Chapter 195 – Chicken Soup Noodles & Oil Spill Noodles

Demon Realm Restaurant has opened a breakfast branch, which mainly sells typical Chinese breakfasts such as noodles, steamed buns, and rice noodles. However, after it opened for two days, it was no longer a breakfast restaurant. It was changed to open all day, because everyone seemed to want to come and eat 24 hours a day… These traditional foods are quite rare for people from the other world, and they became a big hit in the entire Mülheim.

Hill plans to recruit a group of apprentices to learn these special breakfasts, and then start a franchise and open stores all over the continent.

Of these various breakfasts, the most popular is all kinds of noodles. This is also related to the fact that Winter City is in the north.

As the saying goes: a hot soup is better than ten pairs of long johns. On this cold morning, eating a bowl of hot noodles before going to work is really good.

Speaking of these long johns, there are rumors on the Internet that the long johns were invented by the Russians and specially given to the Chinese, so that the Chinese gradually lose their ability to resist the cold, thus protecting the Far East. There are countless rumors, crayfish was specially imported from Japan to eat carrion, it contains high toxicity, and it was placed in China to harm the genes of Chinese people. Someone was born deformed! If you don’t forward, you’re not Chinese!

When it comes to such rumors, Hill feels like he can laugh wildly all day.

There are so many idiots in this world, which makes this world full of infinite fun.


The winter sky is always a grayish blue, and there is often heavy fog in this area of Winter City. The sky, mountains, and forests are all shrouded in fog, and the cedar trees nearby are covered in frost, which is very typical of the winter in the northern country and has a very artistic conception. In the fog, the castle of Winter City was shadowy, and the spire of the cone could be seen, as if it was about to pierce the sky. The watchtower was high, and the white and blue snow flag of the Ice family was draped over it – there was no wind today. Next to it was the main castle, with many windows on each floor, looking like the dark eyes of a multi-eyed giant in the mist.

Hill and Ice Emperor Claude spent the night at the Demon Realm Amusement Park last night. They rode back to Winter City this morning. On the way, Hill suggested, “Let’s go eat noodles.”

“Is it the recently opened noodle shop?” Ice Emperor Claude asked, he had already heard of it.

“Yes,” Hill said. “Let’s go?”

“Okay,” Claude nodded.

“There should be a lot of people at this time, I’ll notify them.” Hill took off his thick woolen gloves to reveal his white and slender fingers, only to see the five fingers closed, the cold wind and snowflakes suddenly converged over, forming a white vortex that slipped into the crevices of his fingers. This scene looks magical. Then Hill opened his five fingers, a small magic butterfly condensed from ice and snow and cold wind flew out, it flew around Hill, and then flapped its wings in the direction of Winter City.

“What kind of magic is this?” Ice Emperor Claude asked as he looked at the small butterfly that was flying while scattering ice blue dots of light.

“Just created it randomly.” Hill said, “I don’t know your magic in the traditional sense, and I don’t know a single spell. I directly use the magic elements to arrange them one by one.”

“So that’s how it is… I thought it was specifically a spell that used butterflies to deliver a message,” Ice Emperor Claude said, he felt that magic is really amazing, but also too romantic.

“I just made a butterfly out of it. In fact, if I want, I can make a fly and a dung beetle, or a cockroach the size of a shoe that flies in the south,” Hill said kindly.

Ice Emperor Claude, who just thought it was too romantic, couldn’t help but twitch the corners of his mouth.

Claude: “…Although it is possible, it is not necessary.”

After they arrived at the noodle shop slowly, the waiter had already prepared a room for them. Hill wanted chicken mushroom soup noodles, and Ice Emperor Claude chose oil spill noodles at the recommendation of the waiter. The people of Mülheim love chili, and they are crazy about chili. The waiter said that the oil spill noodles are the spiciest at the moment, so Ice Emperor Claude readily chose that one.

Slippery noodles, delicious shredded chicken, shiitake mushrooms with the unique fragrance of fungi, crisp and delicious shredded bamboo shoots, and sprinkled greens. The raw materials of the noodles are produced from the wheat of the demon realm, which is thick and smooth. The noodle soup is a broth that has been simmered for a long time with shrimp, chicken bones, and some green onions, and a little cooking wine is added at the end.

Hill is quite satisfied with this.

Recently, he has eaten a lot of heavy food, and it is also good to eat light food.

Then there is the oil spill noodles of Ice Emperor Claude. Oil spill noodles is one of Shaanxi’s delicacies. Its history can even be traced back to the Ming Dynasty, when Xianyang’s oil spill noodles were quite famous. The chef will cover the noodles with seasonings such as pepper powder, chopped green onion, salt, and chili and then pour hot oil on the spot. With the thrilling sound of “Zziii”, in an instant, the fragrance of chili oil spread out wildly, making the mouth water. The oily oil spill noodles, with greens, eggs, and braised pork beside it. Quickly stir it up and take a bite, the spicy flavor accompanied by the strong noodles burst in the taste buds. It tastes really fragrant, spicy, tender, and smooth, which makes Claude feel unable to stop.

The two stopped talking and buried their heads in their own noodles.

In this big winter, the steaming bowl of noodles is very comfortable in the stomach, and the whole person also warms up.

In addition to noodles, the waiter also served small plates of pickled radishes. But don’t underestimate this side dish that can be seen everywhere, the pickled radish here is very big. The radish is produced in the dwarf forest. It is sweet and crunchy. It is delicious by itself, whether it is stir-fried or stewed, it is excellent. The side dish pickled with this kind of radish tastes crisp and will never be hollow, plus the balsamic vinegar brewed by the demons, delicious chili oil, sesame oil, put a piece in the mouth, it tastes sour and spicy, but not especially heavy, it looks refreshing and quite appetizing.

Ah, food and love cannot be beaten!

They did not leave immediately after breakfast, but drank morning tea for a while.

“It’s so delicious…” Ice Emperor Claude said with emotion, “Since you came here, I feel that I have lived in vain for many years.”

“If there’s nothing particularly joyful about being alive, or just something to enjoy, it does feel that way,” Hill said.

“There’s also the situation of knowing where your future is going and not being able to struggle out of it, which can also feel like there’s no point in living,” Ice Emperor Claude said.

“Yes.” This is a very heavy sentence, and it is suitable for any era. You can see the ending at a glance from a distance, with your whole life already planned, it is too tiring to live. After saying this, Hill smiled and dispelled the memory on Earth that suddenly appeared: “But you are the King, if you think so, your empire will be over.”

“Yes.” Ice Emperor Claude said, “So I still need to be optimistic… Even a tyrant is better than that kind of king.”

“Yes.” Hill nodded, “In addition, I actually feel, I don’t know if it is an illusion, you have traces of being mentally manipulated.”

“Mind manipulation?” Ice Emperor Claude frowned, “What do you mean?”

“Although I know you don’t necessarily believe what I said, I said it anyway, and you judge for yourself.” Hill shrugged: “You should have been hinted at, but I can’t guarantee it, because the human brain is something that no god can fully control… You just said that you feel that you have lived in vain for the past few years, and you gave me a reminder.”

“You mean, the me in the past is different from the me now, and it’s not my own illusion?” Ice Emperor Claude raised his silver eyebrows.

“As I said from the beginning, I am not able to draw conclusions, and there is no need to take my word for it from your point of view, because I surely want you to be against the Church, the more antagonistic the better,” Hill answered truthfully.

“But you won’t do it in such a stupid way.” Ice Emperor Claude said flatly, “If you wanted me and the Church to deepen the conflict further, you would have used a more subtle way than deception.”

“Yes.” Hill nodded and smiled, and now he and Claude are really full of tacit understanding: “The truth is stronger than a lie, and I’m also very good at using the truth to construct a lie.”

The two looked at each other for a few seconds, and Claude said suddenly: “So… why did Bishop Shelley do this? Was this controlled by you?”

“One secret for another,” Hill said.

“Alright,” Claude nodded.

“Then I’ll ask first,” Hill said.

“Why are you first?” Claude asked.

Hill thought for a few seconds: “‘Ladies first, can I be a woman now, and then I’ll talk to you?”

Claude: “…”

Claude: “Forget it, ask first if you want.”

Hill showed a triumphant smile: “I want to ask if you can fight the Oitin Empire now?”

“No,” Claude said without hesitation.


“This is the second question,” Claude said.

Hill smiled, “Okay, then I’ll answer your question. Bishop Shelley was so excited because I accidentally leaked the news that Grindelwald is actually the Demon King.”

“You.” Ice Emperor Claude was startled, “You are really wicked.”

“I can be worse.” Hill said with a smile. “The second question, why not?”

Claude replied, “There is too much resistance among the nobles.”

“Then will you fix that?” Hill asked.

“This is the third question.”

“I hope you give this question away for free,” Hill said.

The two looked at each other for a few seconds, Claude knew the meaning behind Hill’s words, and then he replied: “I will solve this problem.”

Hill smiled again, “As you should.” He stood up: “Let’s start preparing for the war, guard against borders, guard against all countries except the Magnolia Empire.”

“I understand.” Ice Emperor Claude lamented, “It’s finally time to fight…”

“How do you feel?”


Hill laughed: “Young man, war is obviously very cruel.”

“They are my soldiers, and they should bleed and die for me.” Ice Emperor Claude said, he was silent for a few seconds: “Maybe I have been given psychological suggestion in the past, I can perceive that many thoughts are different now and in the past.”

Although Claude did his best to rule back then, he always lacked something, otherwise, he would not have been suppressed by the ministers for so many years.

“I thought you would be angry about that,” Hill said.

“I thought I would be angry about it too, but I learned a little from you,” Ice Emperor Claude said.

“You can boast now, I like to hear people boast about me,” Hill said.

Claude couldn’t help laughing, he said: “You said a word before, called ‘double standard’. You said that fair rules and systems are used to protect the weak, but in such chaotic times, basically, the only rule is that the strong eat the weak, and since you stepped on others, don’t get angry when someone stronger than you steps on you, otherwise you will be a double standard.”

“Hahaha yes, but you’re really calm.” Hill said, “Okay, the business exchange is over, I’ll go back and catch up on my sleep, you go and get busy too.”

Claude: “See you later, Your Highness.”

Hill: “See you later, Your Majesty.”

When he walked out of the breakfast restaurant, there was a gust of snow, and Hill stood for a while in the windy and snowy streets.

‘What a big wind,’ he thought.

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