Chapter 197 – Fairy Tale Wedding

Fairy Tale Wedding Day.

Early in the morning, three big screens were erected in the King’s Square in Winter City. These three big screens were used to live broadcast the fairy tale wedding.

However, the live broadcast is not simultaneous, but has a ten-minute delay lag. This is what Hill did to prevent emergencies. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing to broadcast it live if something went wrong?

With so many experts present, any fault should be resolved within ten minutes. Hill had field controllers on both sides. The overall person in charge of the wedding scene is Lich Aligeli, and the overall person in charge of the King’s Square is Death Knight Goldnia. Once an unsolvable accident occurs, the pre-recorded video will be put on the big screen, saying that the next wedding process will be kept secret. People watching the live broadcast in front of the big screen can also understand.

If everything goes smoothly at the wedding, the video of the projection stone will be played on the magic phone after editing.

The wedding of the Ice Emperor Claude and Olivia is full of symbolic meanings. It is not only the union of the Magnolia Empire and the Ice Empire, but also has a special meaning for humans and demons. Ice Emperor ate the sweetness of promoting himself, so this time, he also wanted to do his best to publicize it. Of course, this also fits well with Hill’s plan.

In the afternoon, the live broadcast of the fairy tale wedding is about to start.

At this time, the King’s Square was already crowded with people. Ice Emperor had a few imperial mages set up a magic circle here in advance to raise the temperature on the square a lot.

The crowd chatted excitedly, some were imagining how beautiful the Demon Realm Amusement Park was, some were imagining that the food at the wedding banquet must be first-rate, some people were more eager to see the performance at the wedding, and some people said that Miss Olivia must be very beautiful at the wedding, their Elizabeth is truly amazing.

Everyone has a common feeling, that is, anticipation.

The bell of the clock tower rang, it was already two o’clock in the afternoon. This time has a special meaning for Mülheim, it is generally the highest temperature of the day in Mülheim. In this country wrapped in cold, this moment is called the God-given time – so in Mülheim, most celebrations and activities will be held at 2 pm, and weddings are no exception.

The big screen, which had been black, suddenly lit up.

Everyone closed their mouths subconsciously, which is a good habit to develop while watching movies.

But they soon couldn’t help but open their mouths wide. Well, this is actually a habit formed when watching movies, because there will always be shocking things in movies that make them unable to contain themselves, just like the wedding at this moment.

The first thing that catches everyone’s eyes is the edge of the Glowing Forest in the Fairy Tale area of the Demon Realm Amusement Park. There is a lake at the edge of the Glowing Forest. Even on the winter solstice, the lake is still not frozen, and the clear water reflects the surrounding scenery. From the projection stone, you can clearly see all kinds of beautiful trees in the Glowing Forest. You can see the blue sky, you can see some trails spreading into the forest. There are lovely wooden fences on both sides of the trails, wind lanterns are also hung at regular intervals. But now it’s daytime, so if it’s night, it will be very beautiful.

Such a beautiful scenery that only appears in fairy tales instantly attracted the attention of all the audience, and made them forget the silence.

“Wow, this is really…”

“So beautiful…”

“I heard that the Demon Realm Amusement Park is open to the public, when can we go?”

“Wuwuwu, is this the scenery of the Demon Realm? This is really beautiful! Why am I a human? I really want to be a demon!”

In the sound of sincere discussions, the Ice Emperor appeared on the big screen.

According to the tradition of Mulheim, the man needs to wear a military uniform at the wedding, which symbolizes that the man will use the sword to protect his wife in the future. Oh yes, in Mulheim’s traditional concept, men are tougher, but there is a difference between tough and male chauvinist, and they are obviously the former. This is also related to the fact that the previous Ice Emperor was a female emperor. During her reign, she also greatly improved the status of women, intentionally or unintentionally. This is one of the bases for Claude’s invitation to Olivia to “rule together”. If it was in the Magnolia Empire, it would not work, so Princess Delia just brought in Theodore.

The Ice Emperor Claude on the screen wears the white and blue steel armor inherited from the Ice family according to tradition. This armor is fully armed and weighs nearly 25 kilograms. Deerskin lining, chain armor for defense, blue lines are depicted on the armor, and the angular design looks tough and handsome. He did not wear a helmet, which is also according to tradition. The custom describes it like this: On this day, a man’s lips and brain belong to his wife, so he does not need a helmet.

Hill found it interesting listening to Lannon, the Grand Chancellor of Ice Emperor Claude, talk about these customs. He suggested to the Grand Chancellor that they could write a novel reflecting the traditional customs of Mülheim. Their customs and habits are very interesting, very charming.

Grand Chancellor Lannon felt great at once and immediately went off to work on it. For a while, Ice Emperor Claude and the other court ministers felt relaxed – because the Grand Chancellor was so busy with the novel that he stopped roaring at them. As a result, it didn’t take long for them to feel less relaxed, because the Grand Chancellor was wandering in the sky and not reminding them of the policy problems anymore, it led to some mistakes during this time, and they realized how good the Grand Chancellor was, so they persuaded him to come back and roar again… This time, his roar was a little more pleasant to listen to.

Back to Ice Emperor Claude.

Claude is handsome and dignified, and his facial features are as delicate as the CG of “Final Fantasy”, he lived up to the name. At this time, his uniform was even more majestic, like a god descending from heaven.

Ice Emperor Claude’s reputation in Mülheim is very high. In addition to the loyalty and respect of the northern people to their own kings, Hill’s propaganda of the Ice Emperor in the Ice Empire promotional film has also played a very important role.

At this moment, seeing their king appear on the big screen, everyone took off their hats and saluted him cautiously.

Goldnia, who was in charge of the scene, immediately took a video with a projection stone after seeing the scene. He felt that this should be useful to Hill. Later, Hill did put this scene in the wedding clip, showing the prestige of the Ice Emperor among the people of Mülheim, and King Magnolia, who was also a king, was very envious.

The groom is out, what about the bride?

The distant song suddenly sounded:

“Time is like a fast-flowing river but people always like to swim against the current

Young maiden waiting for her groom, waiting for the moment of happiness

Bring her, bring her in

Come fly, come descend

The dragon has brought you a young maiden”

It’s “Song of the Dragon”, the lyrics have been adapted and sung in unison by the famous succubus group Super Girl on the other side.

At first, hearing the familiar song, the people in the square suddenly had a commotion, “Song of the Dragon”? What does it mean? Miss Olivia is going to be captured by the dragon? The lyrics are different, huh? What does “the dragon has brought you a young maiden” mean?

Immediately afterward, everyone understood what this meant – because a demon dragon appeared in sight!

The dragon spread its wings and flew, its pitch-black body was covered with scales, and its golden eyes were like two spotlights from afar, looking terrifying and powerful. This is a very typical dragon that appears as a nightmare in the Holy Book of Light. When he spat a large ball of fire into the sky, the people in the square all screamed in unison. Although they knew that the step-by-step process should be okay, everyone still couldn’t help but worry about their king.

Then someone with sharp eyes said loudly: “On top of the dragon, there is a man sitting on top of the dragon!”

Being reminded by that person, others discovered that it was indeed the case.

“The dragon has brought you a young maiden.”

“Could it be that…”

“It’s actually like this…”

Yes, Olivia appeared on top of the demon dragon, which is what the adapted “Song of the Dragon” was about!

The majestic demon dragon stopped not far from the Ice Emperor, then his body pressed to the ground and his head fell to the ground. Olivia took the skirt and walked to the dragon’s head step by step, then stepped on his face and walked down (…), no way, the dragon is a little big, so Olivia can’t jump from the dragon’s back.

After Olivia came down, Ice Emperor Claude half-kneeled to meet her, she handed him his hand, and he kissed the back of her hand.

At this time, many people in the square showed their loving smile. This is really beautiful. The bride who arrived riding a demon dragon, and this kiss…hey…hehehe…

The demon dragon changed back into a human form. This demon dragon was the one that accompanied Alice. The public didn’t know him, but this did not prevent everyone from admiring his good figure. He rubbed his nose and said, “Your wife stepped on my nose.”

Ice Emperor said with a smile, “I’m sorry.”

At this time, the camera zoomed in, and the people in King’s Square could see Olivia’s appearance clearly, and then they collectively took a breath of air.

Olivia was wearing a wedding dress provided by the Demon Realm. Pink, light pink, and white… Lightly stacked and elegant colors, graceful and luxurious fabrics, three-dimensional rose and crystal diamond buckles inlaid with ruffles at the corners, and the back tied with ribbons embroidered with delicate floral patterns. Large swathes of flowers of different colors spilled over the skirt like ink splashes, and a light gauze shrouded it, just like smoke. The whole wedding dress is adorned with pearls, pieces of diamonds, and precious gems. It is a classic collision of extravagance and magnificence, a perfect interweaving of reality and dreams.

This, this is really like coming out of a fairy tale, this shocking way of entrance, this dazzling wedding dress, many people’s mood at this moment is difficult to describe in words at this moment, they can only open their eyes wide, and then keep their eyes open for fear of missing every shot.

The next wedding process refers to Disney’s fairy tale wedding. Ice Emperor Claude and Olivia crossed a large lake in a boat decorated with flowers. The sirens stuck their heads out of the lake and sang a song of blessing for them. The fallen angels played the harp on the shore, the dark elves played the ethereal flute, and these music intertwined together to form the familiar “Wedding March” to people on Earth. The fallen angels were flying in the wind as they came ashore, raining petals on them.

Everything was so dreamlike that the people in King’s Square were all mesmerized.

The wedding guests collectively stood on the other side of the lake, including humans and demons. When the Ice Emperor and Olivia came together, they bowed and saluted together, which was the etiquette used to meet the king and queen. Then Ice Emperor Claude and Olivia came to a separate stone platform over there and the audience speculated what the next step would be, was it a direct picnic here?

Then they saw Ice Emperor Claude and Olivia looked at each other, and they both put their hands on the stone platform at the same time.

Suddenly, the whole ground trembled.

Then, under the shocked gaze of everyone, a magnificent, elegant, and beautiful castle rose from the ground!

Light pink walls, light blue spires, snow-white cloister pillars, delicate windows… If there are people from the Earth here, they will see at a glance that this is very similar to the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland.

Hill plans to make an iconic building in each area.

The scale of this Demon Realm Amusement Park… is astonishingly large.

While the castle was rising up, the stone platform where Ice Emperor Claude and Olivia were also rose. It turned out that there was a beautiful stone fountain below. The main statue of the fountain was three goddesses holding flowers together. And Olivia is standing in the center of this flower at this moment.

All the guests applauded.

Lich Aligeli and the Imperial Mage stood up, one of them waved his wand, and the other pretended to wave his wand, and together they summoned the wind to form a ladder and handrail, allowing the Ice Emperor and Olivia to walk down together holding each other.

All of the ceremonies have a special meaning, all of them can be scrutinized for a lot of things, all of them can let the audience read and interpret as they want – and of course, they did. The theme of two consecutive issues of the magazine is the fairy tale wedding. Ice Emperor and Olivia contracted the cover of the two issues, and there are countless fans…

But even if they didn’t understand those meanings at the time, it was fine, because these rituals themselves were beautiful enough and shocking enough.

The guests moved forward with the Ice Emperor and Olivia, and Hill and Old Jackson were standing in front of the gate of the castle.

Hill smiled and gave a gentleman’s greeting, and the Ice Emperor and Olivia also greeted him. Then the Ice Emperor entered the castle first, Hill stepped aside, Old Jackson held Olivia’s hand, and said with some emotion, “You have grown up.”

“I’ve always had my own ideas, Dad,” Olivia said, looking up.

“I know…” Old Jackson didn’t know what to say for a while. He wanted to hug his daughter, but she was dressed up at the moment, and he had no idea what to do. Olivia saw what her father was thinking, so she took the initiative to reach out and hug him. The hug lasted so long that Old Jackson’s eyes were wet.

“You are the best dad in the world,” Olivia’s voice was also a little choked.

“And yet you’re always mad at me,” Old Jackson said reluctantly.

Olivia let go of Old Jackson: “Because you spoil me too much.”

Old Jackson wanted to say, you’re my daughter, who would I love if I didn’t love you, but he’s never been good at expressing his feelings, so he just bent the corner of his mouth and said, “Go on.”

“Yeah.” Olivia nodded.

Old Jackson took Olivia’s hand and walked into the hall step by step. The music continued. This was performed by the Fallen Angels Light Music Orchestra in a corner of the hall. The next process is similar to that of a modern wedding. Old Jackson officially handed Olivia to Ice Emperor Claude, and then Ice Emperor and Olivia bowed to Old Jackson together. Usually, some church personnel should read the oath at this time, this time, the oath was said directly by themselves, which symbolized that they relied on their own will to create this marriage.

Finally, Ice Emperor Claude put the queen’s crown on Olivia’s head. Then he picked her up and spun her around, her skirt flying, Olivia’s hair, pupils, and fingertips seemingly passing through the trails of starlight – oh, it was actually a magic effect. The corners of the skirt were raised high, and the fragrance floated, and when she stood still, the hem of the skirt that fell layer by layer piled up like a flower, eternal at a glance, this extremely exaggerated word appeared in the minds of many audiences, and it happened to be suitable here.

By this time, the ceremony is almost finished, and next is the time to open the banquet, with all kinds of food and performances.


The border between Mulheim and the Dijon tribe.

Dijon horsemen wearing leather, cloth armor, and some even topless are slowly approaching the territory of Mulheim through the fog.

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