Chapter 203 – Today is the beginning of the nightmare of the Church of Light

There is a saying that heroes are born in troubled times, and mediocre officials are born in prosperous times. Hill was very interested in some special historical periods in the past, such as the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, such as the Three Kingdoms. At that time, many heroes emerged, and the heroes were brilliant, which together constituted that moving period.

But rather than saying that, it would be better to say that heroes are easy to bury in peaceful times. Rice, oil, salt, vinegar, and tea, a penny beats heroes and warriors. Endless trivialities come to them, and they become more and more unable to return, and a lifetime passed like this.

There are people with heroic qualities in every period, but they don’t have the opportunity to express and exercise. In turbulent times, wars, and the cruel experience of facing people’s hearts, these people quickly discovered their true self and grew up on the mountain of corpses and blood, and eventually became warriors and heroes.

Not long after traversing, Hill was actually a little disappointed looking at the appearance of human beings, looking at the Church, and looking at knowledgeable people like Monroe who was buried. From the point of view of heroes, this era doesn’t seem to be very meaningful. Of course, this is just talk. From the standpoint of the Demon King, Hill wished that all human beings were mediocre, so that he would never fail to follow the code of the great cause of unification.

But gradually, the times are changing.

Unlike the last war where everyone shouted “for mankind” ignorantly and rushed forward under the leadership of the church, with some who were even sacrificed for the angels’ descent, in this war, many people know what they are fighting for, so there are many people revealing their talents.

For example, Carl Richard, who made the NPCs speechless in the immersive theater of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, led the remnants of the army to converge with other defenders to block three Dijon attacks. Oh, by the way, he’s also the author of the sequel to “Iron Man’s Game of Thrones”, which Hill learned about later; and the eldest son, Jefferson Jackson, who’s been complained about by Old Jackson, and there’s Master Cecil, who slept at night with the Siren Princess pillow in his arms… When the war came, they all put down their canes and quills, drew their swords, and walked to the battlefield.

Later, Carl Richard talked about the war in “Demon Realm Magazine”. He said that the first thing he recalled during the war was not what his father and teacher had always taught, but what he saw in novels and movies. What his father and the others taught was too far away, they said to fight for honor, and they said to face the enemy bravely, but how to face it, how to protect the honor, these questions left him at a loss. Therefore, when faced with some choices, he would first think about what would Tony Stark do. He used this kind of thinking to analyze the entire battlefield, and then used what his father taught, combined with reality, and finally made a judgment. “I’m so glad I did,” Carl said at the end of the magazine.

He is not alone in this case.

“I’ve been involved in a lot of wars, and I used to shout ‘for mankind’ and then do something, but looking back now, I feel that my thinking back then was really very hollow.

In this war, I know exactly what I want to protect. I remember Tony Stark’s words, “this world may not be so beautiful, but it is still worth fighting for, because we only have this world.” I remember the moving feelings of Siren Princess, and those beautiful and tear-jerking moments in “Violet Evergarden”, I also remember Natsume’s gentle smile, and I also remember the feeling of the wind blowing through the green grass. I was not willing to lose them. I knew that if we lost, our minds would be shackled up again and the church would continue to manipulate our minds as it had in the past. I suddenly realized that this war, I was not fighting for my family or even for my country, I was fighting to defend my own power. This makes me even more motivated, maybe I’m a selfish person by nature. Oh. But this is the first time I’m fighting for myself, and it feels good.”

“After the war started, my mind was full of conspiracy and tricks in “A Song of Ice and Fire”. Before I made a decision, I was thinking about whether the other party had a conspiracy, what was the other party’s purpose, can I use the conspiracy to fight them, and guess what, I made almost no mistakes in this war, and I also managed to kill a lot of enemies! Oh, I love “A Song of Ice and Fire”, I implore the “Demon Realm Magazine” to publish more similar stories!”

Seeing these people hold up a piece of the sky by themselves, and all of them still have shadows of being influenced by him, Hill thinks it’s still amazing. Looking at it, the things he brought from Earth can bring them many benefits, can stimulate their spirits, free their minds, and even change their lives in a sense, allowing them to develop in a more positive direction, Hill feels a sense of achievement.

Countless seeds that were sown have now not only sprouted, but have blossomed.

From a chaotic era ruled by the church, and then to the present. Everyone is gradually owning their dreams.

In the dark sky, the stars gradually released their light.

This era also has dreams as a result.


Back to the war.

When Keziah White surrounded the Winter City Palace with his army, the role of Ice Emperor Claude’s own reputation surfaced.

Some of the soldiers outside the White family secretly stood on the side of the Ice Emperor. Many people in Winter City also took the risk to support the Ice Emperor. In addition, some commoner mages also took the initiative to stand on the Ice Emperor’s side. Prestige, which is somewhat illusory and seems to only increase self-satisfaction on a regular basis, has played a very crucial role in today’s crisis. Together with the palace guards, they kept the Ice Emperor safe for a whole day under the attack of the White’s army.

At night, the Magnolia Empire reinforcements led by Jefferson Jackson rushed to Winter City, attacking from inside and outside, and the White’s army still fought to the death. Old White, who had been accompanying the Ice Emperor in the palace, sighed and said, “Your Majesty, let me go and persuade them to surrender.”

Ice Emperor Claude just looked at Old White like that and didn’t speak.

Old White bowed and turned to leave. The guard at the door stopped him, and the Ice Emperor waved his hand and let Old White go.

About an hour later, Old White succeeded in persuading them to surrender, and personally killed Keziah White, his eldest son, in front of the Ice Emperor. Ever since the White family rebelled, Old White had been on the side of the Ice Emperor, and now he succeeded in persuading them to surrender, avoiding a lot of unnecessary sacrifices, coupled with personally killing his own son, which seemed to show his loyalty.

But the Ice Emperor just sighed: “I believe you so, Old White.”

Old White knelt down beside his son’s corpse, tears finally streaming down: “Your Majesty, the White family has betrayed your trust.”

“It’s you who failed me, not the White family.” The Ice Emperor sat on the throne and watched Old White, “Do you think I’m so easily deceived?”

Old White’s lips trembled as he spoke the truth.

He had wanted to rebel against the Ice Emperor for a long time, and the Church had found him a few years ago, as part of the Pope’s plan to take full control of Mülheim. But he didn’t expect Hill to intervene, and the Pope moved this piece out for use now. It was Old White who wanted to rebel against the Ice Emperor. In fact, at that time, Keziah White, the eldest son of Old White, did not want to rebel. He felt that his father had violated the honor of the White family, but what his father said also made sense. The White family has been like this so many years, and it seems it’s time to get something that should belong to them.

Despite the support of the church, Old White was still worried that there would be changes, so he made a plan to make his son the leader of the rebellion, and he stood on the side of the Ice Emperor. If the rebellion succeeds, then Old White, who is on the side of the Ice Emperor, will choose to sacrifice himself; if the rebellion fails, then Keziah will sacrifice himself. In this way, whether successful or not, the White family lineage can always be passed on, and also all seem to have made a great deal of merit.

Because Old White believed that the probability of success in the rebellion was relatively high, he chose to let his son take a safer path, and he was ready to sacrifice himself. He did not expect that the Ice Emperor would have such a great prestige among the people, that those people and people who had no power at all were willing to take up arms for the Ice Emperor and use their flesh and blood to stand in front of the Winter City Palace, in addition, the reinforcements of the Magnolia Empire came so soon…

Demons. Old White repeated the word in his mind. His gaze turned completely hollow.

He remembered the emotion he felt when he saw “Violet Evergarden,” but that emotion was nothing compared to the glories and benefits at his fingertips. He thought so at the time.

But now he knelt down beside his son’s corpse, looking at the cold but tired eyes of the Ice Emperor, his heart empty.

“Half a month before the wedding, when I was out with the Queen, I met Keziah, and at that time, he blessed us with great excitement, and he said he also wanted to have the wedding at the Demon Realm Amusement Park, and then he stuck his tongue out and said that he didn’t mean to overstep the mark, that the concept of the Demon Realm Amusement Park was really wonderful. He also said that he wanted to guard my future son like you guarded me, and go together to see this increasingly beautiful world,” Ice Emperor Claude said slowly.

Old White suddenly pulled out the sword from Keziah’s corpse and stabbed it toward his own throat.

A magic force bounced his sword away, and a dark elf figure emerged from behind the Ice Emperor.

Ice Emperor sighed in disappointment: “You still have some use. Go blame yourself and be remorseful. I need your testimony to deal with the Church.”

Old White’s whole figure seemed to have suddenly aged ten years, but he just nodded his head blankly.


Mulheim Front.

The Mülheim army was stationed in the canyon. On this day, the Dijon people were ready to attack. It was expected that this would be a hard battle, so the main force of Mülheim also arrived near the mouth of the canyon.

At that moment, the ground shook and a rumbling sound came from above their heads. The soldiers looked up in horror and saw the mountains crumbling down on both sides of the canyon. When many people showed desperate expressions, Monroe made a move. The Dark Pope’s vestment fluttered in the wind, and the translucent magic barrier supported by the scepter directly blocked the collapsed mountain. Such terrifying power makes people even more dizzy. In such a situation, Monroe spoke out, his voice resounded in the air like thunder: “Attack, warriors, I promised, this is a war that belongs to humans, and has nothing to do with God.”

Hill did not come forward. He stood in the corner and used magic to defend against this man-made natural disaster with Monroe.

Grand Chancellor Lannon took this opportunity to draw his sword and shouted loudly, “Rush out now! Long live Mülheim! Long live the Ice Emperor!”

“Long live Mülheim! Long live the Ice Emperor!”

This was the first time the Mülheim army took the initiative to attack, and although it seemed abrupt, it had been suppressed for too long.

They were beaten and pushed back from the beginning, and they kept retreating. Of course, they had resentment in their hearts. They are not weak Magnolia soldiers, they are soldiers of the Ice Empire! They are tough and hardened Mülheim men! Grand Chancellor Lannon took hold of this, and in fact, he had waited too long for this scene.

Then Mülheim directly used a magic weapon, revealing all its cards.

When the enemy suddenly reveals all his cards to you, there are generally two situations, one is that he is stupid, and the other is that he is ready to leave you here forever.

Apparently now, it is the second case for Mulheim.

The Dijon people obviously did not expect the Mulheim army to come out so directly, but of course, they would not back down as long as there was a battle to fight. These bare-chested steppe men had the desire to kill in their eyes, only unfortunately, the battle that was about to happen did not satisfy them.

First, there were ghost-faced birds hovering in the air. On each ghost-faced bird were two Mulheim soldiers. They threw magic crystal bombs directly at the Dijon people from the air. After ten minutes of explosions, the will of the surviving Dijon was already shaken, and then they were greeted by the magic crystal cannon. The magic crystal cannon that Hill had the black dwarves design is different from the traditional cannon, the magic crystal cannon is shot from the front, similar to a very thick laser, which directly smashes all enemies along the way.

Today is Dijon’s nightmare.

Today is a nightmare for the Church of Light.

After the first round of the magic crystal cannon’s attack, Hill and Monroe finally worked together to deal with the landslide. At the same time, Hill also had an estimate of the power limit of individuals in this world. In web novels, the strong can always chop a mountain in half by casually waving their hand. But fortunately, the power system of this world is not like the Western orthodox Western fantasy, they have relatively low-level magic, and the strong can also be overturned by dragons.

Hill walked out of the canyon, at this time, the remaining Dijon people had directly collided with the Mülheim army. The beast-like ferocity slammed into the standing shield wall, and the dull crashing sounds that sounded one after another seemed to come from the old times, directly penetrating into the human brain, into the human psychology, and provoking people’s suffocating bloodlust.

Hill walked over to Grand Chancellor Lannon, with the wind blowing the fluff on his cloak. He looked at the scene in front of him with a calm gaze.

Grand Chancellor Lannon looked at him in awe. He didn’t speak, but Hill knew what he was trying to say from the look in his eyes: is this the power of the Demon King? Seemingly arbitrarily preventing the destruction of an army, and directly breaking the opponent’s carefully arranged game with force, is this the power of the Demon King?

“No.” Hill smiled softly. Although the other party didn’t ask, he took the initiative to answer. He pointed to the sky and said, “This, is the power of the Demon King.”

As soon as the words fell, Mulheim’s army shouted at the same time, the shield wall was removed, they began to charge to kill the enemy. The sound of swords clashing, the shout of “For Mulheim”, the sharp hiss of magic weapons, all kinds of sounds of war came to the Grand Chancellor, and Lannon could not help but take a step back.

The clouds in the sky are shifting, and the ghost-faced birds are howling.

The power of the Demon King has enveloped half of the continent and has affected the people of half the continent.

Compared to the mere ability to stop the avalanche, this is the true power of the Demon King.

Today is Dijon’s nightmare.

Today is a nightmare for the Church of Light.

Hill’s cloak was blown by the wind, and the clouds rolled up with it.

His smile quickly turned cold.

No, it’s inappropriate to say that, to be precise—

Today is the beginning of the nightmare of the Church of Light.

The light of the day, darkened.

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