Chapter 194 – His Holiness the Pope

The afternoon sunlight flows through the courtyard like honey, and the wind blows up the fallen leaves through the corridor, bringing a faint sound. These faint sounds are as intermittent as the scent of flowers, only occasionally covered by the wind.

The shadows of the trees sift through the sunlight, in patches and streaks, the Pope leaned back in his chaise longue and closed his eyes, the breeze blew across his cheeks, he had gained some weight in recent years, but his majesty remained the same.

“The situation on the Dijon tribe is even more difficult than before, and there is a certain degree of cooperation with the demons from both the people and the royal family. The churches in the Magnolia Empire are basically abandoned, there is also bad news from overseas, and Mulheim…”

The priest reported respectfully.

“The cause of the conflict between Bishop Shelley and the Demon Prince is unknown for the time being, and he refuses to reveal it to anyone, but the Ice Emperor Claude has become even more antipathetic to the Church…”

“These are bad news,” the Pope said with closed eyes. “Teresa, this child, really made things worse for Mülheim. Conrad, what do you think?”

The priest known as Conrad has a little sweat on his forehead. He belongs to the intelligence organization of the church. He once reported to the Pope that the Demon King does not do business, indulges in pleasure, and plays drama in the demon realm. “Your Holiness,” Conrad said reluctantly, “Bishop Shelley must have found something.”

Although it is winter now, this courtyard is as warm as spring. There is a huge magic circle under the headquarters of the entire Church of Light. This magic circle is used to defend against foreign aggression, but it has not been used since it was built. Its main function is to adjust the temperature, making it warm in winter and cool in summer.

Of course, the cost of running this magic circle is very staggering, Hill will definitely feel reluctant. But the Pope, who stands at the junction of the world and the gods, will not feel distressed. The Church of Light is on top of the continent and has a lot of money – or at least it used to be.

“It should be like this. Although Teresa, this child, is often reckless, he has more brains than most people in the church today. At least he has always been aware of the threat of the demons,” the Pope said.

Conrad shuddered even more, as if he was accusing him.

The Pope asked, “What are you nervous about?”

Conrad reluctantly said: “The situation is not very good now…”

The Pope’s voice was very indifferent: “We have not been attentive to the Magnolia Empire and have not begun to take control. We rose up on the Oitin Empire and then gradually spread the glory of our Lord to other regions, the situation now is much better than twenty years ago, what are you nervous about.”

“But, but the demons…”

“The demon race…” The Pope sighed with emotion, and then he looked at Conrad with compassionate eyes: “Don’t worry, because you can’t do anything. A child like you can only pray before disaster strikes.”

There was a calming force in his voice. Conrad raised his head and called out, “Your Majesty.” There were tears in his eyes.

“You watched the movie?” the Pope asked.

“Yes, Your Holiness,” said Conrad.

The Pope’s expression was still peaceful: “Child, come here.”

Conrad crawled from the ground reverently, and the Pope pressed his head gently on his lap, stroking him like a father stroking his son.

“Your Holiness,” Conrad’s tears kept falling.

“God will bless you,” the Pope closed his eyes and said.

With a contented smile on his face, Conrad closed his eyes forever.

After killing a man so lightly, the Pope still had a compassionate smile on his face as he turned to an ascetic on the other side and said: “Notify and enforce that all believers are forbidden to touch anything related to the demons, be it projection stones or others.”

The ascetic asked, “What about the specific punishment?”

The Pope was still stroking Conrad’s head, his fingers on the dead man’s eyes: “Death,” he said.

The ascetic continued to ask, “What about the ones you’ve been in contact with?”

The Pope threw Conrad’s body directly to the ground, stood up, and said indifferently, “Death.”

The ascetic was a little perturbed: “Isn’t this a little…”

The Pope looked at the blue sky and said, “My child, I have never sat here with mercy.”

Sitting in this position for so long, he has forgotten what his original ideas were.

The Pope closed his eyes and recalled the story of that year.

One hundred and ten years ago, as a teenager, he cried in despair over the corpses of his parents. The villagers told him that this was done by the robbers from the Dana Mountains, and their leader was a demon.

A hundred years ago, there were still some other races on the continent. At that time, neither the Church nor the kingdom would care about these matters.

Then the young man joined the Church of Light. He made a sincere wish in front of the statue of the God of Light, hoping that the God of Light would bless him, and that God would punish those damned humans and damned demons. But God did not. He saw it as God giving him the power to punish. Step by step, he climbed up, he asked the Paladins to attack the Dana Mountains, but was rejected by the Pope at the time.

“That’s the Demon Race, they killed a lot of humans! Why let them go?!” he roared emotionally.

With a compassionate smile on the Pope’s face: “It is part of God’s will to keep them alive, child.”

Later, he heard from others that the lord in his hometown deliberately indulged the group, and they even reached an agreement that the robber could give him control over people.

Is this part of God’s will? Is that right? he asked himself.

“May Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

That day, he prayed in front of the God of Light.

This is not God’s will. The Pope was wrong.

His current anger was given by God, so he should become the new interpreter of the oracles, the new spokesman for the gods.

A few years later, he did succeed as pope.

After becoming the Pope, he led the paladins directly to capture the bandit group, during which a lot of costs were paid, decoys and so on, in short, captured by any means necessary. He put the demon in a dungeon, gnashing his teeth and torturing him with all sorts of terrible torture devices. Torture every night… lasting for decades. This sounds chilling. What a terrible obsession it is.

The demon had been tortured to the point of insanity, but he was completely imprisoned by magic, and he could neither resist nor commit su*cide.

Ending the torment of that demon was also a matter of the past few years, as the Pope began to prepare for war with the demons.

In fact, he is not a very good pope. He mostly follows what was originally left behind by the previous Pope. He is doing something that he originally resented, he understands himself, but he understands more at the same time, he is not a great man, but he is not a weak man either. Having been at the highest position in the continent for so many years, although he does not want to be in charge of things a lot of the time, but when he gets serious, it is also very scary.

“In addition,” the Pope walked to a magic mirror, looked at his figure, and said, “Inform the Dijon tribe that I want to meet their Grand Chief.”

“Yes, Your Holiness,” the ascetic bowed.

“Also, take control of Mülheim’s fleet and clean up those mindless pirates,” the Pope said.

The ascetic’s heart flinched, he understood what it meant: “Yes, Your Holiness.”

The Pope in the mirror also smiled, and he found that his compassionate smile was no different from that of the previous pope.

But what about it.

I am the Pope, the spokesperson of the God of Light in the human world.

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