred. The blood of the high-ranking priest was originally a treasure of exorcism, so when the blood fell on Hill’s face, it made a ‘sshhhh’ sound – Hill deliberately did not use magic to resist, so Hill’s appearance was ruined by this blood, and he looks a bit like a low-grade version of a two-faced person.

But he was still smiling, the same smile from before, which made it more terrifying.

Ice Emperor Claude over there couldn’t help swallowing.

The soldiers in the tent shivered a little.

Not to mention the shocked captives who were facing Hill directly.

“I’d like to ask you a few questions.” Hill continued to look at the priest in front of him and said unhurriedly.

“God of Light above, I won’t say it.” The priest looked very scared, but his voice was still firm.

“I think your God will forgive you. After all, you are fighting against a demon like me, and there should be more powerful people in the church to deal with me.” Hill’s smile at this time was soothing, but if you look carefully, you will find an almost morbid light shining in the depths of his eyes, like the feeling of being watched by a madman while imprisoned in a cage. He wore this expression, but his voice was more gentle: “For example, let the ascetics deal with me. They are indeed quite tricky, I wonder if His Holiness the Pope would consider them tricky as well…”

Ascetics. This pierced the sensitive heart of the priest, and he blurted out: “Don’t you dare try to sow discord, demon! An ascetic will never betray the church!” After shouting like this, he actually regretted it.

“You are not an ascetic, I think you can betray,” Hill seemed to be following the good advice.

Although he regretted it, he said it all, so the priest simply put on a righteous and awe-inspiring look: “Compared to the body, the torment of the soul is more terrible.” He was ready to sacrifice, all this was too tormenting, too frightening……

The priest who was stabbed on the other side also came back to his senses at this time: “Don’t talk to him. If you talk to him, you will fall into his trap. You have to live. To live is to win.”

Hill directly stabbed him again, this time very cleverly, and the blood sprayed elsewhere, “I wanted to be polite.” Hill said coldly, “Wait for me to finish, dear, and have your chance to speak.”

Hill’s series of actions made the people next to him shiver even more, and Claude also felt a little creeped out.

On the other side, Irvine and Dark Elf Albrecht looked at their Demon King with admiration. Lord Demon King is really too handsome, too powerful, just a few simple actions and this priest is already on the verge of collapse.

“You follow the church because He is the only God, but how do you know that He is the only God?” Hill finally stopped smiling, his eyes were like a quiet sea of blood, and the lights flickered in the tent. At this moment, he looks ghostly: “You are too naive, you don’t know what you are facing.”

This sentence terrified the priest more than the previous words. He couldn’t help but think of “Magical Girl Madoka”, those terrifying plots and dialogues… and then connected with the current Grindelwald’s words, the priest began to think, why hasn’t he collapsed and died yet…

Of course, it is impossible for all believers to immediately collapse their beliefs when they see Magical Girl Madoka and the Fairy Tale Hotel, this varies from person to person, otherwise, this is too similar to a child’s play. Although Hill likes things that seem like child’s play, and it would be nice if he traveled to the fairy tale setting with a difficulty level of 0… Of course, this is impossible.

“Aren’t you going to answer?” Hill stared at the priest for a few seconds, then closed his eyes lightly, “I’m starting to lose my patience.” He reached out and snapped the neck of the captive he had stabbed twice, then said to the soldier over there as if nothing had happened, “Handle it cleanly, don’t let the others find his body, after all, this is a priest, it’s not good to kill a priest.”

Ice Emperor Claude couldn’t help but complain: “You are as cruel as a demon king.”

“You can use another metaphor to describe me, after all, I am a demon king.” Hill said, “For example, you can compare it to my ferocious stroke.”

Claude exclaimed: “Is that a f*cking metaphor?”

Hill said: “Don’t tear down my stage…I’m still interrogating prisoners.”

“The prisoner has been scared to death by you,” Claude said.

“Then I’ll let his body hurt to the point where his soul is forcibly returned,” Hill said cheerfully.

Oh, that’s another threat that can scare people to death.

In the end, instead of asking questions directly, Hill continued to tie up the priest. He said he would scare him for a few days and then let him speak obediently.

In fact, the priest’s brain can hardly do too much thinking, he can’t hold on anymore, is he going to commit su*cide… At this time, the voice of the sacrificed colleague sounded in his ears again: To live, to live is to win. He has to report all this to the bishop. It turns out that Grindelwald is not the prince of the demon race, he is the Demon King! Thinking like this, the priest regained his motivation.

That night, the priest was surprised to find his rope a little loose, he looked over and found that the blood of that dead colleague had splashed on his rope, corroding part of the rope surrounded by darkness. The priest actually had no memory of the fallen fellow priest, and he had a fleeting thought at first: maybe that one was a fake, but now he was annoyed by his thought. The other man must have come on a secret mission, which was why he had not been notified of his presence. And now he had died a heroic death and had used his last blood to fight for his life.

He wants to live, he must live!

He quietly untied the rope, knocked out a guard, and then tactfully smeared mud to himself and pretended to be an ordinary laborer. This is not a heavily guarded place like a military camp, it is just a playground, so he escaped smoothly.

Blessed be God of Light! He cheered in his heart.


Hill looked at the priest who had slipped away from high above, with an unpredictable expression.

And next to him is the “spy” he “killed” in the afternoon.

In a sense, the other party is also a “spy”.

“You worked hard today, Hewlett,” Hill said.

“My honor, Lord Demon King,” said Paladin Hewlett.

Hewlett was a paladin who fell while watching “Fairy Tale Hotel”. Thanks to the double efforts of the church and the demons, he has now successfully become a person on the demon king’s side.

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