Chapter 199 – Other people’s children are not his children. This is war.

The blizzard in the darkness made it almost impossible to keep one’s eyes open, and the continuous fighting and running had chilled the hot blood of the Dijon warriors.

The leader of the warriors took a breath of hot air, the head of the Mulheim soldier hanging from the horse’s neck had frozen into a lump of ice, he reluctantly threw it into the snow. The warrior was close to thirty years old, and if he succeeded in this battle, he would be able to get a promotion, a big house, and a comfortable winter for his wife and son.

His son will join the army in the spring of next year. His son is a brave young man with a bright future. The Dijon warrior thought.

His son was about the same age as this Mülheim soldier, and they were equally young and handsome.

But he did not feel any sympathy for the Mulheim soldier, nor did he think about how the young soldier’s parents would mourn his death.

Because their children are not his children.

The fourth outpost appeared in sight, and the Dijon warrior gestured for all the warriors to be quiet.

The night wind was terribly cold. After they dismounted and entered the post according to the previous plan, they were faced with an empty house.

There was an ambush! His eyes instantly widened. The action had been discovered? How was this possible? Did Mülheim actually react so quickly? Prepared in advance? Did someone intervene? In any case, the facts were already in front of him.

However, when a narrow road meets, the brave wins.

“For Fabirrenin!” Since it was useless to cover up, he simply shouted: “For Dijon! For the Great Chief!”

He made up his mind after a second.

All the Dijon warriors also raised their machetes and roared, and they also made up their minds together a second later. Then they rushed into the rain of arrows, righteously dying, just as they had killed before, without a moment’s hesitation.

The rain of arrows in the sky did not hinder them. The blood they had accumulated in the previous killings was transformed into magical energy and released, but the next magic crystal gun was not so easy to deal with, but it also did not slow down their charge speed. They stepped on the corpses of their companions and used the corpses of their companions as shields, bloody, violent, cruel, and unstoppable.

The blizzard got fiercer, and the wind and snow twisted into a whip that lashed directly at them.

There is a mage! And a very strong mage! The leading Dijon warrior’s eyes widened.

Is the information wrong? No, it may not be a human who attacked… He clenched the church amulet in his chest and directly activated it. Divine energy spread out in an instant with him as the center, and the surrounding gloomy aura was dispelled with it, and the spell stopped. Looks like it worked. But there are still many enemies.

He listened to the sound of the weapons waving in the storm. He rushed to the periphery step by step, killing one person at a time. Unconsciously, the surrounding companions fell one by one, and the eyes of the Mülheim soldiers looked at him with more fear.

At that moment, a young general stepped out from among the Mulheim soldiers, fully armed and handsome.

The Dijon warrior narrowed his eyes. This person should be the commander of these northern soldiers.

“You are strong,” said the young commander, “but this is war, and you killed my men, so you must die.”

The Dijon warrior laughed contemptuously, death? Not a single Dijon was afraid of death. He raised the knife in his hand to the young commander, and made a provocative slit of his throat.

“Unlike those reckless young men, I will not be provoked into going one-on-one with you by such superficial provocations.” The young commander shook his head, “I know I am no match for you.”

The Dijon warrior said loudly in Common Tongue: “Coward, cowardly noble! You have desecrated the honor of your family!”

“It seems that you are determined to seek death.” The young commander drew his sword and said.

The Dijon warrior spat on the ground, then clenched the machete in his hand and charged straight up.

The blizzard was endless.

At this moment, king to king.


There was no circling back-and-forth, from the very beginning it was a fierce clash, the knight’s sword and the machete, a wide open orthodox attack and a sinister and poisonous and terrible swordplay. The strength of the Dijon warrior was gradually lost, but the killing intent in him grew stronger and stronger, and heat steamed out of his skin once again. The killing intent in his chest almost surged out, forming a materialized knife to stab his opponent to death.

The handsome face of the young commander was also infected with murderous intent, he abandoned all his demeanor, and roared like a beast and pounced.

There is no etiquette in war, no family, no glory, and in real war there is only life and death, and, the animal nature that clogs all perceptions.

Once again resisted the opponent’s attack, the wind and snow blew, the young commander quietly made a gesture, and the magic crystal guns over there fired in unison.

The world became silent.

At the last second, the Dijon warrior thought. Ah, it turns out that the other party deliberately fought with him to guide his back to the magic crystal gun, and he underestimated the other party. Ah, I’m going to die. Then this winter, my son and wife are going to freeze…

The young commander pressed the corpse that pounced on him and said calmly in his ear: “I said I was not match for you, but I still did it, which means that I have something to rely on. This is what the chief mate taught me.” The young commander was none other than Carl Richard, the male lead in the first “Pirates of the Caribbean” immersion theater, Deputy Captain Carl.

Then he pushed the corpse to the ground, stepped directly on his tattered chest, held up the knight’s sword, and shouted loudly: “For His Majesty Claude!”

“For His Majesty Claude!” all the soldiers shouted together.

“For Mulheim!”

“For Mulheim!”

Carl Richard withdrew his feet, the soles of his shoes already covered with frozen blood and flesh.

“Go back, be alert,” he ordered.

The snow fell heavily, and the world returned to silence again.

The bodies of the Dijon warriors were soon covered with snow.

He seemed to be about the same age as Carl’s father, but Carl Richard wouldn’t wonder if he had a son waiting for him to come home.

Because someone else’s father is not his father.

Because this is war.


“First of all, two points need to be made clear. First, the demons cannot send troops to Mulheim to help in this war.”

In the super long-distance magic dialogue, Monroe’s voice was slightly indistinct, and it seemed to be disturbed by the wind and snow, but his voice itself was still calm and powerful, which could give people the kind of infinite power.

Hill’s heart settled down.

It doesn’t matter, he has no experience in war, but Monroe has some. Monroe is very good. He fought a lot of battles when he was a human. At first, Hill attracted Monroe because of his talent, and only later began to crave his body.

Hill stood in the empty hall, an ancient Romanesque building with white marble columns lining up to support the ceiling. There was silence, except for the sound of the snowstorm outside the window. This is the Cathedral of Winter City. With Teresa’s departure, the Paladins here have also evacuated one after another, leaving only some priests who maintains it. The entire cathedral seems to have a hollow glory, cold order, the end of the glory.

Naturally, these priests could not cause any hindrance to Hill, so he used the remaining magic circle here to communicate with Monroe in Famagusta.

“Reason?” Hill said.

“If the demons participate in the war, the church will definitely publicize about the demons slaughtering humans on a large scale, they will distort the facts, and many people will believe them,” Monroe said.

“You mean the people of other kingdoms?” Hill asked.

“Yes, Mülheim and the Magnolia Empire should not be affected too much, but this also means that all kingdoms other than them will firmly close the door to the demons, unless they are really brutally opened with war,” Monroe said.

“You don’t like war?” Hill asked.

“I like it.” Monroe said, “The thrill of killing, of killing my former colleagues, of tearing down their masks of hypocrisy, of shattering the hatred that has always lingered in my heart, allows me to forget all that I carry.”

Hill looked at the wind and snow outside from the window. The city, mountains, and rivers were mixed in a mass of snow and mist, and were chaotically blown by the fierce north wind.

“That’s it then,” he said.

“But you don’t like war, so one of the goals of my various strategies is to avoid war,” Monroe said.

“But you said you liked it,” Hill said. “There are also things to forget.”

“What needs to be carried is often not very sweet, and certainly not easy, but that’s what life is all about as far as meaning goes.” Monroe said in a deep voice: “My obsession is you, and I remain human only for you, Hill.”

“Okay. I’ll remember that,” Hill said.

Monroe continued, “And the strategy you have been using is also the same. Your cultural aggression is a roundabout tactic. In order to avoid direct confrontation, if you use violence and then import culture, then the gain will outweigh the loss.”

“Yes.” Hill nodded, and Monroe also clarified his thinking for him.

“Then my Lord, what are your instructions?”

“Immediately send the magic weapons that the black dwarves have already developed to Mulheim. The demons will not participate in the battle directly, but the Dark Church can participate in the war. Send the ghost-faced bird riders over to set up a magic circle. I want more information,” Hill said.

“Have you seen the map of the border?” Monroe asked.

“I’ve already analyzed it with the Ice Emperor’s Grand Chancellor, what I’m not sure of now is how far I need to step in,” Hill said.

“You can do whatever you want,” Monroe said. “After all, we didn’t come with good intentions, and I think the Ice Emperor understands that.”

Hill nodded suddenly: “Yes. Maybe I should be tougher.”

“Times of war are different from times of peace, my Lord,” Monroe said.

Hill watched the wind and snow outside for a while, and then raised his right arm. Following his movement, all the curtains in the hall were slowly drawn, the lights went out, and the entire hall quickly darkened. The sound of the wind and snow outside the window also seemed to disappear, and the silence brushed over his skin like undulating waves. He stood in the darkness for a while: “Monroe, do you know who I am?”

Monroe said, “You are not the Demon King.”

Hill was not surprised either, just said lightly, “You know.”

Monroe said: “Somewhat aware of it. The others were in the game and did not know, but I was an outsider to begin with.”

“But at least now I’m the Demon King, and I’m pulling you into the game,” Hill said.

“Yes, but you pulled me into more than just the game,” Monroe said. “And I serve you as my Lord, not Demon King.”

“Okay.” Hill said, “Send me a rose.” In the darkness, his red pupils lit up faintly, bit by bit filled with coldness and killing intent, “You must fill the rose with the blood of the enemy.”

The snow inside the house was silent.

But something more terrifying than the wind and snow swept through the entire darkness.

—The Demon King’s killing intent.


After addressing the holes and flaws in the mind through Monroe, Hill quickly became involved in the military meeting.

At present, the first wave of emergency orders had now been sent out, and the following discussion was about what to do next.

The meeting hall with the cross-vault structure has a roaring flame burning in the fireplace. The style of the columns next to the meeting table is a bit like the Tuscan column in ancient Rome. There was no extra decoration in the entire conference room, only a huge painting depicting the war hung on the wall opposite the table.

“The current emergency response plan has been implemented, and then it depends on luck…” said a noble.

“My most friendly advice, don’t you mention words like ‘luck’ at this time!” the Grand Chancellor growled at the nobleman.

“The first cavalry of the Dijon tribe is known to be at least a thousand men, which is a terrible number.” Another nobleman said, “And they also have a greater force than usual, supposedly with the aid of the Church.”

“This is also my most friendly advice, don’t you waste your time talking nonsense at such a precious time!” the Grand Chancellor roared at the nobleman.

After being roared at by the Grand Chancellor twice, the other nobles were silent and did not dare to speak.

“Okay, Your Highness Grindelwald, do you have any ideas?” the Grand Chancellor asked.

Hill understands that the Grand Chancellor is rough, and he deliberately uses this method to shut some people up.

“The church’s action is very timely, no, not only timely, but amazingly fast. Is the Dijon tribe being used as a spearman?” Hill half said so to himself.

The Grand Chancellor obviously thought of this: “So before laying out the plan, one needs to consider what exactly the Church has given the Dijon tribe in aid. And…” he looked at Hill: “Dijon tribe was used as a spearman by the Church, what about Mulheim who suffered an attack?”

“Are you trying to say that Mülheim was used as a spearman by the demons?” Hill asked bluntly.

The Grand Chancellor was suffocated by Hill’s straightforwardness for a second and did not know how to respond.

“Theoretically, there is indeed a game between the church and the demons behind this. It can even be said that it is a game between a god and another god… Can you think of it that way?” Hill asked.

“If it involves God, it seems a little…” The Grand Chancellor frowned slightly, “You are diverting attention.”

“I didn’t.” Hill replied in a deep voice, “Because from the perspective of the Church, this is really a contradiction between the God of Light and the God of Darkness. However, I did not get the instructions of the God of Darkness to do these things, and I believe that the Church also did not get the God of Light’s instructions or something…” In fact, Hill really doubted the existence of that god, after all, angels are nothing but a combat weapon… “We fight out of our own will, and you fight out of your own will.” When he said this, it was quite cold, it sounded like shirking responsibility, but he knew that the Grand Chancellor could understand: “Dijon tribe attacked you certainly not for the God of Light, but for their own interests, you and Dijon tribe have always had friction, I also know. The Church and the Demon Race are just like the God of Light and the God of Darkness to you, constituting some kind of reason, but not all.”

The Grand Chancellor stared at him for a moment, then looked away: “I hope so.”

“I think it would be best not to infight before the standing.” Hill scolded him, and all present, with alacrity, “You humans are always like that, you like to infight before battle.”

“Cough, I thought this was the first thing to do in order to fight against the outside world.” The Grand Chancellor was a little embarrassed.

“Settle down, be careful I turn mad,” Hill said.

“What?” The Grand Chancellor didn’t respond.

“No need to go for any kind of saving face, demons are different from humans, demons don’t have that much extra emotion, I won’t like you or despise you, that’s all.” Hill said dryly, “I wish we could be more efficient instead of talking nonsense here.”

“But some things must be made clear, such as the purpose of this war,” said a nobleman over there.

“I repeat,” Hill scanned him coldly, “I don’t mind showing you just how headstrong the Demon King is. To reiterate, I’ve sent my men to bleed, the soldiers on guard are already bleeding, and I don’t mind making you bleed if you don’t let your men do it.”

The only way to convince people at this point is to use this kind of thunderbolt method. Hill thought expressionlessly.

The whole room was silent for a while.

Dawn was approaching, and when the Ice Emperor arrived, there was a tired expression on his face, but his eyes were bright.

He came diagonally wrapped in the wind and snow, and the waiter poured him hot tea. He took a sip of tea and put it on the table, “How’s the situation?”

“The other side has already blood-bathed two outposts, the third outpost was prepared in advance, but it still lost in the end, and they retreated to the fourth outpost together. The fourth outpost have demons, and the Richard family’s young master’s current situation is unknown,” a nobleman reported.

“Richard’s young master.” Ice Emperor frowned, “May the Cold God bless him.”

When everyone saw the Ice Emperor speaking, they also made a gesture of blessing from the Cold God, except for Hill.

“We were discussing the purpose of the war before, but Mr. Grindelwald seems to have other views,” said the nobleman who had been scolded by Hill earlier.

Hill glanced at him, and he avoided Hill’s gaze.

“Other views?” Ice Emperor asked.

“Yes, besides that, Mr. Grindelwald thinks it’s time to abandon the outpost and guard the canyon…”

“Cutting in, I just raised the possibility,” Hill said.

“Yeah.” Another complained: “But you still threatened to make us bleed, and it’s clear that you are fighting against the Church of Light. The Church of Light uses the Dijon tribe as spearmen, and the Demons use us as spearmen.”

The Ice Emperor looked at Hill: “Did you threaten him to let him bleed?”

Hill made no excuse: “I did.”

Ice Emperor nodded, “That so.” Then he glanced at the nobleman who had just spoken, and then instructed the soldier next to him, “Drag down and kill.”

The nobleman was stunned for a moment, and suddenly called out: “Your Majesty… Your Majesty!”

The Ice Emperor was unmoved.

“Your Majesty, I have accompanied you for so long, Your Majesty…”

“Forget it, I’ve changed my mind.” The Ice Emperor said and walked up to the other man, then pulled out the sword at his waist and cut off his head directly. Hill smacked his tongue as the Ice Emperor took the man’s head and put it on the conference table, swept a glance at the crowd, and said, “Continue the discussion.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” No one dared to meet his eyes.

It’s true that no one is a simple person. Hill thought.

What a fervent thing it was to break through in such a time of great men and women.

But before that, we have to win this war.

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