Chapter 201 – It just so happens that this hero also has an affair with himself

The next wave of Dijon attacks came just before Grand Chancellor Lannon went to bed, he had not rested for a day and a night, and his body was not feeling well at the moment. In fact, the defenders here have not rested since last night because the other side was attacking continuously. After hearing the sound of the horn outside, the Grand Chancellor got up from the carpet, and was then pressed down by Hill.

“You better rest,” Hill said.

“No, I didn’t come here to sleep,” said the Grand Chancellor.

“You didn’t come here to waste your body and die,” Hill said.

“Okay, maybe you’re right.” The Grand Chancellor lay down again, and after a few seconds he said, “I can’t sleep, or will you hit me in the head and knock me out?”

Hill didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He finally gave the Grand Chancellor a stun spell, and then ordered the soldiers to take care of him, and then went to the post.

The sky has cleared, so visibility is excellent. Carl Richard was using a magic telescope on the post to look at the densely packed Dijon people in the distance. They did not ride horses this time, and their clothes looked as tattered as the previous cannon fodder, perhaps still cannon fodder – at least on the surface.

There were old men and children, this was not war, this was not the same as the war in the books, the glorious war that my father had spoken of. The young man, who had been taught since childhood to be a tough man in Mülheim, couldn’t help but feel a little lost: “They are… for what? They know they will die,” he murmured.

What surprised him was that the Dark Pope next to him actually answered his question: “Not just death, there is always a glimmer of hope.”

Hill, who had just been on the roof of the post, suddenly remembered when Monroe was a paladin, when the Church called him back, Hill asked him to stay, Monroe said he wanted to believe in humanity one last time. Thinking of this, Hill lamented: “But not everyone is lucky enough to get what they hope will be the final answer.”

“It’s also not a bad choice to die with no knowledge of hope.” Monroe said lightly, the hem of his pure black cloak was lifted by the wind, the wind came from his feet, and all the emotions were hidden in his eyes. His tone only remained indifferent: “It’s a pity that I don’t have that kind of mood to fulfill them now.” After saying that, he stretched out his right hand in the void, a black scepter inlaid with skulls and gems appeared in his palm. He struck the scepter to the ground, and his tone was cold and indifferent: “Go and destroy their illusions, followers of darkness.”

The voice fell, and the high-speed airflow rose like a sharp blade. His cloak rolled like a big black bird with wings spread, and the darkness rushed out. The whole land became a little colder, and the sky also darkened.

With his own power, he dispersed all the holy light aura left in the land.

In the dark fog behind him, the necromancers in the black fog leaned over and bowed: “Yes, Your Holiness.”

Hill looked at such a Monroe, feeling his heart that had calmed down not so calm again. This time, of course, it was not because of the cruel war.


If this wave of attacks was blocked, the support troops from Winter City and other lords would arrive. Carl Richard knew that it was impossible to rely on the original defenders here, so he had to listen to Monroe.

This time, Leona Bell will not shoot, she is the finale. As for Monroe and Hill, they exist as bugs. The other necromancers first quickly cast necromantic spells at the location where they planned to fight. The first wave of Dijon people who come here will be caught by the claws of the ghosts sticking out of the ground, and then they will become targets for the Mulheim archers. After they fall, the corpses will be manipulated to turn around and slash at the second wave of Dijon. Not surprisingly, this will be the case.

Of course, Hill knew that when the church intervened, ‘accidents’ were normal. So, the necromancers still have back up plans.

“Do you have any prisoners?” Hill heard a necromancer ask Commander Carl.

“No,” Carl replied.

“Are there people who are seriously injured and can’t be saved?” the necromancer asked.

Carl hesitated, and he had a vague guess: “What are you going to do?”

“Spellcasting needs,” the necromancer said succinctly.

Carl hesitated for a few seconds, and finally gave in with a sigh. He had his men lift some dying soldiers out on stretchers. Those soldiers were obviously a little flustered, they knew they were going to be abandoned by the commander. Carl’s throat is dry. He doesn’t know what to say. Should he say ‘I will take care of your family’? Or should he say…

Leona Bell, the emissary of the Dark Church, walked in front of them and said indifferently: “You will die, you will be the sustenance of our spells, this death may be a bit painful, but you will save more people, and as a soldier this is a very happy ending, I think you should even thank us.”

Carl was about to say that it was too cold, but he saw that the soldiers were strangely quiet, and their eyes showed a firm look. Carl was stunned.

Leona nodded in satisfaction, and then said to Carl, “Commander, don’t be sympathetic, it’s unprofessional.”

Carl frowned, he didn’t know what to say for a moment.

Hill, who was next to him, was also a little emotional after witnessing this scene. These people are all good men. Then he said to Carl: “In fact, Master Richard, what they need is not sympathy, but conviction. And I think that before dying like this, what is needed is not only firm conviction, but also ruthless conviction. Faith.” That’s what Hill learned from the Dijon people.

In fact, as far as this kind of thing is concerned, Hill thinks that he can’t do anything to let innocents sacrifice directly, but if he really has to choose one, he doesn’t know what he will do. After all, human nature is complex and people are inherently selfish. So, although Hill feels a little uncomfortable, he will not stop Leona and the necromancers from casting spells with human life.

War does not give you time to think, it is best at interrupting all thinking, shattering all philosophy, breaking all feelings, leaving you with only a sense of life and death.

Just as Hill’s voice fell, the Dijon people over there started the charge, and the next round of offensive and defensive battles began.


This offensive and defensive battle was personally directed by Commander Carl, who calmly waited for the Dijon people to enter the attack range before letting the archers release their arrows. For the first time facing such a rain of arrows, the attack speed of the Dijon people was obviously slowed down for a few seconds, but it was only a few seconds. They immediately resumed their previous speed, and then stepped into the ones arranged by the necromancer. in the trap. Black ghost hands emerged from the ground and grabbed their ankles, and they suddenly made a commotion, trying to cut off these ghost hands with the knives in their hands. This was naturally effective, but not particularly so, otherwise magic would be too undignified.

For every second of delay, more than one Dijon dies.

So even a second is good.

“Second platoon, fire arrows!” Commander Carl shouted sharply.

When the archers in the second platoon released their arrows, the Dijon people used their amulets one after another. After about three or four seconds, all the traps disappeared, and the following spells also failed. By this time, they had lost nearly a quarter of their men.

A necromancer shook his head at Leona, Leona raised her eyebrows and looked at Monroe, but Monroe did not look at them, but still looked at the battlefield. Leona couldn’t see the answer in his eyes, so she had to follow her own judgment.

The Dijon people were still charging, Commander Carl was giving orders smoothly, he had tried his best, but there was nothing he could do.

Leona finally heard Monroe’s voice: “How is it?”

“The Church’s amulet is more powerful than expected.” Leona immediately said, “It’s almost comparable to the amulet worn by the paladins during the initial attack Demon Realm.”

An adjutant over there was a little curious: “Are you more perceptive, Madam?”

His curiosity was normal, why would Monroe, the Dark Pope, ask his subordinate about this kind of thing?

Leona Bell looked at the adjutant and replied: “It is not that I have a greater perception of strength. For His Holiness, the presence or absence of an amulet is like an ordinary ant and a stronger ant, he cannot tell the difference because both are too weak. So, this question has to be answered by me.”

What a terrible answer this is. The adjutant closed his mouth immediately.

The remaining three-quarters of the Dijon people ran even faster. Carl saw more and more white mist coming out of them, and some of them even started to crawl down and run together with all fours, which made it difficult to shoot flat. So, Carl immediately proceeded to shoot. But the rain of arrows on the Mulheim side was not as dense as it had been at the beginning, and the archers were tired.

Carl looked at the necromancer standing beside his wounded men, and he heard himself say calmly, “It’s time to start.” Then his heart sank.

Shit. He thought. Why is this war so brutal? Shit. Why am I so cruel too?

The necromancer nodded, his hand was hanging on the head of a wounded man, and then the wounded soldier immediately dried up at a visible speed, black smoke emerged from the soldier’s body, the necromancer held his staff high, and the black smoke pulled into a sphere and was propelled into the sky by magic, and then smashed into the Dijon soldiers. The other necromancers next to him also cast this spell, and the Dijon looked up as if there were a dozen meteorites coming at them at once. The surface of the meteorites also emerged with the faces of demons, who opened their mouths wide and lunged at them.

This is simply the world-destroying natural disaster recorded in the Holy Book of Light – if there are more meteorites.

What happened next was a very tragic scene.

The corners of Carl Richard’s eyes couldn’t help twitching. He didn’t know what order he should give. He forced himself to look directly at the brutal picture. Monroe stood beside him and said, “You don’t have to force yourself to watch it.”

“But… I thought it’s necessary…”

“Normally, you will not witness such a tragic situation, even if you accidentally encounter it, if it is related to your life, you will overcome it immediately. Don’t underestimate people’s potential,” Monroe said lightly.

Carl was stunned, feeling that the Dark Pope seemed to be different from what he imagined: “But, I always have to keep growing…” He found that he said too many “buts”, and his father told him too many “buts” makes himself seem weak, but he can’t take care of that much now.

“Of course, this is just my proposal.” Monroe turned to leave, Carl watched Monroe walk to the mummy, his cloak swept over the mummy, and the mummy suddenly turned into ashes and flew up. Carl suddenly realized that the Pope let the ashes of these poor people be buried on this land together. Carl’s heart suddenly calmed down a lot. Is this the charm of the Pope?

After these few conversations, the meteorite bombing was over. At this time, there were very few Dijon people who could stand up. There were only a few dozen. They were spinning around in place, shaking their heads, and seemed a little dazed.

Next, it was time for them to make their appearance. Carl took a deep breath, drew the sword in his hand and gave a direct order to charge. Try to take prisoners this time, he thought, and next time, the necromancers would be able to leave the lives of the Mulheim soldiers unharmed. Although he felt sorry for the Dijon, he was sorry for a lot of things, so he didn’t care about this one or two.

But after the Mülheim soldiers led by Carl fought against the dozens of Dijon people, he realized that something was wrong. The opponent’s aura, the opponent’s strength… This is a regular Dijon soldier! Carl was suddenly horrified, and after a while, he figured out that the second batch of attackers were cannon fodder mixed with the regular army! They planned to use the cannon fodder as cannon fodder, paralyze Carl, and then let the regular army suddenly attack when they approached the shield wall!

Fortunately, the necromancers took action this time, otherwise they might be captured in one fell swoop this time!

After spending a lot of money, Carl finally won the Dijon people.

The necromancers over there frowned and looked at these dozens of people. This wave of attacks was also very expensive for them. That spell is one of the top spells of the necromancers, and the cost of casting the spell is also high – one person’s life is required. But will there still be fish that slip through the net?

However, the magic power in this world is strong, but there is a limit. You can’t expect a few mages to block an army, then the army’s existence will not be very meaningful.

“How is it?” This time, it was Hill’s turn to ask Leona Bell.

“Not very good.” Leona answered truthfully, “Surviving this kind of attack is a bit surprising to me. It looks like this battle still needs to be fought well.” Leona is not too optimistic, she herself has experienced a war with the Church.

It seems that the Church has really invested heavily this time, giving too many amulets to those Dijon people.

It is conceivable that the Demon Race has its own trump card, and of course, the Church also has its own accumulation.

The sky darkened again, and in the afternoon, it was going to snow again.

Hill also had some gloom in his heart, even though reinforcements were coming soon.

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Everything that has happened so far is the same as the plot in the novel. The defending army ushered in reinforcements when they were close to exhaustion, and then together with the reinforcements defeated the subsequent attack, and found that the opponent was not just arrogantly rushing up, but used a ploy, and now that they have thwarted the ploy with the help of the necromancer’s spells, they just need to wait quietly for the reinforcements to come afterwards. There are developments and flips, very much in line with the laws of story development.

It went horribly smooth… In fact, it didn’t go well. After all, the Mülheim soldiers also made a lot of sacrifices, plus a little bit of luck, so together they created the current situation. But Hill is still a little suspicious, and he understands that his suspiciousness is a manifestation of responsibility.

The weather became gloomy in the afternoon, and the reinforcements from Winter City finally arrived, followed by reinforcements from the Mountain Fort. Duke Richard still cared about his son very much, so the reinforcements came very quickly, led by Carl Richard’s uncle, Gold Richard. At night, reinforcements from Star Fort and Winterburg also arrived, Winterburg’s reinforcements were relatively few, because the Black family’s responsibility was mainly to protect the Ice Emperor, and Winter City’s reinforcements came along with them. A lot of things from the Demon Mall came, as well as some magic weapons, which were urgently transferred by Olivia.

After these armies arrived, the outpost became overcrowded, the nobles set up tents one after another. Hill and Monroe had settled in the Winterburg Army’s quarters, they were naturally the most familiar with the Black family among these nobles.

Snow nights, bonfires, spirits.

The drinks here are only spirits and snow water, one is easy to store and the other is easy to find.

Hill has always felt that spirits go well with war, and with these heroes here. Snow night bonfires and heroic drinking can be regarded as romantic events during the war.

It’s nice to talk to these nobles with dreams and glory in front of the bonfire.

As the night wore on, they gradually fell asleep, leaving only Hill and Monroe in front of the bonfire. So, the conversation was not the glory on the blade and the faith on the family crest, but became simple and straightforward.

“Mulheim’s massive army has arrived, in a head-to-head battle, Mulheim is theoretically superior to the Dijon tribe. But this time, the Dijon tribe can attack like crazy, and there is the help of the Church of Light behind, plus Mulheim still needs to divide some to guard against the Oitin Empire, so I am not too optimistic about this,” Hill described objectively.

“The Magnolia Empire can join the war,” Monroe directly pointed out Hill’s implication.

“That’s what I was thinking,” Hill said.

“You should know that war is not a 1+1>2 game,” Monroe said.

“I also know that 1+1>2 is not a game, but a formula.” Hill spoke quickly, “I understand that what you mean is that you need to consider multiple situations, and what I mean is that we go ahead and solve the other situations, to exclude them, so that one plus one must be greater than two.”

Monroe and Hill looked at each other for a few seconds, with the endless snowy night behind them, Hill rubbed his nose: “Am I being a little arrogant?”

“If you were a human being or a common demon, maybe I would accuse you, but because you are strong enough, arrogance is your power,” Monroe said.

“This answer does not satisfy me, if at any other time, I might have said in passing: satisfy me in a different way, but now let’s get down to business.”

“You seem to have said it.”

“Don’t pay attention to the details, dear,” Hill waved his paw casually. “What you are trying to remind me is that this isn’t my war?”

“Not really, but in essence, we are still passively fighting. Although we have made a lot of preparations to affect the plans of Dijon and the Church of Light, theoretically they are definitely more distressed than us, and our distress is a fact,” said Monroe.

“You are right. But let me also remind you that I’ve never wanted to follow the rules of the game, I’ll just go in there and kill people when they push me, I mean it,” Hill said as he gazed at Monroe.

“Your will, I feel it.” Monroe nodded his head.

“Good, in that case, then let’s do what I said I would do.” Hill stood up and sat beside Monroe. When he sat down, his legs were pressed against Monroe’s. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Monroe did not continue to reveal the identity of the Dark Pope, but restored the appearance of the death knight. At this time, the cold and hard armor on his thigh was against Hill’s outer thigh, and the coldness seemed to penetrate through the cashmere pants and invaded Hill’s body.

“Yes, I know what to do,” Monroe said.

Hill picked up the flask and prepared to pour Monroe a drink.

“I don’t really like to drink,” Monroe said.

He really doesn’t like to drink, probably because he’s not a person who gets excited easily. In the past, he also shouted ‘For the God of Light’ to lead his subordinates to rush to the enemy, but he knew that he was shouting for his subordinates, not himself, because the God of Light was in his heart and in his soul, and he did not need to express it deliberately. Later, Hill turned his soft feelings into knives and plucked out his god from his heart and soul a little bit, and then filled it in with himself. Later, the wound healed, and it was hideous both inside and outside. The hideous scar completely sealed Hill into Monroe’s heart and soul, and no one could separate them unless they were destroyed together.

“Because paladins abstain from alcohol?” Hill asked.

“It’s true that according to the doctrine, I can’t drink this kind of strong wine, and I have never tried it. I thought people who are often drunk and use alcohol to relieve their sorrows are stupid. Later, after I became a death knight, I took the initiative to try it, and got very drunk,” Monroe said, “and found out…”

“And then you found that it’s good to drink alcohol to relieve your worries?” Hill asked with interest.

“And then thought even more that borrowing alcohol to relieve sorrow was stupid, and realized clearly that I really didn’t like drinking, not because it was forbidden or not,” Monroe said.

“Oh.” Hill smiled. “Well, it’s really your style.”

Hearing this kind of words really makes him laugh out loud.

Hill sipped himself a glass, “Actually this wine tastes good, it’s a pity that you don’t like it.”

Monroe turned his head to look at him, and the two looked at each other for a few seconds. Hill saw that Monroe’s eyes were like a black lake. The eyes were like a pebble thrown into the lake. There was no echo on the surface, but deep. There were ripples all over the place. Hill pulled the corner of his lips arrogantly and licked his lips. It was an obvious hint. He immediately kissed him, and he put the spicy wine into his mouth, it didn’t take a moment for the body temperature of both of them to rise at the same time. That temperature made the snowflakes melt before they fell on them.

After the kiss, Hill asked with a low smile, “How did it taste this time?”

Monroe thought for a moment. “You taste good, but the wine still tastes terrible.”

Hill couldn’t help laughing.

Monroe is so cute.

Meeting in troubled times, holding hands in the end of the war, and then spending more years together and going through more disputes.

It’s good to have such a person around. It makes you feel completely motivated.

“I thought of a possibility.” Hill’s thinking also became active, “the other party has always been so crazy about attacking at any cost. There is almost no bottom line. If they’re not stupid, it’s…”

Monroe heard it and knew what Hill was trying to say: “Make a feint to the east but attack in the west.”

“Yes, threaten the east and hit the west.” Hill said solemnly: “But if we can’t stand it, it may bloom on both sides at the same time.”

The snow was majestic, Hill’s eyes turned to the direction of Winter City, his eyes were cold, but with a strong sense of purpose.

Monroe poured himself wine. “Drink,” he said.

“I thought you didn’t like to drink?” Hill asked.

“You’re in a good mood now,” Monroe said, “so I’ll drink with you.”

Hill laughed and laughed.

Snowy night and a drink with the hero. It just so happens that this hero also has an affair with himself.

Magnificent. Wonderful.

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