Chapter 207 – It was only after the war that they realized how precious this peace is.

For the Demons, this war successfully opened the market of the Dijon tribe, and most of the political struggles since then were left to Monroe to solve, and Hill was able to get out of it, feeling a lot cleaner. Then, let’s continue to work on infrastructure and cultural invasion.

The anime side has Fate/Zero, and the movie side has to start “Iron Man 2”. Hill’s “Iron Man 1” has actually finished the plot of the second part, so this script is almost completely original, of course, the specific lines are inevitably copied from the original movie, ahem, carry, carry. After “Iron Man 2” is “Thor”, here, Thor is set as the son of the Demon King, Loki is set as the son of the dead Pope, and Goldnia will also play an important role in the film as the guardian of the demon realm. Hill began preparations for the “Iron Man 2”, but his mind was thinking of “Thor” related things.

In order to plan the movie, Hill made a trip to Magnolia City, this time with Alice, who had been bored in the Demon Realm recently. He dropped Alice off at the Magnolia Palace and went to work in the city. When he returned, he found Alice surrounded by several noblemen, roughly the same kind of adults teasing children, “Whose child are you?”, “What happened to your leg?”, “Your father doesn’t want you anymore”, and so on.

In fact, Hill has never understood the entertainment of such teasing children to show goodwill. Before, he saw a news that a Chinese grandfather pinched a foreign child’s JJ in order to show his goodwill, and then his family called the police in the name of s*xual harassment. Honestly, when he read the news, Hill felt pretty good, that’s a good warning, ah.

When Hill heard someone talking to Alice like this outside, he became upset. He was about to go in and spray the group of people down when he heard someone say, “I dare to beat your father, do you dare?”

Then he heard Alice’s crisp voice: “I dare to call him Daddy, do you dare?”

There was dumbfounded silence.

Hill snorted with laughter, Alice can be really witty.

Then he pushed open the door and walked in. The sound of pushing the door made everyone look over. Alice’s eyes lit up and she turned the wheelchair herself to Hill’s side, who leaned down and picked Alice up, patting her back in a soothing gesture, and then he looked at the group of nobles: “So, what else do you want to say to my Alice, hm?” There was no smile on his face.

Those nobles suddenly trembled a little, “Gri—Your Highness Grindelwald…”

Tch, boring.

He hugged Alice with one hand, pushed the wheelchair with the other, and left the place, leaving behind the group of nobles who were almost frightened to death by Hill’s aura.

Hill looked down at Alice and asked, “What does it feel like?”

“Well…” Alice pondered for a while and replied, “The feeling of a fox and a tiger?”

Hill: “…?”

Alice changed the word: “The feeling of dogfighting?”

Hill slowly showed a question mark again, and after a few seconds: “…Well, okay, I know what you mean, but I also understand that you have some catching up to do in your common language”

“Okay, okay,” Alice choked a little.

Then Hill took Alice back to his house in Magnolia City, during which Alice told him about the various novelties she had seen during her walks in the Magnolia Palace, and her voice was full of girlish innocence and cuteness, which made Hill feel very entertained.

“Hill, I’ve figured out what kind of manor I want,” Alice said.

“What kind?” Hill asked.

“I want the biggest, most gorgeous manor,” Alice said.

Hill smiled, “Good.”

He carried Alice upstairs, put her on the sofa, and then used magic to fix a butterfly to notify the dragon beside Alice to come back. After doing all this, Hill turned around and saw Alice looking up at him: “Hill, how can I become as strong as you?”

“In terms of physical strength, you’ll never catch up to mine, you’re human after all,” Hill said.

Alice still looked up: “Then what should I do?”

“Why are you suddenly so hungry for power?” Hill asked.

“Actually, when they were talking about my parents, I wanted to kill them,” Alice said truthfully.

“Well…there are dark elves in the palace, you can call them to kill those people,” Hill said.

“But I think it’s going to cause trouble for Hill, and it’s best not to decide the life and death of others based on personal emotions.” Alice said, “So I didn’t do that.”

“Who taught you this?” Hill asked. “A Paladin?”

“No, it was Goldnia, who said that the strong lie in reasonable restraint and proper indulgence.” Alice said, “And the paladin told me to do whatever I wanted to do if I was strong. I thought Goldnia was more right, so I went to listen to him.”

The corners of Hill’s mouth couldn’t help twitching. The identities of the demon and the paladin have been swapped ah, and the moral integrity of the corrupted paladin has been completely thrown out.

“All of this is up to your own judgment, and I won’t comment,” Hill said. “They both have a point, and may represent two paths, but in the end, they both lead to the same goal—provided, of course, that you are strong enough. You should know that strong is divided into strong in the body and strong in the mind.”

Alice listened attentively and nodded from time to time.

Hill thought this kind of upbringing was really quite interesting.


The first thing to do after arriving at the Magnolia Empire was to meet friends here, Joan Baker, Theodore, Princess Delia, Hill also attended Mrs. Eri Dale’s salon. By the way, the three Jackson family members are still in Winter City. King Magnolia was the last one to see, he really doesn’t have a schedule now.

The aftermath of the war is still there, Hill has not yet officially pointed the spear at the Church. He is waiting for Teresa to contact him. Teresa has not sent a message for a long time, and Hill is a little worried.

The Oitin Empire, the Holy City, to others, Teresa is full of glory, but he himself is actually full of bitterness.

The Pope’s previous strategy can really be said to be very powerful. As an old immortal, he played his tactics fully at a normal level, but what he didn’t expect was that Mülheim was able to resolve them one by one. The Pope, after earnestly investigating the follow-up matters, pulled Teresa, who was “far-sighted”, to conduct a careful analysis. Teresa was dizzied by the Pope’s sudden treatment, after all, this level is too difficult to grasp. If he really analyzes it seriously, he will betray the demons, because he knows too many things. If he doesn’t analyze it carefully, it won’t make any sense, after all, he can’t be stupid all of a sudden. Wouldn’t this directly arouse the suspicion of the Pope himself…

On the last night, the Pope looked at the sentence recorded on the parchment, and then thought about what Teresa had said in the past, that the demons are the wolves that can’t be raised, that the humans and the demons are absolutely opposed to each other, the demons all deserve to die… He let out a long sigh and said to Teresa: “You are actually quite right.”

Teresa reluctantly said, “Your Holiness is wise.”

Who the hell knows what the Pope is referring to, anyway, answer it first.

“I thought it was enough to take it seriously. This is God’s punishment for my negligence and carelessness.” Although he said this, the Pope’s expression was not particularly solemn: “But this is not the most dangerous time I have ever served as Pope. Teresa, my child, I was alone then, with only myself and the faith in my arms, but now I have you.” He put his hand on Teresa’s head: “It’s time to give you the status you deserve.”

Teresa lowered his head, and tried his best to hide his smile. He said in the most sincere words: “I am willing to give everything for my God, Your Holiness.”

Yes, willing to give everything for the God in his heart.

Oh. By the way, kowtow to his god’s CP.

The following day, Teresa was promoted to the rank of Archbishop of the Holy City, becoming the second highest person in the Church of Light.

After that, the Pope used resolute means to exclude everything related to the demons in the Oitin Empire, and a large number of people were sent to the stake, with the priests eulogizing: This is the light! The light born in flames!

The great chief of the Dijon tribe died unexpectedly while hunting, and the young master Mattis inherited the status of the great chief according to the custom, and also inherited the chief’s wives. The Church of Light said that this matter needs to be closely investigated, but they were immediately driven away by Mattis. The Pope of Light had already prepared for this. On the third day of his succession to the chieftainship, Mattis lost a large area of southern Dijon. The Oitin Empire brazenly sent their troops to occupy it, while the soldiers there went straight out of the city and surrendered.

The next period of time entered a period of truce and consolidation.

Soon after the New Year arrived.

Hill thought it was about time, so he directly announced to the public that Grindelwald had inherited the position of the Demon King. Take care of this first, so as not to be exposed by the Church and damage his reputation later. Then on New Year’s Day, the Demon King, the Chief of Dijon, King Magnolia, the Ice Emperor, together with the Dark Pope, the current Pirate King, Rod, and the indigenous leaders of the Plague Islands held a grand banquet in the Demon Realm. Hill cut the shots in the projection stone and aired it as news on the magic phone, and the cover of the next issue of “Demon Realm Magazine” was a photo of them sitting together and raising a glass to wish for peace in the future.

This is actually a very meaningful thing. Many people saw the news and photos with tears in their eyes, especially the indigenous people of the Plague Islands.

For a time, the indigenous people scattered in the Plague Islands set off a wave of returning to their hometowns. Jacob properly welcomed those people and arranged jobs for them.

It has been two years since Hill came to this world.

After the banquet, Hill walked out of the banquet hall to breathe outside. There were scattered snowflakes outside, and it seemed very quiet in the night.

The sound of leather boots stepping on snowflakes came from behind.

Hill said without looking back, “The next one won’t be so smooth.”

“You call what you’re going through ‘smooth’?” Monroe asked.

“It’s called ‘smooth’ when fewer people die,” Hill said.

“That’s true in that sense,” Monroe said.

“Well… Fate/Zero will be aired tomorrow, and then I can start filming “Iron Man 2”, and finish Alice’s manor as soon as possible, before February, the Demon Realm Amusement Park will be completed. Oh, “Harry Potter” can be serialized in the magazine…” Hill muttered.

Monroe didn’t understand, but he listened carefully.

“Teresa’s current position is very dangerous for him. I plan to send him a message that he should stop making small moves, and then let him do his best to assist the Pope in dealing with the demons,” Hill said.

“This may cause more people to die,” Monroe said.

“He is more important than more people,” Hill said, “Actually, you think so too, but you always give priority to my interests, but I actually want to give more consideration to your interests. Aren’t we like matryoshka nesting dolls? Trying to cover the other.”

Monroe thought about it and said, “But based on this, your interests are my interests.”

Hill snickered, “You’ve gotten even better at this nesting. The matter is settled, I’ve decided.”

“Well.” Monroe said, he thought for a while, and said, “Then I have also decided, you don’t need to bother about this in the future, just leave this matter to me for the time being.”

Hill turned around and looked at Monroe. He looked good in the dark, but he was a demon after all, the kind with a beauty filter 24 hours a day. And since this is his favorite person, his eyes will automatically add a beauty filter for him. ——This illusion is inadvertently caused, not intentional.

Hill walked over, smiled, tidied up Monroe’s crooked brooch and cloak, and said, “I like your tough look.” Then he retracted his hand: “I also know that you are for my own good, but there are some things I still have to go through personally.”

Monroe’s fingers touched the brooch, which still had Hill’s temperature on it: “Okay,” he said.

There was no intimacy, no kissing or physical contact, but the atmosphere at the moment was still very beautiful.

It’s really a bit of a transition to an old married couple’s feeling. This thought came to Hill’s mind.

After the New Year, the dust has settled for the time being, and it’s back to everyday life.

It was only after the war that they realized how precious this peace is.

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Kowtow to his god’s CP – Teresa was talking about the Dark God x God of Light CP or ship in fanfics sent by the magazine’s readers LOL.

Matryoshka nesting dolls – a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another. 

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