Chapter 205.1 – So, what will the Church of Light do?

As Mülheim escaped danger and entered the counter-attack phase, the civil chaos in the country quickly subsided.

The people of Mülheim are accustomed to hearing about border battles – this is mainly because there is too much friction between Mülheim and the Dijon tribes, so this is not uncommon, and many people do not realize the seriousness of the problem. They also heard that a big family rebelled and almost threatened their Ice Emperor, which was unforgivable. But after being subdued, the Ice Emperor was out of danger, so there was no need to worry. Then the chaos subsided, and the entertainment industry, which had been slightly stagnant before, soon prospered again.

The discerning person knows that this war is completely different from the previous one. After all, it was the White family who rebelled. This is a remarkable signal to anyone who understands politics. Many people stopped and waited to see how Ice Emperor Claude would deal with the next thing and how the White family would do.

Will the Empire reveal some truth? What lies behind the present peace? What will the Empire do with the Dijon tribes?

With these questions in their minds, they waited quietly.

However, although there are many people with discerning eyes, they account for a relatively small proportion of the entire group. So, most of the people resumed their old ways of life.

Hill’s return from the war and pa pa pa-ing (?) directly marks one thing, that is, this wave of public opinion attack has been fully launched.

Under Hill’s command, the dark elves became front-line reporters, sending a large number of front-line news, pictures, and videos to Winter City every day, Hill handed the post-editing to Lich Aligeli, who can now be effective to help Hill share the work in this regard. In order to make the result more in line with human aesthetics, Hill specially matched him with a partner paladin. With the combined force of the two, the passionate narration, meticulous tailoring, and magnificent shots… All these make the “Frontline News” program ratings go from high to astonishingly high every night.

The whole country was watching the war, something that had never been done before.

After this time, Ice Emperor Claude and the ministers of Mülheim once again realized the terribleness of this propaganda strategy.

The war covers not only the magic phone shows every night, but also Weibo, magazines… These affect everyone’s hearts.

After Jefferson Jackson met his sister Olivia, he led the army to the front line. At present, the battle on the front line is going well, which is a good opportunity to gain military exploits and sharpen himself. Therefore, there are also matters related to the Magnolia army in the report, which led to many people in the Magnolia Empire to also pay close attention to this war.

Two consecutive issues of “Demon Realm Magazine” are themed on this war. The cover of the first magazine is biased towards blood. The neat and solemn Mülheim army and the Magnolia army are rushing towards the enemy together. The whole picture has a cold and imposing feeling, with a kind of tense-up intensity, which makes people look shocked and inexplicable.

The second magazine cover carries a bit of anti-war and peace advocacy meaning. After the war, the land was devastated, and the soldiers silently collected the bodies of their comrades. They all bowed their heads, and they looked as miserable as the corpses lying on the ground. There are vultures circling above the battlefield, adding a bit of a sense of desolation. But in fact, those vultures are ghost-faced birds cosplay…

The transition worked out very well, as the Dijon tribe issued a plea for peace talks shortly after the second issue of the magazine.

Ice Emperor Claude proposed a three-way meeting as promised, with the Dark Church and Mülheim as the victors.

It’s really turning around. Hill thought of the multi-party meeting shortly after his transmigration.

So, what will the Church of Light do?

At this point, Hill was terribly calm. He persuaded the Ice Emperor Claude to calm down too. The longer he dragged on the Dijon people, the more uneasy the Dijon tribe would be, the more fear would stack up, and the more his mind would become chaotic.

Not long after, the Grand Chancellor returned to Winter City roaring, a battle he had a great time fighting. During this time, he was in a very good mood. He roared less in the courtroom, but his voice was louder, fiercer, and more imposing than before. The Ice Emperor doesn’t know whether he should be happy or painful…

Not long after the war, Hill went to see Old White in the dungeon. Ice Emperor Claude left him to Hill, and Hill was very pleased with this, the investment in emotional interests was not in vain.

The Ice Emperor did not treat Old White well or deliberately treat him badly, but just put him in a cell as usual. This made him feel even more frightened, and even more incomprehensible to his thoughts.

The meeting was held in the home of Grand Chancellor Lannon, and was not formal, so it also meant that there was no need to follow the etiquette and systems, and it was okay to be as casual as you like.

The door of the room is facing east, the windows are facing the sun, and the light is so good that every day after ten o’clock in the morning, the curtains have to be partially drawn – because the sun is too strong. But in winter, this is just right, and the Grand Chancellor is an old man after all, so he moved here a few years ago.

The bed in the room has a top, with dark purple drapery falling from the top and layered on the mattress like an esoteric dream. Looking up, you can see the golden chain of the chandelier. It is a grotesque shape made of crystals produced by the Dijon tribe. It does not match the decoration of the room, but it has a feeling of its own. The fireplace is made of marble and next to it are carved paintings that are very rich in the Fussen Empire. Unlike the traditional art of Mülheim, the paintings of the Fussen Empire painter, located in the cultural center of the mainland, always have some fresh touch.

This also shows the character of the Grand Chancellor. Although he is old, although he always seems to be long-winded and has too many scruples, his heart is actually very open, and he can take the initiative to contact and accept all kinds of emerging things. The pillar of the country, the unparalleled Grand Chancellor. Hill said this about the Grand Chancellor.

When Old White was brought in, Hill was sitting at the desk, with a picture of the owner of the room, and Lannon, the big man, was drinking tea next to him, and he didn’t seem to be ready to intervene.

“Sit.” Hill was looking down at a sample of the latest issue of the magazine and said without raising his head.

Old White looked at him vigilantly and did not move.

“I mean sit down, please.” Hill looked up at him, his red pupils were like ice condensed from blood in the cold night. With such a clear look, a kind of fear passed through Old White’s heart, and then a cold torrent flooded his chest, and he felt a burning fear. Since his son’s death, he thought he had lost his normal emotions. And now, with Grindelwald looking at him like this, he can actually still produce human fear… He felt that he could hardly breathe, and at the same time, stumbled a little to the desk, and sat on the seat prepared for him over there.

Old White has a lot of psychological activities here, but Hill just gave him a light look. He complained, “I say you people, why do you always refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit?”

“Because the two wines you gave are not good,” said Grand Chancellor Lannon. He didn’t like to drink, so it was a pun.

Hill narrowed his eyes and smiled with a bit of smugness, “That’s true.” Then he just raised his lips idly, with mockery: “But at least on the surface you can have a little more dignity.”

“In reality, it’s still not dignified,” the Grand Chancellor asked rhetorically.

“Whose side are you on anyway, Grand Chancellor?” Hill also looked at him.

“Sorry, I definitely wasn’t on Old White’s side, but I couldn’t help jumping to your opposite when I saw you,” said Grand Chancellor Lannon, who didn’t sound remorseful.

“Okay,” Hill said, and then he talked about the topic just now, and made a racial attack on the Grand Chancellor: “In fact, it’s okay to actually have no dignity and appear to have dignity, aren’t you all human beings so sanctimonious?”

The Grand Chancellor felt shot, the corners of his mouth twitched, and he stammered: “…you, don’t be racist.”

Hill laughed three times, and was relieved to see the Grand Chancellor who had no way to refute. Then he turned to Old White: “It was so much fun arguing with you that I forgot about our guest…”

“Not a guest, but a prisoner,” the Grand Chancellor corrected.

Hearing this, Old White’s eyes couldn’t help but twitch. Of course, he knew that the Grand Chancellor has always been rude.

“I think it would be more sarcastic to say ‘guest’.” Hill clapped his hands and let the servant deliver all kinds of delicious pastries, and then he actually started to enjoy these things in front of Old White.

“You have gone too deep in the path of sarcasm,” said the Grand Chancellor.

“I hope to go deeper in your mind,” Hill said affectionately, gazing at the Grand Chancellor.

The corner of the Grand Chancellor’s mouth twitched: “Enough.”

“Okay, enough is enough. I’ll listen to you today, after all, I’m at your house. Then I won’t be wordy anymore,” Hill turned to look at the Old White over there: “White, right, you know why Claude left you alive, right?”

Old White was about to answer when Hill added, “Oh, I forgot to remind you that I don’t accept answers other than ‘I know’.”

Old White couldn’t help frowning: “I know.”

“In fact, even if you don’t say it, I know it must be the church that is behind it. Hey, because of your own thought, look how many people have died here.” Hill sighed hypocritically: “But the truth is, as a demon, I feel that if only humans were like you, we would never have to worry about humans turning on us again, because they would either make a fool of themselves or self-destruct.”

Old White clenched his fist slowly.

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