Chapter 193 – Demon Realm Amusement Park & Smile

Demon Realm Amusement Park is under construction.

Hill plans to put a certain number of small trains in the amusement park. Unlike the trains in the demon realm, these small trains are not driven by steam. One is that the small trains are too small and not a long one, and on the other hand, Hill still wants to keep hiding, so these little trains are basically using magic crystals. This is naturally expensive to use, but even if the train ticket is expensive, people who come here to play will not lack that money.

In addition to the small train, Hill also intends to get the cable car out. The land of the Demon Realm Amusement Park is surrounded by canyons and mountain peaks. Hill intends to build an ancient castle on the mountain peak as an amusement facility and hotel, and then throw a few vampires inside, let them become staff.

As for how tourists get to the peak, they can use the cable car.

Sitting on the slow cable car, overlooking the scenery below, the canyon, the fog, and the black ghost-faced bird flying by the cable car… Just imagining about it feels so exciting!

As for the rides, most of them are based on the rides on Earth, and then combined with magic to build the design.

Carousel. The carousel itself is exquisitely shaped, with a gorgeous appearance and brilliant lights, it can also satisfy the dream of children soaring, and it can also make you forget the injury and think that you are in heaven (…). When Hill wrote this series of slogans, he subconsciously thought of Faye Wong’s “Carousel”, he can let the Siren singer release this song. It can be dedicated to the theme album of the entire Demon Realm Amusement Park. In addition to “Carousel”, put “Drowning Sorrows” too, isn’t the first sentence “When you walk into this happy place”… Actually, the meaning of this “happy place” is more profound, but this song can be inserted too.

The other songs are, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” and “Let It Go”, “The Lion King” and “Frozen” will be released as soon as possible. The song “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” is so classic that it sends shivers down the spine, moving and sincere, and Hill thinks it is a timeless classic in English love songs. The song “Let It Go” is also very popular, with the feeling of freedom and unrestrainedness it expresses has a considerable shocking force. These are ready to be sorted out after going back in the evening, so that the people under him can immediately implement them.

If you have inspiration, you must do it quickly, otherwise, it will be delayed for a long time, one is forgotten, and the other is too lazy to do it…

Back to the carousel, there are carousels with different themes in different areas. In Hill’s vision, the carousel has two modes, one is the normal version and the other is the dream version. The regular version is the same as the one on Earth, just going around in circles and visitors can admire those beautiful original decorations.

The dream version will lead the tourists sitting above into the fantasy world constructed by the magic circle. They will find that they are really riding a flying horse in the fairy tale world. The flying horse are accompanied by the flying elves, and the princess and prince in the story will also dress up go with them. They will travel through fairyland, above the clouds, and there will be moving music resounding between the heaven and the earth. This experience is undoubtedly beautiful and incredible. Hill himself wants to play… The sceneries in the dream version of the carousel in different areas are naturally different. For example, in the Fallen Angels area, there will be scenery such as fallen angels walking with you and so on, he won’t go into detail about this.

Basically, most of the rides that need to ride, Hill have used this normal version + dream version model, of course, it’s the tourists’ own choice.

For example, the dream version of Water Ride is the illusion of rushing directly into the sea from high altitude, or the illusion of rushing into the sea of clouds from high altitude, as well as a Roller Coaster with the theme of traveling among the stars, and so on.

The iconic building of Disneyland is the fantasy fairy tale castle. Hill turned the iconic building of the Demon Realm Amusement Park into a Blackrock Tower. In order to match this tower, Hill planned to build the place to be gothic and dark, some sort of abandoned place aesthetic. Anyway, this is the Demon Realm Amusement Park, it’s better to have a statue of the Demon King next to the Blackrock Tower, or a statue of Grindelwald… Wow, Prince Grindelwald, wouldn’t it be the Prince of Fun if you put it here.

Thinking of this, Hill said to Irvine next to him: “The fire elemental spirit should have a fire elemental spirit X.”

Irvine was at a loss for a while, and then felt that he understood what Hill meant. He took a step back, from the original appearance of a boy to the original ball of fire appearance, floating in the air, he asked: “My King, is this what you are referring to?”

Rain girl has no melons,” Hill continued.

“…Ah?” Irvine blankly changed from fire to human again.

“Nothing.” Hill was in a good mood after entertaining himself, “Okay, let’s go to the Glowing Forest to see.”

Hill attaches great importance to the Glowing Forest.

The glowing forest occupies half of the fairy tale area. Hill plans to build a restaurant and a hotel in the Glowing Forest. The specific style is based on the architectural style of the dark elves. In addition, Hill wants to build some treehouses. In addition to the beautiful plants in the Glowing Forest, the beautiful and exotic buildings of various styles are also a major feature. These buildings were moved by Hill from the game CG on Earth, so the ‘exotic’ here means really exotic.

In addition, Hill has a variety of restaurants distributed in the amusement park, all the restaurant menu is based on the area where it is specified, in addition to some general food, they also have their own special meals. Of course, there is a lot of food here that you can’t get in the demon realm restaurants outside. From this, you can sell food maps. Tourists who like to explore can go directly to the restaurant without looking at the map. Tourists who don’t want to explore or like to find a restaurant quickly can buy a map and run around the entire amusement park to find these restaurants in various places.

Magic is so good. It’s nice to be a demon king. These dreams can be gradually realized.

Hill thought.


On this day, Hill and Olivia inspected the Demon Realm Amusement Park together. This is the restoration site of an ancient battlefield site. There are many ancient statues scattered on the ruins of the war. There are tall warriors, half-orcs, and various monsters from the decaying past. Their bodies and faces have been eroded by wind and rain, and their glory has been left in the smoky clouds of time.

Hill had seen similar scenery in the Demon Realm. Irvine didn’t know what place it was, so Hill asked the elders of the Ghost clan, only to find out that this was the place where the last Titan tribe had fallen. This scene entered Hill’s mind at the time, so he immediately thought of it when he was planning the amusement park.

Titan… Hill has an idea: “Olivia, how about making a zone here, the theme is adventure in the giant world, what do you think?”

“Your Royal Highness, I didn’t understand what you were saying,” Olivia said, she was wearing a dress that was easy to move around, wrapped in a thick fuchsia wool cloak with white trims, and carried a piece of volcanic rock in her arms, it was warm and comfortable to look at. Olivia came from the Magnolia Empire after all. She used to go to the south every winter to escape the cold. Like many noble ladies in Magnolia City, she was afraid of the cold, but she knew exactly what she wanted, so she never came really complained about the bad climate here in Winter City.

Hill explained, “It’s the animals and plants that are magnified many times over.”

“Sounds like a lot of fun.” Olivia immediately understood what Hill meant. At first, when Hill proposed some ideas, Olivia would find it unbelievable how it could be done, but with the help of both technology and magic, everything in the Arabian Nights seems to be able to be realized, except for “The Arabian Nights” itself. Up to now, Olivia felt that as long as His Royal Highness Grindelwald could think of it, he could do it. She also proposed several childhood dream ideas, all of which were adopted by Hill.

This feeling is really great, as if creating a dream.

Then Olivia frowned, thinking of unpleasant things: “But if you magnify the bugs and ants, it will become the opposite of dreamy, it will be a nightmare.”

“Yes.” Hill told his ideas while organizing his thoughts: “So before entering here, tourists can choose… Um, choose the route of your own adventure, you can choose mild, ordinary, terrifying, or extreme horror. Um. Then led by a guide… hmm… I mean let the staff take them on the prescribed route.”

That would be perfect!

“Extreme horror?” Olivia asked curiously, “Is it a bug?”

“Centipedes, bugs, snails, and so on,” Hill said.

“Snails? Because it’s slimy?” Olivia asked.

“You know it, the snail is the most toothy creature in the world, with more than 10,000 teeth,” Hill said.

“…” Olivia’s head was blank for a few seconds.

Oh, and in this period of the Middle Ages and other worlds, snails were one of the common foods.

But Hill didn’t like it. There were very few snails on the menu of the Demon Realm Restaurant. If there were some, the chefs improved and added them. Hill was not interested in this and had never modified the snail recipe.

“As expected of My King, you always know all kinds of strange knowledge,” Irvine next to him said with admiration.

“Al has been busy recently, so you took his place?” Hill glanced at Irvine, “and I don’t think it’s a compliment.”

Olivia’s head was no longer blank at this time, and she couldn’t help shivering.

Such a small creature with 10,000 teeth or something, it’s scary.

“Actually, many small animals are quite scary when they are enlarged…” Hill muttered, “Oh, I thought of it, we can launch a one-day princess or queen event.”

Olivia immediately understood: “Is this where the tourist can be a princess or a queen for one day in the amusement park?”

“Well, then the staff will bow to her or something, and then do a palace simulation process. In the morning, she will find herself waking up in a 100-square-meter bed, and then chefs from all over the world will prepare various styles of breakfast for her…” Hill muttered.

“Er…” Olivia didn’t know how to comment on Hill’s words.

“Actually, you can also become a Pope for a day,” Hill said.

Olivia coughed. This is too blasphemous to the church.

“Let’s have more simulation games. Let’s create a magic academy, and tourists can participate in magic learning.” Hill thought of another idea, and his thinking was quite active at the moment.

“But many people don’t have magical talent,” Olivia reminded next to him.

“It’s just random play. Each game lasts for half an hour. It can also be regarded as learning. Under the leadership of the magic teacher, the tourists will playfully wave their wands and recite some spells. After the study, they can get a real magic wand, with a magic circle engraved on the wand, it can turn into flowers, clear water, etc., so everyone can enjoy it.” Hill said, “But there must be a time limit… Forget it, make it use a battery, or call it a magic cell. …sounds weird. The wand needs to have a battery installed to use it, and when the battery runs out, they have to go to the Demon Mall to buy it.” One more source of income, great. Hill gave himself a nod of approval in his heart.

“This is so interesting!” Olivia’s eyes lit up.

In this other world with superpowers, everyone has a magical dream!

Hill remembered Mie University in Japan. That university has a ninja major. Students need to practice shuriken and experiment with ninjutsu. Some time ago, the school was in the news because a girl handed in a blank paper but got a perfect score. In fact, she used soybeans she bought to make soybean juice to write her paper, and her handwriting will naturally appear after it dries. The instructor thought she had mastered the essence of Ninjutsu and gave her full marks. Hill was amazed when he saw it, it was quite interesting.

Oh, there is also a cold knowledge about some special assassination techniques of female ninjas recorded in Japanese historical materials, now research said, 80% of s*xually transmitted disease was carried by them.

Hill was speechless and felt like his childhood dream had been shattered.

Childhood dream: I’ve been shattered too many times, what kind of world is this _(:з”∠)_


Hill spent a lot of time on the Demon Realm Amusement Park, after all, he was in a hurry.

Back from the amusement park that day, Hill saw a lot of people at the gate of the small manor that the Ice Emperor gave him.

The paladins were riding on horses, fully armed, their armor was shining, the shield tied to the left arm had the pattern of a huge cross, and the long white cloak looked holy and great. The day was dull and cloudy, and the scene in front of them was like a scene from a religious painting.

Looking at this group of unfriendly paladins, Olivia showed a worried expression.

Hill had no intention of involving her: “You stay here. They are not me, and will not be sad and sick to the point of hurting you.”

At this time, His Royal Highness Grindelwald was still joking… Olivia also relaxed a little: “Yes, Your Highness, I will do as I’m told.”

Hill smiled, “Good.” Then he walked towards the Paladin.

The paladins parted a path, and the back of Bishop Teresa Shelley appeared at the end of the path. He turned around, and the wind blew his red vestments, looking solemn and cold, and so were his gaze: “Your Royal Highness Grindelwald, good day.”

“For all the polite words on your lips, you’re not doing much to observe propriety in your actions, Bishop Shelley.” Hill met his gaze, his red pupils had the tiny flames caused by the frictional collision of stars, as tiny as dust, but with the terrifying power to destroy half a planet.

“Manners are between man and man,” Teresa Shelley said with the kind of indifference that fits the bishop’s style, “You are nothing but a demon.”

Olivia’s heart over there was clenched.

This bishop… what’s going on? How come he suddenly snapped?

What will His Royal Highness Grindelwald do?

The flames of stardust seemed to intertwine into a web, shadows and fires overlapped, and the smile that Hill had just given Olivia hadn’t quite disappeared from his face: “Is this what you really think in your heart, Your Excellency.”

“My thoughts have always been the same, they have never changed.” Teresa said in a deep voice: “I thought you would say back ‘You are just a human being too’, and I was planning to make a big deal out of that statement of yours.”

The smile on Hill’s face finally disappeared completely, and his voice became indifferent, the indifference of the villain who despises everything: “Don’t play with what’s left of me, Bishop, you can’t play with me.”

Teresa’s face sank, but it was originally quite heavy: “I came hoping you would persuade the Ice Emperor to abandon this union.”

Hill sneered: “Your evil intention is still not dead?”

“You wouldn’t want to face the wrath of the Church of Light head on,” Teresa’s voice was full of authority.

Olivia doesn’t know why Bishop Shelley is suddenly like this. Is the church going to tear up with Mülheim completely? Does the church have any important information? How dare they do this? She looked worriedly at His Highness Grindelwald, only to find him smiling. He is laughing.

Hill was wearing a low-key, luxurious gray coat today, with a red cape hanging from his shoulders. Speaking of which, he and Teresa were both dressed quite civilly.

Hill walked in front of Teresa and grabbed his collar directly, and his smile became savage, the kind of smile that is very typical of a demon king in anime and movies: “Who do you think you are talking to, human? Do you think I can’t tear you apart?”

This sudden face-turn shocked everyone around, and the paladins drew their swords almost simultaneously.

In the next second, strong magical fluctuations erupted from Hill’s body, and the horses under the paladins neighed. Their legs were weak and they fell to the ground directly. The paladins above were caught off guard and were thrown off a lot.

For a while, the dust was flying, people turned on their backs, and the cold wind whistled past. The scene looked strange, violent, and terrible.

And Teresa seemed to be intimidated.

After the horrific incident, Hill loosened his collar, took a step back, and neatly sorted out his somewhat messy clothes, and said politely, “My apologies, I’m easy to get excited. But it looks like you guys are more incapable of facing the demon’s wrath head on.”

Teresa gasped violently and stared at Hill with a deadly stare.

“Get lost.” Hill took out his handkerchief and wiped his hands, the smile on his face disappearing once again as he coldly made the useless addition, “I mean, please.”

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He doesn’t know why the Pope left Teresa here, and since he doesn’t know, then take the initiative to find out.

Grindelwald’s identity as a demon prince has been used up, and now it doesn’t matter if he lets the church know that he is the demon king, so Hill squeezed its last use to the end, let Teresa make a great contribution by discovering that Grindelwald is actually the demon king himself!

So, let’s see what the next move of His Holiness the Pope is?

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“The fire elemental spirit should have a fire elemental spirit X.” – you can substitute X with anything (Hill was talking nonsense again)

Rain girl has no melons – none of your business (from kid’s tv show Babala the Fairies, a prince there said none of your business / butt off my business but it sounded like rain girl has no melons because of the helmet he was wearing)

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