Chapter 198 –the beacon blazes everywhere.

Roasted duck with fruitwood, crispy skin, tender meat, fatty but not greasy, attractive color. The duck is grilled over charcoal using various types of fruitwood, giving it a light fruity aroma. The duck belly is also stuffed with seasonings in advance, and then the wine-stuffed honey marinade is poured into it while it is still hot. After tearing the roast duck apart, the duck meat is dipped directly into this sauce to eat, it is really full of crispy fragrance, and the aftertaste is very long.

Spicy Braised Pork Trotters. In modern advertising terms, it is a mouthful of taste bombs. One bite is full of collagen. Although collagen cannot be directly absorbed by the human body, it cannot be used for beauty. This is also one of the most well-known rumors made by businesses… The braised pig’s trotter itself has a lot of meat, and it is cooked to a crisp and delicious taste. The raw materials of the marinade are also carefully selected. When it is just taken out, it is really fragrant. Take a bite, it tastes spicy with a strong, rich meat flavor, nibbling is also very refreshing.

Rice straw wrapped fish. Like the lotus leaf beggar’s chicken, taken from the fragrance of grass leaves. After the fish is gutted and dried, white wine, salt, pepper, etc. are poured to remove the fishy smell. Then, all kinds of herb leaves are wrapped on it, and then a layer of straw is wrapped on the outside. Hang it to air dry for a few months, so that the fish has a unique fragrance, and then it can be steamed and braised. It’s better than the usual fish, but it takes a long time to make it, so the Demon Mall Restaurant does not serve it.

The drinks served at the banquet are also various, including ale, red wine, fruit wine, tea wine, yogurt of various flavors, and fruit tea that has just been made. Different fruits and different types of tea are paired together to form a refreshing collision. The tea has a slightly bitter taste and a strong fruity aroma. The two are effectively combined, not greasy at all, and the aftertaste is refreshing and lasting. Peach black tea, Sydney oolong tea, blueberry green tea, citrus white tea… All these make people linger and indulge.

As the sky darkened at dusk, the magic chandelier in the hall was lit, and the whole hall was bathed in diamond-like light. There were both humans and demons in the banquet performance, but it was clear that humans were completely overwhelmed by the demons in this regard.

The projection stone then showed the menu to the people in King’s Square. The specific banquet was not filmed much, but just looking at the dishes on the menu made people drool. The projection stone filmed the performances for a while, and then the live broadcast of the wedding ended. Now, the people have been standing all afternoon and need to go back to rest.

The banquet hall was still very lively at this time, mingling, talking to each other, with goblets and glasses scattering the light.

At the border at this time, the warhorses under the Dijon cavalry had eaten forage mixed with magic potions beforehand, and now their eyes were glowing red and white breath was coming out of their noses; they were twice as powerful as usual, but at the cost that they would all die after a day.

The dazzling light of the chandelier illuminates the gems and pearls of every nobleman, and the light forms a sea tide, as if the guests are in a fantasy dream.

After swinging the knife to cut off the soldier’s head, the blood spurted instantly turned into ice. The topless Dijon cavalry had a hot white mist, which was the secret technique of their tribe.

The noble lady covered her face with a folding fan and had an ambiguous conversation with a low smile. They have always been elegant, and their nails inlaid with shells and gems tapped the tail of the folding fan, very beautiful.

The Dijon cavalry and the Mülheim soldiers roared and poured their young lives on the land.

The dancers with soft waists, who swayed the bells on their wrists and ankles, their delicate laughter mixed with this bell, accompanied by a fragrant mist, made the guests’ eyes unable to look away.

The wind and snow began to roar, this wind and snow effectively covered the Dijon tribe’s surprise attack, and the amulet they wore allowed them to effectively identify the direction clearly.

The dancers threw their arms high, their figure blossoming with charm. Many nobles clapped their hands: “Good!”

The leader of the knight killed the last person alive at the outpost. He licked the blood from the blade’s edge and instructed the men beside him with a frenzy on his face: “Pull out the three outposts before they can react, and then force them to resist us at the canyon. For Fabirreinin!”

“For Fabirreinin!” They raised the machete in their hands and shouted in unison.

The blizzard got bigger.

The fragrant wind from the dancer’s body mixed with the stormy wind outside drifted on this wintry and snowy Magnolia continent.


When the dark elf sent the first information, Hill was talking with Grand Chancellor Lannon. The dark elf spoke in Elvish, and the Grand Chancellor grimaced and asked, “Is there any information that I cannot hear?”

“Not really.” Hill said, repeating the information: “My men have discovered the bloodbath of your outpost in the Pomme Desert.”

Grand Chancellor Lannon’s expression did not change: “So, you tell the truth.”

“Oh?” Hill raised his eyebrows: “You know Elvish.”

“I do,” said Grand Chancellor Lannon. “The fact that you gave me the truth means you can be trusted.”

It turned out that the Grand Chancellor deliberately pretended not to understand Elvish to test Hill. The change in his face at the beginning was not because the other party didn’t use common tongue, but because he heard and understood the news about the outpost being bloodbathed.

“What if I tell a lie?” Hill provocatively said: “What can you do? You can’t convince the Ice Emperor, Mulheim and the Demon Race are now united.”

The Grand Chancellor thought for a while and said, “I really can’t do anything, but I can roar at you.”

Hill was speechless.

Well, he’s right, he can roar at him.

“You’re calm,” Hill had to say.

“Because it’s been expected… On the contrary, you look a little excited,” said the Grand Chancellor.

Hill was stunned for a moment, excited? Actually, it was more of a nervousness: “Yes.” He admitted frankly. After all, this is his first war, and he understands that there will definitely be sacrifices in the war. He is really reluctant to let any of the demons die, hey, it’s all his hard work.

“I don’t understand,” the Grand Chancellor confessed, “war should be as natural to you as breathing, and taking a look at it, it’s Mulheim’s injury, not the demons. Your behavior is unreasonable. “

“That’s none of your business,” Hill said, and he sounded like a jerk, but that was the truth.

The Grand Chancellor also agreed: “What you said is very reasonable, although I still want to roar at you…”

“Do you believe I’ll turn the spittle you’ll be flying at me into ice and then pierce your body?” Hill threatened directly.

The Grand Chancellor thought for a while: “I believe it.”

“Okay, let’s stop the nonsense.” Hill snapped his fingers, the dark elf came forward and took out a small blood bottle, and Hill whispered: “Go and let Aligeli summon the undead and try.”

“Yes, My King,” said the dark elf.

The Grand Chancellor got up: “It seems that I can’t participate in this banquet.”

“You understand war?” Hill asked.

“I do,” he said.

“How come you know everything?” Hill asked.

“Since my son died in battle, I have studied war very well.” The Grand Chancellor said indifferently, “Your Royal Highness, do you want to go together?” he invited.

“Okay.” Hill nodded.

The Grand Chancellor walked through the crowd to the Ice Emperor, leaned down and whispered in the Ice Emperor’s ear, “Your Majesty, they are attacking.”

Ice Emperor’s fingers holding the wine glass trembled slightly, but his voice remained steady: “Which force is it?”

“The Dijon tribe,” said the Grand Chancellor.

“It’s actually them.” The Ice Emperor frowned.

The Grand Chancellor’s voice was calm: “You continue to attend the banquet, Lord Demon King and I will settle it first.” The traditional Mülheim wedding must last until dawn. This is an auspicious wedding, during which nothing can disturb the groom and bride. This is a very important custom.

“I see.” Ice Emperor Claude said, and he poured a glass of wine for the Grand Chancellor himself: “Thank you for your hard work, Grand Chancellor.”

“I’m here for the empire, not for you,” The Grand Chancellor said so, but he still took the wine and drank it.

After the Grand Chancellor and Hill left the hall together, the Ice Emperor’s eyes struggled for a moment, and finally stabilized. The border has gone to war, but he still holds a banquet here. His soldiers were bleeding, but he had to sit here and enjoy food and wine. This seat is very annoying to sit on at the moment, but he has to stabilize, he has to keep calm, it is useless for him to panic now, if he panics, his people will panic along with him.

Sitting on the throne is so uncomfortable. Ice Emperor Claude couldn’t help thinking.

However, he did not sit in this position for comfort.

Ice Emperor’s eyes gradually became firmer, and a smile appeared on his face again, a confident, dazzling, and powerful king’s smile.

He chose to trust his friends, he chose to trust his soldiers.


The locations of all outposts are clearly marked on the map.

Grand Chancellor Lannon’s fingers traced the outpost’s icons one after another, and eventually landed somewhere.

“This doesn’t seem to be the best place to attack.” Hill didn’t know anything about the military, but he always knew something about common sense.

“Yes, so this also means that even if the notice goes down, the guards here will still be lax.” Grand Chancellor Lannon’s face was frosty.

“But one also has to take into account the fact that it is not the best position to attack per se.” Hill reminded: “If you stay here and live in this canyon, the opponent will be doing something useless.”

These outposts are not far from the canyon. We all know the terrain of the canyon. It is easy to defend and difficult to attack.

“But what you said means that we have to give up these four outposts,” the Grand Chancellor said.

“We’re passive and we should make some sacrifices,” Hill said. “Isn’t that right?”

“Many fathers’ sons will die, wives’ husbands will die, and their children’s fathers will die,” the Grand Chancellor’s voice trembled.

“Yeah, but this is war, otherwise, what do you think I was excited about when I first heard the news?” Hill looked at the Grand Chancellor, his voice was very calm at the moment, terrifyingly calm.

The Grand Chancellor looked at him angrily.

The two looked at each other for a few seconds, and the Grand Chancellor groaned, “Okay, you’re right…”

“What you said makes sense.” Hill also took a step back. “Where’s your general? There’s always a military minister, right?”

“That’s rubbish,” said the Grand Chancellor bluntly.

“Okay. What about the military?” Hill asked.

“You and I are enough,” said the Grand Chancellor.

“I insisted on calling over to analyze it together,” Hill said.

The two looked at each other for two seconds, and the Grand Chancellor was defeated again: “Okay, I will send someone to call immediately.”

Then, Hill said to the dark elf next to him: “Go and send orders to let our people take the initiative to investigate.”

“Affordable range of cost?” the dark elf asked.

“Can the other party hurt you?” Hill asked back.

“There are some with special powers, as well as church knights, so they could kill us,” the dark elf said.

Hill thought for a moment, then gave the order directly: “As long as there is one of you alive, you should obtain valuable information, this is the minimum standard. The rest is up to you.” He hesitated for a while, and said something emotional: “I personally hope you all try to survive.”

The dark elf got down on one knee: “Yes, My King.”

Hill touched the center of his eyebrows with his finger, and then touched his head. This is the blessing ritual of the demon race during the war: “I wish you a good military fortune, Dark Elf, I am with you.”

“I am willing to serve you, My King,” the dark elf said calmly, bowed again, and then got up and left.

Looking at the dark elf’s back, the Grand Chancellor couldn’t help but say, “What a good soldier.”

“Of course, this is my Demon Race…” Hill muttered.

When there is a war, there are sacrifices, and although we have made full preparations, there will still be dead soldiers.

It hurts every time one dies. Hill clenched his fists.

Therefore, he must use his brain and think hard, how to finish this battle.


At the same time, Winter Harbor.

The guards were killed silently.

The young master of the White family looked at the scene with a cold gaze, he took off the white and blue snow flag of the Ice family on the warship and threw it into the sea, leaving only the snow flag of the White family flying in the sea breeze.

The White family has had enough of being a subordinate family to the Ice family.

Just let the Black family continue to be dogs. His White family will do something big with the support of the Church of Light.

After years of forbearance, the day has finally come.

In Mulheim, the beacon blazes everywhere.

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