Chapter 206 – Wherever the love comes, it comes naturally

Peace talks between the Dijon tribe and Mülheim begin.

This negotiation was naturally conducted in the Winter City of Mülheim, which was the privilege of the victorious side.

The chief of the Dijon tribe sent his son, Mattis, to Winter City to show his sincerity – of course, this is a nice way of putting it, but in fact, he did it out of helplessness or other purposes, but the first rule of politics is to speak in a high-sounding manner, so, you know.

Then, three minutes after the negotiation started, the chief’s son, Mattis, directly took out the magic crystal gun and shot the Church of Light priest who came with him. This time, it was really like a watermelon. The picture was quite indescribable for a while, and it was the kind of indescribable that is best not described.

Everyone present was shocked by Mattis’ sudden shot.

But soon everyone reacted – after all, none of the people involved in the negotiations were simple people: Mattis, the heir of the Dijon tribe, Lannon, the Grand Chancellor of Mülheim, Duke Jackson of the Magnolia Empire, and the Dark Pope Monroe.

Hill asked Old Jackson to stay for a while longer at his daughter’s wedding because he thought the situation might be more dangerous, unexpectedly, the war broke out on the night of the wedding. Old Jackson stayed directly in Mulheim, and by the way, he also saw his son Jefferson’s rare heroic moment.

Until now, in the three-party talks, the identity of Old Jackson is enough to represent the Magnolia Empire, so he happened to participate in the negotiations. Presumably, King Magnolia has no opinion, hehe.

After the young master of the Dijon tribe, Mattis, shot down the priest beside him, he put the magic crystal gun on the table as if nothing had happened, and then showed a quite innocent smile: “Now we can talk properly, gentlemen.” This guy really has a heroic temperament.

When Mattis made a move, everyone else exchanged glances. The Grand Chancellor pondered and did not respond for a while. Old Jackson drank tea and concealed his surprise just now. Monroe saw that no one was talking, so he himself then spoke first lightly: “Explain your current behavior.” He was the youngest of the three, but had experienced no less than they had.

“I thought you also needed to explain why you are here,” Mattis actually said so rampantly.

His unfriendly remarks made the Grand Chancellor Lannon sweat. He didn’t know much about the Dark Pope, but he also knew that the other party was definitely a ruthless character. Just look at the canyon and you’ll know. It is not known what this young chieftain had in mind, but these rude words are too…

Unexpectedly, Monroe did not care at all, but explained it seriously: “Because the Dark Church and the demons behind the Dark Church want to gain some benefits from the Dijon tribe.”

“So that’s how it is.” Mattis nodded, and then he questioned again: “The question is why are you sitting here?”

Grand Chancellor Lannon felt his heart quiver.

“Because you lost.” Monroe continued to say calmly: “But if you are thinking ‘deliberately provoke each other to test each other’s temperament’, ‘after the test can only know what kind of conditions you can mention’, ‘people who can sit here are definitely smart people, so they won’t make a move because of this kind of personal grudge’… If it’s something like this, I kindly advise you to stop this kind of behavior.”

If changed to a different situation, if changed to a different world, this brave and resourceful young heir may be the protagonist of the world.

It’s a pity that he met Monroe.

Mattis, who was directly pierced, couldn’t help frowning: “Well, it looks like you are very smart, I don’t need to play any tricks.”

“Thank your God of Light, you still know that you are playing tricks,” Monroe mocked without blinking his eyes.

Old Jackson listened, feeling that Monroe’s words were very characteristic of Hill.

Mattis couldn’t help but clench his fist after being mocked like this, then unclenched it, then he lowered his eyes to look at his hands and explained as quickly as he could: “The Church of Light promised my father a lot of things, my father hesitated, and finally I pushed him and he started this war. Then after it failed, I persuaded him to let me negotiate again.” He is very shrewd, but after all, he is in his early twenties, so his control over his emotions is still not perfect.

“Sounds like we should settle the bill with you,” said Grand Chancellor Lannon said nonchalantly.

“No, you should thank me.” Mattis also recovered his emotions, he said seriously: “Because this current situation was given to you by me.”

Old Jackson sneered: “You dare to say that, the younger generation is really to be reckoned with.”

Mattis didn’t take the sarcasm at all, he continued: “I’ve been watching the projection stones, I’ve watched the movies, and I’ve been inspired by many things. I understand that Dijon cannot defeat a nation with these ideas, even with the help of the Church of Light.” He seemed to have some ideas and some bearing.

“So, you deliberately pushed this war,” Grand Chancellor Lannon said, it turned out that the other party also accepted the influence of the demon culture: “You let so many people die for your own selfish desires.”

“Yes, it is for my selfish desire,” Mattis admitted without changing his face: “I am my father’s heir, but he prefers my younger brother now, my position is in jeopardy, and the Church of Light does not support me because I am close to the demon culture, so I needed to do something.”

“It sounds like you’re committing treason,” Monroe said.

“This country was originally mine, what treason?” Mattis said casually, his voice was very imposing at this moment, “I am the future chief of the Dijon tribe, it is only right that they bleed for me and die for me.”

However, Monroe was not affected in the slightest: “Oh, so you killed the church member who came with you in the first place.”

“Yes.” Mattis was a little surprised to see such a calm Monroe. Generally speaking, it would be a little moving to see such a remarkable person like him. He is not narcissistic, because objectively, he is indeed powerful enough, but except for the initial surprise, the three people on the opposite side didn’t react at all. Is this the style of a great country… But what he didn’t know was that these people usually faced Hill, that evildoer, a lot, and they were already used to it, but compared to Hill…well…you know. With these thoughts flashing in his mind, Mattise quickly dismissed the distractions. He knew what he had to do and what to say: “I need a safe place to talk, as long as you support me to become the chief, I am willing to pay some price.” That was the point.

“I roughly understand what you mean,” Monroe nodded, “your point is that a country that is not your country is not your country.” Monroe’s words were slightly convoluted, but everyone in the room understood what he meant.

Mattis nodded happily: “You can understand me, I’m starting to like you, Your Holiness the Pope, I think we can get along well, the Dark Church can replace the former position of the Church of Light in the Dijon tribe.” He threw out a big bargaining chip straight away.

But Monroe did not speak for a long time.

“What’s wrong?” Mattis asked, “Is there anything else you want?” He was a little impatient.

“Actually, in terms of identity, I can’t accuse you of anything… Might as well say it also helped a lot.” Monroe’s voice was still light, and there was no emotion: “If that’s the case, then it’s okay.” If Hill is here, he will find that Monroe is a little unhappy at this time.

The initial actions of Mattis made the negotiation less tense than it should have been, making the atmosphere very strange for a while. The thinking of both Old Jackson and Grand Chancellor Lannon was disrupted. They listened to the conversation between Monroe and Mattis, and then their broken thoughts were reorganized little by little. After that, both sides made requests in place of their own empires, and then it was time for some usual bullshit talk, which had nothing to do with Monroe, but he still sat in.

This war looked anticlimactic, but the outcome was the result of too many factors, and the real world is not supposed to be that dramatic. So many people died, so many people shouted to fight for glory, those Dijon people, those Mülheim people, in the end, it was only a political struggle.

After Grand Chancellor Lannon came out of the room, his heart was heavy. He looked at the clear sky of Mülheim and was silent for a long time.

Most of the buildings in this area of Winter City are dome-style. Not far away is the White family’s dome which is made of neatly cut gray-blue rocks, the gaps between the rocks can be clearly seen under the light of the setting sun, which makes the whole building look simple and majestic, and makes the observers’ mind enlightened. The dome has a golden spire, compared to the entire simple and majestic building, the spire was built quite exquisitely, with a knotted branch on the base of the flower bone, holding a golden six-petaled snowflake at the top, flickering a little golden light below the blue dome of heaven.

The White family has also come to an end.

Grand Chancellor Lannon’s mood suddenly became heavier, and he sighed slowly.

A familiar voice sounded next to him: “You don’t have to be like that.”

The Grand Chancellor turned his head and saw the Dark Pope Monroe.

“Humans have always been that way, moreover, he was an ambitious and ruthless man,” continued Monroe, who could see why Grand Chancellor Lannon was sad.

“An ambitious and ruthless man… According to the concept of the demons, it is indeed the case.” Grand Chancellor Lannon smiled bitterly, his voice a little desolate: “You don’t understand the complexity of human beings.”

“Is that so.” Monroe just said this, without explaining that he was once a human being, nor did he explain that he had experienced all the warmth and coldness of human beings. There was no need.

“But it’s really good to be a demon.” After saying this, the Grand Chancellor smiled slightly, and then showed a worried expression: “I don’t know who can take over my class after I die in his year, the Ice Emperor’s current courtiers are not all mediocre people, but they lack a lot compared to me.” This is not narcissism, but the truth.

Monroe replied, “It’s not appropriate for you to say this to me.”

“When people are old, they like to ramble on, forgive me,” said the Grand Chancellor sincerely.

“Except if you’re asking for help,” Monroe said.

“…Is it alright?” the Grand Chancellor asked expectantly. In fact, that’s what he meant when he said this. He wanted to ask Monroe if there was a way for humans to become demons.

“I’m not very clear, I’ll ask other demons.” Monroe replied: “There are two ways I know at present, the first one is definitely impossible for you to do, and the second seems to require a lot of sacrifices…” The first one is death knight, which will directly kill the Grand Chancellor, and the second one is the blood ghost, Monroe just heard about it, not very clear.

“Okay.” The Grand Chancellor bowed deeply: “Thank you, Your Holiness.”

“It’s just a matter of lifting a hand,” Monroe said.

The Grand Chancellor hesitated for a moment, and finally said, “Actually, I have doubts. In fact, from your point of view, it would be better for a human like me to die completely.”

Monroe said lightly: “It is also for the sake of a trace of thought in my heart, and the Demon King will definitely do the same.”

Grand Chancellor Lennon was stunned for a moment: “Thought in your heart?” He had recently read some novels, and in an instant, his imagination roamed for a while.

Monroe apparently didn’t intend to explain: “It’s just a small matter anyway.” He ended the conversation with this sentence, and then he painted the symbol of the Dark God on his chest: “Have a good day, may the Dark God bless you, Grand Chancellor.”

The Grand Chancellor understood that this was the end of the conversation, so he also bowed back: “Thank you for your blessing, Your Holiness.” Saying ‘may the Dark God bless you’ sounds like a curse, not a blessing… Grand Chancellor Lennon couldn’t help but think so…

Monroe picked up his cane and nodded and smiled at him, and after the Grand Chancellor blinked, he saw him disappear directly in place.

The Grand Chancellor couldn’t help but sigh again, but the feeling was completely different from the previous one.


When Monroe found Hill, the latter was sleeping. After the banquet last night, Hill had a new inspiration for the Demon Realm Amusement Park, so he stayed up all night until noon the next day. In fact, his body is not tired, but after being a normal human being for more than 20 years, his heart is still very tired after not sleeping all night, so he decisively climbed into bed and fell asleep peacefully. Speaking of which, one of the great advantages of being a Demon King is that he never suffers from insomnia, and he falls asleep immediately if he wants to. However, there is also a small disadvantage, there is no bedtime thinking before falling asleep. Of course, the pros still outweigh the cons, after all, it is still within his own control.

Hill felt Monroe’s breath in his sleep, but he didn’t plan to wake up, but continued to sleep. When he woke up, it was completely dark, he sat up from the bed, and immediately saw Monroe sitting by the window, he was looking at the night view of Winter City.

Still waiting ah…

“It’s rare to see you so idle,” Hill actually slightly touched inside, but still said so on the surface.

“There are some things, but it’s not important.” Monroe turned around and said, “That’s why I just want to be capricious and stay with you.”

So that’s it, ah… Hill grumbled, “You should have woken me up.”

“It’s not bad to just be together,” Monroe said.

“That’s true.” Hill couldn’t help but smile, it was also a very good feeling to wake up and see Monroe by his side. He patted the bed gesturing for Monroe to sit next to him, “Well… I was going to ask about the negotiations, but now, I’d really prefer to spend some quiet time alone with you.”

“Okay.” Monroe bent the corner of his lower lip.

It was snowing again outside, and the snowflakes drifted quietly into the night.

Hill held Monroe for a while, feeling that his brain was slowly waking up, and his senses returning to him, which made him feel a little annoyed, and felt that such a very awake state was not very good.

Monroe was keenly aware of his mood, but he didn’t speak, just shook his hand.

Hill smiled at him, then said, “Okay, we can talk.”

So, Monroe told Hill everything that happened in the negotiations. After hearing this, Hill let himself lie down on the bed again: “Ah, it sounds like a really powerful person.”

“He is indeed a powerful person, and he controls the emperor’s ruthlessness very well,” Monroe said.

“Are you going to say ‘but’?” Hill asked.

“Yes, I would say ‘but’, the emperor needs more than just ruthlessness,” Monroe said.

“You don’t like him very much,” Hill said, looking at the ceiling.

“No, I don’t care about him, he’s just irrelevant,” Monroe said.

“Almost everyone doesn’t matter to you.” Hill couldn’t help laughing, and then he kicked Monroe: “You do this every time, and then you will follow it with ‘only you are important’ remark… If you keep doing this, you’ll make my head bigger.”

Monroe smiled and said nothing.

Hill looked at such a Monroe and was filled with evil thoughts: “…So, are you not going to ask me which head?”

…This conversation suddenly turned crooked, as expected of Hill.

In short, after some crooked words, Hill rested on Monroe’s thigh and continued to look at the ceiling: “If the other party has ambitions, then you can just let it go. I don’t really want to engage in political struggles, so I’ll leave it to you.”

“Not interested?” Monroe asked.

“There is still some interest, it’s just that the more I do this, the more disappointed I become with humanity.” Hill closed his eyes and said, “The more disappointed I am with humanity, the more ruthless I become. I think my current self is just right, I don’t want to become more cold, I’m going to engage in anime, novels, and movies. I want to immerse myself in the virtual world and feel true love.”

Then he was kissed by Monroe.

Then Monroe’s low voice came: “Okay, you do what you like, the unclean things, let me solve it for you, Hill.”

Hill couldn’t help hugging Monroe tightly: “You are so nice, I love you.”

“I love you too,” Monroe replied.

Where does this love come from, and what does it consist of when you look into it?

Who cares? Don’t care. It’s enough to hug, kiss, and stick together.

Of course, it would be better to be able to pa pa pa!

With this thought in mind, Hill stretched out his paws.

Wherever the love comes, it comes naturally. Hey.

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