Chapter 200 – …can’t be called heroic, but tragic.

When Hill and Grand Chancellor Lannon arrived at the front line, the Dijon tribe was organizing a third attack.

At this time, it was already dawn, the Dijon cavalry rushed like snowflakes, and the soldiers of Mülheim made long-range attacks with bows and arrows.

The young face of Carl Richard, the top general here, was full of weariness, one arm wrapped in a bandage around his neck, his face pale from blood loss, as he briefed the Grand Chancellor on the current situation:

“Magic cannot be used, the opponent has a device that shields or even reflects magic, and the mages will be backlashed. The demons can’t approach either, they have a spell blessed by the God of Light on their bodies. We’ve used up most of our magic crystals, and now I don’t want to use the magic crystal gun, but I have to.”

Hill didn’t listen carefully to Carl’s words. He had already learned this information from the dark elves on the way here. He narrowed his eyes and looked at the Dijon cavalry over there. The one rushing in front was clearly a teenager. His body was steaming with heat, his eyes were blood red, and there was nothing in his eyes but beastly madness.

Arrows flew towards him, he waved the machete in his hand, one arrow pierced his thigh, but he did not flinch at all, he muttered something under his breath, he was rushing forward desperately.

Hill turned his gaze to the man behind him again.

These people are different from the grassland cavalry in Hill’s imagination. They are dressed in tatters, and more of them seem to be old, weak, and sick, but their aura is no less than that of young people.

They are cannon fodder. Hill had this thought in his mind. These people are deliberately…

“These people are used to consume your magic crystals and arrows.” Grand Chancellor Lannon’s voice sounded, saying what Hill had in mind.

Carl Richard’s face looked paler: “I had that thought too, but even these old and sickly men, they were mad enough to kill my men, so I had to treat them with the same tactics I would use with a normal enemy.”

“Our soldiers…” Grand Chancellor Lannon frowned, watching this scene from the roof of the post.

“Our soldiers are brave, and the enemies are not brave, they’re lunatic,” Carl said.

Those Dijon cavalrymen rushed here, stepping on the corpses of their companions, getting closer and closer, Hill could see their faces clearly without magic, but they didn’t bother to shout and roar, each of them chanted and reunited toward this place in silence. The Mülheim soldiers also did not roar, and Hill heard a Mülheim officer shout: “Build a shield wall!”

A few seconds later, the dull clang of a collision sounded.

The Dijon cavalrymen were like hungry beasts coming out of the steppe. Behind them was a violent snowstorm, they couldn’t turn back. Before them was the shield wall of Mülheim, they could not advance. Finally, they began to roar, they let out the roar of a desperate beast, and then, with desperation, they burst out with a mighty force that made the shield wall tremble.

“Since last night…” Carl stopped halfway through his words, and Hill and the Grand Chancellor didn’t care about it either. At this moment, they were all staring at the battlefield.

The roar of the Dijon cavalrymen had already overwhelmed the blizzard, and the heat was rising even more from their bodies. Hill frowned for a few seconds and said, “This is burning life.”

“Burning life?” The Grand Chancellor repeated, looking at Carl: “Does the Dijon tribe have such a secret technique?”

Carl was a little dazed: “I have been here for two years, and I have never seen such a secret technique.”

“It’s the Church.” Hill frowned. He subconsciously thought of ‘Angel Descent’ and felt that there were some similarities between the two.

As soon as Hill finished speaking, the trembling shield wall could not resist and finally collapsed, but behind the shield wall was the spear-carrying Mulheim soldiers, the Dijon tribe had only overcome the second barrier.

One of the Dijon warriors charged up with a cheer, a spear pierced his chest, but he was still cheering, he continued to walk on, and the spear went deeper and deeper, and the wound became bigger and bigger. The Mülheim soldier holding the spear felt a chill in his heart, the Dijon warrior just walked closer to him and raised the machete in his hand. The next second, the Dijon warrior was stabbed by multiple spears together, his machete slashed against the face of the previous Mulheim soldier, giving him a shallow bloody mark on his face before he died reluctantly.

Similar scenes are constantly happening on this battlefield.

Crimson death, the icy blizzard, the mad roar, the weapons, the shouting… Too many people died.

By the time the battle was over it was already bright and the blizzard had ceased. Looking over the post, the silver armor of Mulheim had finally engulfed the black flood of the Dijon horde. The snow had been stained red, and the smell of blood was sickeningly visible from here.

Hill took a deep breath: “The smell of war.” After speaking, he took the lead to go down from the post and walk towards the battlefield.

The Grand Chancellor wanted to follow, but was stopped by Carl: “Grand Chancellor, it’s very dangerous there, some Dijon people are not dead yet.” His implication was obvious, some of them were not dead, and as long as they had a breath, they would still fight to kill.

The Grand Chancellor was stunned for a moment, then nodded.

He is excellent in looking at the big picture, but he’s not as good as the generals in front of him in handling such details.

Hill’s appearance has changed at this time. He has become a typical Mülheim nobleman, and he is also wearing a nobleman’s armor. Carl didn’t recognize him, he just thought he was a general from Winter City.

Hill successfully found a Dijon warrior who was still alive. When he leaned down, the Dijon warrior suddenly opened his eyes and held a knife and slashed at him. He caught the knife with his hand and crushed it. The young man opened his mouth and sank his teeth into his throat. Hill grabbed him by the neck and pinned him to the ground, he needed to be sure of one thing: “You know what? Your chief is using you as cannon fodder.”

“Cannon fodder?” The Dijon warrior coughed and laughed: “We already knew that.”

“Even so, you are still rushing forward?” Hill asked, using magic in his words, the kind of magic that guides the other party to tell the truth.

“The chief told us we were going to die before we went to war, so what we need to do is kill more people before we die, we need to use our bodies to block the arrows and magic crystals of the Mulheim soldiers. The more they consume, the more of our army behind us will survive.”

“The army behind you…” Hill thought of a possibility: “Are you family members of the regular army?”

“No, we are the families of the army behind us,” said the young man.

At this time, Carl Richard had walked up to Hill, his face was a little ugly, normal people would feel uncomfortable hearing such words.

“How much do you know about the next plan?” Hill continued.

“We will kill you all,” said the Dijon warrior said.

Hill closed his eyes, realizing that he couldn’t ask anything.

He drew the sword from Carl’s waist and killed the Dijon warrior, then got up and looked around the battlefield. The Mülheim soldiers helped away the wounded, and at the same time, put knives on every Dijon corpse. The war was over, but the smell of blood was still strong.

“What’s your plan next?” Hill asked Carl next to him.

Carl was stunned for a moment, and subconsciously replied: “Live.”

This sentence echoes the “plan” of the Dijon warrior. Hill couldn’t help bending the corners of his lower lip, which piled up heavily and twisted into a smile.

At this moment, an adjutant came over there, and he reported to Carl: “Commander, the reinforcements of the Dark Church have arrived.”

Carl showed an excited expression: “How many of them are there? Who is the leader?” Hill brought the Grand Chancellor directly here with magic, and the reinforcements from Winter City have not yet arrived.

“A total of thirteen people,” said the adjutant.

Carl frowned: “Forget it, it’s always a good thing to have reinforcements…”

“The leader is the current Dark Pope,” the adjutant continued.

This time, Carl and Hill showed surprise expressions at the same time.

This seems to be the only good news to hear today.


The fireplace in the outpost was ablaze with flames. When Hill walked in, he saw Monroe at a glance. Monroe was talking with Grand Chancellor Lannon. Carl Richard thought about it and gave Monroe a salute, the kind of ceremony that ordinary people do when they meet the Pope of the Church of Light. At that time, the Church of Light was the state religion of Mülheim, and the people of Mülheim, whether they were believers or not, had to bow when they met the Pope. On the other side, Monroe calmly accepted Carl’s respectful gesture.

Next, the hot wine was brought up, and a glass of wine immediately dissipated the chill.

Hill learned that Monroe had brought two of the church’s five emissaries, Leona Bell and a new emissary, Foster Kay, as well as the necromancer in the church. This lineup is already very luxurious, but it remains to be seen whether it is useful or not. After all, the people of Dijon this time have carried the amulet of the Church of Light, which can prevent ordinary demons from attacking – but the followers of the Dark Church are human, maybe they can break through the amulet.

After a brief meeting, Carl and the Grand Chancellor went to inspect. Only Hill and Monroe were left in the room. Hill drank the spirits in the glass again: “You’re a little late, just finished a fight, didn’t see that wonderful show.”

“I smelled the remnants of blood and madness left in the air, enough to make me understand how tragic the show just now was,” Monroe said.

“Isn’t it heroic?” Hill asked.

“No,” said Monroe, “to die for the sake of death is not heroic, but tragic.”

His calm words dispelled the gloom in Hill’s heart, and Hill let out a long sigh, understanding that he had been growing since he crossed over, and that he had grown even faster since the war came, but despite this, he still felt somewhat unable to catch his breath after stepping foot into this epic and legendary world.

Hill picked up the jug to pour himself a drink, but found that the wine had run out.

Monroe left the room and soon returned with a jug of wine, which he heated with magic and then poured for Hill. As they poured the wine close together, Hill could smell the bitter aroma of the mixture of salvia, artemisia, and bitter oranges that burned day and night in the halls of the Dark Church, and over time, Monroe’s clothes were tainted with that smell. In addition to this, there is a bit of a bitter scent of blood. It seems that he also smeared the blood of others when he came. The combination of the two scents is fascinating.

Hill raised his eyes to look at the side of Monroe’s face, his heart moved: “You surprise me from time to time with a lot of your thoughts now, you didn’t used to think that way.”

“I hope you’re not accusing me.” Monroe poured wine with a steady hand, after pouring wine for Hill he put the jug aside, Hill reached out and touched it, it felt hot, if he were a human he would probably be scalded, he wondered if Monroe felt any pain. “If it’s duty, I’m going to complain that you’re being unreasonable, Hill.”

“Why do you say that?” Hill asked.

“You’ve changed me, and then you have to accuse me of changing?” Monroe asked rhetorically.

“That’s true…” Hill took the glass from Monroe’s hand, and this time he didn’t drink it all, but took a sip, his throat burned by the strong wine was a little hot, “but I wasn’t complaining, in fact, I love hearing you say these unexpected things.”


“Yes. It makes you more attractive,” Hill said.

“I feel honored that I have attracted you.” Monroe smiled a little.

After saying these casual words with Monroe, Hill felt that he had completely calmed down, and his almost cold sanity returned to him. He grabbed Monroe by the collar and forced him to lean down, and then he kissed him. The corner of his lips: “The latest information, this group of Dijon people are all cannon fodder, they themselves know that, the next group of Dijon people are high-level cannon fodder, they are relatives, and the next one is the regular army of Dijon — if the chief didn’t lie to them.”

Monroe frowned slightly. “That’s amazing…but you do you have to say that at a time like this?”

“Because I like to spoil the fun.” Hill blinked, kissed the corner of his lips again, and pushed him aside with a cautious expression: “The demons and I will not be involved in this war for the time being, for the specific reason you know, the church came absolutely prepared, and at the same time, I had a hunch in my heart that they were doing more than that. We have to win, Monroe.”

“I know.” Monroe nodded, “We will be victorious. My Lord.”

Outside, the wind and snow had completely stopped, and the clouds cracked open to reveal an icy blue sky.

The icy sunlight shone on this field of snow.

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