Chapter 196 – Fairy Tale Wedding Eve

Time flies like an arrow, and every bit is extremely precious.

Hill has always cherished time since he came into this world, but the speed of time will not change because you are impatient or idle, it is so unhurriedly moving forward, not looking back. Of course, people have to follow along.

The Demon Realm Amusement Park was built at an astonishing speed, making people suspect that its builders had learned the time manipulation technique.

The construction of the fairy tale area is definitely a priority, because the wedding is held in the fairy tale area. When Hill was writing the fairy tale wedding plan, he thought that since there is a fairy tale wedding, “elf wedding”, “blood(vampire) wedding”, “demon wedding” and so on can also be opened to the public in the future. Let’s record the whole process of this wedding, Hill thought happily, you can cut a clip and make it into a promotional video, and tell the public through the magic mobile phone/demon magazine that you can come to the Demon Realm Amusement Park to hold the wedding, so that the wedding here will become a kind of trend.

Oh, it seems that you can also have an underwater wedding, but the cost of that should be higher.

Following this, Hill thought that he could train makeup artists and photographers, and then open a special studio, which is also very profitable ah. He thought about it for a long time, and then thought, what if the nobles can’t afford it in a few years? Then Hill thought of the next note, then let the nobles make money. Now, this tertiary industry is gradually being built up, let the nobles buy shares, and the human nobles can also invest in the demon realm, so that the demon realm and the human world are more circulated… This is a win-win situation, of course, Hill may win more.

In order to make more money for himself, he has to find a way to make money for his customers, which is really difficult for him. Hill thought hypocritically.

During this period of time, the entire continent seemed to be very calm, but there were dark currents and treacherous clouds.

Much of Mülheim’s navy is controlled by the White family, mainly because the White family guard Winter Harbor. Now that Ice Emperor Claude gave an order, the navies will meet together and begin intensive preparations for the battle.

Bishop Teresa Shelley of Winter City did not tell anyone (at least on the surface), and quietly returned to the Holy City, and he personally brought the Pope the news that Grindelwald was the Demon King himself. The Pope was naturally quite shocked when he heard it. He was also a leader, and he couldn’t understand why the dignified Demon King would condescend to do those things. He put all the information in front of him and analyzed it carefully. Although it was fragmented, he was able to piece it together.

“It turns out that this is what the demons had in mind from the beginning,” the Pope said with a frown.

Teresa thought for a while and said, “I have a hunch, so after I arrived in Winter City, I had a lot of friction with the Demon Mall and the Ice Emperor. I think the Ice Emperor was already bewitched by the demon at that time.”

“Have you seen the movie?” the Pope asked.

Teresa said disdainfully: “Looking at demon stuff will stain my eyes.”

“That’s right.” The Pope nodded, “Therefore, it is necessary to curb it from this aspect.”

Teresa was startled for a moment: “Are you going to announce this to the public?”

The Pope regained some confidence in Teresa’s surprise. It turned out that the demons actually planned to start from the aspect of mind control from the beginning, and it was actually the Demon King himself who had been running around and implementing… this was something the Pope did not expect at all, not because the Pope was stupid, but because this is really unbelievable for people in this period. No, it must be controlled now, strategies must be adopted, and they must be taken more resolutely. For this, he needs a lot of talents, more talents.

For example, there is Teresa Shelley who is loyal to the God of Light and has outstanding strength.

“Not just announcing, child,” the Pope said with a smile,  he decided to officially cultivate him as one of the heirs.

Teresa was startled again, and he nearly lost his composure: “Your Holiness, are you going to start a war?”

The Pope noticed Teresa’s gaffe, but he thought it was Teresa’s surprise, after all, Teresa had been clamoring for a war against the demons a year ago.

“It’s about starting a war, but the protagonists are not us,” The Pope said as he looked out into the cloudy sky.

It was also Teresa’s information that made the Pope make up his mind.

As for the time of the war, it will be the winter solstice.

Use the blood of Mülheim’s soldiers and people to dye this marriage of Ice Emperor Claude, which was not blessed by God, red.

He was looking forward to this bloody wedding.

The Pope was completely ready to train Teresa at this time, but this was not necessarily a good thing for Teresa. Because he was left with the Pope, so to speak, there are people guarding them day and night, and it was difficult for him to hand over this information to Hill.

Soon after, the Pope reached a certain agreement with the Dijon tribe.


The night before the fairytale wedding.

Famagusta. Dark Church.

Dark Elf Albrecht walked in the dark, with soundless steps, and when he passed others, they thought there was a breeze. He came to the atrium and waited for a while, then saw Monroe in a white linen robe walking in the darkness with a wind lantern.

Dark Elf Albrecht restrained all his breath, and then reached out to touch the dagger beside his waist.

Monroe hung the lantern to one side, turned his back to Albrecht, and said, “That’s a lot of daggers you have on you.”

Albrecht raised his eyebrows and emerged from the darkness: “…tsk, I’m surprised you saw that, how unpleasant.”

Albrecht just had two blinders, the first blinder is to gather his breath to hide in the dark, if someone can see through his disguise, then he also has a second layer of blinder, that is to touch the dagger at the waist. In fact, his palm has hidden a dagger, he did so in order to let the other side have a false sense of judgment, thinking that there is still some time before he launch an attack. The result, Monroe said “That’s a lot of daggers you have on you”, which means he saw all of them.

Monroe still turned his back to him: “You’re cute, though a little stupid.”

Albrecht frowned a little: “What are you talking about?”

Immediately afterwards, cold breath crept up his back, a sword was placed across his neck, and Monroe said almost close to his ear, “I said you were cute, although a little stupid.”

Not far in front of Albrecht, the ‘Monroe’ who had just put down the wind lamp suddenly turned into a cloud of black mist and returned to the real Monroe.

“Oh. Yes.” Albrecht paused for a second, then said, “I was indeed quite stupid.”

As a dark elf who was proficient in assassination, he was actually restrained by a halfway decent death knight with an assassination technique…

Listening to Albrecht’s words of admitting defeat, Monroe once again felt that it was really good to be a demon. They respected the strong and preyed on the weak, but those who were stepped on by others would not complain if they were trampled, willing to admit defeat and concede the bet. Then Monroe said with this good mood: “This is magic that has been researched recently. A while ago, my Lord told me a story called “Naruto”. He explained a profession called ninja in it, I got a lot of inspiration from his description.”

“Oh, it turns out that My King is powerful, I lost to My King, not you, as expected of My King!” Albrecht’s eyes suddenly filled with stars.

Monroe: …

Well, let him take back what he said just now about praising the demons.

He held the long sword with his hand, and the long sword turned into a cloud of black mist from the hilt to the tip of the sword, which merged into his body, and then he said, “Is there any news from the border?”

“For the time being, there is not much movement, but it does not exclude that there are secret passages that we have not found.” Albrecht said here wrinkled his eyebrows, “I’ll transfer some more men over.”

“No, it’s a waste of time.” Monroe was silent for a long time, and finally sighed: “The war will inevitably have sacrifices, I am too seeking perfection, you guys stand by.”

Albrecht felt a little uncomfortable looking at Monroe’s upset appearance: “Hey, Death Knight, listen, I’m doing things for you now, but it doesn’t mean I like you, so even if you put on this look, I won’t comfort you.”

Monroe glanced at him, the corners of his lips lifted, and his bad mood was dispelled a lot: “I don’t need you to like me either. You just need to do things for me.”

Albrecht murmured in a low voice: “Why do I still feel uncomfortable listening to this…”


Wedding eve.

Mulheim. Outside Winter City, Hill’s Manor.

“You should stay in Winter City for a while after the wedding,” Hill said to Old Jackson.

“Reason?” Old Jackson.

“I’m afraid you’ll die halfway,” Hill said.

Old Jackson almost lost his breath.

“I’m doing this for your own good,” Hill said innocently.

Old Jackson rolled his eyes as he listened: “Okay, okay.”

“You have a bad attitude,” Hill said.

“What would you think if someone suddenly told you that he was afraid you would die on the way?” asked Old Jackson.

“I’ll try to crush his head,” Hill said without hesitation.

Old Jackson continued to roll his eyes: “Then you have the nerve to talk about me?”

“Because I have double standards. Double standards are the privilege of the strong,” Hill said.

Old Jackson couldn’t roll his eyes: “Okay. As you wish.” Then he said sternly: “You mean there are signs of war?”

The night was quiet, the candles flickering.

Old Jackson heard Hill’s faint voice: “Actually, it was me who pushed.”

The night suddenly seemed to become quieter, approaching the point of dead silence.

Old Jackson felt that there were countless cold hands crawling up behind him, and he was horrified.

Hill’s face remained the same, with the same expression just now, and seems to have said something unimportant.

Old Jackson wanted to say something, but his mind went blank.

Hill smiled at him, his voice was gentle, as if he was afraid to scare him: “Your eyes are like looking at a demon.”

Old Jackson closed his eyes, and after a while he said with some difficulty, “I’m looking at my friend.”

Hill smiled even deeper: “It should be like this.” Then he got up: “I’ll go first, rest early, tomorrow your daughter will marry the most promising king on the human land, you should welcome the wedding happily.”

“Yes…” Old Jackson said. He raised his head and watched the other party’s crimson cloak flutter, and then fell silently into the darkness.

Old Jackson picked up the candlestick and stood by the window, thoughts running through his mind.

It took him a while to realize that there was a lot of candle wax on the back of his hand, but he didn’t notice it at all just now.

At this time, the icy stars dotted the night sky, and the cold light made the whole night sky become empty.

Tomorrow, the fairy tale wedding will be held.

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