Chapter 202 – I don’t care about the rules of the game, I said it from the start.

Some things feel so slow when you’re experiencing them, so many things happen in just one day. But after looking at it through the clouds of time, some feel it was indeed the case, and some feel that it just happened in an instant. This is actually a very normal state of mind, one for standing and talking, and the other for people that cannot sympathize with themselves too much.

The day before, Mülheim was still immersed in the wedding of Ice Emperor Claude, and that night, the war broke out. Hill and the Grand Chancellor convened an emergency meeting to formulate countermeasures, and successfully stopped the Dijon people at the fourth outpost – the one Carl Richard was in charge of. Then Hill and the Grand Chancellor rushed to the front line. After killing three waves of Dijon people at the fourth outpost, reinforcements from all over the country finally arrived. It was only the next night that Hill perceived the Dijon’s, or rather, the Church of Light’s true intentions.

In just two days, if you study everything carefully, everything can be written into a book. It reminds Hill of Hemingway’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” a book about war told in three days. It is said that this book was translated as “The Bells of War”, in the past, and Hill prefers this version of the translation.

When looking back on the past, people often use the words “a period of life”. Later, when Hill looked back on this experience, the most impressive thing in the military life was naturally the tragic scenes during the war, but what occupied most of the military life was how the soldiers sadly and silently collected the bodies of their fellow soldiers, how the wounded groaned in pain in the tent, and the endless blizzard and the vast snowfield. Not knowing when the enemy will continue to attack, and not knowing when the fellow soldiers who were just talking to them will die…

But of course, there are better memories. Under the lights of the tent, of knowledgeable men working together to formulate strategies against the enemy, of glasses clinking together to sincerely wish long live Mülheim and eternal life to the warriors, and of sitting with Monroe by the campfire in the dark of the night and whispering.

But this is not a regular life after all, but a special period of experience, so it is bound to come to an end.

Hill stood on the post looking solemn, behind him was a windy and snowy night, the lighted lamps in the tents were blown about and shaken.

“Fight hard enough to make the Dijon utterly regret joining the Church of Light.”

He whispered softly.


Ice Emperor Claude himself did not come to the front line, although he really wanted to come, his ministers held him down.

One is the danger on the front line, and the other is the majesty of the emperor, as the saying goes, it is putting on airs. Ice Emperor Claude doesn’t care much for the latter, he believes that fighting with the soldiers is the real imperial majesty. But he is more concerned about the former, after all, he is a human being and cannot run around like Hill. In addition, Hill wants the Ice Emperor to stay in Winter City, so he has to wait obediently.

His and Olivia’s wedding went very smoothly, but the wedding night was completely ruined. Fortunately, neither of them paid much attention to it, and Olivia was even happy and relaxed. Others think that the Queen was considerate, only Ice Emperor Claude smiled bitterly and thought that the Queen wished him to stay away from her palace.

But the Ice Emperor didn’t really do nothing when he was told to wait. He appointed Lannon and Hill to command the army. In the army, Hill changed into a new persona, this time, his name was Riddle, and he claimed to be a secret weapon cultivated by the Ice family, proficient in the military, and closely connected with the Dark Church. This appointment has made things easier for Hill.

In the early morning of the third day, inside the post.

Hill and the Grand Chancellor stood on one side of the table, the nobles of each territory stood on both sides of the table according to their titles, and Monroe sat in the corner drinking tea. In the past, when Mülheim held a meeting, Monroe sat in a position that belonged to the Bishop of the Church of Light, now he occupies this place. Looking at the vestments of the Dark Church on his body, everyone knows it well.

The military meeting didn’t have so many formalities. Hill spoke first and said straight to the point: “Now that the army is converging, I guess the enemy’s traitors will follow some of them over.”

A nobleman immediately said, “What, are you suspecting our men?”

So stupid. Hill thought. Before he even opened his mouth, the Grand Chancellor opened his mouth to scold, and after roaring, he directly let the nobleman be thrown out of the meeting. Another noble said a little worriedly: “What if he holds a grudge?”

“That’s fine,” Hill said indifferently.

The murderous intent hidden behind his words made everyone awe, and no one dared to sing the opposite this time.

Viscount Andrew of Star Fort thought for a while and asked, “How do we solve the spies? Do you show them the anime?”

When Viscount Andrew with a big beard said this, Hill couldn’t help laughing: “Ahaha, that’s an idea, but then again I think it’s a bit of a waste.”

Viscount Andrews shook his beard and said, “You can’t spare the projection stone?”

Hill couldn’t help twitching his lips, ah, he finally knew what the Grand Chancellor meant when he said ‘don’t discuss with those people, those people are rubbish’: “I mean we can pass the wrong news, use these spies — this will be the plan.”

Although he had no experience in war before, but now, Hill’s thinking has been sorted out, everything is difficult at the beginning, he racked his brain with the Grand Chancellor and Monroe, letting them drag him past the starting line, now has entered one of his best areas, fighting and scheming.

None of the people present here are stupid, or even if they are stupid, they will not be too stupid. Hill simply clarified his idea and then everyone agreed. Even if you don’t agree, it doesn’t matter, because Hill is “announcing things”, not “discussing countermeasures”.

After the meeting, according to the plan, Grand Chancellor Lannon scolded the Dark Pope in front of the post, and his roar spread far and wide into the sky (…). Hill thought he had a good idea, let the Grand Chancellor and the Wailing Banshee have a child, the strengths of the two might become a generation of God of War (…).

The soldiers near them clearly saw that the Dark Pope’s face was blue with anger at the time, and it seemed that he wanted to rush up to abolish him. Later, he was jointly persuaded by the crowd to stop. But the Dark Pope’s anger remained unabated, and he took the Black family’s remaining army and walked away with the necromancers of the Dark Church headquarters.

Hill followed Monroe and pretended to break with the army. On the way Hill curiously asked, “Monroe, did you feel anything when he scolded you?” Hill felt that Monroe should not feel anything.

Unexpectedly, Monroe replied: “I feel very angry, and I really want to crush him to death.”

“Pfft?” This made Hill a little surprised.

“Because the demons are like this in theory.” Monroe explained: “The mood swings of the demons who just transformed are much greater than those of the human period. Although I have been a demon for a year, I am still just a new demon. I have all the shortcomings of the newborn demon.”

Hill thought around in his head about the shortcomings of the newborn demons, and then shuddered a little: “So that’s… really hard for you. I originally thought that after becoming a demon, you are much calmer than in your human days, and that you are a special case, it seems not…”

“Of course not, reality is not an idealized novel. When I was human, I was just a little more powerful than ordinary human.” Monroe said lightly: “I have experienced everything I have to go through to become a demon, just like now. My anger is still unabated, and there is also the anger of being misunderstood by you. I can feel a lot of intense emotions rolling in my chest, but I can suppress them by will.”

Monroe said this in a calm tone, as if he was talking about someone else’s business.

This kind of terrifying willpower ah, will really produce a thrilling charm.

Hill felt that Monroe was always tempting him at all times. Although Monroe may not personally mean it.

Hill saw that his eyes were still as black as the night, with very little of his past temperature left. Even if he touched his hand now, it was as cold as the dead… No, he didn’t even have hands anymore, not in the traditional sense of that kind of body. But Hill also knew that his eyes would turn red for himself, that he could use magic to simulate a suitable body temperature, and knew that what was left of his temperature and feelings were dedicated to himself.

“I’m easy to get carried away like the new demons, so Hill…” Monroe looked at Hill quietly, “Don’t always show this expression of wanting to eat me, I can’t help it. The demons’ pursuit of desire can easily control my brain.”

“Okay, right, there is business afterwards, this is not a good time now,” Hill said reluctantly.

“And this reluctant tone, please curb it too.” Monroe said, “It’s just as likely to make me lose control.”

That would actually make him feel all hot and bothered listening to it.

Hill glanced at Monroe, bit his lower lip, and with a wicked smile, he stepped forward and grabbed his collar, and said in a rather provocative manner, “Hey, man, you’re getting arrogant.”

Monroe stared at Hill for a while, their eyes intertwined, Hill felt as if he had been dragged into the darkness burned by the fire of karma, and the heat in his body became more and more obvious. Then he saw Monroe smile softly: “Because I’m pampered, I know you’ll forgive me.”

Hill exhaled slowly.

He felt that he was almost incapacitated by beauty, and then he reluctantly, very reluctantly, loosened Monroe’s collar: “Okay, I’ll forgive you this time… When the war is over, I want three days and three nights, you can’t get out of bed.”

After he finished speaking, he patted Monroe’s chest with the back of his hand. It was a very frivolous gesture. In fact, if it happened among the human nobles, it would be quite disrespectful.

“Okay.” Monroe didn’t care, and said briskly, “Then it’s settled.”

Hill: “…”

This guy Monroe has evolved really fast.


The break represented a division of forces, Hill left Leona Bell with the Grand Chancellor, including those dark elves who had retreated earlier, as an insurance policy.

Then he had the Black family soldiers retreat slowly towards the canyon to confuse the enemy, while Hill and Monroe both stealthily and quickly got to the canyon first. The post where the main Mulheim army was located was a dozen miles away from the canyon, which was quite close.

Originally, Hill advocated defending in the canyon when he was in Winter City, abandoning the outposts, which was an obvious and appropriate option. Now that the Dijon tribe is attacking in a crazed manner, it makes it seem like guarding the canyon is the wisest choice for Mülheim, and everything else is foolish. Under such circumstances, Hill felt more and more that there must be a ploy behind it, there is no good pie in the sky, only a disaster. Hill is actually a pessimist, but he does optimistic things with a pessimist philosophy.

After arriving in the canyon, Monroe used a very high-level time-rewinding spell. People from the Church of Light did come here, but the surroundings looked very normal, and they didn’t know what layout they had made in advance.

Hill stepped on the falling snow on the canyon, admiring the magnificent scenery of the canyon, the sky, and the snowfield, and said, “Is it okay to be reckless?”

“Reckless to what extent?” Monroe asked.

“Nothing, let those troops withdraw directly to this side of the canyon.” Hill said.

“Oh, that’s reckless,” Monroe said.

There was some humor in that, which made Hill laugh.

The mountains on either side of the canyon towered high into the sky, and the canyon was so narrow that only five or six strong men could pass side by side.

“Flash floods, earthquakes, avalanches…” Hill said, “In such a narrow canyon, these can easily bury an army, and it is very dangerous to let the army withdraw directly under such strange circumstances. But there’s still me and you here, and the other side didn’t anticipate it.”

“So, are you going to make a move?” Monroe said.

“I didn’t plan to hold back from the start.” Hill said. “I don’t care about the rules of the game, I said it from the start.”

“Okay, I see.” Monroe nodded neatly.

“You’re not going to stop me? Not going to persuade me?” Hill asked.

“I choose to trust you when everything is impossible to judge.” Monroe said, “You are my standard of judgment.” He said these words with a light tone. It seems that in novels and TV, when the characters say these lines, it should be accompanied by soulful background music, appropriate lighting effects, and serious expressions, but he said it in a casual manner, and because of this, it seemed sincere and moving.

Hill looked at Monroe for a few seconds, he pulled him over and the two kissed quietly in the canyon.

Six hours later, the place where they kissed would be red with the blood of war.


After the Dark Church left, the Dijon tribe organized several more attacks, and Mülheim suffered heavy casualties.

The Dijon tribe’s casualties could not be described as severe, but rather tragic. No one planned to return alive before charging, whether it was the regular army or the cannon fodder army.

It was learned from a captured Dijon that the population of Dijon was growing too fast this year, and the Great Chief was prepared to reduce the population reasonably, which was one of the reasons for launching the war. This news made the people of Mülheim angry and fearful, so the Mülheim army fought and retreated, and finally retreated into the canyon, intending to resist the Dijon people here. During this period, the Grand Chancellor never used any weapons from the Demon Realm. This man’s plans are very big. Hill thought.

Seeing that they had retreated into the canyon, the Dijon attack temporarily slowed down.

This made the secretly hidden Hill more certain that there was a special ambush here in the canyon. He adjusted all the conditions in advance, and prepared to use his strength to break wisdom. After breaking the wisdom of others, he would use his own wisdom, counterattack, and let the Dijon tribe feel pain for the first time, a bone-deep pain, pain in their souls, the kind of pain that would make them no longer dare to wage war against Mülheim or the Demon Race ever again.

At this juncture, the dark elves of Winter City sent information.

The young master of the White family rebelled, and the White family’s army that set out from Winter Harbor directly surrounded the Ice Emperor’s palace after arriving at Winter City on the grounds of helping the front line.

The intelligence came as a shock. Grand Chancellor Lannon fainted on the spot.

Hill’s heart turned cold.

The ring is interlocked. Good strategy.

“Look.” Hill said to Monroe beside him, “I was right to insist that the Magnolia Empire come to support, right?”

Counting the time, the army of the Magnolia Empire should be approaching Winter City soon.

Leader – Jefferson Jackson.

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