Chapter 204 – Lively Hill

The foundation for the victory of this war has been laid, and later, this war is recorded in the history books: the battle of the snowy canyon was a life-and-death turning point in the invasion of Dijon, in this battle, the Dark Pope turned the tide with his great personal strength. After all the downturn, the Mülheim soldiers launched a counterattack with their bravery and the magic crystal weapons provided by the demons. At the same time, the timely assistance of the Magnolia Empire smashed the conspiracy of the Church, and more flowers bloomed on the Mülheim front…

But while the foundations have been laid, the war itself is not over, and the Mülheim people need more blood to quell their burning hatred. Under the orders of the Ice Emperor, they chased the army all the way across the border and into the territory of the Dijon tribe.

At this point, Hill is no longer interested in participating. He plans to return to the Demon Realm to deal with the recent legacy of the Demon Realm, and then go to Winter City to join the Ice Emperor Claude.

Hill already knew that Jefferson Jackson’s reinforcements successfully rescued the Ice Emperor, and also knew that in the offensive and defensive battle of the Winter City Palace, the Ice Emperor’s reputation among the people played an extremely crucial role.

The source of this popular reputation, Hill understands that this has a lot to do with the promotional video he made, but of course, it cannot be said that this is all the credit of the promotional video, this idea is too exaggerated. But it must have something to do with the promotional video, Hill rubbed his chin and thought, this is enough for him to extort money from the Ice Emperor. Brothers also have to settle accounts, and the money relationship is the purest of all relationships, Hill thought. Don’t let your feelings taint your money. There is a demon realm behind him to feed.

The war continues, Hill’s war has come to an end, and he is ready to take a break to start a new war.

The sun was shining on the day Hill left the front line of Mülheim, the Dark Church would assist Mülheim to continue its attack on the Dijon tribe.

Monroe came to see Hill with two emissaries, and both of them looked at Lord Demon King with great respect. After all, it is the Demon King.

After putting the emissaries aside, Hill and Monroe took a walk across the border. Before leaving, Hill drank a bowl of deer blood wine, which was a trophy from the last battle. At this time, walking on the snowfield feels warm and comfortable.

The snowfields looked wonderful in the sunlight, the air was so clear that there was no mist at all. The rolling hills in the distance showed their dark blue tops. The storm a few days ago blew away the snow on them. There were coniferous forests one after another at the foot of the mountain, looking dense in the sunlight, and looked much colder than the snowfields. As you stroll through the magnificent scenery, you can’t help but feel cheered up.

The leather boots made a creaking sound when they stepped on the ice and snow. Hill turned to look back at the valley in the distance, and said with emotion, “It’s hard to imagine that countless people died here a few days ago.”

“They died well,” Monroe said. “At least so many people witnessed their deaths. Every day on this continent more people die in silence, die meaninglessly.”

“Yeah.” Such words can always easily evoke the gloom of the human heart, but that gloom did not float for a long time and settled down on its own, Hill then associated with a lot: “But in fact, the so-called meaningful death, that meaning is the meaning to others, right.”

“This idea of yours…” Monroe was startled for a moment, apparently, it was the first time someone said that, but there was some truth to it.

Hill continued: “After all, for me, to die is to die. I don’t care about the flood after I die.”

These rich and imposing words made Monroe smile slightly, “But you have people who care, so you might as well mind.”

“Oh yes, let’s mind it,” Hill said.

The conversation was a little nonsensical. After Hill finished speaking, he couldn’t help laughing. He kicked a snowflake and said, “I thought, if I die, I will drag my lover to die together, leaving him alone in the world is too cruel.” He is really just talking casually, anyway, saying it won’t let him lose money, hehe.

“The average person would think it would be more cruel to kill someone,” Monroe said.

“What ordinary people think has nothing to do with me.” Hill pursed his lips, showing arrogance.

“Maybe the other party doesn’t want to die with you?” Monroe continued.

“What the other party thinks has nothing to do with me, I just want to do it,” Hill said.

“So, it’s not the other person you love either, it’s what you want the other person to be like,” Monroe said.

“Isn’t that what everyone does?” Hill said.

Monroe froze for a moment, and then smiled again, Hill always had such wonderful words. It’s always a pleasure to talk with him, a pleasure in the mind, and a pleasure in the development of the mind: “Yes, everyone does. But I guess you’re different.”

“Everyone is like this, and I am no exception. What’s more, I am a mediocre person among the mediocre.” Hill stretched his waist, and his whole body squirmed comfortably in the sun: “Everyone has always advocated empathy, which is indeed right. But the hidden meaning behind all the correct principles is that people always love themselves, and move for themselves, even if they seem selfless. Therefore, in order to restrain this instinct, we will say that we have to empathize and think about what we should do.”

“In your opinion, human nature is inherently evil,” Monroe said.

When a ghost is hungry, he dares to block the road to seduce souls. When a tiger is hungry, he dares to eat people. When a fish is hungry, he dares to jump out of the water. When a man is hungry, he loses humanity,” Hill said solemnly.

The sudden change of style made Monroe stunned for a moment.

Hill continued: “It’s hot and I’m angry, I don’t smile, don’t make trouble! Remember these big words, listen to your Cold King. Your Cold King!”

Monroe: ???

If it wasn’t for Hill being the Demon King, he would have suspected that Hill was possessed by the devil from nowhere.

Later, Hill was really bored enough to publish the social quotes of Cold King, and for a while, a group of young people with abnormal style emerged in the major cities. By the way, the Ice Emperor himself felt deeply offended.

During the recent war, Hill has always been too serious. When he finally finished serious business, he would hurry up to be a sand sculpture. After finishing his sand sculpture, Hill continued to talk about the topic just now: “I understand. You and I have different ideas, but you are always like this, even if you have different ideas, you still follow my ideas in the end.”

“It doesn’t matter what my ideas are.” Monroe shook his head. “People always have all kinds of ideas, but it’s more important to know what they should do.”

“You have to be selfless to do that?” Hill asked rhetorically.

“It’s not selfless, it’s just,” Monroe frowned slightly. He seemed a little confused about how to express himself. He was not really good at expressing his inner feelings. In fact, most people don’t know how to put some of their delicate inner thoughts into words perfectly, and he is no exception. “…In short, it has nothing to do with morality, just character.”

“I see.” Hill nodded, “I feel that I have learned a lot more about you during this period of time. This knowledge is amazing. I liked you very much when I didn’t know much about you in the past. Now, as I get to know you better, I like you more and more.”

Hill’s blunt words made Monroe feel a little embarrassed, and he averted his eyes, “Ah.”

“Don’t you say ‘me too’?” Hill insisted.

“My feelings for you have risen to the top since the beginning.”

Monroe no longer avoided Hill’s gaze, he turned his head to look directly into his eyes. Since Monroe became a death knight, his facial features were much colder and stiffer than before, and the lines of his jaw were also crisp and neat. Otherworlders have inherently deep features, so just looking at them is tickling, plus he’s got this one move and this next sentence:

“I call you my Lord, not just casually, Hill.”

Damn. This man is simply handsome.

“You should also know that I call you my lover, not just casually,” Hill said.

Don’t know if it was because of the deer’s blood wine or because of Monroe’s attractiveness, Hill couldn’t bear it.

The eyes of the two interlaced for a moment, and Hill suddenly laughed, “Did you say the war is over now? So that previous promise… can it be fulfilled?” He winked mischievously, then took a step back and opened his arms. His robes fluttered in the wind, which was pleasing to the eye, and then he called out lazily, “Monroe.”

Monroe stared at Hill like this, and his adam’s apple couldn’t help but move.


And so, the three days passed in the wilderness.

Three days later, Hill hurriedly went to the Demon Realm to clock in, but now, all matters in the Demon Realm are on the right track, so there are not many things left. When Hill went to the human world again, he also placed several generals of the Demon Realm into the Mülheim army, and asked them to study with the army, but naturally, they could not reveal the true body of the demon race.

After doing all this, Hill went to the Winter City of Mulheim. In the Palace of Winter City, Ice Emperor Claude complained: “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, waited until almost all the flowers are dead.”

“What flowers, chrysanthemum?” Hill said casually.

Ice Emperor was stunned: “You, you…you…this King is already married!”

“…You made me a little embarrassed by responding to me so seriously.” Hill’s mouth twitched, “Don’t be so immodest ah, Claude, let’s talk about business.”

Ice Emperor Claude took a deep breath. It’s really the long-lost headache. He thought.

The war has definitely taken its toll on Mülheim. Just looking at the ancient palace destroyed by Young Master White is enough to make the Grand Chancellor feel distressed. In addition, the war on the front line inevitably sacrifices people. The demon realm has provided many magic crystal weapons, but only “many”.

Claude told him what had happened recently, and told him some details that Hill didn’t know before.

“You seem very sad about the White family,” Hill said.

“Other people thought I was too cold in this matter.” Ice Emperor Claude said, “I didn’t even have a single extra expression at that time.”

“Is that so? Does Mülheim not have a custom of having all branches implicated in a rebellion?” Hill asked.

“Eh, all branches,” the Ice Emperor was stunned by this terrifying statement, he immediately understood what Hill meant, and then he explained: “According to Mulheim’s custom, everyone is a separate individual, so there is no system of guilt by association.”

Oh. Only then did Hill understand the power of the White family’s strategy of standing on two sides, but Hill couldn’t comment on this, after all, it was the Ice Emperor’s own business. So, he pulled the topic back to the beginning, and explained back what he said just now: “I know you are not all a cold person, you did not show a trace of emotion in dealing with this matter, which means that in fact, you are a little hurt inside. If you really showed a hurt expression, that means you’re actually fine.”

Hill was right. Ice Emperor Claude sighed slowly: “You are really amazing.” He admitted indirectly, and then he picked up the glass in front of him and took a sip of tea.

“Yeah, I’m really amazing, amazing enough to make you wait until the flowers are dead,” Hill said.

“Pooof…” Ice Emperor Claude sprayed water directly.

Hill, in the nick of time, used magic to solidify the sprayed tea in front of him, then he took off his coat, used the coat to absorb the water droplets from top to bottom, and then put the dirty clothes in front of the Ice Emperor: “Please help me wash it, I like this dress very much.”

After witnessing all this, the corners of the Ice Emperor’s mouth twitched: “Okay, I’m sorry just now.” He asked the servant to put away Hill’s coat, and after a few seconds, he still couldn’t control the twitching of the corners of his mouth, he said nonchalantly: “I understand that you are doing this to cheer me up and get out of my sadness, but can you change the method next time…” This method is really scary, although it is quite effective.

“I am best at two things, one is to engage in intrigue, and the other is to engage in dirty jokes.” Hill said sternly: “After all, you and I are friends, it is not appropriate for me to engage in intrigue and trickery to you, so I will engage in dirty jokes to you to make you happy.”

The Ice Emperor couldn’t help laughing: “Okay, okay.” Is this the so-called specialization in the art industry?

Then Hill said: “The Dijon tribe has been defeated this time, so let’s have a three-way meeting. The Dijon tribe has something I’ve been interested in for a long time, and Mulheim also has something I’ve been interested in for a long time. Today, I am a freeloading monster.”

Ice Emperor: “…”

Ice Emperor: “…you just said you don’t engage in conspiracy and tricks?”

Hill said seriously: “Don’t you know that you can’t believe what a man says when he takes off his clothes?”

Ice Emperor: “……”

The Ice Emperor silently looked at Hill’s coat that the servant put away, he was kind of convinced, the other party is really too strong, as expected of the Lord Demon King.

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