Chapter 205.2 – “Cheers to the future.”

Hill looked at his reaction with a smile, and continued to say casually: “Gee, there’s actually anger, there’s actually anger. I say you, Lord White, do you think you have the right to be angry? Your actions killed your son, who was so good, so young, and had a great future ahead of him. Your actions have killed many soldiers, men who were loyal to the White family. Your actions tarnished the White family’s glory as the founding family of Mülheim. What do you think you have done? Moreover, your actions have given me, a demon, a handle to mock humans…”

Old White stood up instantly, he really wanted to rush up and punch Hill’s head.

This is utter humiliation.

Not to mention that Hill’s words still carried the magic of enticement.

Even the beard of the Grand Chancellor next to him almost exploded, not to mention Old White who was facing the magic directly.

But the momentum that Hill exuded immediately forced Old White onto the chair: “I originally wanted to use this trick to try to press Monroe, but I didn’t expect to press you first, it’s boring.” He stood up after speaking, and then Old White clearly saw that the messy sneer on his face disappeared, leaving a kind of absolute indifference belonging to the great villain, that feeling is like looking at the statues of those ancient gods in the wastelands, the wind of a thousand years swept over Him, He just looked down on the world indifferently, cold and powerful.

At this time, Hill said to him with a face close to the terrifying god: “Because you are still useful, I think you have a chance to make amends.”

Lannon looked at Hill like this, and his heart was horrified again. Every time, every time, Hill gave him a new sense of shock.

“The opportunity to make amends…” Old White took a step back blankly.

“Well, we can announce to the public that you are completely compelled and manipulated by the church, and at least you can retain the glory of the White family,” Hill said.

Coercion and inducement. In fact, that is what it is in essence. But the way Hill used it was very clever, deliberately angering the other party, causing strong emotional fluctuations in the other party, and then putting on that face, thus very skillfully manipulating the other party.

” What you have to do is quite simple, just accuse the Church of crimes in front of the projection stone,” Hill said, he smiled slightly when he said this, replaced the mask of the Demon King, and turned into Grindelwald, with a gentle and bewitching voice.

Old White’s brain was chaotic at this moment, so he nodded subconsciously.

Then Hill picked up a small piece of cake with his hand and threw it into his mouth, chewing and swallowing, “I suggest you do this quickly, Your Excellency Lord White, or I will kill you.” Hill looked like a ruffian saying that, then he pulled the cloth to wipe his fingers clean, threw them on the table, and then left the room. The rest is up to Lannon. He will appease Old White, and he believes Old White will cooperate obediently.


Next, “Demon Realm Magazine” and magic phone did some post-war talk shows. Hill used all the experience he had accumulated before to turn the war into a large-scale propaganda film, and gained countless benefits from it. The Ice Emperor sucked in a cold breath and said, “The combination of your punches makes me feel that this war was originally under your control.”

“You flatter me,” Hill said modestly, “I’m just improvising.”

Soon after, Ice Emperor Claude held a large-scale ceremony to remember the dead and pay homage to heroes, and then he became the first human king to appear on the cover of the Demon Realm Magazine, which is also the theme of this issue of Demon Realm Magazine.

While continuing to squeeze the value of the war, Hill began to drum up the next animation.

Hill originally planned to broadcast “Girl’s Last Tour” after “Violet Evergarden”, but now that the hot air has just finished, everyone is still excited, it seems inappropriate to be extremely anti-war here. So, Hill decided to postpone “Girl’s Last Tour” to the back, and then he thought about it and started to make a revamped version of “Fate/Zero”. Hill has long had the idea for the Fate series, and specific tasks have long been laid out.

The main plot of “Fate/zero” is simple: the Holy Grail, which can grant all wishes, has come into existence, granting competent mages the qualification to participate in the Holy Grail war, after which they can summon ancient heroic figures to participate in the war as their own followers, and the victor who eventually survives will obtain the Holy Grail and fulfill his or her wishes – at least on the surface.

This setting is full of charm, fighting side by side with ancient heroes, the collision of ideas, the dialogue of kings, the content of the Holy Grail War in just ten days, the intertwining of fate, killing, and cruelty… these are quite eye-catching things.

“Fate/Zero” is the work of Gen Urobuchi. In “Magical Girl Madoka”, otherworlders have already suffered from this devil. He believes that in FZ, the audience will further feel the horror of Old Gen. In addition, the scenes of “Fate/Zero” are grand, the hunting scenes are also quite rich, it is full of power and resourcefulness. The characters pretend to be X, hearty battle, intellectual combat, full of characters, together, they make up the feast. At the same time, this is a huge and sad story. Almost everyone in it ends in tragedy. There is no conflict between good and evil, but a conflict between different ideas and values. By the way, Hill likes the part of banquet of kings the most.

In the other world version of Fate, the heroic spirits have to be replaced with historical characters that already exist in the other world, which is a lot of work. Fortunately, Hill has his subordinates to check the information, so after the production started, the materials were in place, and everything went smoothly.

Except for the large-scale adjustments to the backgrounds of the main characters, the basic characters of the characters remain unchanged.

For example, Artoria Pendragon, that is, King Arthur, who was transformed into a female, was changed to the first-generation Magnolia Emperor here, um… that is the ancestor of Henry Lewis, oh, of course, it is also a female version.

When Hill first announced the setting, there was a commotion in the royal family of Lewis. King Magnolia hummed and felt that this was a bit of an insult to the Lewis family. Why did the old ancestor somehow become a woman? The result, after FZ’s broadcast, he immediately felt it was good and wonderful, their old ancestor is really too handsome.

Archer Gilgamesh is an ancient king from the myth of the Magnolia continent. In the setting, he has the triple lineage of the Dark God, the God of Light, and human.

Then Kotomine Kirei became an ascetic of the Church of Light, which gave many people a handsome face. After the “Fate/Zero” anime aired, many people became interested in the ascetic, and even fascinated beyond measure and volunteered to devote themselves to it (…), which makes the church feel like eating a raw egg. “This, this is a blasphemy to the ascetics! It’s abominable! Demon bastards!” a bishop said angrily. And Teresa went to the ascetics to say the news, and the ascetics who had already finished watching the anime secretly were full of thoughts…

Rider, the King of Conquerors, was set as an emperor of the Dijon tribe in the past, which is also more compatible with the original persona.

The sadistic and brutal Caster was set by Hill as a necromancer in the history of the Dark Church. Hill changed the appearance of Caster out of selfishness. The original description of Caster is quite elegant “with a smooth and young face, and large, flexible eyes, his appearance resembles a painting by Munch”… …Nevertheless, it’s not like the eyes are so big, and it’s not like directly coming out of the painting “The Scream”… Hill read the light novel first and then watched the animation… so when he saw Caster’s anime appearance for the first time, he sprayed water directly.

Everything is ready, the animation began production, life is temporarily regular for a period of time.

Soon after, Mülheim and the Dijon tribe finally set a time for the three-way meeting, a few days before the new year. Hill ended his temporary regular life and came to Winter City again. Hill did not intend to go to the peace talks in person, he let Monroe represent the Dark Church. It’s the same anyway, he and Monroe are one.

On the eve of the meeting, Hill held a celebration party at the Demon Realm Amusement Park.

When Ice Emperor Claude came with his wife Olivia, he asked with a smile, “Why is there a celebration banquet now? It’s usually held after the peace talks.”

“I’m afraid I’ll go too far during the negotiation and you won’t want to see me in the future,” Hill said solemnly, “so it’s held in advance.”

Ice Emperor Claude laughed, and as he laughed, he grimaced: “You really hurt my heart, are you really not afraid that I will turn my back on you?”

“I was so good to you before just to make you forgive me quickly when I broke your heart,” Hill said.

Ice Emperor Claude laughed: “You ah, you.”

“Me ah, me,” Hill said.

After the two finished fighting, Hill gave a kissing-hand greeting to Olivia who was next to him: “Nice to meet you, Your Majesty the Queen.”

Olivia accepted the gift, and also raised her skirt and bowed back: “Nice to meet you, Lord Demon King.”

“Haha, I’m not used to it,” Hill said.

“So, this kind of etiquette will be avoided in the future, we are still friends,” Olivia said.

“That’s what I mean.” Hill smiled and presented a gift, a beautiful hat made by the dark elves.

“Why no gift for me?” Ice Emperor probed.

“Then I’ll change the hat for Olivia to a green one so you both receive my gift,” Hill said.

The corners of Ice Emperor Claude’s mouth twitched: “That’s enough from you.”

Hill laughed: “Hahaha, just kidding, I already gave you a gift, I think you should be very satisfied.”

Ice Emperor Claude froze for a moment, then smiled: “Yes, very satisfied.”

In fact, the most important thing about traditional banquets is socializing, but since the demon realm food has been introduced to the human world, the most important thing about banquets now is eating…

Since it is a celebration feast, it is naturally big fish and meat.

The charcoal crispy pork belly to start with. This pork belly comes from the white-spotted wild boar in the demon realm. First, the pork belly is cut into long strips, marinated with spices for more than 2 hours, and then slowly grilled with charcoal for several hours, the fatty meat gradually oozes oil, and is absorbed by lean meat. When you eat it, the delicious juice comes out together, the fat and lean meat are mixed together, which makes it flavorful. After such a long cooking process, the pork belly is fragrant and crispy, and absolutely delicious.

When it was served, the skin was slightly crispy, the color was golden red, and the barbecue ingredients sprinkled on top mixed with the fragrance of the oil came to the nose.

In addition, there are roast beef tendon, roast pork trotters, roast chicken feet, roast leeks, roast oysters… Olivia disliked pig trotters a little at first, but it looked delicious, so she tried it out, and just like that, she opened the door to a new world. It is still crispy, but the inside is very soft and charred, and the taste is very special, soft and delicious, delicate and flavorful, but not particularly greasy. The pig’s trotter itself is marinated and then roasted, and then sprinkled with cumin-based barbecue ingredients, which is naturally very tasty.

Then there is the famous Kung Pao Chicken, which is a traditional dish of civilization in China and abroad. Its main food is fresh chicken, which is bright red in color, rich in fragrance, smooth and tender in meat, tastes very good, has a slightly numbing sensation in the mouth, and eating it is very refreshing.

In addition to all kinds of wine, the main drinks this time are the freshly made fruity coconut milk from Demon Realm. Coconuts come from the beach of the Endless Sea of the Demon Realm, and most of the other fruits also come from the Demon Realm. They are shipped here soon after they are made, so the taste is fresh, and the taste is even better after being chilled. Take a sip and put it in your mouth, only to feel that it exudes a rich coconut milk fragrance and a very fresh fruit natural fragrance. In addition to quenching thirst, it also effectively relieves the greasiness of large fish and meat.

In addition, of course, there are all kinds of fruit teas. Among these fruit teas, Olivia likes strawberry raspberry fruit tea very much. The combination of sweet and sour strawberries and refreshing tea fragrance makes Olivia drink cup after cup.

In addition, a lot of fresh fruits from the demon realm were served at the banquet. The demon realm version of winter sweet peach has come out. It is ripe and full, with attractive color and rich aroma. Take a bite, the sweet juice and pulp will stir the taste buds, making people unable to stop eating it.

All of this is attracting the guests to loosen their belts and eat hard, ah…

After three rounds of drinking, the Ice Emperor said with emotion: “Actually, just relying on this delicious food, we are completely inseparable from the demon race.”

“Food is something you can always learn, it’s just appetite.” Hill didn’t care, he continued: “It’s this that really has a permanent impact,” he pointed to his head, said.

“I found it this time too,” Ice Emperor said seriously.

“So, how do you feel?” Hill asked.

“If this thing is done, I’ll be regarded an emperor for all eternity,” Ice Emperor said with a big laugh, perhaps because he drank alcohol, he looked more heroic than ever.

Hill also laughed, “If this thing is done, then I will be a teacher for all eternity.”

The two of them boasted themselves for a while, and suddenly felt cool.

Hill raised his glass: “Cheers to the future.”

“Cheers,” Ice Emperor said.

The wine glasses collided, and the wine flew in the misty light and shadow.

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